Unmasked! Taib The Godfather

Unmasked! Taib The Godfather

9 Aug 2010

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Held in trust by private agreement - 50% of the shares of Sakti International, worth approximately US$ 40 million.

Sarawak Report has uncovered devastating documents which prove that Abdul Taib Mahmud, Sarawak’s Chief Minister, is the real owner of millions of dollars of property assets held in the name of family members abroad.

The damning discovery lays bare a system of private deals, which enabled the Chief Minister to conceal his true ownership of the properties. This was presumably in order to hide the extent of his enormous wealth, for which he has yet to provide any legitimate explanation.

Under the system, whilst it is Taib’s relatives who are publicly registered as the official shareholders and directors of the companies owning the properties,  a separate, private agreement ensures that the shares are actually held in trust for him.
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Documentary evidence of elaborate concealment

260 California Street, San Francisco - Bijou Sakti Office Block

Among documents in its possession Sarawak Report has a copy of one such private agreement (see above) relating to the shares in Sakti International, a company that owns buildings in San Francisco.  Sakti is part of a web of companies started in North America by the Taibs, which includes Sakto, a major Ottawa property company, and Wallysons, which owns the Abraham Lincoln Building in Seattle, housing a top secret anti-terrorist facility for the FBI.

The five official shareholders of Sakti International, which is registered in California, are Taib’s brothers, Onn Mahmud and Arip Mahmud, along with three of his children, Sulaiman Taib, Mahmud Taib and Jamilah Taib.   However, as the document which we have obtained shows, a resolution made soon after the formation of the company has privately ruled that half those shares (a commanding majority) are held in trust for the Chief Minister.  The value of these shares amounts to 40 million US dollars for Sakti alone, according to the company’s own documents.

Tip of the iceberg?

However, Sakti International, estimated to be worth US $80 million, accounts for just a small proportion of the Taib family wealth. Our previous exposes have revealed a vast portfolio of further international property assets, which are owned by members of Taib Mahmud’s immediate family.  For example, Taib’s own children are the shareholders and directors of numerous companies controlling residential and commercial buildings in Canada, Australia, Britain and the United States together worth hundreds of millions of US dollars.  Yet, suspiciously, many of these assets came into their possession when they were in their early 20s and still college students with no visible access to legitimate resources to invest. The inevitable question for Taib Mahmud, therefore, is whether, as in the case of Sakti International, they are also secretly holding these other properties in trust for him?  If not, what explanation can there be for these investments?

Golden Wedding Couple - The Godfather and his family

A number of reports have already been made to the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) regarding the recent disclosures of the Taib family wealth. These new revelations proving the direct link to the Chief Minister will increase the pressure on the MACC to respond with a proper investigation.

Further Fingerprints

The Sakti International documents in our possession, released as part of the disclosure in a recent court case, provide further extensive evidence of Taib Mahmud’s involvement in the company, despite his denials of any business connections.  Indeed one of the company’s earliest official documents, signed in 1987, even lists him as one of the Directors of Sakti International.

Chief Minister's name in black and white, listed as a Director Of Sakti International

The document in question is a Domestic Stock Corporation Statement for Sakti International, which is required annually by the State of California.  In 1987, the year the company was set up, its inaugural statement clearly registers Taib Mahmud, along with his brothers Onn Mahmud and Arip Mahmud, as a Director of the company.  The only officer of the company is listed as Mahmud Taib, the Chief Minister’s eldest son.

It is well-known that in subsequent Taib family enterprises the Chief Minister has always scrupulously avoided including his own name in any documentation.  This early mistake will undermine his constant claims that, in keeping with his role as Chief Minister, he has no direct business interests. It is clear that he in fact set up Sakti International, using the address of his own house in San Francisco. Download PDF

Cover Up

Subsequently, records show that the structure of the company was altered to make Onn, Arip and Mahmud Taib the three Directors, while Rahman became the only officer of the company.  But, as we are now able to exclusively report, Taib Mahmud secretly retained his control through a resolution by the company directors dated April 8th 1988. This resolution (see top) placed 500 of the 1,000 shares issued by the company in trust for him.

43 Presidio, Taib's San Francisco town house and early HQ for Sakti International

The Godfather

The Sakti documents give a fascinating insight into the manipulative methods used by Taib Mahmud to control his family members, who are supposedly the earners and ‘businessmen’ who have generated the Taibs’ legendary wealth.  The five relatives who were selected to own shares in Sakti International were each been given a different number of shares. Each then surrendered differing proportions of these shares to be held in trust for the Chief Minister.

Brother Onn Mahmud gets 400 shares, but of them 200 are held for the Chief Minister, whereas brother Arip gets just 200 shares, 100 of which are in trust for Taib. Mahmud Taib has the same arrangement ast Arip. However younger brother, Sulaiman Rahman Taib, who was later made sole Director of Sakti, only gets 100 shares under the agreement and they are all in fact held in trust for his father. Daughter Jamilah also only gets 100 shares, but she gets to hold them all herself.

The system ensures that Taib Mahmud has half of all the shares held in trust for himself, whereas  none of the others hold more than 200 shares. In this way he clearly keeps a commanding control over the company he pretends not to own.

Classic Car on Standby - Vintage Ferrari kept ready for Chief Minister's occasional visits to 43 Presidio Avenue. Son Rahman Taib, who shared his father's interest requested a 4,000 square foot garage to house his car collection in the States

Taib in charge

Former employees of Sakti have testified to the controling position the Chief Minister holds over the other members of the family.  Rahman, as he was known in the States, was still in college when he became sole Director of Sakti and has been described as being in awe of his father, whom he once had to wait a week to get a meeting with.

“We always considered Taib to be the ultimate boss and decision-maker” one former executive has told Sarawak Report, “It was obvious that he was the source of the money and Rahman was extremely deferential towards him”.

Where did the money come from?

The Chief Minister has so far made no comment on the string of recent exposes regarding his wealth.  However, this new evidence will increase the widespread demands for him to explain how he and his family accrued the millions necessary to acquire such investments.  Taib’s personal salary from his numerous concurrent positions still only delivers an official income of just under 50,000 MYR (around US $16,000) a month.

Multi-billionaire? Chief Minister's finances beg immediate scrutiny

In past weeks the existence of Ridgeford Properties in London and Sakto Corporation in Ontario, Canada have also been made public (see previous exposes on Sarawak Report).  These companies own and manage numerous office blocks worth hundreds of millions of dollars.  Ostensibly the Directors and owners of these concerns are Jamilah Taib and her husband Sean (Hisham) Murray, a Canadian national. However, like Sakti,  Sakto was originally set up under the names of Taib family members, not Mr Murray.

Although numerous members of Sean Murray’s family now work for Sakto, all the evidence indicates that these are in fact Taib family businesses, ultimately controlled by the Chief Minister of Sarawak.

Surely the weight of evidence is now such that the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission will be unable to ignore the deluge of demands requiring thorough investigation into Sarawak’s White Haired Raja?

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  • kl lee

    I wonder where is Datuk Seri Abu Kassim Mohamed (MACC Chief)? So quiet.

    If you still do not want to investigate Taib, when will you step down as promised?

    Let me remind you of your bragging statement: "If no investigation is carried out on any report, even against Cabinet ministers, I am willing to go down,"

    Malaysians are all waiting.

    • Joker

      Wait till kingdom comes, it will be NO further action as evidence is weak. Wasting time with MACC>

      • http://www.sarawakreport.org Samsung



    • Sarawakian

      Investigation will carry out when Sarawak is "really independence". Now, she is still under a Raja or should we say "Sultan" similar to Brunei Kingdom.

    • Hilo

      All are waiting……???

      Wait till the plane touch down in Poland la……..then….nothing can be down. FILE CLOSED.

    • deathtrapper

      To all hatemongers and personality assasinators

      Where ever you are dear, this sign reached you once your eyes are on it.

      *** signs of continuous trouble and final death …. to YOU dear.

      Dont have to prove it…. but YOU will experience IT.

      Sleeps well…dear.

      for final Peace to the world.

      Amen. Amin. Ameen.

      Global Anti-Slanderer & Anti-Hatemongers Movement.

      Signed DT

  • Justice Required

    He need to explained this unknown source of Wealth. MACC have to take action and produce result, if you are seen to have a crediblity to stay on. Get this man into the dock and take back all the properties he had looted from Sarawak back to the State, left of what he can get through his USD$16,000.00 per month Salary from the Government. Afterall he is a poor shore dwellers from Sarawak Seaside town of Mukah and everybody knows that plainly well.

    To the US, UK, Australian and Canadian Government need to show that they are clean and don't let them hide viciously under your care. Do pratice what you preach and it is the right time now for all of those Government to show that they are not in cahoot with these man, or else don't ever speak about Clean and Trustwothy value to the whole World anymore. You are no less difference from your tenant presently.

    Conclusively and by all means the whole of Barisan Nasional cabinet in Sarawak need to be topple in the next State Election and any votes for Barisan Nasional is the Vote of agreement for them to rob, steal and plundering the State into bankruptcy. Thank You

    • hjsallehmalau

      You think that Taib empire was build in 2 day? For your ignorant report I must point out that he was appointed a minister in the Sarawak State Government 1n 1964 when the present Opportion leader was still in his secondary school and pretending to be a religous activist in Abem.

      You see the trend of the day is you are playing the James Bond style to bring people in opposing political down. What's wrong with a 40 years term minister being rich? This is what all political partie fight for, freedom and progress.

      Next time god forbid, the opportion can overtake Taib's BN government will be disaster for all land, and sand as well as forest just as can be seen in Selangor, Kelantan and Kedah. What's worse is the pledge by Nik Aziz/Abd Hadi should PR take over the Federal Government they will sell Putra Jaya.

      • Malaysian Overas

        I don't remember any person who can mass billions even if he works from the 1st day of his life in public service ie government. Millions may be. What more if he works with Malaysian Government.. Everyone knows how low Malaysian Government pay cheques are. Even now after being a minister of 30 odds years, his actual total salary is only RM50k per month.. Surely we can not afford multi millions buildings all over the world with RM50k a month..

  • borneo sun

    Good job. Without any doubt, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Tahi Mahu the Thief Minister, and his gang of thieves, should be send to prison for life, just like what happened to the former president of Taiwan. Only then, shall the confidence of the people towards justice be restored.

    • Hornbill Crying

      Not until Boleh Land is changed to Land of Accountables.

      Till then, it is bleeding Sarawak to the bones.

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  • ibat

    to cry or to laugh? .. that is the question.

    The famous saying .. you can fool some of the people all of the time and all the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.. and the malay saying goes.. pandai pandai tumpai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga..

  • Tony

    There is a place in Indonesia, bordering Sarawak, known as Pontianak. We too have one living in Sarawak, who sucks the blood of the poor natives there. Like the vampire bat which sucks the blood without the victim knowing ?

    • Hornbill Crying

      This one is more appropriate – forest leech.

      And this one is big and greedy and heartless.

      The biggest you can find and despise in the Malaysian Rainforest.

      Burn it in Hell.


      Good one! Maybe this person (Taib) has been infected…kena gigit by the Pontianak.

      But this one don't suck blood BUT suck the Rakyat's monies.

      Different kind of diet.

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  • http://www.kamagong.org Lawrence

    You robbed from the poor to finance your comfort. While Kam Agong failed to receive a reasonable stand of medical car you were floating in you million dollar mansion. Remember you are unanswerable to GOD….

  • sunny1908

    Now that you,ve got the evidence, i think you should start pressuring the PM to incarcerate this guy. Nevertheless to bring down the King, you've got to corner the Knights and soldiers to spill the beans on this guy.

    Its time that Sarawakians and Sarawak report start digging evidence of 2nd liner thieves like Jabu, Awang Tengah and what nots to let the whole band of rogues be disbanded.

    Good Job Sarawak Report

  • snow

    Can justice be done? Why is the MACC going to China when there are bigger fish to invetigate? Give the money back to the people that Taib has robbed.

  • Habib RAK

    Kudos to the Sarawak Report team. A job well done indeed. By exposing all these ill gotten gains for himself and his family, it helps to prove the long suspected corruption associated with Abdul Taib Mahmud. Even if the MACC is impotent, the rakyat will find justice on its own.

  • Anak Malaysia

    Keep on asking the MACC and every political parties to insist arrest of this SUCKER.

    AS ELECTION is only 2-4 months away, please ask all political parties and individuals to spread the news on the corruption to their relatives and friends. We need all people in Sarawak especially the interior natives to know the truth. This personal one-to-one sharing to relatives IN THE INTERIORwill ensure victory for the opposition. Please note that at present the interior natives could be easily bought by money/gift. HELP! HELP! SHARE THE TRUTH NOW.

  • MakYong

    Rakyat knew who is the richest man in Malaysia, definitely not Robert lah!!!

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    • SYAFIQ



    MACC where are you?? Your LOUD silence and inaction means there are 2 systems (laws) in this country. One is for the rich and powerful and in favour with the present UMNO/BN govt. and the other the real law is for the Rakyat.

    It is so clear the MACC is not independent. 5000 officers added recently. So what??!! Big fish like this you just let if go and close one eye.

    The first task the PR need to do when they come to power in the next GE (if they do) is to request the Canadian and US government to freeze these assets.

    In fact, the whole of PR legal team should be studying the laws in those countries for such possibilities.

    Sarawakians, please vote out this person and its allies in the coming election. If you don't, then don't complain about injustice.

    • Tony

      Correction [sorry]. The 5000 officers added recently are not for the purpose of investigating corruptions

      but………..additional 5000 votes !!!

      • Tengelam Timbul

        Let see what MACC next move?

  • http://anilnetto.com vflai

    …hAHAHAHA…now the so called/"legistrated/constitutionaled"" BUMIS of Sabah and Sarawak ARE beginning to finally realised/ see, that they …… with receipt of the ruling party's forever cleverly disguised/enticed given MEAGRE packages of the proverbial 'survival' salt, ((((non-available, especially in their long houses/rural periphery of their jungle heritage/ancestral homes?)))) , few bags of "survival" rice, eggs, salt fish, the salivating belacan to go with their poorly harvested dry hill rice/padi?, the much "CHEAPO" packets of Maggie Mees, "hundred/two hundred "cheapo" red 'ang pows"(hulur/handed out) each Election/by/election time?,…each time, just before the General Election after every 5 years or so, …… HAVE been unwittingly BETRAYED/HOODWINKED by their votted in ruling coalition party/power….so much so that they just CANNOT see the real truth that they now faced, even after 50/52 years of the ruling power's so called promised of "real on the ground" welfare/upliftment of the rural poor core…….why they COULD NOT differentiate the top management's purported/perceived ALTRUISM(giving/rendering true and faithful welfare/services to uplift/alleviate their rural plight/poverty)promised to the people before each General Election for their "gullible' votes)……IS because, all these years of WANTON/CORRUPTION/YOU SCRATCH MY BACK, I WILL SCRATCH YOURS…..the MOST unfortunate real poor BUMIS(the Sons of the soil like Melanaus, Dayaks, Ibans, etc., etc…..Could not see that they have BEEN mercilessly FLEECED(skin/bone dried?)/the WOOL PULLED over top cover their pleading eyes????!!!…. by non other than the now, FILTHY rich "silver haired" leader/leaders' people and their like/ilk….their(the 'destined to be FOREVER "poor) naive MISTAKE was that, to them ONLY their OWN kind, their brethen BUMIS, can offer the rural/jungle lived poor, their MUCH needed "welfare" SALVATION, no one else, in other parties, let alone the purported chinese-based "Chauvenistic" DAP, the perceived 'overboard' Islamic PAS , the chinese based SAP, the PKR , the PR or any other opposition party…………..PADAN MUKA…….maybe for another 50 years??????!!!!!!!!

    P.S… the hponourable NEILNETTO…i DARE you to print this in its entirety….thank you!

    • manga

      the scenario is similar to the ones in peninsular. more than 50 years after UMNO's rule, only now peninsular change? i thought people in peninsular is supposed to be more advanced?

  • jaws

    send it to MACC!!

    • http://anilnetto.com vflai

      …hahahaha….waiting for another 'look/do-alike Teoh Beng Hock's episode….?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Voter

    Dont blame Taib. Blame the people of Sarawak for continuously voting him to power in the last 29 years.

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  • chew

    unfortunately rural area in Sarawak has no access to this information, kicking the Taib dynasty out of the office in the coming state election is still a long way to go…..

    • zak

      Even if the interior people dont have email, can drop flyers into the settlements the days of old …when Malaysia had to fight off the communist scourge and Indonesian Invaders. I hope all Sarawakians will get the justice they deserve and the development that was taken from them

      Hidup Malaysia

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  • Ioulut Biat

    The host country which house these properties should FORTWITH CEASE patronage of ALL these properties (Green Peace, Human Right International, Just World …. where are you?)

    These assets rightly belong to THE PEOPLE OF SARAWAK and should thus be FREEZED

    …. and as for THE DEVIL himself, may he beg to have his life ended and may he live till all that he wil have will be ONLY the very clothes he wears!

  • Rasul

    Bye-bye Barisan Nasional.

  • http://www.malaysiakini.com Pegasus

    The top 5 richest man in Malaysia…Taib Mahmud, Mamak Kutty,Daim Zainuddin,Samy Vellu, Ling leong Sik…all by illegal means…Robert Kuok & Ananda krishnan combined asset are no match to Taib mahmud…!!!..

    • Tony

      To classify Tahi Mahmud, Mahatahi, Diam Zainuddin, Slimy Vellu and Link Long Sick, as the 5 richest men, appears to give them glamour. They should be reclassified as the biggest c***k. The future generations are probably the ones who will inherit sufferings for the iniquities carried out by them.

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  • Norther

    good job Taib…

    You'll be suffering before you die, for every single cent you took from us. Even it was proven, how your family member die after one another. Your dirty money won't save you. Rot In Hell, your Majesty.

  • mobidick

    mana SPRM? tidurkah takut..mana slogan baru jerung atau bilis sama sahaja…mana? cepat bertindak sebelum habis harta rakyat miskin gaji 600 – 700 sebulan di baham jerung…

  • akulahni

    Selepas mati baru tahu lah…..harta tu tak kemana juga,ia akan jadi saksi utama nanti…..

  • taib mahmud

    This is all bcos of majority Sarawakian still asleep and dreaming. No others way to save the peoples unless burn they house like what happen 2 weeks ago.

  • MakYong

    Senile Mahathir and his racist PERKOSA thugs conveniently blames Cinas for this and that…

    Celaka umNO!!!

  • Anak Malaysia

    ELECTION is around the corner. What we need NOW is to share the TRUTH with our family, relatives and friends especially those in the rural areas or kampongs. News about them do not reach people in the rural and what they know are all "lies" from BN. HELP WANTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!FOR ACTION.

    Please recruit people to SHARE NOW or ask all natives who have family and friends in the rural to START SHARING THE TRUTH. Hopefully we have time to share and to vote them OUT OF SARAWAK. Do it NOW, spread the word.

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  • Groom

    All these politicians enriching their cronies and families. SO then, opposition please do not follow the BN example. Stop appointing your sons and daughters as leaders in the party and government…Anwar, Kit Siang and Karpal…we shouldnt be like the BN…stop appointing your sons, daughters, daughters-in-law,wife, cronies etc. as party leaders or we won't look different compared to the BN…

  • UnMask

    None of us here can confirm how true it is…. My view; I don care wat ppl quote, as long he has lead the country for a better one, he got my vote! Tat's lot better than those only know how to 'eat' but donno how to work. 😉

  • vincent

    Is there anybody out there who can send/bring this information to the rural people? If you are there please do something. TQ.



  • borneopower

    Maybe he's already secretly change his citizenship, if all fail or can't get tun title, go to oversea only

  • sara

    that's the price sarawakian has to pay for being the fix deposit of BN.

  • BeingRobbed

    Woi, Taib Bin Manuk why the silence…don't you want making public statement of denial?

    Come on say something that Sarawakian (member state of Borneo)wants to hear coming from your mouth like showing your arrogant face. How smart have you robbed us, then and now? Now you should start playing smart in countering all the reports of your ill-gotten wealth you had robbed from Sarawak.

    Dayak YBs in BN why keeping quiet – scare of getting reprimanded…! Look at your yourself in the mirror – No one ever wants to trust you guys anymore. You guys can't be of any use as YB – "Yang Biol", "Yang Bodoh", "Yang Bacho", "Yang Buta", "Yang Bula", "Yang Bongka", Yang Bullshit" and "Yang But**h pun ada.

    Hey..! Taib Bin Manuk, have you and BN YBs ready to pack and evacuate from Petra-Jaya? Its very soon for sure.

    • http://Yahoo OrangPutehLook says:

      When TMahmud fisrt took office as Sarawak CM over 20 years ago he coined his govt for "Politics of development". Look what happened today. How many of us saw what he saw? He is so schemic that he knew where he was heading. Plundering, stealing and amassing wealth at the expense of his so called RAKYAT. Is this what we want him to continue to do … for how long more? We have enough of over 50 years independence. Look how are we faring? There is not much change!! Are we sdaying that we still want to be like this for the next 50 years? These brats are filthy rich and the masses are filthy poor. What is the meaning of this? It is high time that we make a gamble, go for change at least we have hope for a difference, isn't it? We must not continue to slumber and continue to remain poor. Give the present government the boot come the next election.

  • Ethan

    With all these damning exposes, I wonder how many Sarawakians are aware of it? Is all these information made available to ordinary Sarawakian? If ordinary Sarawakian cannot access to these information, it will be useless.

  • Iban Majoriti

    We want next Sarawak CM to be ruled by SARAWAKIAN IBAN as we r the majority. Others should give way permanently. No more Malays or Chinese to rule us. Islamic state??? hahaha… U will see want we r capable to do once we are in control. Agi idup agi ngelaban. Idup Bansa Iban. Iban rule!!!

    • ping jiang

      friend, i do agree with you majority rule. Unfortunately ALL of your reps are enjoying their alloted rewards under the BN model. You only feel shock sendiri when they tell u to support them so that iban have enough voice in the govt. What voice do u get? u r just dreaming if u want to rule under current system and also only rely on Iban (Didn't u see how all the Iban party chief fighting each other-Get real kaban). The only way is to be realistic and team up with parties that can capture the govt and then Iban has a chance. Sarawak only has an Iban CM right after British rule . Sabah has a kadazan CM for many years but now,no even rotation. WHose doing? Rationalise yourself

  • Iban Abroad

    Sarawak Report,

    If our report to MACC is failed, Is it not possible to report Taib corruption and MACC non response to Majlis Raja-raja, UN, Ambassi of USA, UK, Canada, New Z and Aussie where Taib property are hiding?

    Or we plan for signature and street demo?

    Or we are still waiting the action from MACC and enjoy our self to establish Taib corruption for the purpose of reading?

  • TheRakyat

    With all these details published on the internet circulating even to the north pole, the Federal Government seems know nothing about it. OR are they closing one eye and scare losing their fixed deposits. BN, new generations had risen. We have learn our lesson thanks to the sufferings you brought for us. You will lose this fixed deposit forever …

  • Muntidann

    How could this be news?

    The modern Rajah Brooke of Sarawak has been amassing dirty wealth for decades, yet who bothers?

    He must be one of the greediest politicians in Malaysia, above the law, snubbing the judiciary.


  • Wilson

    Barisan = Corruption

    The last election has not changed this equation. Only when Barisan is removed from office will the full extent of the corruption be revealed.

  • Aroma

    There you are..More will be taken eventhough he is no longer in office cos his crony is all over who has been trained and even greedier than him like Awang Tangah, Adenan Satem the Loser and Asfia the Great Big Mouth who can't even remember his own identity. Cakap English pun lebih-lebih dari Mat Salleh…

  • Mat Wireless

    Don't ever think that MACC will act!Sidakya pun dah kenyang yo…..I scretch your back, You scretch my back.Faham-fahamlah….Mun gik Najib di Putrajaya ya…don't dream to prosecute Taib. Taib was the one who partly finance the building of Putrajaya.So how can Najib give the green light to arrest Taib? 40 years of sucking, robbing, stealing, cheating and what ever he like to do has been fall to deaf ear??? Strangelah…so, wake up Sarawakian…this coming election,knock out all his cronies i.e.all the BN idiot candidates!

  • tsunami final asshol


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    Wake up all .. Sarawakian .. Taib will not step down

    to the his last breath , unless we SWKian togethter

    bring him $ his cronies down .


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  • damm it

    this white male monkey is even more worst than leech..no matter how rich he was, again again again & again still not satisfied..he want to buy sarawak and let all the sarawakian to blinded with his acting..see how much and how well he dig sarawak wealth that belong to the people…..et open your eye…SEB, SEDC STIDC HARDWOOD CMS & ETC…how about a piece of land atBatu Kawah?????did you all sarawak people realise…open your eye..let work 2gether to bring this monkey down together with his kin & minister that also a corrupt people…everywhere in sarawak fill with curruption…District Office Local council even to apply trading or business license you have to pay for the help or asssistant..pay to who???this is Sarawak that built by Taib….Sarawakian pls look at others state in Malaysia…OPEN YOUR EYE…….

  • Mahen

    We need to move fast as the state election is just round the corner. How do you get the message to every single registered voters in Sarawak? The people of Sarawak have to realise for themselves that the state needs a new government led by the local people. The task is now in the hands of the opposition politicians, please refrain from internal bickering and sit around the table as one voice- your goal is to topple the evil regime! Can Sarawakians bring the changes that we are desperately waiting for? Its now or never!

  • yo yo

    i have a dream that ,one day ,may be next election,they are going down for good let us work smart GOD speed.

  • Joseph

    "Taib’s personal salary from his numerous concurrent positions still only delivers an official income of just under 50,000 MYR (around US $16,000) a month."


  • najibrazak

    Taib claims in public "I never lie" Maybe that is why he has never commented on the reports that he has stolen billions from the people of Sarawak. He never lies!

  • Mah Dai Non

    At the least he can do is to give explanations to how the wealth has been gotten. Any requirement for making the accounts trasnparent?

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  • just an observer/pen

    This tyrannical regime needs to be toppled, they are stealing all the money while everybody just watch helplessly and even macc cnt do anything. Malaysians,….please wake up, go and vote in the next GE and remove this people or else your future and that of your children would be thrown to the ground and trampled on,…please,..let's vote them out,..pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • hungry

    mana SPRM butuh kulup taik palat ngisap pelir…kmk org rasuah 2ribu kecoh satu dunia….mana pergi butuh kamu orang..pondan

  • joseph


  • Naiveboy

    still NO ACTION UNTIL NOW!.i WANT TO SEE MY LITtLE BROTHER GROW UP WITH OUT tAIB & HIS tAIK taik incharge in sarawak.Sian my adik, only 6 year old.

  • http://none Crying without tears

    Limit the term of Chief Minister for two term(10 years) only.

    If more than two terms,then he or she becomes the THIEF Minister.

    The present Sarawak Thief Minister is worth "TRILLION" with the loots safely stashed in UBS Bank in Switzerland other than the loose cash floating around.

    PENSION kan TM and also AWANGTANAH.

  • Rashid

    Tahi is the Malay mafia godfather, alright.

    He 'eats the flesh and drinks the blood' of Sarawakians.

    What a motherf….r!!!!