Ibans Do Get Raw Deal – Admits Borneo Post

Ibans Do Get Raw Deal – Admits Borneo Post

28 Sep 2010

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Hard life - what progress and development?

Even the Borneo Post, Taib’s favourite propaganda sheet, has found itself unable to spin away the dire distress of  the Iban population, which it alleges is so supportive of Taib Mahmud and BN.

In an article last week, the paper loyally insisted that Iban communities have “expressed their strong support” for the elderly Chief Minister to remain in charge, with one local leader citing his “vast experience” as being “greatly needed”.

The Iban paramount chief in Miri, Temenggong Wilson Atong Limping, was duly quoted making the required statement that “only the BN government can continue to bring more development”.  This is the message that Taib Mahmud likes to promote at every opportunity and it has been his mantra for his past 30 years in government.

Outside bathrooms - rainwater reliant

What progress and development?

However, the Borneo Post then went on to detail the conditions  that Taib has, with his ‘vast experience’, provided for the Ibans of the area after all those 30 years in charge.  Far from experiencing progress, the paramount chief explains, many of the villages “are still in dire need of basic amenities”.

Furthermore, the communities “are desperately in need of basic infrastructure like a tar-sealed road, piped water supply and electricity”.  He also points out that telecommunications are totally inadequate and that people are still having to climb to the top of hills to make a phone call out!

This is of course a region which Taib and his logging cronies stripped of timber long ago, in the name of this same ‘progress and development’.  His promise then was that Ibans would be repaid for the loss of their forest by the provision of just such basic amenities.  But that was decades ago.

Progress and Development - One of Taib's complexes in Canada

Taib next made a second killing by acquiring their native customary rights lands and again ‘developing’ them with oil palm. This he also did in the name of bringing ‘progress and wealth’ for the local people.  But while, Taib has certainly acquired riches beyond imagination, investing billions of ringgit abroad to build his own foreign property empire, the Ibans are still waiting for water and electricity.

The Iban leader tried to be as polite about the situation as possible. “We appreciate greatly efforts by the goverment”, he insisted, listing some ‘minor rural projects’ carried out by authorities, for which he attempts to be suitably grateful.

These projects included providing villagers with tanks to collect rain water.  Thank you Taib for such progress and development after 30 years of exploiting our lands!

Typical rural road in Sarawak

But chief Atong also lists all the major things that have NOT been done.  Schools and clinics are inadequate and the gravel roads are in need of major repair throughout the area.  So much for progress and development.

The assemblyman for the area, BN’s Dr Stephen Rundi, also weighs into the article.  And he likewise, openly admits that the facilities in the area are horrendous!  “The government is aware of their plights and their sufferings”, he acknowledges of his Iban constituents, yet he assures the Borneo Post that there are “concrete plans” to bring more development to them.

More promises and ‘plans’

More like it! - one of the Taib family homes in Sibu

Surely, after 30 years of exploiting the Ibans’ home territories to raise vast sums of money from timber and palm oil, BN should be able to show more than just plans?

But, In fact even those plans turn out not to be so ‘concrete’ after all.  Rundi elaborates on his assurances by making clear there is actually a dire shortage of funds allocated for the well-being of his constituents and that they can’t expect it to go far.

“The RM18million allocated for Kemana constituency under the NKRA, is barely enough but at least it could be used to implement the various minor projects which are scheduled for completion in 2012″ he admits!  So no new money and forget the running water or electricity – let alone a decent road or two, or schools or hospitals.

So where did the money go?

If the Ibans, who are still being encouraged to live in hope by BN, want to see where the real development is taking place they should access some pictures of the Chief Minister’s foreign properties or the local houses occupied by himself and his family and friends along the coast.  It is not hard to see where the money that should have been spent on ‘progress and development’ has actually disappeared to.

What future? - Iban children have been forgotten by BN

The Ibans need to think hard about how long they think it will take before BN and Mr Mahmud deliver on their ancient promises.  One thing is certain, which is that the Chief Minister will not live another 30 years in order to fulfil them!

On the other hand, a very quick way to obtain the money needed to help the populations in Miri and elsewhere would be to reclaim the amounts stolen by individuals linked to BN over the past 30 years and return them to the public purse.  With such funds an honest administration could rapidly transform the lives of these impoverished people.

The opposition parties should not pass up their opportunity to make this point at the forthcoming election.

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  • borneo sun

    To the Ibans & Bidayuhs and Dayaks, you are the kingmaker in next state election, and your future and well being are in your own hands.

    If you still love Payhim Silly Tait Mahu so much after all that he had done, then I'm afraid to say, it's your own sorry ass you have to blame. Don't whine or complain anymore.

    • Sarawak Bee

      Exactly! Chinese can't do anything with the votes because of unfair ratio of seats.

      It all depends on Dayak votes. If they still sell it for just RM100 or less, even God cannot save them from poverty.

      If this is the land of no hope, all the Chinese shop owners will find their own way out of the country.

      Imagine every street in Sarawak is a "China Town", Once the Chinese close their shops, do you think there is any more jobs or shopping centres?

    • Galang

      Every where you sit, be it in the coffee shop, football field, pub or even in the long house, you will surely hear the Iban esp the new generation so very vocal, strong and supportive of any opposition parties. But time and again, we will always be disappointed after each election. I guess many of these young citizen have not registered themselves as voters thus they are only empty tins that only make noise that do not help to make the slogan "Change We Must" into reality. So I guess opposition parties should get these new generation be registered as voters so that they can out numbered the old who will never change their mind set.

      • Son of Bidayuh

        So please dayak people wake up and make change on next election.We have been waiting too long for what BN promise us.

    • deathtrapper

      We believe the aspiring young Iban leaders NOW should show good examples of leadership But, the way we present, we bring out our case and ourselves is worst that our BN enemies. Who can trust us? the Chinese, the melays, Bidayuhs, Orang ulus or NOT even the Iban themselves can trust these tyres of disgruntled leadership poor qualities! Be like Apai Jugah. Gentle but BRAVE! and overpowering! and well respected!

  • http://sarawakreport ciribut

    borneo sun-Your comments should rightly have been addressed:

    TO All The Inhabitants Of Sarawak Masses.The minority rich do not give a damned of the masses be it urban or rural people.The WEALTH of our BELOVED country SARAWAK has been raped and robbed by the rich few and the powerful.

    The WEALTH of our BELOVED LAND belongs to ALL its INHABITANTS therefore the rich few and the powerful are guilty of Treason of The Commonwealth.

    All the INHABITANTS Of SARAWAK,the MASSES will be guilty of helping this tyrant to win the election,not only the Ibans,Bidayuhs and other Dayaks but its every citizen who are proud to be born in this Land of Sarawak.

  • Aramai Tii….

    Common u Sarawakian wise people…!! let us choose the right person to lead us and to gv us fair development. Opposition is the right path for now. but remember, choose ur state opposition party. it will help u 1 day. lets unite to demolish the current running BN/UMNO Gov and switch to Rakyat Government. lets rakyat rule. Sabah n Sarawak will never be the BN/UMNO safe deposit once again.

  • Joseph


    • deathtrapper

      Sometimes I believe Joseph is plain stupid. We have two Iban CM and NOW 2 Melanau CM. Dont you think it is fair to have either Malay or Bidayuh CM? They also want to show their worth and aspiration for the country.

  • http://nil Hengky Selutan

    Knowing all these !!!! are we really that blind new generation of citizen of the beloved land of hornbill……be brave to make a change…..irrespective of race and religion ……be professional ….

  • Sarawak Bee

    While the government has the allocation of vacant lands for development of golf courses, holiday resorts (just for the pleasure of few tycoons) and no place for the poor to live.

    Instead of building link roads to all villages, they built all the "white elephants".

    After all monies have been swindled through corruption, yet Pehin still insisted he had done nothing wrong in front of the public (or Allah).

    "Politic is just like driving, if you can't handle it, sometimes you'll fall to the drains" he claimed but "we rather have an inexperience clean leader rather than having an experience corrupted leader".

  • Joseph


  • najibrazak

    So now you know. Money is important. People are not. That's why we have to buy your votes. RM100 a head every few years isn't much to us billionaires and well worth it as we can then go on screwing you; with you too stupid to notice! Just joking. We leaders sincerely love you and have your interests at heart; and your inheritance in our pocket.

  • Borneo1963

    Over the last three days, the Ibans, dayaks are told not to politicise their hardship. what chance have they got if they are to keep their mouth shut all the time. Jabu & Mawan in the picture as seen in the front page of Borneo Post. shame on you. put your own people down.look at he malays how hard they try to get priviledges. and you serving the termite and only for your own pockets.next GE, let it be known, no CM is to be treated like King or even the elected reps/ YB's. you are to serve the people and not the other way round. keep going MOC and get this correct for the betterment of Sarawakians. One nationality – Sarawakians, sounds good.

  • najibrazak

    Today Thief Minister Taib said publicly "Anyone can get out of poverty as long as they have the strong determination to change their lifestyle for the better" HE SHOULD KNOW! The problem for the rest of us aspirant life betterers is that he has already stolen everthing; leaving nothing for us.

    What a insult to fellow sarawakians! And he thinks he can be re-elected. Dream on Taib your sins are catching up with you; nearer and nearer everyday. Life in prison will give you plenty of time to philosophise. Meanwhile dont insult us or our intelligence

  • http://Yahoo Jeo

    Pray for dayak in ge

  • http://yahoo.com rober727

    by now the native should wake up and so something so that sarawak can restore to it orginally way, sarawak are poor because people put to much belief in BN goverment think of the future and the grand*-grand son future where they want to live if all the NCR land gone to all this BN goverment and politician. time to wake up and vote them out in the next election. look after land and sarawak.

  • http://n/a Peninsular Malaysia

    Whats wrong with the Dayak.They seem to be living in provety without much basis amenities? Whereas others are living grandly and investing billions overseas. Better all Dayaks merged and come together and form a united party as they are the largest groups in Sarawak and vote for a dayak to become new Cheif Minister. Time to stop the rot and time to stop the abuse by current government by dividing the Dayaks into several parties and duluiting their voting rights and their voice. Lets arise and win big by together, unity is strength!

  • Suara Bukit Sadok

    All young Ibans/Dayaks must wake up this coming election and we must make change i.e change the BN/PBB government.

  • Suara Bukit Sadok

    Kepada orang muda sekelian.Kalau kita bertemu dengan kawan kita, maka kita akan bersalam. Seterusnya kita akan bertanya khabar/berita.Kemudian kita akan bergurau senda tanda kemesraan.Namun begitu, ada beberapa perkara yang kita lupa lakukan atau tanyakan. Pertama; Berapa umur saudara? Kalau usia kawan anda 21 tahun atau lebih, saudara harus tanya soalan kedua; Sudah mendaftar sebagai pengundi? Kalau jawapannya belum,beritahu tempat mendaftar.kalau di bandar, pergi sahaja ke Pejabat DAP atau pejabat Keadilan.Laporkan diri di situ.Seterusnya terangkan kepada kawan saudara kuasa yang ada di tangannya.Undi yang satu kalau digabungkan dengan yang lain boleh membentuk karajaan Sarawak yang baharu.Jadi jangan sia-siakan tangan ajaib itu kerana dengan bantuannya itu kita akan membentuk KERAJAAN SARAWAK YANG BAHARU.

  • http://yahoo Anang Nikal

    Bebai anang nikal.Pajak ka pengawa ngisi

    penemu ngagai rebak baru serta orang ke

    tuai pasal penyai Taib. Iya ke ngasoh bansa kitai rayat sarawak lebih agi kitai bansa dayak merinsa

  • Way to go

    "Only BN can bring development" these idiots were either bought or stupid.

    Don't they know that whoever control

    the state coffers bring development?.

    One day if BN S'wak. becomes opposition,

    they'll also shout.

  • eye

    Borneo Post 18 Oct, Miri – George Chan said Opposition Only Know how to talk.


    Almost 30 years BN in power what do people benefit, George Chan benefit himself and not to about 20% of the Chinese in Sarawak. So, fellow Chinese if there no opposition George Chan will more discriminate your right for another 5 years to come.

    Its good for opposition party around the corner to chase BN away esp. Taib regime, cronies and family.

  • http://deleted anak mamutanak mamut

    theory is:

    almost of Iban/Dayak doesn't like him and cursed him every where

    fact is: the evil in Iban/Dayak communities is not him, but it is an Iban/Dayak itself.. it is Iban/Dayak leader itself which is have their own personal interest. they are real SUCKER.!

    • Iban???

      majoriti penduduk sarawak adalah bumiputera dayak. tapi diperintah oleh seorang melanau minoriti. majoriti rakyat sarawak miskin juga adalah bumiputera dayak. yang kaya pula… faham2 lah.

      dayak ada pemimpin, dayak ada daya dan dayak boleh berkuasa. tapi… kenapa kita jauh ketinggalan??? nak salahkan rakyat dayak biasa??? mungkin??!!… tapi apa guna dan tujuan pemimpin2 dayak jika mereka tidak menyedarkan bangsa sendiri??? mereka ada kedudukan, pangkat dan suara untuk menentang… adakah mereka takut tiada sokongan atau takut hilang segala kemewahan hinggakan sanggup menggadai kaum dan bangsa sendiri.

      bertindaklah dengan berani!!! dayak akan bangkit menentang dan menyokong…

      fikirkanlah berapa banyak penindasan dan hak2 kita bangsa dayak telah dirampas. mungkin pemimpin dayak yang hidup mewah boleh bersenang lenang dan berasa sombong diatas kesengsaraan bangsa dan kaum mereka sendiri. tapi ingatlah perkataan ini…'tulah'. berapa ramai rakyat yang akan menyumpah kamu.

  • thomas giggs

    Some of you guys here are hypocrites or what we called tray-with-two-faces. For your informations the Dayaks had rose against Taib once in the 1980's (remember the Ming Court incidence) The Dayaks had to stand alone on those days. There wasn't any help from the Chinese or the Malays and even from the Dayaks themselves) But now you want to talk about overthrowing Taib. Where were you those days when we need your support.

    • sapujagat


      Please share more on the Ming Court incident.Maybe I am too young to know as a sarawak malay at that time.What was the event…do share with me and let all Sarawakian's know.

  • deathtrapper

    Iban can talk just like the Indians but the way that we present our case was very unprofessional and loads of nonsense-hatred of the establishment. Who want to be lead by people of such nature. We want people who is professional and their action must be worthy and noble which earns people respect. It is one of the many reasons why other races dont respect Iban and dreaded to have lasting partnership in any socio and business ventures.

  • John Sarawak

    Iban still hold most cultivable in Sarawak where they can cultivate cash crop. With better price of rubber and oil palm, the Iban will enjoy better standard of living. I hope they will change their attitude to the present govt.

  • Youth Of today

    Now, let us don't just cakap-cakap only…next election try to make a change even been bribe, take the money and vote for the others..

    I'm sick of tired people mumbling over taib issue but when comes to election what did the people do? still vote for that old man…we appriciates what he has done but at the same time sarawak should be richer than other states. we should have good highways just like in the 'malaya all the way up from kuching to lawas,limbang.we also should have all the basic needs such as electricity at longhouses, kampungs and rural area. What's the use having a big 'Damn' at Bakun when a lot of rural people still didn't get any electricity supply…

    Next election make pliz make a change…there's no need to feel 'terhutang budi' with all the politician..they are one who should served the people not the other way around. It's their job and they are paid to do so plus they get so many 'kantau', why want to 'terhutang budi'? they are the one getting richer not the Sarawak people/community.

  • Saralara

    what jabu/george got from taib?