Raziah Grabs Multi-Million Dollar Forest for just RM 250!

Raziah Grabs Multi-Million Dollar Forest for just RM 250!

25 Sep 2010

Victims of the Land Grab - Ibans of Kampong Ensika

In an act of breathtaking meanness and greed the multi-billionaire Taib family are seeking to deprive impoverished Ibans of one of Sarawak’s last remaining hardwood forests, for a paltry compensation of just RM250 per family.

Meanwhile, Sarawak Report has received exclusive new leaks which indicate that the Chief Minister himself stands to personally profit by a million times that amount (an estimated RM250,000,00) in corrupt backhanders from the deal.

Raziah Mahmud and Quality Concrete Holdings

This latest illegal raid on Native Customary Rights Land is being carried out by Quality Concrete Holdings Berhad, a company part-owned and directed by the Chief Minister’s own sister, Raziah Mahmud.  The Taibs, one of the richest families in Asia, have already started harvesting the timber, which is worth millions of US dollars, even though the majority of the villagers are refusing to accept the deal.

“We have been threatened that if we oppose this claim we are going against the government and opposing development” explained one protester, “but why does the government act like a common thief in this case and how much development can we achieve for RM 250?”.

Already driving into the forest without permission

The threatened area is a small range of hills near Sebangan not far from Kuching, consisting of 3,305 hectares of forest.  The surrounding region has already been devastated by state-sponsored logging promoted by the Taibs in the 80s and 90s.

However until now it was not considered economic to tackle the raised ground, which has been farmed and hunted for generations by 16 villages of Iban dwellers.

The villagers explain that the area is carpeted by hundreds of thousands of tall trees, some of it valuable primary jungle containing hardwoods that are now painfully scarce.  The Secretary General of the Sarawak Dayak Iban Association (SADIA) Nicholas Mujah, who comes from the community, says that there are up to 700 tons of  Belian, Meranti, Bulyan, Selangan, Kapur, Kempas, Tekam, Resak, Lon, Penyau, Ruan and Engkaban available per hectare.  These all command top prices in the world market, although the logging of such rare timber is now internationally condemned.

The area is also a refuge for some of Sarawak’s remaining wildlife and birdlife, much of which has been wiped out by the Taibs over the past 30 years.

Corruption and conflict of interest

Conveniently on the Board - Raziah Mahmud, Taib's sister

The Iban owners of the forest say they are happy to conserve the wood for future generations and to conduct sustainable logging for their needs.  However, the aging Chief Minister, who has already earned billions out of corrupt logging deals seems to have been unable to resist the prospect of grabbing more money by cutting it all down.

In this case, like so many others, he has used a relative, his sister Raziah Mahmud, to conduct the plunder.  Raziah is a shareholder and paid Non-Executive Director of Quality Concrete Holdings, a public company largely owned by the family of Tiang Ming Sing and Tiang Ming Kok (the Chairman and Managing Director).  She is therefore directly profiting from her connections with the Chief Minister, who hands out all timber licences.

The CM’s cut will be at least MR250 million – Exclusive new Revelations

However, following new leaks, Sarawak Report is now able to further reveal an even more shocking form of corruption involved in the deal.  Top timber company insiders have exclusively confided to Sarawak Report that before issuing any timber licence the Chief Minister always demands an extra secret cut, to be paid upfront into one of  his offshore bank accounts.

MR250 million? Not bad, even for a multi-billionaire Chief Minister!

The insiders say that Taib traditionally demands a rate of RM 100 per ton of timber.  However, in this latest case the sum is likely to be substantially larger, given the value of the hardwoods at the Sebangan reserve.

According to the whistle-blowers, the Chief Minister calculates his cut by getting State Forest Department officials to assess how much timber is available in each concession.

So, if the 3,305 hectare Sebangan forest contains 700 tons of wood per hectare, this would mean that Taib will have bagged just under 250 million ringgit from issuing the licence.  That is well over $80 million US dollars at current exchange rates and is almost exactly a million times the amount being offered to the Iban families who rightfully own the land!

Even on a more conservative estimate of 50 tons per hectare Taib would stand to illegally profit by nearly MR17 million. Sarawak Report would therefore like to ask Quality Concrete to confirm if they have yet made such an up front payment or if they are paying part up front and part later, which is sometimes the arrangement, or whether they are claiming that on this occasion they have been for some reason let off the payment?

Robbing his people blind

Simple people robbed of their heritage

Such miserable deals have been the pattern by which the Chief Minister has deprived numerous communities in Sarawak of billions and billions of ringgit-worth of timber and made himself one of the richest men in Asia.  Instead of going into promised development the money has gone into Taib’s foreign bank accounts, leaving the people of Sarawak among the poorest in Malaysia, despite their rich natural resources.

Strong-arm tactics – lies and thugs

In this latest case the Taibs are again attempting to abuse their control of state officials and adopting strong-arm tactics to force the unwilling villagers to hand over their forest, firstly through misrepresenting the terms of their licence.

The truth - Raziah's conditional licence expires in two months!

Quality Concrete have in truth, only been issued a conditional year-long Occupation Certificate to log the timber, for the very reason that this is Native Customary Rights (NCR) Land.

This certificate has been issued under Section B of the Forest Ordinance, which specifically means that Quality Concrete need to achieve the consent of the Iban landowners before commencing any logging.

However, Raziah and her business cronies have of course done no such thing, because they know that such consent would either be withheld or would only come at a reasonable price for the land!  They have instead sought to imply that they are fully licenced to strip the forest.

No warning and no permission asked


“Nobody warned or consulted us about anything” explains Sadun Ason, the Headman of Kampong Ensika, one of the affected communities.  “The first I knew of it was when a villager called me to say he had seen logging equipment being shipped up river by boat on 11th July.  We then immediately called the Pengulu, who astonishingly said he knew all about it and told us that there is nothing we can do to protest, as the whole matter is perfectly legal and we have no rights!”

Traditional meeting - community representatives discuss the crisis

The 16 villages involved are rightly suspicious of this Pengulu.  Taib undermined democracy in when he removed the right of longhouses to elect their own headmen and Pengulus and started to appoint these ‘representatives’ himself.

He pays them a miserable monthly salary to keep them loyal.  Nevertheless, these characters usually still come from the local community and are accepted by the residents.

However, in this case a new Pengulu was appointed a few weeks before the issuing of Razia’s logging licence. He is a PBB member from an outside town.  The headmen are naturally furious he kept them in the dark about Quality Concrete’s plans and the previous Pengulu has also testified against such behaviour and joined their protest.

“If there is anything that relates to the joint ownership of the forest the Pengulu should discuss the matter with the headmen and likewise the headmen would talk to their villagers.  All these resources are shared resources and it is not right for the Pengulu to make a decision, especially such an important decision on his own”, says Ason emphatically.  “Rightfully, the Pengulu and headmen should be the ones to protect the forest, but we end up fighting him”.

Deceitful tactics by the loggers and their official backers

Coming down - logging of valuable wood has started

The villagers have tried to blockade the site and have demanded proper information and paper-work from Quality Concrete. But Raziah and her co-directors have been characteristically unforthcoming.  Outrageously, they have also started driving a road into the territory and harvesting valuable timber in the process.

At a meeting organised by the police on 2nd July, officials from the Forestry Department and Land Survey Department showed their bias by meeting first, separately with the representatives of Quality Concrete and their lawyers, along with the suspect Pengulu.

The officials then came out and claimed to the villagers that  the land was not gazetted and claimed there was no evidence the area was NCR land.  However, Sarawak Report has obtained evidence proving this claim was untrue.  In fact the Land Registry’s own records show that the land has been gazetted since 1956 and is indeed Native Customary Rights Land.  The licence Quality Concrete has been given is subject to any NCR claims.  Meanwhile, internal documents from the Forestry Department also show that officials have now instructed Quality Concrete not to encroach on the vast majority of the area contained in the provisional licence unless and until the dispute has been settled.

Gazetted since 1956 - this proof of NCR status came from the Land Registry!

Sarawak Report has copies of all these documents, however in typical fashion the officials on the ground, working with Raziah Taib and Quality Concrete and their lawyers, have attempted to conceal these facts from the villagers.

Bullying into submission

Meanwhile the timber company and Pengulu have been working hard to browbeat and divide the community into submission.  They have gone around all the longhouses offering MR25o ‘compensation payment’ to each family prepared to sign away their rights to the forest and MR800 to each headman.  This may be a laughable sum, but Taib has kept his people financially poor for a very good reason – it makes them easier to rob of their natural wealth.

On 13th August a group of 11 villagers including three of the 16 headmen were transported in Quality Concrete’s own vehicles to Sibu, where they were given a reception and dinner and then asked to sign documents in the absence of any legal representative.  They were not given copies of the documents to bring back, but they were told that they have now legally signed away their rights to the forest.

Dirt poor - this family took the money

These headmen have now gone round other long houses and persuaded a number of the desperately poor villagers that, since they have no choice in the matter (not true), they had better take what money is available to them.

A minority of the villagers have now been persuaded to go to the nearby town of Sebuyau and sign away their claims for a mere MR250.  They had no legal representative and have been offered no copies of the documents they signed – most are illiterate.

“The worst thing about it is that it has divided the villages in such a terrible way”, says Numpang Suntai who has been helping coordinate the protests.  “Some are so brow-beaten and poor they feel they must accept the money, but the others know that in the long-term the consequences will be terrible for us.  We look at neighbouring areas where this has happened and we know we will suffer.  We won’t have any wood, our land will be taken, the wildlife will be gone, the water of the river will be affected and the fish will all die.  We will be hungry. Our life is tough and we have no real income, so we depend on the forest”.

Aware of the consequences - Numpang Suntai, local campaigner

Numpang dismisses the idea that there might be jobs and development. “There will be no jobs at all, they use Indonesians to cut down the forest and Indonesians to work on the palm plantations.  They only offer MR7 a day to work on palm plantations and we can’t live on that.  The Indonesians find it worth it, because of the exchange rate for them”.

A fit leader for Sarawak?

Taib of course believes that he will triumph in this matter.  The fight for Sebangan’s final forest has reached a critical stage, which he, his sister and their timber company collaborators have experienced many times before.  They have all the finance, the official backing and of course, access to intimidation as well.

The villagers are already fearfully expecting the arrival of the notorious logging company ‘thugs’,  the strongmen who so often come to intimidate local communities who hold out against them.  Meanwhile, the Pengulu and the logging company legal teams are misleadingly informing the protesters that because some people have now signed it will be impossible to stop the logging.

Campaigning on landrights - PKR's office in Kuching

There is still hope for justice

However, signs are that people are waking up to the Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud.  It will be interesting to see whether the new information revealing the true extent of Taib’s personal profit from this raid – his MR250 million cut -will alter the dynamics of this particular forest battle.

Sarawak Report will also be forwarding the inside leaks from the Land Survey Department and Forestry Department to the legal team, headed by Baru Bian in Kuching.

Baru, who is Sarawak’s top human rights lawyer and the PKR leader in the state, has started to win significant court victories against Taib in the local and federal courts .

Agent for Change - Baru in campaigning dress at his desk

Taib’s last grasp?

This scandalous case will join over 200 other native land rights cases on his desk, all of which directly challenge the Taib family’s devastating plunder of the state.

Most importantly, the Chief Minister will soon have to face the electorate with a record that no politician on earth would wish to have to defend.

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  • Param

    After all the atrocities in Malaysia that we have all heard & witnessed let us all change the state/federal government for the betterment of Malaysia. Don/t hesitate at all, everyone all to gain & nothing to loose.

    • http://www.fooart-whateverlah.blogspot.com Mohammad Fuad Salleh

      Agreed with u Param. We need new government!!!

  • Roven

    It is so obvious that precedence on sell out rate of the Ibans is so low! That is why the exploitation.

    What happened to the big talking loud mouth Iban politicians of Barisan Nasional?? The Ibans should be blamed for electing lame & selfish traitors as Iban reps in the government!!!

    As they say, the Ibans deserve the government they elect!!!

    Wake up and be the warriors that you Ibans are known for!!! Stop wallowing in your past glories and allow your future generation be treated like a bunch of morons!!

    Get rid of your hopeless Iban politicians!! Stop listening to your corrupt headman at the Kampung as well as at the government. Rally! Rally! Rally!!

    What happened to your "AGI HIDUP" war call!!

    Bodoh punya Iban!!!

    • alancheong

      ya ain't got the locus nor the right to diss the Ibans

      it has passed that point … the present is more important – can you do something about it?

      if you ain't got nuthin' constructive to contribute or are unable to do anything but it 'cept flap yer lips … piss off.

      • Adnan Mat Tahir

        U r right my man..

    • Christina Suntai

      Not all Iban are bodoh. Not all Ibans elect the present Government in Sarawak. As you can see in this picture, my brother is an Iban who is coordinating the efforts and he does not belong to any political parties and neither does he strive to be anything else but to help our own tribes.

      If you want to help, you can donate money to help paying for the legal team of Baru Bian and associates.

      Thanks to the efforts of some brave Ibans who are not bodoh, the plight of Sebangan Ibans was covered in this article that you just read.

    • Sue

      Siapa suruh kamu undi BN sampai janggut Taib beruban… Nah… mana sudah itu orang Iban di BN… Bukan saja hutan si Taib ni makan.. semua projek… semua … hasil Sarawak di telan semua.. bagi orang-orang dia.. keluarga dia sampai cucu cicit dia. Kalau nenek moyang di dapat bangun dari kubur pun di bagi juga…

      Berapa tahun kamu bagi dia peluang jadi KM… berapa banyak sudah kekayaan dia…kumpul dari Sarawak…

      Tiada guna " Agi idup Agi Ngelaban " sudah " Parai Marinsa " Iban-Iban di Sarawak…

      Pandai-pandai lah kamu pilih pemimpin next election jangan diberi RM 10.00 dan diberi makan sup carsaw di kedai Cina Kuching saja sudah undi BN..


    • Christina Suntai

      Your comment inspires me to write a blog. Sometimes we just have to say like it is. Call a spade a spade.

    • Rengga

      Rovin, you make a bias judgement on Iban voters. Iban voters are not the only decider, who can lead Sarawak politic. When they vote, they expect for good in return. Pls reserved your bad word for your own family or your own kampung.

  • kllee

    Taib thought that he is smart by looting the state of its forest and whatever there is to loot in Sarawak. Little does he know that he is the biggest idiot of them all. Can you imagine that he is willing to suffer in Hell for the sake of his children. He will face his Maker soon as his Day of Reckoning is near.

    • Maktumguli

      Dear All

      When you hear the radio news tonight, listen with your ears open, and when you wake up in the morning read the news, see what they wrote. And if you are near enough look at the face of a politician; I will bet; You can't find lies written on his face, neither can you hear radio news or newspapers that preaching or telling bad about these manipulators.

      That show, my dear Dayak friends how meticulously smart these people are, that you are up against. It makes my stomach boils.

      So, don't just say or suggest or just listen. DO SOMETHING! Mail to friends, use Facebook, Twitter. Take a short holiday and go back to your longhouse, educate your uncle, auntie, grands and those your age; That resistance must be in their mind to turn their fate around. In the case of NCR, which is the livelihood of Sarawak natives, perhaps the goal is to vote out BN candidate in your area.

      Be mindful of the corrupt headman of your village or the Pengulus in your area. They have long ago been the first line fallen of bribe attack before the timber company encroach into native lands.

      As I said earlier the politician in Sarawak, are pawns or puppets of the powerful CM of yours, or puppets of his rich business cronies. Greet them staying truthful to ever respectful Iban that you are;BUT knowing in your heart how helpless and useless they are in fighting for your land.

      By the way:

      People in Sebangan need our help. let's all chip in a few dollars for this worthy cause.

      • Adnan Mat Tahir

        Very good comment my brother.

  • Mohan

    The only way the Taib family can be stopped is through the ballot box. The international community should play its role with such blatant abuse of rights and bullying of the poor citizens in these areas. The PM has to step in if he really means to help the underprivilaged. The opposition too need get their act together.

  • Jeffrey Lim

    Dear Fellow Malaysians,

    Sabah UMNO is plundering Sabah. PBB is plundering Sarawak in the name of development. UMNO is plundering the whole country in the name of 1Malaysia, Performance now and the expired NEP. Do you wonder why our previous PMs are still looking for plunder in the guise of the NEP. Ofr course it is not racialistic. It is pure self enrichment at the expense of the country and the Rakyat.

    • Sarawak Bee

      He had just return from Canada, transferred fund or got "ready" for election? (In case BN is toppled)

      • qwerty

        he is visiting his sick son in canada.

  • brewin

    i heard about Taib and his involvement with the Freemason(Zionist),hope this website will make a revealation regarding that matter in order to awake the Muslim(Malays),

  • jenal

    tuan sarawak report

    saya anggap ktk tok org iban


    cuba ktk (and org iban lain) yg berkumpul menyokong pehin (tanggar borneo post et al) majoriti adalah bala iban

    kenak maseh gia?

    adakah ada cara makey nukar mentaliti sidakya?

    kalau begini…

    only god can save sarawak

    • Joseph



  • lano

    We the Dayak community in Sarawak will unquestionably rise up liken unto a tsunami sweeping into power in this GE to reclaim our rights that have been robbed from us by Tun Rahman and Taib Mahmud.

  • christian

    Singapore had developed with only human resources and human spirit.

    Sarawak development is pittance in parity and requiring almost all of Sarawakian resources in the same time. Which if spent on Sarawak wisely, if Sarawakian is not on par with Singaporean, we are at least half way there instead of now, a third way only.

    A government can only develop a country if that is its agenda and everything must stand aside to its moving forward.

    Prosperity bring unity. Unity does not bring prosperity and in Malaysia there no unity, simply force peace. When you force a peace, the bitterness and hatred is unfathomably

    The saddest truth of Sarawakian is, how can Sarawakian stand divided, all accepting being 2nd class citizen and willingly exchange being Independence Sarawakian with dignity, respect and equality to calling themselves a class over the next. For what. are Sarawakian so pant up for a little pride which is failing all Sarawakian day and night for 47 years.

    As long as Sarawakian stand apart, Sarawaki is lost.

    It simply so clear. Sarawak has few patriots.

    Goodbye my state


  • aca

    Is that 1Malaysia?

    Jala, you are a human being? Please no more hypocrisy from you. Go pray further for your salvation.

  • 7tony

    Unbelievable! The exposure is rather alarming and is similar to the saying: "Bite the hands that feed you" [by the way, only animals do that]. These are the poor people who were obviously tricked into voting them into power and were being openly cheated of their NCR, without any gratitude of leaving them even a bit of the crumbs.

    • Maktumguli

      THAT is it!

      That sums up exactly what this greedy creepy meticulously crafty devil is doing to the people in Sebangan

  • leo

    amazing..this state is dead already..myb we should rally like what filipino done with their president..marcos..

  • ben

    Macam macam provokasi dilempar kepada CM…..tapi akhirnya no action taken. Buang masa ajak. Just wait for next election. Kuasa rakyat akan menentukan.

  • BeingRobbed

    We demand all the ill-gotten stolen by Taib be returned to us. New government priority on the list is to drag Taib, his sister(s), brother(s), daughter(s) and Son(s)to court, prosecute and send them to jail.

    We demand the return of all NCR lands plundered by Taib and his cronies – Awang Middle, Noraden Jaiee & others to its rightful owner. Prosecute all of them as well. Seizure all their illegitimate properties and return to the people.

    Bring Sarawak on the right track of economic rebuilding, transformation, resilience and transparent administration, equal jobs/position opportunity for all Sarawakian in new government.

  • http://yahoo Sebangan man

    Any wonder why Taib wants to buy Bakum dam? There must be REAL reasons for this.

    • Sue

      Cuba kamu orang-orang di Sarawak….Risik-risik betul-betul adakah kah duit jualan kayu balak ni akan digunakan untuk beli Bakun Dam tu… atas nama syarikat Raziah Mahmud… bukan sikit 7 billion …dan siapa pembeli sebenar dia Negeri Sarawak kah kroni-kroni Taik Mahmud ni…

    • Joseph


    • Maktumguli

      Why Sarawak Gov't took over Bakun from Sime Darby?

      One of an interesting theory is that the the effect of the Balui/Rejang river drying up for a year is devastating. Sime Darby engineers knew the effect, and knew it would be in hot seat once the long houses suffers from the dry river for a year!

      The 8 or 9 longhouses down river from the dam will be without a river for 8 – 10 months!

      Now, how do they get supplies to Belaga?

      How do the school children goes to school? I believe a majority of them will be walking to school, instead of by river boat. Where would the famous iksn semah and kalui be when rivers run dry?

      Recently there are stories of suffering by these people from these longhouses. Imagine your daughter walking the jungle for 4 hours?

      The fact that the hydro engineers did not informed the people, is cruel.

      Those who have not seen dry river beds and walking to schools deep in the jungle would not feel the pain, but some of us have gone through these pain.

  • mobidick

    just watch sarawakians people do to BN this coming election…..hope BN lose

  • kamal

    OMG.How can a whole family be this greedy.Unthinkable but its happening.Hope this family gets the sarawakian curse of the voodoo kind.Hope the whole family dies in an air crash……and for the sarawakians,don't forget to vote for PR in the next elections.

    • john doe

      …tak baik mendoakan sesuatu yang tak baik untuk orang..

      …how can we be sure pr will not do what the present regime is doing?

  • http://YAHOO newman


  • aksadai

    the biggest obstacle in toppling BN or butoh tai mamut is the illeterate rural voters who fail to comprehend and see the scale of atrocities he had done to the state and its people in respect of plundering massive state resources. come next GE these block of idiot shall continue to vote for the BN and butoh tai mamut. the state of swak shall be forever gone until his excruciatingly painful death. pls GOD give us the wisdom and courage to defend our beloved land. let the illeterate poor wake up and stand up for their right…..Amen

    • john doe

      …do something to wake them up.

      …I wonder how that could be achieved that by using this medium. they are illiterate (like you said).

      …any positive suggestions?

  • http://[email protected] robert

    Thief away the people land now timber time to change the goverment in next GE wake up and vote out all the thief now the Be end.

  • Laura Robinson

    Shame on you! You money-grabber! Hope you get your just deserts! Disgraceful government -the world is watching you!

  • Joseph


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  • Joseph


  • Logic Thinker

    Enggai shakap aku….tepuk dada tanya selera. Jabu ke , Masing ke, Mawan ke, semua sama. Thats only three of them, we vote for them, so jangan muchau-muchau lah. When come to election time, we people soooooo proud when 'berimbai duduk with YB. We forgot what they have done, actually what they suppose to do, to safeguard our right. This three so call Iban leader, no match with Pehin. If bebukut maybe Pehin kalah, but before they fly their hand, the other side sheild with money, so the hand, idea, brain, become numb. Tak jadi bukut lah…so diam-diam..isi perut sendiri lagi bagus.

  • Robber

    Perhaps the thief wants to replace Bill Gates in the Forbes 100 in 2011 …

  • Magdeline

    Don't vote BN for next election…How come all the family so greedy with the property..

  • robston63

    Blame it on ourselves, all these years – including the common government servants who rather pocket some fast cash than consider the future of their offspring.It's because of what we are, THEY ARE what they are now. We can all TALK, but how many of us are really capable to dig in, as agents of change? People don't understand what it means to choose a new ruling party. They think if a new party rules, then whatever little they have now will be gone, such as subsidies, welfare, wages, misc benefits etc, and that can ONLY be provided under BN! They are made to believe thus, and so, who wants to take the risk? They don't understand that when BN promises them some development, it's the RAKYAT'S money being spent – unlike the non-BN parties who have to dig their own pockets etc to the core just to make a little road. The people's mentality on the other hand is, "Well, as long as you can prove to give something, we will accept you". How much can a non-BN party give? This is 100% a wrong method to win votes. The people need to understand that another party shold be given the right/opportunity to administer the public funds and that a non-BN party is in not much of a position to promise development if they don't form the government of the day cause they don't hold the money!As long as the locals cannot grasp this concept, might as well quit wasting time. Not only local natives, I also know of local senior government servants who hold the same mentality!

  • Iban Abroad

    Thief Minister of Sarawak, Mr Taib, holding three important post Chief Minister, Finance and Planning in Sarawak is called Thief Minister of Sarawak. His job to rope the Dayak has been acknowledged and dihalalkan oleh UMNOputra.

    If Dayak doing it, tomorrow, Najib will lead UMNOputra tangkap dia. Tapi kerja haram Mr. Taib dihalalkan oleh orang muslim sendiri dalam UMNO dan MACC. Secara tidak langsung Allah orang UMNO dan BN adalah sama dengan Corruption Spirit, makan darah orang, satu ugama yang menghalalkan korupsi.

    Maka tidak berkesanlah kita mempertikaikan korupsi yang dilakukan Mr. Taib Family.

    Harap Mr. Taib family dan orang BN lebih aktif lagi mendewakan Allahnya iaitu "Corruption Spirit".

    • no net

      helo bro… if u dont like taibs..its ok.. i dont likes too. but do not ever n never to talk about taibs god 'ALLAH'… ALLAH also dont likes wat the taibs has been done… pls dont libatkan AGAMA in this kes…

      • pulungan

        yes bro…i agree with u .. pls dont drag others 'GOD' into this

    • Not Iban local

      Hi Iban abroad, do u understand the differences between religion and it followers. Now i am asking yout, if a jew robed a bank do u say that his / her religion asked him / her to do so…. Please be more rationale… even if u are ABROAD…..

  • Badrul

    Taib and family should really help subsidise our cigarette prices. It's at an alarming RM10. I'm sure BN are pushing up the prices because they own the smuggling syndicate as well, Sibu remains our biggest smuggling hub.

    My vote goes to whoever can reduce the cigarette prices down to RM5.00. Thank You.

    • nur

      very good, humourous – make me laugh…ha.ha..ha @ least release my stress

  • Tipik Ladi

    Wish to congratulate the Iban from Kpg. Ensika and a few others including Mr.Numpang Suntai, unfortunately some Iban from other longhouses have accepted RM250.00 to sell our right. The Penghulu and a few tuai rumah will bear the consequence for generation to come. What a shame. I know the forest and I know the jungles. For those of you who doesn't know the mountains and it trees and it rivers,it floras and faunas, I assured you that it is one of the best forest in Sarawak. It should be saved at all cost not for us but for generations to come, not only for those living in the area but for the whole world to see.

    Tipik Ladi

  • IbanNext Generation

    Thief minister of sarawak, as long as he rules our state, sarawak will become among poorest state in Malaysial.. WHY!!!! (Sarawak is probably is the richest state in Malaysia!!).. But Sarawak has the most richest CM in Malaysial..

    Iban oh Iban, especially the elder, they always happy for a RM100 given to them during election campaign.. But they will suffer for more than 5 years for their own stupidity.. Watch out u Askhol, watchout for our generation, BN will collapse and burn to the hell..

    Mawan is the most rubbish Yb in our Area, what he knows? His son become samseng, his brother become pemancha(iban leader), his other brother will surely become next penghulu, and his most noteable askholl brain, he has many wife, damn u, he also sell our forest to loggers, even our grandfather is put in jail because they defend our right, i hope this guys will pay for his action when PR win in this state, i pray for it..

  • http://none tommy

    Taib leads a party that is not working for the people, but a party working very hard cunningly robbing them of every cent. A political party should keep out of business. This man's party is only business – the business robber. He is chief minister, that minister and all minister. So every cent flows into his or his family pockets. Money that is the true blood of poor, innocent, illiterate suffering living corpses. He has planned that your living and even those to be born will be his slave. He has cheated so much. We must be courageous to reject this living zombie. We will be better even if we have to vote an ape in to chase him into the sea.

  • Suara Bukit Sadok

    Masyarakat Kampung Ensika sebagai contoh untuk kita perhatikan segala tindakan YB kita yang kita undi selama ini. Mengapa kita memilih mereka? Harapan kita besar iaitu agar mereka menjadi wakil kita dalam kerajaan.Seterusnya, kita minta para YB kita menjaga kebajikan dan harta kita agar tidak disalahguna.Semasa kempen mereka berbuih mulut berjanji akan memperjuangkan hak kita.Selepas itu mana mereka?Paling malang,setelah mereka berkuasa,mereka senyap-senyap menyamun harta pusaka nenek moyang kita seperti tanah dan hutan. Mulalah mereka mengisi kocek mereka dengan sumber kekayaan kita yang bergelar RAKYAT.Kemudian kita diupah dengan projek yang bernilai seringgit dua.ia bertujuan untuk 'menyamankan' hati kita khususnya para Penghulu,Konselor dan Tuai Rumah.Ini kerana para ketua masyarakat kitalah yang menjadi kompetai YB yang tamak sekelian.Saya yakin sebagai masyarakat baru, kita mampu menilai antara kaca dan intan.Nah, bila sampai pilihanraya akan datang, berfikirlah kita panjang-panjang. Jangan terpedaya dengan dakyah para YB yang menyediakan nasi bungkus(tapow) dan sebotol air mineral.Di samping itu juga jangan terpedaya dengan pemberian wang saku atau wang tambang pergi mengundi.Kini KUASA DI TANGAN ANDA.

    • beragok

      yes i agree

  • Agang

    Whatever it is, anybody who are elected as holding a power will do the same for their own future business & at the same time for balancing, just a bit for RAKYAT as normal concern as a "Wakil Rakyat"..Remember what Hitler's said "Money is Power"…Lu Pikirlah Sendiri..

  • Agang

    continue my comment…whoever racial or whoever somebody become wakil Rakyat although he's/she's from "Parti Pemerintah" or "Parti Pembangkang", he/she will do the same likes TAIB..that's normal in this world.Family comes first than others or even JABU, GEORGE CHAN or anybody..except if they already grab all revenue & resources that's belong to RAKYAT they must pay back to the RAKYAT eg. BONUS every year to RAKYAT so that RAKYAT also can spend their happiest live instead of developed other infrastructures.

  • Ibannextgeneration

    Why this people always make shit on their rakyat face? Comeone, RM250 is not enough for compesation, they gain Multi milion profit by robbing their rakyat land.. What is this kind of people, i hope they not pay for it in this world (i hope they will someday), they will pay for it in afterworld (could be greatest punishment)

    Please la, apa la punya otak, why cannot spend a penny for development, totally shit

  • tunsrilanang

    I thought I've heard and seen everything… man this is really getting more and more sickening! You are supposed to see these kinds of plots only in the movies… for God's sake!

    Someone here said that this matter could be settle through the "ballot" box. I beg to disagree 'coz from what I see this 'movie' plot should actually continue to manifest itself into the real world… it should END with the "bullet" box! oops! typo error?!

  • Jambu Muda

    Kita patut sokong Taib dan Family beliau, kerana dia, orang-orang Sarawak menjadi senang sehingga hari ini. Kamu semua lihat pembangunan yang telah dilakukan di Sarawak. Kekayaan memang cita-cita setiap Ketua Menteri, itu Kemestian setiap orang yang menjadi Pemerintah. HIDUP PEHIN SERI TAIB MAHMUD.

    • Ibannextgeneration

      Senang? Hahahaha.. Mau terkeluar usus saya..

      10 sebab saya x setuju..

      1)Jalan kampung x diturap

      2)Jalan kampung x dpt dilalui keta kecil

      3)Rumah panjang x dpt letrik

      4)Air pun x da

      5)Line handphone x da

      6)Harga barang mahal

      7)Rumah panjang x maju2

      8)Tanah diambil/pokok2 hak milik pribumi dirompak

      9)Minyak banyak, tp negeri x maju

      10)Bandar2 besar masih cam standard bandar kecil mcm skudai, johor bahru jgn sebut la.

    • joseph


  • jmd sarawak

    yg elok nak tengok semua bangsa di sarawak tok manju bersama. lantaklah pak menteri2 tu kaya raya semua, pastikan pemimpin setiap kaum tempat kita buat kerja utk rakyat, bukan utk poket sendiri. bukan iban saja menghadapi masalah yg sama, tu kat muara rajang, pulau bruit yg kebanyakan kaum cm sama juga masalahnya. dah lebih 40thn merdeka air bersih pun tak dapat juga. adakah itu sebab CM, bukan sebenarnya, faktor pemimpin yg dipilih.

    Fikir-fikirkan jalan terbaik utk semua kaum

  • Uchu Rejau

    Syabas the Iban of Sebangan. Anang undur anang lari. Tan ke bendar. Aki Gelungan alah dilanggar munsuh ketegal tipu bala po' ari ili. Diatu menua kitai dilanggar lipan enggau kobei. Endu Christina, if you need financial helps, pls set up a service centre at Sebangan and Sebuyau. Write down their names so that it can be recorded. Someday somebody will write a book on this. Their names will be engraved in the book. Unlike our great-grandfather Aki Gelungan, Aki Tampang, Aki Ijau, Aki Rejau, Aki Brandah and many more (sorry I don't know them) their name are gone. No body know them. Now we, there descendant should make sure that nobody CEROBOH our land.

  • PBDS

    contact interpol to investigate because malaysian gov also dont have courage to do so. we dont need politician to solve this..

    • Pusu, Belachan &

      I totally agree with you PBDS. We cannot ask help from fed.gov (BN a.k.a UMNO)to bring this culprit and his cronies to justice. They (UMNO) only "TIN KOSONG". Talk so loud but zero action.

      Next year (2011) for the State's DUN election, I will definitely voting for the non-BN party. I am 29 years old right now but I was only on the sideline (didn't go voting) before, watching BN keep on winning meanwhile Taib getting greedier and Sarawakian STILL get nothing UP TO NOW.


      Taib, Jabu, Masing, Mawan and the gang, beware from now on. the NEW GENERATION like us will no longer stay silence. You guys surely fall down in next year's election.

      George Chan…you poor dog…hahaha…you already cast away almost by all the Chinese in Sarawak…especially in main cities like Kuching, Sibu and Bintulu.

      Together, we must now stand and fight the right for our beloved people and land of Sarawak…!!!

  • orang sarawak

    Thank you for telling us what the crooked man called Taib, his greedy sister and unscrupulous business associates are doing at the Sebangan Forest Reserve.They are rich and famous, but they acquire their money in such a dishonest manner. They are cheating the poor rakyats, who depend on the forest for their jungle produces. They are taking away the livelihood which they inherit from their forefathers.

    I am a peace-loving Malaysian, born and bred in Sarawak.It breaks my heart to see the rich and powerful taking advantage of the poor and helpless. I have live in the main towns of Sarawak. I love the hills, the forests, the sea and the rivers of Sarawak. It is always such a treat to eat the jungle produces sold by the indigenous people of Sarawak.

    Pehin Taib surely realised that he is killing the goose which lays the golden eggs, when he issued the timber licence to his sister to cut down the rare species of Sarawak timber. It seems that he doesn't care, since his sister needs the money to entertain the rich and famous in Monaco, Oxford and London.

    MACC should be pressured to investigate the corruption cases reported to them. Once Pehin Taib is successfully charged, he will be like any criminal, not allowed

    to stand for any election. May be his ill-gotten fortune could be confiscated and be returned to Sarawak and Malaysia.

    All we are asking for is a honest Government.

  • Benjamin

    Hope Sarawak's PKR can investigate NCR land issues in Baram.Many NCR land owner has been forced to leaved their land.I've no evidence, but please investigate.

  • man

    its not matter of iban, malay , bidayuh or etc… but this is the matter of sarawakian. Taib is not only manipulate or rob ibans even his own races melanau. so its better we work together as a group of sarawakian to stop taib monarki in this STATE. in this Pru13 please change our state goverment ..stop vote for UBSTABLE DACING…..

  • joseph


  • Telok bayu

    We have to fight for our rights.

    Nama sida Laut tuk baka sida Taib Mahamuud ENDA nemu malu pakai kuasa perintah rampas semua utai ke kena kitai, bangsa Kenyah, Kelabit,Kayan,Penan,Iban Bedayuh dan yang lain. Dahulu Saya ingat ini Taib mahamooot kuat bagus ada nama, kenapa dia sekarang to big head mahu makan semua,asil kayu, minyak, sawit, jalan raya,sampai tanki tahi, pun dia angkat. Apa lah nak jadi dengan in Ketua Menteri Sarawak Taib Mahameeek ini

  • Bujang Sarawak

    What most important now is all the Iban in Sarawak must stay focus and help those involved in fighting the right of our relatives in Sebangan. Christina and Numpang….all the Ibans are behind you two. Hope you should open an account so that all the Iban can give their support. The Dayak community now must be united for the future generation..sarawak land code was amended to suit their need and greedyness, eventually..the Dayak will becaome SLAVE in their own country Sarawak. No more land for us…..

    • Pusu, Belachan &

      PBDS was once the strongest and the biggest party in Sarawak, was yet being destroyed by no one else, but Taib.

      I hope someday, someone who has strong leadership, educated level and have a very high integrity,and also a very religious person, will come out and form a party to unite all the Native (Iban, Bidayuh, Melanau, Orang Ulu and Penan) in Sarawak to oppose PBB and BN.

      The Native are the majority here. We can make this happen without any conflict of interest with other races like Chinese and Malay.

  • lady gaga

    the powerful families & extended

    families have plenty to spend while it's ordinary people suffer in silent.

    where's LOGIC ?

    • Pusu, Belachan &

      The logic is obviously there…right in front of our eyes and around us… because people in the rural area keep on voting Taib and hoping for his sweet promises (aid), which is bullshit.

      Those people are not exposed with other media like we have in the urban. If they are lucky enough, they can watch tv channels (rtm, tv3, etc) which are obviously controlled by BN. Most of the time they are still listening to radio (again, all are within BN's radar). They only know that everything about BN and Taib is graceful and great.

      We just hope now that the NEW GENERATION especially from the rural area will begin to aware the dark side of Taib's kingdom.

  • Ibannextgeneration

    Buntut post,Sarawak taikburn and etc2 always put a good story of this stupid asshole, that why the old generation in rural area are poisoned by their propaganda. I hope sarawak can maintain their support on Buntut Nanah to make sure Sarawak will forever be a Poorrresst state in Malaysia.. Well done!!

    Destroy all sarawak forest, drain all sarawak river by building a lot of dam, burn all sarawak oil, And most important, put that profit in your asshole.. And next 100 years to come, we all living underground, that what we all want right..

  • joseph



  • Patricia Edward

    Wake up Ibans in Sri Aman,in Limbang,in Kapit.To say no intelligent Ibans out there from your area, that is very impossible.Educate the older Iban people in your town and rural areas not to simply vote for Barisan Nasional.For more than 50 years of independence,still talking about clean water and electricity,that is bullshit.Our fellow friends in Semenanjung Malaysia even have LRT,Komuter and we still ask from time to time a good road to enter our kampung.Kapit people,push your leaders to make sure all the Ibans have MyKad.Ridiculous!Are we Indonesian immigrant that we are denied of such rights and you allow BN to win unopposed.Are you that rich to be denied of a road to go straight to Kapit.Even if you are rich,use it to educate your kids and not to pay for perahu,ekspres tambang with uncertainty price of petrol.You have your eyes and ears to see.Don't allow tv station to tell you which to vote.To me, the more they talk bad about the opposition party,the more people have mixed feelings.We allow them to rule for so long that they become greedy.Yes,there is progress after 20,30 years because you accumulate the years.Can we compare that to what they say flaws in PKR ruling in Penang after can we say 3 years.Who rules before that?Things should be well-solved back then.The more they say bad things regarding the opposition party, the more that exposed BN bad image.Soory,we young people,the young Ibans are not stupid like our elders.Be ready to lose in the next elction.Jabu,you are not helping the Ibans,you even disgrace Sri Aman as a bahagian as you want to lift up Betong.

    After 20/30 years you only can give us Pesta Benak???Limbang is so dead town,all shops closed very early at night except for other type of entertainment.Even Lawas is three times better than Limbang.Sad to say two major Iban living areas.:(

  • joseph


  • Ibannextgeneration

    A better way for all of us is sarawak change their government, what the call democracy today is not even close to democracy style, if our CM is the most powerful, he can do anything he want, he can steal his rakyat property, this action should we call communism, i expect everyone here understand what i mean, in communism, "YOU HAVE A COW, THEY WILL TAKE IT WITHOUT GIVE U ANYTHING"..


    Teach that folks what is meaning of democracy in next election,

    IBAN, BIDAYUH, MALAY, CHINESE and all Dayak, please stand up, we should show world what are we capable of, dont just watch and see the result..

  • seehiitab

    Communism is taking from the rich and distribute to the poor as a first step and their final goal is to have all have work and all are provided for. As an ideal it is fair and just but in practice, there are always weaknesses. But so far Castro has not benefited himself and he has done all he can for his people!

  • http://none observer



    • http://none observer






  • http://none observer


  • Belian

    Dear Bros

    Get rid of Taib Mahmud !

    Organise a state wide Hartal !!

  • http://yahoo Rahan

    Pastikan Tanah adat tidak di curi olah kerajaan…Numpang…I support you man…Terus berjuang demi keadilan rakyat Sarawak yang selama ini di perbodohkan oleh kerajaan BN…Tumbangkan kerajaan BN!

  • james

    These folks easily got cheated.Why..?Ask yourself.

  • lawrence sii

    Just have a look at those longhouses and squatters in the rural parts of Sarawak and you'll realize how bad their livelihood has been affected due to the daylight & rampant robbery happening each day!

    After donkey years of so called BN governance to assist the rural people, they become skinner each day…! Why? Lots of them berjalai to West Malaysia to becoming labourers and semi-skilled labourers just to earn a hand-to-mouth living. Shame to those to claim they have done so much for the rakyat while infact for their own coffer endlessly. The richest state is becoming one of the poorest states in Malaysia. Abang adik with Sabah, Kelantan…….! Shame on you, the BN reps.

  • http://none Raja Manggeng says..





  • Josh

    Actually for me i just want to ask few question here.

    1. Are we really sure want to change the current goverment to the new goverment( opposition party )?

    2. So if their rules in Sarawak, are we sure that they not treat us like our current goverment?? If not, we glably happy but if their treat us like our current goverment or even worse?? Who want to answer it??

    So in my opinion its not our current goverment fault but its our CM fault. So the one who need to kick out is our CM and nt the goverment.

    By the way i am not from any party but i just pour out my opinion to allow the ppl of Sarawak open their mind to think and after that let them decide what they really want in next election.

  • selalu kelang kelus

    Kitak orang tok banyak gilak komplain madah Pehin Sri ngan keluarga serta kroni mengaut kekayaan Sarawak untuk kepentingan peribadi…..buang masa jak ya bah…sik juak ada perubahan semasa pilihan raya…agik juak geng cdaknya memerintah Sarawak….sapa yg pilih…kitak org juak…. nang bodoh kerja ya….pas ktk org pilih dianok mcm2 gik…buktikan di mahkamah… mun benar cdaknya ambik tanah rakyat….lom juak aku baca utusan borneo atau utusan sarawak berita hal curi mencuri tanah rakyat ya…. Mun ktk org yg memerintah Sarawak ada kah perkara ini tidak akan berlaku…..Kita ada undang2 bah….jangan cakap banyak…mun kitak org benar jangan takut…

  • http://none Burung Kenyalang say

    Tok Jako Gerah ka bala kaban belayan kitai di seluruh negeri Sarawak.

    Sate election is coming near ,next year.Urang tuai nya scared to hold election after 'matrix survey' showed that his rating is down.I advise to all fellow dayaks NOT to vote for BN any more.We must kick this thief in the bolocks.We need a new change and especially the Iban dayaks..we need a strong leader not necessary with MBA or PHD becaues these people with such qualification are already indebted to their master.

    May GOD gives us a strong capable leader who is straight thinking,clean,strong,caring and most of a good listening leader who cares for the people of Sarawak regardless of race,religion or creed.I am sure that our Lord will grant our wish and in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Ali Pantang

    Until doomed day or the cow comes home, if there are no positive response from all sarawakians regardless of creed ,colour and religion to change Sarawak, we are forever be like this: liviing under the yoke of these corrupt and evil leaders.

    So wake up……. brothers and sisters.

  • Josey W

    go to war..like they did in Niah..


    agreed…war in d street protest like in Iraq gettin rid of Saddam hussein…boycott…all d government government n offices or CM related organisation n make d federal goverment shake…as for now the Federal goverment is taking care of Taib n BN negeri coz we hav d majority seats to giv them in parliament….so they pun sik mahuk nacho Sarawak n Taib status quo…if not sarawakian jus nganok TAIB BUT SIK ADA APA APA CAKAP JAK BRANI…nothing much…if not i jus say Hidup TAIB…NOW ADA bINI BARU,,,n he wil hav a new lease of life for another 20years…so…wat will u say…enjoy…life…nothing is going to change…jus let TAIB DO WAT HE WANTS….COZ WE WILL DO NOTHING JUS TALK….LIKE SARAWAK TALK….

    • aborium

      Oops! It was the American imperialist occupiers that got Saddam out office, not the Iraqis & that was done through through lies & deceits by the infamous President Bush Jr to the rest of the world's nations! Yes, we can be carried away, but stick to facts!

  • aborium

    To the people of Kpg. Ensika:

    It's our wish & prayer that you get back you land. Despite your trails & tribulations, please don't give up the fight for you what is rightfully yours.

    For town & city folks, just think what it would be like, if your neighbours were to come around one day to tell your property belongs to them, though you're the rightful owner? Of course, you'll fight tooth and nail! It's what the people of Kg. Ensika feel – we can only imagine!

  • zahar

    I'm kelantanese. I know how/what u sarawakian feel. vote for opposition like us..yes we been deny of all federal development but we are lucky to have leaders who works for rakyat….almost 20 years we are now and we still happy,peace and earn a living like or even better then before…..All u needs is patient and 'tekad' to vote for changes…

    u wont lost anything …just 5 years and if it works vote again like us……at leased give them another terms…

    I'm pity our friends in Trengganu…..they dont have patient and back to BN….What the got??????….development not benefit the rakyat and 'stadium runtuh'. they still like before….hope they will wake up in this GE same with u….