Bomoh Warned Taib To Step Down! – Part Two of our exclusive revelations

Bomoh Warned Taib To Step Down! – Part Two of our exclusive revelations

29 Oct 2010

Taib's once-trusted 'Bomoh' - Ustaz Abdul Rahman Bin Hazrat

Taib’s Bomoh confided before he died that he had warned the Chief Minister in 2003 that he should stand down within 7 years!  However, this piece of advice apparently signalled the beginning of the end Taib’s relationship with his long-trusted soothsayer.

As we recently revealed [see Part I of our exclusive revelations], Taib had retained the witchdoctor for decades as his secret adviser and practitioner of black magic.  However, on this occasion the Chief Minister found his guidance for the first time unpalatable.  According to close observers, the relationship between the two men began to break down from this moment.

“In 2003 the Bomoh said “step down or it will be a disaster for you”, explains one confident of Ustaz, “However, Taib had come to think that his power was God-given and he did not need the Bomoh anymore.  This incident might have angered Taib and his family members and therefore Ustaz was slowly dropped and side-lined”.

The confidant believes that Ustaz became ever more troubled as the ‘first family’ started to become arrogant and over-reach themselves in later years.  He felt they had started to believe they could do whatever they liked and were above the law and was dismayed at their treatment of people who got in their way.


Reconciliation - White Haired Rajah and Sea Pirate

Sarawak Report is publishing this material because its source is a deep insider with impeccable credentials and access to information on this subject.   Our informant tells us that this breakdown of trust was followed by another major disagreement when the Bomoh advised against Taib’s public reconciliation with his uncle Tun Rahman Ya’ kub in 2007.

Taib had fallen out with the previous Chief Minister during the so-called ‘Ming Court Affair’ in 1987.  To many this seemed to be a mysterious political feud, but it actually had its origins in an ugly family matter between the two men.  Ustaz had been a close adviser to Taib when he split with his uncle and hugely disapproved of Tun Rahman.

However, after many years of emnity during which Taib and his family referred to the uncle as ‘lanun’ (sea pirate), the Chief Minister eventually saw political advantages in promoting Tun Rahman’s daughter, Norah Tun Abdul Rahman, after the family made an advantageous marriage link with the brother of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. So he decided to mend relations.

'Entrepreneurial MP' - Norah Abdul Rahman was elected unopposed in 2008

This made the Bomoh very angry, but Taib saw to it that by the next year in 2008 Norah was placed unopposed into a Federal Parliamentary seat and settled into a top commercial role as ‘Executive Chairman of Tanjung Manis Halal Hub Development’ (a project that plans to destroy another huge area of Sarawak’s remaining natural environment)!   Norah now likes to pose as an ‘Entrepreneurial Malaysian MP’, as she is gushingly described in the Tanjun Manis website, but like all the youthful Taib family female proteges she owes her grand position, salary and titles to family connections rather than business prowess.

By the middle of 2008 the Bomoh was a totally disappointed man, say his confidantes.  Sick and broken, he left for Pakistan and died on 3rd October.  After his death Taib’s brother Tufail engaged 2 more Pakistani bomohs and brought them to Sarawak where astonished on-lookers witnessed them chanting and praying in the middle of a court room as they attempted to assist Tufail in the outcome of a recent court case.   However, it has been pointed out that Taib’s corrupt control over the judiciary will be of more tangible benefit when it comes to influencing the outcome of the case.

Shocking influence

Tufail's latest Bomoh's - chanting disruptively in court

However, the testimony of those who were close to Ustaz during his heyday as Taib’s advisor provides a fascinating insight into the Chief Minister’s bizarre and superstitious habits.   For example, the Bomoh would always encourage Taib to grow his beard before an election or a crisis, giving those in the know a clear indication of what plans were afoot:

“Taib himself would consult Ustaz in the dates of nomination and polling for State Elections, which would normally fall on ‘9’ or a multiple of ‘9’ like ’18’ and ’27′”, explains one insider in an authored document provided to Sarawak Report.

The same document goes on to say the superstitious CM would also would also consult Ustaz for ‘important political strategies, both State and Federal':

Firstly, “for dealing with Federal Ministers, especially new PM’s, Ustaz’s advice was indispensable”.  Secondly,  “to appoint and dismiss State Ministers and CEOs of both Sate-owned and Taib-family-owned companies”. Thirdly, ” The other members of the Taib family always consult Ustaz on important matters like investments both locally and overseas, the most suitable dates and time for earth breaking, topping out ceremonies, house warming, engagement and marriage, and also the appointment of key personnel in their own companies etc.”

Ustaz - escorted in Taib's jet and lived the high-life, but it all went sour after he advised Taib to step down!

Many in their inner circle believe that the Taibs think that the help of their bomohs has assisted immensely in Taib’s political career and has assisted him and his family to excel in their obtaining of riches and amassing of properties.

If this is the case, Sarawak Report wonders if Taib’s belated decision to abandon the advice of his once trusted Bomoh and to refuse to listen to his common sense warning that an old man like him should realise when his time is up, could signal the end of that run of luck and the destruction of all that ill-gotten wealth?

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  • swakftw

    Taib’s Bomoh confided before he died that he had warned the Chief Minister in 2003 that he should stand down within 7 years!

    so does this mean taib will be thrown out if the advice has been given by the 'bomoh'?

    so what the bomoh says is considered 'true'?

    • http://- Kayau Anak

      I am anxious to see it materialize ASAP.

      Surely ALL SARAWAKIAN ENJOY the government to come PR.

  • zulhasmi bin zamhari

    this up coming election will decide the down fall of taib mahmud.

  • ATM

    In politics anything is possible.

    In the months after Taib's brother Arif MAHMUD's death, the immediate Taib family was spreading news that their Bomoh had told them that Norlia Abdul Rahman (Nora's older sister) had used foreign Bomohs to "kill" Arif.

    A close friend told me that during the funeral the family had wanted Norlia to go right in front to face Arif's corpse to confess!

    That was just 1 or 2 years before Taib made-up with Norlia's father on his 80th Birthday?

    Which Bomoh was that and who is using foreign Bomohs?

    • http://none Mak Cik says…





      1. DON'T BUY AIDS.




  • Azhar

    An Important Commandment*

    [16:98] When you read the Quran, you shall seek refuge in GOD from Satan the rejected.

    [16:99] He (Satan/jinn/hantu/bomoh/ustas)has no power over those who believe and trust in their Lord.

    [16:100] His (Satan/jinn/hantu/bomoh/ustas) power is limited to those who choose him (Satan/jinn/hantu/bomoh/ustas) as their master, those who choose him (Satan/jinn/hantu/bomoh/ustas) as their god.

    Disregarding God's Scripture

    [2:101] Now that a messenger from GOD has come to them, and even though he proves and confirms their own scripture, some followers of the scripture (Jews, Christians, and Muslims) disregard GOD's scripture behind their backs, as if they never had any scripture.

    [2:102] They pursued what the devils taught concerning Solomon's kingdom. Solomon, however, was not a disbeliever, but the devils were disbelievers. They taught the people sorcery, and that which was sent down through the two angels of Babel, Haroot and Maroot. These two did not divulge such knowledge without pointing out: "This is a test. You shall not abuse such knowledge." But the people used it in such evil schemes as the breaking up of marriages. They can never harm anyone against the will of GOD. They thus learn what hurts them, not what benefits them, and they know full well that whoever practices witchcraft will have no share in the Hereafter. Miserable indeed is what they sell their souls for, if they only knew.

  • Mohammad Fuad Salleh

    No point revealing all the bad side of Taib and families. Even proven with documents, nothing will happen to him. NO ACTION from the authorities. MACC just don't have the guts to question him.

    • gerald lee liong ai

      NO POINT?? IT IS EXCELLENT POINT WHEN , NOT IF…I REPEAT when AND WHEN PAKATAN TAKES OVER…HE WILL outdo suharto and marcos and ride himself into history's shamed and disgraced!!

      • Dooomers

        YOU believed in Pakatan? After all the TURMOILS they showed everywhere?….and YOU expect them to lead when the are UNLEADED themselves and their blinded supporters …one of them is YOU? Your grandfather in the GRAVE despised YOU and those with your similar pea-brained fellows for selling your backside to ANNUAR IBRAHIM. AB to be your Malaysian PM????? a joke……he he he I prefer LIM KIT SIANG or NIK AZIZ who is consistent.

  • Al Tugauw (Sarawak H

    It is not Norah that is married to Najib's brother. It is actually her sister Khadijah who is married to one of Najib's brothers, Nizam.

  • tsunami final asshol

    Whatever….. Taib will and surely will die one day…. if he thinks that he's immortal, ask him to fuck himself… he had cheated just too much too many…. his greed for power and wealth has overtook his commonsense and his senile brain… and like brother like sister, Raziah is another faggot… the vagina taht is fill witk dick..

    Who doesn't got mad when you start bulling the rakyat… protestors got jailed when she start fucking the forest ……

  • tsunami final asshol

    En. Mohammad Fuad Salleh, you right, very right. But than again its good to publish here (Sarawak Report Site) at least we know that MACC is bloody fucking idiot and so stupid that they cannot do their work. Why? Simply because they keep on fucking themselves…. If one has so much time fucking oneself, then how to work…..LOL……

  • Truthbetold

    I have said many times before that Taib is just part of the BN mafia family who steals, robs, cheats, abuses the people at will. MACC, PDRM, AG, Judiciary, etc. work in grove with them in committing crimes against the people. Who to blame when we kept voting them back into power? The malays are simply too brainwashed by Ketuanan Melayu to vote for a change!

    • An66

      Somehow I agree with you.

      Taib need no other bomoh but the shameless, thick-skin Mamak Mahatir.

      Mahatir is a better bomoh as he has "charmed" the Malays into believing that they are "great", no need to work and others will have to work for them.

      But they did not realise that Mahaitr and his children are billionairs and they are still poor as usual.

      See how Mahatir has destryed the country and still some people think he is great???

      • damas2008

        At least Mahathir has made Malaysia proud!.I travelled the world and good comments about his reign.Lets not be a sour grape. Big country like ours not easy to run with so many oppositions but at least they are heard not surpressed. At least you see progress compared to Sarawak where people in ulu's still poor.

  • Jibby 69

    If Taib is a smoker, than we can predict when he'll die…you know, the health factor. But if he's a non-smoker, than its a bit hard to predict. Unless if he dies unnatural death like in plane crash or road accident or even commit suicide. That's all i can say. Thank you.

    • damas2008

      A leader will answer to GOD. for the corruptions and plundering of people's wealth. They should have conscion towards the people. That's if they fear god.Many don't dare touch haram money let alone married into the family. unless they are the same. 7 generations will eat harm

  • AndiSingh

    Based on Taib's dob 21.5.1936,I can predict that losses are delivered to him at age of 75 in 2011 and 2012.Jupiter and Mars may attack his heart or liver, as well as disappointment him in the forthcoming elections.Give me birthdates of politicians,and I'll tell you what's in store for them in the near future.

    • Lynn

      In that case, can you predict the political fortunes of Lim Guan Eng born in 1961? thanks

  • kllee

    Well Taib didn't heed the bomoh's warning to retire early. When PR takes over Putrajaya, Taib will be looking (or dreaming) at his wealth inside the jail.

  • Saribas Jack

    In 2003 the Bomoh said'step down or it will be a disaster for you'.The bad omen calling for Taib indeed.His imminent departure from this world will be a tragedy to his family(joyful to long suffering Sarawakian)For historian and the future generation will remenber legacy of the Taib administration as the most corrupt CM.

    • reader

      iban historian writing iban history at

    • azizoghekapung

      Corrupt to the core of the bones.How a leader(is he?) can be so corrupt at the expense of the poor rakyat. Get rid of him and BN.The people at large must be made to realise that he is not a leader but blood sucker.

    • damas2008

      another corrupt long reign Mubarrak. Well he goes for middle eastern he will get same fate

  • Longhouse`s Iban

    He is 74 years old now. How long he is going to live? He will not step down. He still need police protection. He wants state funeral when he dies.

    • azizoghekapung

      Does he desrve a state funeral? He should be treated worse than Marcos or Suharto.A blood sucker,parasites,mafia leaders don't deserve a state funeral. What are his contributions to the state to warrant a state funeral?

      • swk warrior

        all self-respecting swkian shld go pee on his grave when the time comes. thanks

  • sinnersaint

    Here are FACTS;

    Before Pakistan was born, it was India, Before Islam or Christains came to India, everyone was a Hindu, Jain, Buddhist… Now the "ancients" discovered and passed on knowledge of Mother Nature to priesthood clans…. they use the planetary movements and elements fm earth to enhance energy…. now i can write on and on but the point i'm making is, there's NO SUCH THING AS BLACK MAGIC… ONLY ENERGY used for attractions…

    The Author or owner of this site should google G.Suresh and get his in-depth knowledge of these sciences…. so, none of us are influenced by mambo jumbo – ITS CALLED ENERGY.

    PLS ENRICH YR MINDS…. btw Suresh has written a book on the subject matter – BE AWARE OF YOURSELF – he is based in Kuala Lumpur and can be contacted by hp 016 396 9907.

    i consult him on Life matters, you love, job, when to set meetings, when is a good time, not so good etc etc etc…. it like going to a doctor for consultations… he is a doctor on life:)

    • tsunami final a**hol

      "PLS ENRICH YR MINDS…. btw Suresh has written a book on the subject matter – BE AWARE OF YOURSELF".

      "Pls enrich yr minds"… this site is sarawak report, not suresh book and/or whatnot. Sarawak Report and Suresh book are two different matters all together. You go and read Suresh's book and get the the of this site… today's sunday so go fly kite….LOL…

    • tsunami final a**hol

      "PLS ENRICH YR MINDS…. btw Suresh has written a book on the subject matter – BE AWARE OF YOURSELF".

      "Pls enrich yr minds"… this site is sarawak report, not suresh book and/or whatnot. Sarawak Report and Suresh book are two different matters all together. You go and read Suresh's book and get out of this site… today's sunday so go fly kite….LOL…

  • tsunami final asshol

    Saribas Jack/// i will celebrate the death of this bloody Taib mahmud. He will die slowly but sure death.

    tsunami final asshole advise to this bloody taib mahmud and his family of corrupt mind, enough of the land you rape, enough of the native land you grab. For if you die which will definitely happen, you will be buried just 6 ft down. you will be swallow by the grave…..or the earth that you had raped all the while.. watch-out because the the land and/or the earth that we live on has a soul…..a soul so powerful that by the earth we are created, to the earth shall be our resting place… don't tell i didn't tell you… abd you are not immortal… lastly.. go fuck yourself, who else you can fuck….yr wife???? whatever…

  • AndiSingh

    Well,what is Guan Eng's date of birthdate?

    • Lynn

      Sorry Andisingh, just visited this site and it says Lim Guan Eng's date of birth is 8 Dec 1960.

      whilst you're at it, let's hear your prediction of the political fortunes of Anwar Ibrahim born 10 aug 1947? Thanks again!

      • AndiSingh

        Based on the birthdate 8.12.1960,Guan Eng is in danger of being attacked in many forms,including bodily harm.His age of 50 which he will attain this comming 8th of December makes him vulnerable to threats of any kind.His health position is insecure as well.Next year he is vulnerable to accidents.Career wise,stress is strongly shown.He could make a blunder in speech or action which will render him to severe action from others.Yes,he will have to fight tooth and nail to achieve a victory of any sort.My advice:Temper down your actions and reactions,or you will face confrontation from those you cannot overcome….Regarding AI,his age of 63 is protective but cannot produce solutions fully.Therefore,he has to battle on.But his age of 64 provides solutions that help him overcome his predicament.That will be in 2012.

        • Ting

          If Guan Eng is born in 1960, how come he can become 64 years old in 2012?

        • swk warrior

          Anuar is 64 lah in 2012

        • AndiSingh

          AndiSingh:Thanks Swk Warrior.

  • joseph


  • najibrazak

    It will IF all native people of Sarawak stop taking Taib's electoral bribes and vote instead to recover our national wealth for the benefit of all Sarawakians; not just the corrupt few. Taib can be thrown out. Taib WILL be thrown out if all of you do your civic duty on election day.


    • azizoghekapung

      Well said ,it's up to you.We should be thinking about our future generations.Their future generations (7 keturunan akan datang)inclusive of Semenanjung "leaders?"are sort of well secured from the wealth screwed from the people.Beware and think of our future generation,not present Sarawak, Sabah or Semenanjung.UNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • swk warrior

        why u all talk as if u didn't understand the reports and exposes in this website.

        which part of this whole saga is hard to understand that his clutches into the resources, businesses, govt bureaucracies, etc he can easily change voting ballots to his favour any time he wants?

        or u two are just another good example of the great msian education system–cant analyse data properly ah?

      • An66

        Taib offereed them …"Nice…$600/door… and they were happy for the next 5 years!

        Taib collects $60 millions, $100 million out off their land ….

        Can we blame Taib to be filthy rich???

        Will it happen again in the coming election???

        Let's wait and see.

  • AndiSingh

    As I wrote earlier,while there is BLACK magic,there is also WHITE magic.One cannot be without the other.It can be construed to mean WHITE energy or BLACK energy.The system of Astrology and Palmistry is considered as WHITE magic.Getting energy from "the other side" is considered BLACK magic.Taib's so-called magician was really a numerologist who used the nine-planet cycles that are based on a person's date of birth.He mystified it with a stretch of imagination,that defies logic.Any living thing will have a horoscope (including animals),but what human beings have is the Map of Destiny wrtten on our Palms.As I said earlier,give me the birthdates of politicians and I will give you their progress,or lack of it in the near future.Go to for an experience.

  • poorman


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  • Pusu, Belachan &

    I strongly believe my LORD JESUS CHRIST will save Sarawak and all Sarawakian. Black Magic is nothing conpare to God's power. All we (Christianity) need to do is to pray for a better live and…go vote for the right party in next election (STAR is recommended).


  • Sarawak Son

    Well let me say this. This world belongs to the devil and demons. These bomohs can communicate and get their revelations from these jinns, demons or fallen angels. It works and Taib is a testimony of that. However the bomoh warned him to retire within seven years which he has not done so. Whether this late bomoh's prediction will come true we just have to wait and see. May Allah/Jehovah/Yahweh deliver us from this monster soon and send us a good and responsible leader. Amen.

  • semadinadai

    When the bomoh put a spell over the Dayaks to support the BN without question, Taib Mahmud was of course very very thankful and amused. But when the bomoh advised him to call it a day, the bomoh becomes just another trash-can getting in his way. By the way, is he still a muslim? Or what does JAIS have to say about bomohism being practiced openly alongside Islam? What next…soothsayer from Africa? Zimbabwe to be specific!

  • Dooomers

    PEACE to who do Good and DEATH to who slanders. Amen

  • okano

    God is great. Taib will be dealt with by God and the sign of his CM tenureship is near. Moreover his presence in this world is also near as he has enough sin already. Corrupt, engaging bomoh, stealing state wealth, cheating and un islamic. May god put Taib to HELL..Hell

  • http://none observer




  • ThinkBig

    Nah !!

    There's no such thing as bomoh

  • Belian

    Shame on you lot.

    Taib will live a long and productive life, and go the way of his fathers in peace and harmony. This is assured as he has the wealth to command the very best of science & of medicine.

    Taib done what he wanted ALL of his life, that is to be richer than those around him. He has accomplish this to great satisfaction to himself and all those that will stand to benefit.

    The fact that the rest of the world considers he practiced grand larceny, has no bearing on Taib.

    'Cos, He Did It His Way ! He is not embarrassed in the least.

    Nonetheless, the worms will eat his corpse and he will have to answer to the Almighty. God our Father, Christ His Son and the Holy Spirit will speak to Taib with love and kindness to show him "The Way". Just then, Taib will realise that all the loot taken at the height of his overwhelming greed is no less than a puff of pungent smoke, in comparison to what the ultimate reward is from our God Almighty.

    Comprehend ??

  • Hiba

    See this Bomoh not aware of his own Future,what would have been his advises to TAIB? all bullshit or Bullock?

  • james


  • james

    Taib worst nightmare is just begun.

  • http://none observer








  • Orang Ulu

    Most of my people called Taib Mahmud as Taik Manok..he..he…he…

  • bomoh atuk ko

    Tuklah website paling sekda bukti dan fakta paling bodo utk org pecayak. Senang cerita hanya org bodo jak yg pecayak cerita bodo tuk. Mentang2 ustaz ya dah mati, cayak juak ktkorg oh.

    Ktkorg mokkah peliwat menjadi pemimpin ktkorg? Penzina bini org jadi menteri ktkorg? Di Semenanjong semua rakyat dah sedar siapa Anuar Brahim ya.

    Sedarlah org Sarawak. Mun ktkorg rasa kenak tipu, kenak selamak tuk pangkah BN? Dah berapa taun dah? setaun? Bukan adik-kakak.. dah berpuloh-puloh taun. Ktkorg butakkah sik nampak apa yg berlaku? Anwar guna mcm2 utk melaga-lagakan kita rakyat Sarawak yg selamak tuk idup aman damai. Lamak tuk sekda masalah pun. PKR ya ngembak masalah tauk sik ktkorg. Hanya org bodo pecayak dengan PKR tuk. Sekian. Jangan mare, nanti kena jual hahahaha…..

    • logika

      bomoh atuk ko:umpama katak bawah tempurung..mungkin dulu kita boleh diperbodohkan tapi bukan sekarang dgn adanya teknologi yang serba canggih,sekian lama kita di tindas dalam diam dan tanpa kita sedari..tahniah untuk sarawakreport! Kepada rakyat sarawak yang mula sedar akan situasi pemerintah sarawak yang mementingkan diri dan suku sakatnya juga tahniah kerana anda sudah berfikir di luar kotak dan berfikir secara logik! Jangan hanya sedar tetapi juga dengan tindakan yang bijak, tentukan masa depan kita di PRU yang akan datang tidak lama lagi..pastikan juga polling agent dan counting agent yang benar-benar amanah..terima kasih.

  • mensia

    wei bomoh atuk..pahal ko klaka "tuk, tuk"..pelik juak bhs ko oo???? mesti org jaoh2 tok…huh..dasar mental..

  • logika

    bomoh atuk ko: kalau nakkan bukti, apa yang ko bentangkan tu kena ada ada bukti juga..dlm ni siap dengan bukti takkan ko tak nampak???


    Get tis right that by the name of Jesus…every knees shall bow every tongues confess that Jesus is Lord….I rebuke ur demons n jins enforced by taib mahmud in sarawak by him n his bomoh to deceived evry single souls in sarawak to be destroyed by the power of the Holy spirit of God….now…I plead the blood of JESUS over sarawak.i plead d blood of Jesus upon taib and all his family memebers to the 7th generation.AND OVER THE LAND OF SARAWAK….DAT Satan grip via taib be destroyed,,and the people and the land be set free from captivity and bondage……in Jesus name amen..

  • http://googlemalaysia king

    god will choose from among us who rule sarawak.all we have to do is to pray with all our might,soul,mind and body for a chosen one to appear chosen by god to rule with justice,fairness,harmony,peace and goodwill for the people of the land.all nation should bow to him as a ruler,all people will see him in amazement and he will rule with authority from heaven,from God Almighty to save all those who are innocent and please listen to may hear him in the air, in the clouds,in the mountain,in the sea or meet him may not know but he knows you.he is in the world already sent by God,crown by angels,approved by heaven,acknowlegde by satan.all we have to do is to submit ourselves to God and put him first in everything we hear him singing in the air,see him in town wearing his late brothers clothes and wearing black sunglass and never point at people.he is the most humble person on earth.he always pray for everyones wellbeing and the whole nation will be under his optimum ruling and nobody can refute him.what he forbids on earth willbe forbided in heaven and what he permits on earth willbe permitted in may search for him but may not find easily for he may be everywhere.people may mistreat him but he never mistreat people.he is the poorest on earth but the riches in heaven for God put him that way.people may curse but return it with a blessing.blessed be those whom God has chosen to be his children and wow to Gods enemies.he may come to you one day to visit you and you may reject him just because the whole world hate God.Please be informed that the one should rule should be the chosen by God.mmk/kingsongak

  • manok sabong

    N.A.T.O huhh…! U all Talk many3. Apa untung????? Go Up There Face to Face laaaaaaaaa..dats Y when Politic + Agama = &*^%$#$(&^ jadinya. Understooooooooooooooood..jgn tak tau!

  • manok sabong

    Pro & Con ….. I Ask All of U Now……………

    If any 1 Of "U" (yg skoh2 komen lam tok)in his Place….,,,,wat do u do??? Be an ANGEL????? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee laaaaaa. sedang kan kita tok sebagai kuli2 rendah serendahnya pun mauk kantau ckit2..pkey nambah sesuap mkn tek konon. apa lagi mun kenak kantau besar..ngap ajak laaaa. paham? Again i repeat…if Politik + Agama = @#^&*()(%%*#@ la jawap nya. Rojak baah.

    Bunyi mcm semua tauk ktk org tok…udah ya kedak ya juak. Apa power tkt org? mati ke kubur juak tuju…i bukan support sapa2 pun..bait menteri o u all. im just zero.

  • urg pulo

    ni dak asfia binggung eleksen tok, nya dah komfom out, tanah-tanah ya nok disamun nya sapa nok jaga. konon nok nulong rakyat, tok rakyat disamun, wakil apa ya. merik ngan RH tanah alasan nya tek tanah sik diusaha, konon2 tek lak RH ya mengerja ada juak k berik ngan urg kpg konon nya, ujung2 habuk pun sik ada kata urg melaya. kak tok pa agi kah maok di samun sidak penyamun2 ya. urg nok jadi wakil rakyat nawaitu mestilah wajib bantu rakyat tok sik berebut2 nok jadi kaya dgn menyamun. ati miak sekolah tadika agi tauk penyamun2 ambil tanah kpg kata miak. miak kinek tok ow bukan miak dolok. tempat lutong ngan kerak nok bermain pun dah sik ada tempat agi. dolok urg beruma padi berpikul pikul padi oleh, kimek tok abis dipikul babi uma. pa puncanya tanggar jak babi pun gamok. nasib babi ya sik sekolah mun babi ya sekolah nang di ajar suruh nyerang sapa sidak nok menyamun tanah2 di pulo tok. mun urg kpg komplan da sikok induk gago nyebelah sidak jahanam ya. coba udah agi ingat tuhan bah satu ari lak ke tanah juak pat kita. kedong agi sihat walafiat bertaubat lah sebelum sik sempat bertaubat.