DCM’s Girl Got Heart Hospital Contract Worth Millions – Exclusive!

DCM’s Girl Got Heart Hospital Contract Worth Millions – Exclusive!

25 Jan 2011

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What a relief! Taib finally got Najib to agree to a Federal buy-out of his clinic and got him to open it on January 16th

A series of sickening revelations have started to emerge about Kuching’s newly-opened ‘Heart Hospital’ at Kota Samarahan, following investigations by Sarawak Report.

The Unit, which was opened to a fanfare last week by the Malaysian Prime Minister, has turned out to be the most expensive hospital ever built in Malaysia in terms of the cost per bed.

Even so we have discovered patients are already being turned away from life-saving treatment, because the facilities are inadequate to perform heart operations. Much of the equipment is obsolete and only one ward out of the eight floors of the hospital is even staffed.  This is despite the fact that the project should have been completed in 2006 and is therefore six years late!

Shocking incompetence and clear corruption

Moth-balled - most of the hospital is not open and the decade old equipment is still unwrapped!

This state of affairs can only cast the most serious questions over the competence of the Deputy Chief Minister and SUPP leader George Chan. He as the Sarawak minister in charge of health originated and managed the project.

His culpability is further deepened by the fact that he granted his own girlfriend, Christina Foo, the multi-million ringgit contract to purchase most of the hospital’s medical equipment.  She set up a company called Trend-Nics, which a raft of insiders acknowledge was handed the lions share of the equipment contracts!

Ms Foo is acknowledged to be pretty and lively and she was Chan’s open mistress for many years during his marriage to his former wife. However, experts and insiders are adamant that not only was there no need for this middle-man contract, but that Ms Foo was not qualified to be involved in such matters.  Therefore there are now serious questions about how much profit Chan’s mistress made on her major share of the RM 130 million contract that was awarded to buy this equipment, much of which has been now found to be inadequate.

Cover Up?

There appears to have been an attempt to cover up the involvement of Ms Christina Foo in the Trend-Nics affair and to disguise her Directorship of the company. 

Unconvincing cover-up. Trend-Nics is directed by Foo's sister, Florence and another called 'Celine' Foo. It is owned by another company called Chastain

Our investigation of Trend-Nics official documents show that the Directors of the company are in fact registered as two other Ms Foos called Florence and ‘Celine’ .  This camouflage would appear to distance the fetching Christina Foo from the company.  However, the 100% shareholder of Trend-Nics is registered as another company called Chastain Sdn Bhd.  Chastain is 80% owned by Christina Foo herself, who is also registered as a Director at her swanky Kasuma Resort residence.  The other Director, Florence Foo owns 10% and the remaining 10% is owned by ‘Celine’ – who turns out to be represented by Christina Foo herself!

The real owner of Trend-Nics is clearly revealed to be George Chan's girlfriend!

Insiders have told Sarawak Report that they believe Trend-Nics could have made as much as RM40 million from the contract.  If so, Sarawak Report would like to know if any of this enormous sum found its way back to George Chan in order to fuel his inexplicably wealthy life-style and his marriage to an extremely young new wife?

The fetching Ms Foo – but what does Christina know about medical equipment?

Robbing the sick

The people of Kuching are in desperate need of a new hospital.  Millions of taxpayers money have now been spent on this hugely expensive project. However medical insiders have told our Sarawak Report that with Kota Samarahan the Government has fobbed the people off with a useless White Elephant instead of the General Hospital they need.  They say the new hospital, which was first built as a private cancer facility, is simply not designed to be a public hospital.  It does not fufil the needs of the people and it is inaccessible, miles from Kuching with no bus routes.  Not only this, but there have been so many years of delays that much of the life-saving medical equipment in the hospital is now too old and obsolete!

One reliable source familiar with the Malaysian Health Ministry told Sarawak Report:

“The hospital was designed for wealthy, fee-paying patients, with single and double rooms, and it is simply wrong that the federal government has paid so much money for a hospital that is inappropriate for government patients and was never designed for the large numbers of government patients that government hospitals must accept”

The newly re-named Heart Hospital at Kota Samarahan – only one floor is open

Sarawak Report has concluded that the reason Kota Samarahan has been opened as a state hospital is to cover up a case of grand theft and failure by BN Ministers.  The project began in 2003 as a venture to open a private hospital to make money from foreign ‘health tourists’.  Chan’s department sponsored the whole project under the title Sarawak International Medical Centre with a budget of RM473 million.

However, costs soon began to rise, not least because Chan and Taib had agreed to pay the contractors in Euros, which rose from 3.2 ringgit to 4.8 ringgit over the period.  this increased the price to RM 660 million, according to insiders.  Eventually, the private health care company partner in the project pulled out of the deal.  It is believed they lost confidence in the face of corrupt practices and incompetence!

White Elephant fobbed back onto public

The solution for Taib and his ministers has been to pressure the Federal Government into buying the hospital off their hands and to open it as a public hospital!  The wrangling and negotiations have taken years, but Taib is said to have demanded the face-saving support from Najib in advance of the up-coming State Election. 

 Last week the PM obliged by offering what is believed to have been some RM400 million for the hospital – nothing approaching the actual cost to build.

Experts have calculated that the cost to the public of this project now works out at by far the most expensive hospital built in Malaysia in terms of cost per bed.  A normal calculation of costs would be RM1.2 million per working bed.  The original plans for Kota Samarahan was for a 300 bed facility costing RM473 million, which was already expensive at RM1.57 million per bed.

Old timers - Was this about a hospital for the sick or making money out of the people?

However, by the time the project finished 6 years late, the cancer facility had been dropped and so had half the beds, resulting in a 137 bed hospital costing what is estimated to have been at RM 660 million. This works out at RM  4.8 million a bed or nearly five times as much as the average for a public hospital.

Insiders are complaining that if this sort of money had been spent on a proper hospital for the people then they would have had a wonderful health care centre that could have met every medical need – not just a small hospital which only is designed for heart patients!

Useless – The hospital has old equipment and not enough oxygen!

Shockingly, Sarawak Report has now also learnt that even at this enormous price, desperately ill patients are already being turned away from the barely open hospital because it is not equipped to operate on them!   Yet another insider has confided that since the hospital started admitting patients a month ago doctors have been unable to perform surgery because of the cheap and inadequate system that has been installed for providing oxygen.  They told us:

” patients who have be  referred to the heart centre were admitted to the heart centre, then sent back to the referring hospitals because of inadequate oxygen supply. NO HEART SURGERY HAS BEEN POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF THE OXYGEN SHORTAGE” – [hospital insider]

Our investigations have confirmed that  the problems lies with the original contract and construction of the building, which the Sarawak Government failed to monitor.  Despite the enormous cost of the project the state owned Sarawak Specialist Hospital & Medical Centres Sdn Bhd failed to demand a proper Wall Oxygen System to be built in by the contractors.  The contractors were able to argue that they should go for the option of providing oxygen canisters for patients, for a fraction of the cost.  However, doctors have explained that such canisters are totally inadequate to perform heart surgery and do not supply enough oxygen!  It would be now impossible to install a proper oxygen system without tearing down the whole building and starting again!

Waiting - but not much treatment on offer!

A disaster of such magnitude cannot begin to be excused on the part of the so-called health expert YB Dr George Chan, who claims to be medically qualified, or indeed the contractors and consultants who managed the project.  However, it seems the BN government is attempting to do just that, since they have wheeled out top surgeons over the past week to praise the hospital that cannot perform operations!


But the lack of oxygen is not the only problem with the hospital.  All the equipment for the project was ordered nearly ten years ago, in expectation of a completion date in 2006.  We photographed equipment and beds still unwrapped in empty corridors, as only Floor 3 of the building is actually being used.  Because the equipment is now so dated, doctors say it is already too old for modern heart surgery and should long ago have been replaced. 

Further, much of the equipment no longer meet necessary hygiene recommendations, which have been introduced to protect patients from fatal infections.  Even if doctors were to try to use such equipment they are clearly concerned that the whole range of instruments and scanners and equipment may not be functioning correctly since they have laid in mothballs for so many years!

These and numerous further questions surrounding the equipment and expenditure at Kota Samarahan Heart Hospital have been hidden by ministers.  With so little public accountability and no scrutiny of the contracts and expenditures there are huge question-marks over where the money has actually gone and what proportion went in profit to middle-men like George Chan’s own mistress.

Hasty re-branding - the old sign for the original private hospital the Sarawak International Medical Centre has been shabbily covered up with a new banner advertising a public 'Heart Hospital' instead!

Insiders on the project have told Sarawak Report that they quarrelled with Ms Foo over proposals to purchase cheap beds and label them as expensive cardiac beds – the price difference between the two brands was RM2,400 instead of RM48,000!   One insider even says he was summoned by Sulaiman Taib, son of the Chief Minister and husband of George Chan’s daughter Anisa to explain why he was being ‘difficult’.  Sulaiman allegedly threatened “we can get rid of you immediately” – even though he had no official responsibility for the project.

The full extent of this scandal is still under investigation.  However, it is abundantly clear that the sick people of Sarawak have been robbed and cheated of the proper medical treatment that they have paid this BN Government to provide. 

On his visit to Sarawak last week , therefore, the Prime Minister first opened a new hospital in Belaga that has no doctors.  He then opened a new Heart Hospital in Kuching where the doctors cannot perform operations on their patients!  What kind of record is that?

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  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    ABUSE of power.Is she the singing accountant? She has NO experience in medical thing but why she was given the damned thing to do for love and money from his sugar daddy.

    Sarawak YBs are just sugar daddies.

    She made RM40 million and tax at 30% i.e RM12 million.LHDN did Trend "cheeky" pay their tax? If not she can be charged for Tax evasion.She knows it as she is an accountant by profession.Part-time guitar playing and singing..ha ah ha.Maybe her sugar daddy protects her from tax evasion and clearly interfering with justice.What say you all fellow brothers and sisters?

    • http://yahoo angryrakyat

      We are the ones paying for the YB sugar dadies' mistresses!

    • GEORGE


    • Davy Lock

      Don't waste your time this is democratic country not Russia, Myanma or Iran or Iraq. Opportunity is available for every citizen even the ex communist terrorists can be million aire!!! So go do your part and make the millions if you can. Malaysia bolih. Ting, Tiang, Wee they all make million by making friends with the right people. What qualification do they have? For your info the only say "Yes Sir".

    • http://nil sari tadeng

      let this time around get the legal thief booted out n pray SPRM will do their job without faviour n fear

    • aki

      Tis lady, Ms Foo s lucky to hv a sugar daddy! Some people hv an influential sugar brother or father or cousin who can offer them lucrative contracts n large tracts of land plus huge sums of money to dev them. How lucky! They r rich n we r x. I wish I m that lucky. If u belong to the Thief Minister's clan u can count urslf lucky in that lucky group. U wud hv properties all over the world like them. Wud u complain? U x hv to work the rest of ur life.

      We ordinary folks complain cos we r x that lucky. We c our land being robbed of its resources n the money derived in the state siphoned away overseas. We c huge contracts awarded to a few lucky individuals. We c in awe. We r x as smart as they r. We think its good to b straight n b honest. We condemn those who follow a straight road but in this world no road s made straight. Smart guys think in crooked ways. Taib, Chan, Jabu and their cronies r smart people. They r smart politicians, except Chan who seems to hv lost hs sting after getting a new wife. Perhaps all for the better because he wud hv more time for her. Kudos to them!

      Why do we complain? We may hv felt cheated because of gross injustice done to us n our country. But talk about justice, s there true justice anywhere? Really look around u where do u c justice. Yes, there r but only for those who hv absolute power. And that power comes from politics if u know how to manupulate n twist facts and figures at ur whim and fancy. If u hv it u can even sell a cheap pen at RM1,000,000.00 n ur buyer s willing to pay for it.

  • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

    Georgie,your trophy girlfriend is handling the project who has nil or no knowledge on medical equipments at all.

    Why are the knowledge or expertise from SGH or IJN are not consulted? Is she scared that she will lose on her earnings?

    Another 'shit' white elephant project by the Sarawak clowns.Abuse of power,cronyism and clanish style of politics.

    Where are you:


    2,Income Tax dept(LHDN)

    3.Money laundering.(Money earned through illegal means)

    We must have third party opinion on the equipments especially beds. No oxygen again?POOR planning,either too stupid or too GREEDY to make money.

    • Geram Aku.

      Well done SR. This is pure greed + money politic + power = Satan.

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  • http://yahoo classmate


    The series of corruption scandals exposed are just bottomless!

    Schoolmates George and Taib, you may have a taste for beautiful women and like to flaunt them.

    However, both of you have sunk even lower this time as far a corruption goes! Making money by putting sick people's lives at risk with an out of date cardiac hospital! Shame!

    So George you still want "ex-mistress'" heart or is it still a current heart to heart affair???

    How would your new wife feel about this piece of chicanery! Pain in the heart?

    Which woman's heart are you pumping for?

    Will there be a divorce coming up soon when the crockery has stopped flying around your happy home?

    You politicians are shameless and not worth a dog's fart!

    Still misusing your positions to plunder the people's wealth despite all the relevations by Sarawak Report- you still don't care a damn.

    If your gang built and equip a new hospital with outdated equipment, it sounds like second hand goods obtained for nothing from somewhere. That means a lot of good money disappeared somewhere!

    Now we have a hospital that cannot be used for the purpose built and another clinic without doctors. Is this for the election? Good one!

    If you calculate $48K minus $2400 per bed X 300 beds equals profit of $13,680,000.00!

    But take heed your pillaging days are numbered!

    • jerico

      Sarawak is truly blesssed. we have got 2 old men whose boys still can swim real fast!!!!!

  • Sarawak Son

    People of Sarawak are you still slumbering away while these crooked con men rob the living daylights out of you? A vote for BN means YES you want the con men to screw you like slaves and die like one with no proper health care for you.

  • najibrazak

    I do think Taib might have warned me about this. I suppose that despite all my obligations to him,electoral and otherwise,he thought I might have objected to such open robbery of government money and a series of criminal actions by him and his stooge deputy Chan. We all have young mistresses(don't we?) though some of us are or were more discreet about showing them off.I mean all we political leaders have them. I believe they are too expensive for the common people who have to earn their living, rather than steal it from the people. Well,well. I will just have to be more careful with Taib. If he will let me.

    • jerico

      what the heck lah!!!! u want me to throw stones towards my brothers????

      Of coz i deserve if i m better then the 2 old men. Christine is not bad though…hehe

    • jerico

      of coz the grassroot people suffer. siapa tidak suffer? tell me.

      can u sell american pie like christine meh!!!!

  • oA


    white hair must have thought that native Sarawakians can rely on spiritual healers rather than advance medicines – so why not just spend away money like there is no tomorrow.


  • Rude

    Tunisia… Egypt… Sarawak… Your turn comes soon you worthless blood sucking parasites…

  • ibat

    When they were planning another 'rob Sarawak' project 10 years ago, they had it all planned. They thought they could not be caught. But they did not foresee the birth of wikileak and our own SARAWAK REPORT! Now George (and Taib) are caught with their pants down! or have they always had their pants down! hehehe (sorry, I know rm600 million heart hospital where no surgery can be performed is no laughing matter)

  • Me only

    What happen to the main con Sesco Engineering Sdn Bhd, how much did CT. Phang make, How much is the kickback to George Chan, Adesign Architect Sdn Bhd. George Chan’s caddy Brain Chiang and Arthur Lee, How much is the kickback to George Chan?And Also KTS..

    Can MACC please access to these company account.millions of ringgit into their account did they pay their tax. and how much go back to George Chan.

    • jerico

      the sdn bhd pay so little corporate tax. got tax incentive boh!!!! they are doing pioneer project boh!!!! u think u and i can do meh????

      profit after tax declare as single tier dividend to sharholders lah!!! not believe, ask Christine loh!!!!

      • jerico

        christine said:"hey! why out of sudden i have so many enquiries on single tier dividend which need not to be declare in Form B har!!!!"

        what the heck lah!!! american pie!!! oppppppsssssssssssssss

    • Insider

      Miss Foo obviously need something from Uncle Chan before parting with him, else how is she going to pay and maintain the big bungalow at Kasuma Resort?

      Uncle Chan will be getting married soon. Poor Miss Foo, she is going to miss him very much.

      For CT Phang, I hope he can sleep well at night. I bet he doesnt, thats why he lost so much weight nowadays and become "leng chai". Maybe he want to follow Uncle Chan's step to find more mistress outside. Thats why he has to keep fit.


    • insider

      You are right to ask about the credibility of all these contractors ,sub contractors and architects and lawyer professional involved in the SIMC project. The boss would not have been able to pull off such a project without payment certification by a team of professionals especially from the architect Brian of Adesign , who has totally no experience and credibility at all in undertaking such a "over-priced" and "under-built " specialist hospital . Even the most expensive specialist hospital in KL is built at RM1.2 m per bed and SIMC is definitely many times overpriced ! Furthermore, the SIMC is built with state government islamic loan with financial institute and the interest amount is not disclosed and not yet accounted for in the construction cost. The state government is paying hefty interest cost and the total bill to the people of Sarawak is a hefty sum of over RM 500 million ! Check it out with the state financial secretary . You have the right to know how our money is spent !

  • confused public

    i duno what to say anymore…..this is nonsense…thats MY MONEYYYYYYYYYYY u mother fckures…my money….

  • Bintulu

    I was wonder, after all these, the iban so called dayak, still voting for taib mahmud. How to change their mind.. their mentality. I'm sick of it. There is nothing we can do but at least, dont vote for BN. Trust me, BN will win again next election..

  • danny

    Just like in Singapore, Sarawakians deserve the (state) government that they vote in. If enough is truly 'enough', will this result in a voters' backlash in Sarawak soon?

  • http://sarawakreprt sen gupta

    first they loot the people thru inflated projects and then they keep mistress and then the mistress make uncouth money and their children make money and buy property abroad.what is the director of health services sarawak doinng about this.taib is known for these projects and now comes george chatn. what are the doctors doing about this sarawak?the mma representative for sarawak john chiew shouls be responsible in issuing a statement regarding this hospital

  • Foreign Women Admire

    She IS a handsome woman …. I grant you that! Her physical assets have definitely bode her very very well…. with a little "how-to" side tuition from master-crook himself!!

  • Bau Mari

    Apa maok cakap lagi..padan muka semua Sarawakian yang masih bodoh maok kasi undi dia,kasi undi dia lagi la supaya sarawakian masih miskin lagi 100 tahun akan datang..pikir la pakai otak yang ada tu..

    • Crazy Horse

      you must be EXTREMELY STUPID and IDIOTIC to generalise. Why don't you go DIE stupid ASSHOLE

  • pen4

    Congratulation SR RESEARCHERS AND STAFFS. You supply us with all these findings and then in next GE we will drag BN flag down.

  • Iban Abroad


    I am so sick to see this BN gomen robe the poor to enrich them self.

    Even for their sex life, the people have to pay.

    George Chan use taxpayer money to pay for his sex life fucking with his mistress Christina Foo.

    • jerico

      what more we got to pick up the tissue paper on the floor horrrrrr!!!! and standby new tissue paper at the bedside hor!!!

  • Voter

    Florence and Celine are both older sisters to Christina Foo. Celine is a not an alias of Christina.

    This is daylight robbery and so this is why Georgie means when he comes out in the media to say that the Chinese should not consider themselves marginalised because they have equal opportunities – to steal from the people!

    The people are maginalised regardless of race when politicians and their spouses, mistresses and girlfriends – ex or otherwise – act so greedily!

    Don't count on the people's votes.

  • http://na EGreene.

    Is not CF the mother of George's son .

    • jerico

      errrr!!! then who father georgia's son???? what the heck lah!!! this is super genetic re-egineering lah!!!!

      no wonder the new hospital is not built for surgery!!!!!

  • Strategist

    This BN government is full of shit. When will their hanky panky and mumbo jumbo ever end? I guess there is more shit to come out as each and every day passes by? You bet SR will go on digging up more.

    Yes,it is truly a star hospital built especially for medical tourism. Even with the heart specialist centre moved from the General hospital to here, this hospital is under utilised with over capacity. The cardiac unit only occupies a fraction of the whole building. Two floors,[not one] are occupied and staffed, namely level 3 used as a coronary care unit, cardiac intensive care unit and level 4 as a general cardiac ward.

    The operation theatre on level 3 is hardly operating.

    The rooms in these two floors are first class of 5-star state of the art standard.

    In fact, though, you don't need such a 5-star oversized building to house the Sarawak special heart centre. It is such a waste of public fund for nothing.

  • another you

    most sarawakian or any other registered voters in malaysia are afraid to vote off BN candidates..they think that if they voted against the gomen, they fear that their children, grandchildren might not get the privileges of i.e,get a job in the gomen sector, does not receive education from public schools or ipta's..this is because the fear that had been instilled within their mind. they say the gomen can trace their votes through the E.C.. i've heard a political analyst once said, 'yes, the gomen can trace your vote and know who voted against them. but then again, who are the hell are you for them to care about unless you are a VIP. maybe they will do something bout it.'

    the characteristics of a free and fair elections (the people's rules)

    1) an election must be held regularly. i.e, in m'sia once every 5 years.

    2) an election must provide electorate a meaningful choice between policies and candidates of election, and to nominate the candidates. e.g, BN and PR which consist of multiple political parties.

    3) candidates must have equal opportunities to campaign. no restriction for each candidates to campaign. e.g, of course for BN candidates this would not be a problem. but the opposition??

    4) all adult citizens must have an equal opportunity to vote.

    5) voters must be able to vote without fear and coercion. e.g, from what i have said on above topic.

    6) votes must be counted accurately. e.g, there's just to many cases happen whereby a additional vote casting box appeared mysteriously if a BN candidate is about to lose. hence, the opposition will absolutely loose.

    do the malaysian G.E through out the years after independence met some of the requirements for a democratic election stated??

  • karma believer


  • Ayam Jantan

    It's sickening!This old story had been the talk of the town eversince the Launching of the site for this not so new hospital many years ago. Why bring up the matters only now. Our CM didn't said anything, DCM keeps quite, the people does not know,all the YBs including the opposition are not aware of what is the catch for this not so new hospitals, only George Chang,Christina & kan Tau Tant ( consultant) . CM is a wise man, he knew but close one eye and give chance lah. dorimi ha …

  • SC Lee

    Christina Foo is a board member of Australian Society of Certified Practicising Accountants. Go CPA Australia, you will find the same photo there. She is also the Vice-President of Malaysian Institute of Accountnts.

    I think the Australians should know about this! So should all the accountants in Malaysia!

    What are the two professional accounting bodies going to do about it?

    • Informa Chan

      I will volunteer to inform The CPA Australia and Malaysian Institute of Accountants on the matter. Let's see how these two professional bodies can accomodate a "MISTRESS" in their management bodies..WHAT A SHAME!!!


    some caunt are smart…double entry…or single entry….sarawakians are either jealous of georgie n taib….they got d cash n hav d pussies…the rest hav bintulu belacan….comes election…its erection…nothing is done…all talk…democracy is boleh beli punya kalau banyak lui….hamih tu etang bei ie…got am pau lah…close one eye…i wil see them there….baru bian can dream on….they got cash….kita ada apa///cakap pun tak guna….jadi palestinians later throw stones…or get stone….

    • najibrazak

      Try again, when you are sober

    • thiefminister1

      I love your comments.

      But it belongs to that of a loser mindset.

      Let's be cazy and do what it takes to change our small world.

      If not, my uncle Thief Minister will think Sarawakians are all stupid to continue voting for BN.

  • Jumanjee

    That is why Prof Dr Sim Kui Hian had been nominated for the coming state election cos he cannot do anything at this new hospital…This is how the BN get our money, but god is watching. Take Sulaiman as an example he is on waiting list now after the uncle, the nephew, the mother then him wonder who is next in the list….

  • SickofBN

    And to think that we have done business with this XXXXXXXX company!!! Ptui!!!!! CF, Georgie boy and all other corrupt politicians will have to answer to their maker on their day of reckoning

  • wikileaks

    why this webpage is not been send to wikileaks? im sure it will expose well. let not just the malaysian know,let the whole world know of the corruption. it will be in the news

  • effarr

    how the hell is it supposed to be 6 years late when it's only the third week of 2011, and expected completion was sometime in 2006? either the author of this article is math fail, or sensationalism fail. i hate the sarawak rajah as much as anyone else but please be careful with what you write la

  • Vigilante

    Welcome to 2011. Let's get started by having a relaxed mind, a peaceful soul, a joyful spirit, a healthy body and a strong will with a heart full of love for all.

    As 2011 blossoms, may the journey of our lives and the future generations be blessed with new opportunities,hopes and brighter lights ahead.

    Let's give some thoughts to this article below and hopefully the new as well as the old generations can decide our new Government for the country when the state election comes around in March/April/May/June. Nobody can decide the future for us except ourselves.


    That is what happened to Taiwan. After kicking out the KMT and realising that the DPP is even worse than the one they replaced, the Taiwanese people decided to give the KMT another chance. True enough after eight years in political wilderness, the KMT re-invented themselves where they are brought back down to earth and engage the population with their more people-friendly policies.

    By MalaysiaFirst (Taiwan)

    The next general election, when called, is going to be a watershed election and may turn a new page in Malaysia’s history. It is now or never and the people have to decide whether they want to remain status quo

    Already we have seen the bickering among the so-called coalition-of-willing. Do we trust they will govern up to our expectations? That is the sixty-four thousand dollar question.

    Changing of the guard naturally comes with high expectations, but at the same time, the new guards too marvel at the sudden power that is bestowed on them. What guarantee do we have that our new guardians will not be entrapped in the same failings as the administration they seek to replace?

    Considering that we already have fifty-three years of the same recipes, from the same kitchen, it might not be a bad idea after all to see a change of chefs. Yes there are risks but heck, if there are no changes, will there ever be any changes at all.

    In Malaysia, I do not believe only the current government has capable politicians.

    Winning an election is one thing but governing is a totally different ball game altogether. We may want to take a leaf from Taiwan.

    After governing Taiwan since 1949, the Nationalist Party Kuomintang (KMT) ceded power to the independence-leaning Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the 2000 Presidential Election. The DPP swept into sudden power no thanks to the split among the ranks-and-files in the KMT but at the same time the Taiwanese were also fed up with their current government which had grown too arrogant, corrupt and out-of-touch with the common people. So the time was right to have a change of guard after fifty-one years which saw the deterioration of governance towards the tail-end of KMT rule.

    As I mentioned, with this change, comes high expectations. The DPP came into power campaigning on one key platform, to rid KMT of corrupt rule. We now know the rest of the story; the new power became even more corrupt than the old power. So, after being in the wilderness for so long, when one comes to power, one could not simply resist the taste, not to mention the temptation of power. The Taiwanese people learned their lesson and elected the KMT back to power in 2008 with a landslide victory.

    And if you think this is unique to Taiwan when there is a change of government, similarly in Japan it was no better when the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) fell to the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ). Not only that, in just five short years, between the LDP and DPJ, Japan already has a change of six prime ministers and what followed is their roving door policies as termed by the media.

    Till today, Japan is still stuck in their economic doldrums. And our nearest neighbour Indonesia had high expectations too when President Yudhoyono took over from Golkar but his new administration was also beset with corruption practices and he was personally implicated but no charges could be proven.

    Still, I take my hat off to these countries whose citizens have the guts to make the change. Do you think Malaysian voters have what it takes to make the change? Yes and no. Yes for the educated and global-minded urbanites and no for the forever-comfort-zone rural population. The kampung people live and swear by the good patronage of the current


    The kampung folks are not interested in the big picture. Globalisation may be a buzz word for the young and mobile but is alien to the rural folks. The young generation may not live without internet access but the kampung folks get by with real-time gossip among themselves. The current government is too entrenched at the grassroots level of every kampung. So what if the urban elites are internet-savvy and are exposing the current governments’ wrong-doings in cyberspace, what counts is the number of kampung folks who are continuously latched and ‘trained’ to vote the current administration.

    Needless to say, our pakciks, makciks, apeks, ah-sohs, uncles and aunties outnumber the ultra-modern and cyber-surfing young Turks.

    Come GE13, will Malaysia wake up to a new dawn? Yes, momentum may be building in the opposition camps. And by the way, momentum is mass multiplied by velocity. I think we have the velocity with expose after expose daily in the cyber-space on the current administrations’ excesses.

    Unfortunately there is no mass because the audience, that is, potential voters, are confined to a small part of the society and not far-reaching enough that would turn the tide to the opposition camps. The battle ground is not in the cities but in kampungs and villages.

    As in the case of Taiwan, Japan and Indonesia, it serves as a wake-up call to the current government not to take the people for granted (or should I say for a ride).

    I also believe there is no such thing as a perfect government. Whichever political parties that comes into power, we will eventually see abuses of power and corruption and all the ills of a governing party.

    If the alternative coalition professes that they could govern better than the current slate of leaders, I am willing take a ride with them. If they think there are cleaner than the current politicians, I stand to be proven wrong. If they think they can make Malaysia a more just society, I stand to be convinced.

    After kicking out the KMT and realising that the DPP is even worse that the one they replaced, the Taiwanese people decided to give the KMT another chance. True enough after eight years in

    political wilderness, the KMT re-invented themselves where they are brought back down to earth and engage the population with their more people-friendly policies.

    I wish our time will come too where we send the current government into reflection mode with the hope they too will re-invent themselves and serve the common rakyat, not to line their pockets with immoral wealth.

    I believe we can write a new chapter in Malaysian history when the next general election is called. It is not called a watershed election for nothing.

    This is the best opportunity that we have. The dawn of a new era is before us and we must convert this opportunity into a reality. With you and the rest of you who are reading and sharing this, together we can make history. Do it now!!


  • mistress 2

    Let's spare the life of Christina Foo. With George Chan having a new wife, is she still continuing her role as a mistress?

    • JOhn Smith

      Does Leopards change thier stripes? Both deserves to be procecuted for this corrupted ways.

    • Lt

      Oh…yes. A mistress will always a mistress, can be someone else mistress. Who knows can be another YB. Just like the new wife of Dr. C, previously also with some other BIG FISH, where she gets her Datukship and of cause $$$$. Not bad ya???

  • cigku

    Brian Chien of A-Design Architects Kuching also played a role

  • cigku

    I believe the two names of alias Christina Constance Foo cannot be the same person because the birth dates and IC numbers are different

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  • Enlightened

    You get what you elect. Sarawakians have only themselves to blame.


    The two main contractors of SIMC are SESCO Engineering and Vamed Engineering. SESCO Engineering is responsible for the building work including building services. Medical gas is part of building services under SESCO Engineering package. Vamed Engineering is providing all medical and IT equipment. These included linear accelerator for cancer treatment, imaging equipment such as X-Ray, CT and MRI. The hospital is designed to provide treatment for heart, kidney and cancer.

    SESCO Engineering is a young company with minimal capital initially building SESCO substation. The major shareholder is SESCO but the minority shareholders which make the decision and siphoned out the money are SUPP linked people like Lee KS and Phang CT. They are proxy for George Chan.

    The engagement for SESCO Engineering as main building contractor is the first mistake. SESCO engineering beside building few slabs for substation has no experience even to build a double storey terrace house. To make matter worst, the Project Manager engaged has no previous building experience. The project engineer who run the show is also an air conditioning engineer.

    SESCO Engineering sub contracted the building work to a reputatable builder. The ten others M&E packages are awarded to either vendors who are willing to finance the project or CT Phang linked companies who got the contract for three times market price.

    The first recipe of failure is the main building contractor failed to understand, has no experience and under estimated the complication of coordinating architectural, civil structural and mechanical and electrical building services. For example, to build a toilet on the ground floors, effort is required betweens engineers, architect and different trades in order that underground pipes are laid in the correct setting up so that during brick wall erection, the above ground pipes are concealed inside the brick wall. The same principle also apply for in ceiling coordination where all building services has to be contained inside the limited ceiling spaces. The drawings generated by engineering consultants and architect are uncoordinated. This is the industrial standard in Malaysia. Engineering consultants are not normally paid for coordination and the main contractor will undertake the responsibility to produce coordination drawings. This is not a problem for an established contractor but for SESCO Engineering, it is a steep learning curve. Can you learn while the work is in progress? Will your experience buiding sub contractor who was not paid the coordination fee wait for you?

    The second recipe for failure is the rivalry between Seseco Engineering and Vamed Engineering. The two main contractor never get alone and conflicts were often brought to George Chan to resolve. If SESCO Engineering has diffculty handling coordination of building services under his own contract, do you think it has the ability to handle coordination of building, building services with medical equipment which is on a higher skill level? One classic example is in the installation of x-ray, I beam is required to be installed inside the ceiling space to support the equipment. It requires coordination with air conditioning ducting, light fitting, ceiling frame installtion and anchor bolts inside the building structure. A detailed coordination drawings is required for the trades to carry out the installation.

    Finally, SESCO Engineering can always ask its consultants to help. The problems are SESCO Engineering is arrogant and bossy towards its consultants despite its lack of experience and knowledge in building work. The advices from consultants are often ignored until the hit the nails. In addition, as a turnkey contractor who is boss for consultants, they have the power to change the design and change the vendors which favoured them.

    The above have sum up while the project which shall be completed in July 2006 only finished in January, 2010.

    Last but not the least, Normah Medical Centre which was supposed to run the Medical Centre also "cabut" half way.

    George Chan and his accomplish CT Phang have a lot of questions to answer.

    • Insider

      I bet you must be working in SESCO Engineering or KTA Sarawak? hahaha.

      Thanks for the technical information.

      • http://none Watch Dog says…






        I did not know or hear any dayaks make money from this.This is your country and why are you being marginalised?

        KTA- Another Sarawak Consultant ops.ops..KANTAUTON" Yes,true,Kantauton.

  • landkrose

    This new hospital is truly heart-breaking.

  • 2-Ass Medi-K

    Imagine how Prof. Sim boosted of turning down a A$ 2 Mil. yearly contract down under. Now, imagine the world class cardiologist crying like a baby for a BN ticket to DUNland ? How much ( officially i.e. ) does our yes-man earn? You gotta be kidding, dude. SUPPerb imagination.

    Right from day 1, the bosses of KTA Sarawak watch helplessly as this Tomboy Celine cream her pussy on the project. The rest is history and open secret. Question : Is the MACC going to probe her role as a company director on one hand, while her employer does all the M&E consulting work with her side by side ?

    God bless the needy & helpless ! Amen.

  • Robert Nightingale

    Why should she not be qualified? She's an accountant who formerly headed the Malaysian chapter of the Australian CPA. She is currently the Deputy President of the MIA …. and is bent on becoming its next President come what may!

    • SC Lee

      By the way Christina Foo now sits on the global board of the Australian Certified Practicising Accountants. She is going to be their next global President.

      At the recent World Congress of Accountants held in KL and attended by over 6000 delegates from all over the worl, Christina Foo was chairing session on accountability, governance, etc…

      CPA Australia has been active via Christina Foo in getting support from the Malaysian government and the accounting profession. CPA Australia has been conferring free life memberships on many powerful businessmen, e.g Azman Hashim and the Accountant-General. It has also offered freebies here and there.

      Just go to cpaaustralia.com.au, you will see Christina Foo among the names of directors(About us/our organisation/our directors):

      Members of the CPA Australia Board of Directors are:

      * Low Weng Keong FCPA, president

      * John Cahill FCPA, deputy president

      * Penny Egan FCPA, deputy president

      * Bruce Trebilcock FCPA, director

      * Christina Foo FCPA, director

      * Graeme Wade FCPA, director

      * Jim Dickson FCPA, director

      * Kerry Ryan, director

      * Mark Grey, director

      * Peter Dowling AM FCPA, director

      * Richard Petty FCPA, director

      * Simon Bird FCPA, director

  • Sick n Tired

    My brother-in-law was referred to this hospital by Kuching GH. The scheduled heart bypass surgery was postponed from Jan this year to March then July.

    Truly shocking to see this piece of news. Kuching people alway have good faith in public medical service compared to west Malaysians (mind you, as a west Malaysian myself, we west Malaysians have very little faith in public hospitals).

    I really don't know how should I advise my brother-in-law now? Spend $40K to have it done in a private hospital?

    My god! Hell lots of money….

  • normah

    ABOUT :- Normah Medical Specialist Centre (NMSC) is a healthcare centre in Borneo. The Company is registered under Sarawak Medical Centre Sdn Bhd (119669-X). It is wholly owned by SFS Inc. an incorporated body under the Sarawak State Government. It was established in 1988 as a 130-bed acute medical and surgical, not-for-profit medical facility, aimed at reducing the large gap in the standards of healthcare found then in Sarawak vis-à-vis those in developed countries. Served by a dedicated team of UK and American board certified physicians and well-trained nurses, NMSC is today highly regarded and trusted for its personalized care, quality standards and treatment outcomes.

    Since 1997, NMSC has continuously received consultative assistance from the renowned Mayo Clinic, USA to strengthen its ability to provide reliable, evidence-based medicine. Many patients find NMSC’s doctor-led governance and team-approach to healthcare highly reassuring, knowing that their doctors do not work alone but within a system, thereby ensuring that their best interests as a patient always come first.

    In 2005, the Malaysian Society for Quality in Health accredited NMSC with full certification, making it the private hospital in Borneo to be so honored. NMSC has now embarked on the journey to further improve all facets of its comprehensive range of services along the Joint Commissioning International standards. This means that patients seeking treatment in NMSC will receive the same level of care and treatment protocols as their counter parts in the developed countries.

    NMSC has continued to lead in patient care and treatment outcomes within the State. By 2007, its sister facility, the Sarawak International Medical Centre will open. This new facility will be a world class medical centre for the treatment and care of cancer, kidney and heart diseases. Together, NMSC and SIMC aim to become the destination of choice for medical care in the region.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Non-profit?? You make me laugh Normah.How do you pay your staff?? Do you know who control Normah? You are so naive that it makes me sick.You do not know your subject,please do your research.

      DO NOT lie or is it just for the sake of posting?

      The money comes from the tax payers.Hospital cannot built itself just like that.What are you trying to tell us?

      Grow up girl/man.May GOD bless you.

  • Hii Chang Toang

    I have been most puzzled by the intrigues of the setting up of the hospital or the transformation subsequently from State to Federal ownership so on and so forth. Now I just begin to know what really has taken place. Our Sarawak is a most BOLEH one with a bankrupt as advisor of a giant contractor company carrying out huge contracts without bothering to tender etc…….

  • lanwm

    Disgusted! people of Sarawak if you cont to vote for these type of people, then i dont know what else to say

  • Voter

    Make the difference this election – choose the ones to wipe the corrupt out of our community!

    When we know all this hanky panky and leave them in office, we have only ourselves to blame.

  • Tiarama

    Don't worry, George Chan will be out in the next election. The Chinese will kick him out for sure.

  • http://Hotmail Suararakyat


    If George or his family have to end up at the new hospital it would be his "poying" or "kama".

  • http://google dohnyam


    padan muka olang swk, siapa suluh undi itu dacing………….. hak undi tangan layat o….. jadi apa maok kasi undi sama dacing lo…. pikir butol ini next election lo,

  • Angry Bird

    What is the point of being angry now? The only way we can improve the lives of our future generation is to show our dissatisfaction through the next State and General Election. After that change all the heads of MACC, Judiciary and State Officers before we start investigations on all these practices. Then one by one we catch them and get the Rakyat's monies back from overseas. How else do you think that our Malaysia is ranked no 5 in the world for the outflow of illicit funds? These people are all preparing for the day to run away.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Bro,at this time he is too busy with the "ERECTION" and not election.As for he election,the budget has been fixed and the tentative date too which will predicted in March but there again if there are slow ERECTION,then election will have to wait.

  • Orang Sarawak

    Well why complain when vote for the dacing …… This time please think before you vote in the coming state and federal election

  • manofborneo

    The writer of this so-called article should spend more time with actual investigative reporting than gutter press gossip like this. I would normally ignore such rubbish reporting but this time I'm moved to respond.

    Access to any real insider will yield actual facts instead of the outright lies that he tries to pass off as 'facts'. They can't even be bothered to check who 'Celine' really is!

    Makes you wonder how much of the rest of this website has actual basis or is just made-up opposition delusions.


    First of all, Ms Foo did not supply any beds. That package went to Maycare and Borneo Indah. So all the outright slander that was written about Ms Foo and Sulaiman etc etc etc is just outright rubbish. Don't believe me? The beds are Paramount and Hill-Rom, neither of which are supplied by Trendnics.

    Second, the hospital has a central oxygen gas supply as with all other required medical gases, not cannisters (actually they are called 'tanks'). Don't believe me? Go see the left side of the site, central plant block. Really tall white cylinder with a fence around it and warning signs? That's the CENTRAL OXYGEN SUPPLY TANK!

    Third, operations have already been carried out at the hospital, so this articles' allegations are again a whole lot of hooey..

    Fourth, the Contract Price is RM 370 million and not RM 473 million. This is also easily verifiable wih any actual insider.

    Fifth, the hospital has 200 'beds' (apparently MOH counts treatment couches as 'beds' as well) not 137 beds the article states. This is also easily verifiable wih any actual insider.

    Sixth, the hospital has not one, but THREE specialties: Heart, Cancer and Kidneys; Heart has kicked off and the rest will start up shortly. This is also easily verifiable wih any actual insider.

    Seventh, so-called 'experts' who say this is the most expensive hospital ever built in Malaysia in terms of cost per bed don't have a clue what they are talking about, let alone any 'expertise'. Let me educate you: This is a specialist centre so many patients will come in for consultation or treatment and leave on their own without having to stay as in-patients. Therefore, fewer beds but more equipment.

    And so on and so on.

    Get the picture yet?

    BTW I challenge the writers to prove the above wrong. The loser has to stand and wear a sign that says 'I am a Lying Sack Of S–t" at Wisma Bapa for two days!

    • http://none Skuh Babeh Rahun say

      So you are defending your 'mum',saying she did not take anything?

      Well done,SR will never get things done without an insider.

      Please grow up,there is no need for anger as ANGER does NOT solve anything bro.You are too naive or too protective as she is your mum,am I right??

      Calm down and May GOD bless you.

  • manofborneo

    In addition, the claim that Ms Foo got the "major share of the RM 130 million contract that was awarded to buy this equipment" is also incorrect.

    As stated by EXILE earlier, Vamed Engineering is the Turnkey Medical Equipment Contractor and you can be assured that Ms Foo got no such thing.

    • Orang Sarawak

      Hi are you saying Ms Foo nothing to do with the hospital ? No contact at all ?

  • Longman

    Frankly speaking, I do not give a fuck about politic during my past 20 years since I mature enough to make decision. Then it catch my glance and later into deep thought.

    I am puzzled why those BN members manage to command in the country long enough although they are notorious known as corrupted leaders.

    I cry for this as our country brothers and sisters from all walks are ignored and yet our government always paint "great" pictures showing that we are so wonderful and encourage BN members explain to public how good is under BN management. MCA, Gerakan and MIC knows well about corrupted UMNO but they know they can't do anything but to protect their own interest in gaining easy wealth and vanity reputation, they sell their community and those grass roots members believe their respective leaders and parties are SAVIOUR to Malaysia.

    AFTER 50 years, I only know those idiots politician family possess wealth which resulted from their SMART business strategy could let their few generations spend lavishly and ball keeps rolling when those generations walk into politic era by practice the same strategy which is inherited from their fathers like Najid, Hissam, Liong Sik's son etc.

    Then Malaysia wealth resources again will be vanished again.

  • manofborneo

    Trendnics represents the Phillips brand (among a few others) and won their packages in an [gasp!] actual tender. Their pricing was comparable with equipment supplied by other similar brands. HA! Now that was a little-known fact, was it?

    An 'insider' tells me that of the nearly 50 major packages tendered out to invited tenderers, Trendnics participated or won less than the number of fingers you have on one hand.

    So is the Sarawak Report going to do anything about the grossly untruthful inaccuracies posted so far or are they going to actually post something FACTUAL?

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Maybe you are just a thumb sucking boy who cannot understand English. Did you read or see the shareholders above?

      Never mind we know that you are defending your 'mum'.It's alright.you go ahead and defend her but the truth is out.

      May GOD bless you thumb sucking fellow.

      • Tru

        Hi Watch Dog.

        Sometimes when people post different opinion or facts, i really hope you and other 'blog warriors' ( which i call them with much respect) can reply with a bit of

        decency and respect. Doesnt matter if people do appear 'ignorant' or incorrect according to your judgement. You can counter with your argument and facts as a rebut and debate about it without calling names and labelling people with degrading words.

        I hope you and the rest out there can be a voice of reason, truth and respect that we can turn to and believe.

  • Orang Sarawak

    My question is very simple : Did Ms Foo or her relatives received any contract from the construction / supplies of equipmemt of this hospital ?

    • manofborneo

      The answer is 'Yes', along with about a hundred other companies and suppliers. So, is there anything special or unusual about the portion that she won in the tenders? Not really, given the brands that she represents..

      And so what if she has shares in Trendnics? The company didn't get any kind of "major" share of the medical equipment scope, which was less than half the contract anyway.

      Get your facts right before condemning people unless you've already decided on the kangaroo court.

      "If ignorance is bliss then some people are truly in Paradise!"

  • manofborneo

    And No, her company didn't get any of the construction scope.

    Again, any of this is easily verifiable with a real insider. So feel free to ask one. A real one.

  • http://none Crying without tears

    Why are you so naive? You never knew what is being discussed behind the scene or you will never tell people what you did in the bedroom to your friends.

    Grow up bro,thumb sucking kid..protecting mama ya!!

    • manofborneo

      “If ignorance is bliss then some people are truly in Paradise!”

      And obviously some people are determined to stay in 'Paradise', no matter what..

      Act on the facts, not blabber along to the rumours…


    What manofborneo said is true. Vamed Engineering is the turnkey medical equipment and IT Contractor for SIMC and it is a nominated contractor by the state government.

    If SR want to go serious on SIMC, start to investigate SESCO Engineering and CT Phang. That will sure nail the vampire heart.

    SIMC is a big fish to catch based on below reasons:

    1. Why SESCO Engineering, a company with no building experience and very limited capital be nominated as turnkey building contractor for a major building package costing RM150 millions.

    2. How much additional expense incurred and paid by the state government for the addtional 5 years delay? Vamed Engineering engaged a big team of foreigners. Each of them is paid big bucks. They will back charge all staffs salary back to the state government due to the delay.

    3. Why the state government failed to monitor SESCO Engineering incompetency?

    4. Why no liquidated damages imposed on SESCO Engineering?

    5. What is the different in contract value if it was awarded by tender compared to nominated turnkey contractor?

    Lastly, the state government is fully accountable for the delay, over pricing and additional expenditure incurred as the hospital is built by using public funds. George Chan owes us tax payers a good explaination.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      EXILE..Ting Pek King has NO experience at all and yet he builds airport,fly overs,Bakun Dam,Universities..but you also see poor workmanship. You see GLOBAL UPLINE people are damned stupd that they also need TING PEK KING as Advisor..That was why KIA was meant to cost RM465 million shot to RM850 million..and now Kota Kinabalu airport project has stopped..why?? He has NO bloody experience at all.Did you see the door at Kuching Airport? always closed.."ROSAK"..These are all shit work.

    • manofborneo

      Facts, not blabber…:

      1. Over 200, not 150.

      2.i Actually, RM 0 was paid additional to the contractors for the delay. The Contractors lost money on the job.

      2.ii Only 3 years delay (with EOT)

      2.iii Vamed IS a foreign company, with a local branch.

      3. Excellent question!

      4. Yes, there was. Sarawak Energy ended footing most of it.

      5. Marginal difference in price but faster, if Sesco Engineering had done their part properly.

  • Orang Sarawak

    So if Ms Foo is really close friend of Dr GC , then the next question is : When the contract was awarded to Ms Foo's company , is there any conflict of interest in this case ?

  • okano

    This is how this land of hornbill being administered. Taib,George Chan, Masing, Mawan, and other old YBs need to go this time of election. All these YBs are no longer fit to hold office as they are old and corrupted

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Mr Okano I am just too ashamed to say that his is the land of the Hornbill as there are no more forest for the Horbill to fly or move around. All ae being taken by AWANG TANAH AMBIL HARTA AND THE THIEF MINSTER AND GIVEN TO HIS CRONY TOWKAYS TO EXTRACT THE LOGS WITHOUT FEAR DUE TO FAVOUR.


  • Orang Sarawak

    Dear okano, but there are still people out in Sarawak who think it is ok for these people to take land and contracts and still ovte for them …..


    Otherwise your own native land may not be yours anymore next time.

  • http://nil ketty lanea

    kami pekerja d SGH, terlalu byk kekurangan,kmudahan utk pesakit truk, katil x cukup, d rumah pesakit pun x tido atas kanvas mcm d hospital,mana org atasan SGH??? kami menahan malu berhadapan dgn aduan org awam. buat sesuatu kebajikan utk pesakit kami…org atasan tau marah saja tapi tidak buat apa2. smua mslh dalaman wad org bawahan uruskan.sakit hati

  • bigmojo

    Sarawakians are full of stooges and have small marbles for balls. Either that they are sadists who enjoy sufferings.

    Forget about Sarawak. They can live in their little dream of perpetual happiness. Let's focus on Tunisia & Egypt.

  • buntak dut

    Boot them out in the next election. We don't need them here..

  • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

    Bigmojo it seems that you are NOT a Sarawakian at all.Maybe Sarawak is just your bread and butter country since you want to focus Tunisia and Egypt. Do you have any benefit at all,? Go ahead let us fight the stooges here in Sarawak,We are used to this sort of thing but now it is different at all.We are UNITED now and we will weather the storm or hurricane..we are NOT afraid as our JESUS is with us side by side.

    We will be there and make it.So help us GOD to eradicate this Sarawak menace called "TAIBMINE".It is worst than drugs meow meow,ampthamine,shabu,heroine,cocaine..etc,etc,etc..Our main enemy now is ""TAIBMINE".

  • Leow Swee Min

    I am a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants. I am writing to the MIA Council regarding the alleged corruption against our Deputy President.

    It is important that the MIA has an internal independent inquiry into the matter.

    I understand the matter was earlier raised years in YB Wong Ho Leng blog before YB Wong became the MP for Sibu. The fact that George Chan and Christina Foo took not action to defend the allegation it only implies that there is truth in the allegation.

    Leow Swee Min

    Petaling Jaya

    • http://yahoo angryrakyat

      Now that the Federal Gov't is going to bail out Taib and George to buy a obsolete "new" hospital, PKR should question the propriety and feasibility of such a purchase!

      However, we the people of Sarawak still end up paying for the bail our of $660 million plus from our oil money siphoned out by the Malayan colonialists!

      So Sarawakians wake up from your slumbers and overthrow our oppressors!

      • happyrakyat

        Last week my father had rushed to PJHUS due to heart attack. He admitted for almost 2 weeks and received a very nice treatment by the PJHUS professional & staff. Alhamdulillah, he is getting better and better now (able to read news paper every morning). And one thing that makes me shock is the hospital bill charge is only RM105 which for me very chip if compare with the nice PJHUS services, hi-tech equipment and medicine…

        Thanks to Sarawak Government for providing a hi-tech facilities with specialist and professional staff with reasonable charges. I believe Sarawakians will appreciate it’s….

        Angryrakyat: Correct me if I’m wrong… I read all your comment and it seem like you got a personal problem with government (especially to CM). Please treat your personal problem as personal and don’t try to influence and bring in others into your problem. We (Sarawakians) lost a lot from this conflict… Take your time and break more with “Mee Jawa Special or Laksa Sarawak”, you will feel much better after that….

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      A Deputy President shluld be asked to resign from her post as it is unethical for her to hold the highest office in accounting bodies for corruption.The proof is that her name has been shown in CCM as shareholder of the company awarded the contract. Please hold EGM and put forward the resolution asking her to resign or be sacked from MIA.

      This is very serious as MIA should be an independent body free from corruption and let her boy friend Georgie looks after her even though he has a trophy wife already.

      Please Ms Christina Foo( Agnes Chan of Kuching in her heydays for singing with a guitar)resign quietly from your post until the air is clear.LOL to you and wishing you a Blessed Chinese New Year.Go for a holiday and meet your Georgie to discuss things but don't let his wife knows ok.

      God bless.

  • Pat Foo

    Thou shalt not steal from thy People ! O Lord, Amen.

  • Leow Swee Min

    This is the comments I have written in Free Malaysia Today re another news about George Chan.


    You and Christina Foo the Deputy President of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants have heen in the news in Malaysia Today, Malaysian Insider and Sarawak Report over alleged corruption of RM130 million re the Sarawak Heart Hospital recently opened by Najib Razak in 2011. Over 200 comments have been received from readers.

    The matter was first referred to in YB Wong Ho Leng blog for the last two years and both you and Christina Foo have not defend your names.

    As Christina Foo also is a board member of the Australian Society of Certified Practicising Accountants it is important that the news becomes world news within the accounting profession.

    Since the state election is due soon, it will be good for you to clear the air.

    Leow Swee Min

    Petaling Jaya

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    Ms.Foo,please just resign from MIA for the time being as it is just too hot for you to handle.Whether Georgie is using you or not,it is up to the people to judge.If GEORGE CHAN really loves you,you would have been his wife now but instead he opted for a trophy wife,young,beautiful and elegant. I really pity you as George just used you as a companion,though 1+1=3 already..Ha ha ha ha ha.

    Please correct me if I am wrong and maybe my arithmatic is not right here.Georgie just spoiled a beautiful girl like you,young ,talented and naive at that time.

    May GOD bless you C.F.

  • Hey

    Egypt coming to Sarawak = Get rid of the rich and greedy!

  • sopi januya

    arghhhh, sebuk mauk bukak hosp jantung, hospital lmk yg by jak, kualiti wad baru lepas renovation teruk, barang murah kah d guna buat wd baru??? belum apa2, dah spoilk kekurangan ya patut d upgrade dolok. merinsak,nama sajak sgh,hosp rujukan,tapi teruk, bagus bugdet bukak simc pake beli katil d sgh, selalu jak xda katil d wad.. buang duit

  • limcteck

    I used to be Christina blue eye's boy!Same school together.Astonished as to what had become of her.She was fantastics in all ways but I think she lost a lot of monies in Dubai where she & her gang invested.Poor her!I think every politicians are in politics for some gains.Even if PR wins and become the government, the same story will goes on as they had even better ways of siphoning public monies after copycatting from their predecessors.We need to appreciate of what we had today at least a peaceful life.I was also a classmate of Taib's youngest daughter and she was also a very nice girl.We must admire of one's ABILITY and not ENVY,even to be corrupted.Anyway, who had never go against the LAW in his/her life?Even throwing a piece of paper is illegal, or driving on the wrong lane!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Another Taib's crony.How much are you paid?

      I am sure you are paid handsomely to sing praises,..

    • Leow Swee Min


      If you are Christina Foo's blue eye boy, do her a favour and tell her to resign from CPA Australia before the CPA Australia AGM.This is to avoide bigger embarassment if she is still on the board at that time.

      In the February issue of the INTHEBLACK magazine of CPA Australia, Christina indicated that she is eyeing the President post. Already a group of CPA members from Malaysia are arranging for a meeting with CPA Australia about the alleged corruption against Christina Foo.

      By the way, Movement for Change Sarawak, the blog of DAP members of Parliament and State Assemblymen, has the full article of the Sarawak Heart Hospital repeated.

  • http://none Raja Manggeng

    Oh mummy,why does daddy Georgie misses me from SUPP list of candidates? Am I not qualified to take over his place mummy? Please tell him.sob sob sob..I am his son and yet he treated me like his.

  • NCR Land Owner

    MACC – where are you all. Investigate these, you bump.

  • Chua Soy Lick
    • Lau Khuan Siew

      You have done your best.

      It is the real world. Chinese has a saying ‘Laugh at the poor but not at a whore’. In the real world many do not walk the talk.

      I look at the CPA Australia web-site they roll out pretty words like value, governance and accountability, integrity…blah…blah…blah!

  • monstercat

    Yes, I agree with manofborneo & exile. Get your facts right before you slander.

    Trendnics did also get the contract to install the lab furniture for SIMC. As to why Trendnics didn't win that many tender, well, they didn't participate in all the tenders. That's because they were new in medical equipment supplies while Borneo Pharmacy, Borneo Indah & a few other medical supplies companies have more experience and are holding agencies of some reputable brands. While Philips does not have any agency in Sarawak, hence Trendnics pushed for their specifications. Quite fair isn't it?

    Sarawak Report, please make certain that your reports are substantially supported instead of mere speculations. The world is small & you'd be grateful that there are readers of integrity that will correct your reports. Else someone may do a false report on you next time & if you had wished that people of integrity will just shut up, then you may just end up with no one to defend you. Meanwhile, keep the work honest ya. Best wishes.

  • lee

    Mr. WatchDog,

    You really make me laugh the hell out of me!!! Yes our gov't leaders always thinking of "erections" instead of "elections". No wonder our CM and George marry new young wife. Looted Sarawak to pay for sex! Especially George, he cant let go of his desire being a womaniser. His house has a special exit to fulfill his sexual needs. While many young ladies are involved to suck millions from George, Christina Constance Foo must have known but kept calm. Both me and her were friends, but long time no contact. Chris, you are a pretty and smart woman, you are worth much more. Why go for money instead of tarnish your life? Does it mean your position in CPA teach people to be corrupt? I love you as a friend but this attitude put yourself into shame. Being a holy christian, have you thought of the needy that you have robbed millions out of them? Don't you feel guilt? You reap and you sow! I hope God will forgive you and give you happiness and good health!

    Mr. Leow Swee Min,

    I'm proud that the truth have to surface in CPA. Its been too long CPA is in the dark, high time they ought to know. You are very powerful and daring. Thumbs up! Do you want to have a corrupt leader who instead is wearing a mask within your organisation? How is it going with CPA after you expose this news?

    • http://none Watch Dog

      lee..Thanks.Yes CF is a friend of mine too. We have not met for quite a while and i was shocked to know that she got entangled

      with Georgie boy.She will have no problem in finding someone to share her life but maybe now it's a bit difficult as she has passed her prime and biological clock is ticking too.Any way I just wish her the best in everything she does and have to resign gracefully from CPA. It is NOT ethical at all for her to continue serving CPA. God bless you Chris

  • Hactor Fabian

    The hospital is not strategic in term of location as rural people needs to hire a cab in order to go there. Imagine how much they have to bear the transportation costs each time they need to go to Kuching to seek treatment. Frankly speaking, I was really hoping that they did refurbishing to the former building of the lab technologist (opposite the hospital) to Heart Specialist Hospital, rather than to wait for this hospital at Kota Samarahan. Based on insiders who are working in the hospital, this hospital is also haunted…(since it was left for many years)…so you can imagine what kind of occupants staying there…whatever it is, provide the best treatments and facilities to all people who are seeking treatment in the hospital without any bias as we are One Malaysia…say it and prove it…just pointing one finger up to the air (showing the 1 Malaysia sign) is not helping the rakyat..

  • Mat

    "Old timers – Was this about a hospital for the sick or making money out of the people?" No prizes for guessing right. This is 'Pek Moh's' vision of making Sarawak the richest state in Malaysia after nearly 30 years of his corrupt rule. Only a 'pelanun' and sociopath have the kind of thick skin, as thick as the Rhino's backside, to face the people and utter nonsensical remarks.

  • Awang Edris


    just one question….why was Najib so eager to offically

    declare open the two health centres which are badly managed

    from the start and never ask why and what happens ?

  • Disappointed

    The heart hospital staff told my relative that unless she went to the ordinary govt hospital to check first, then the docs in the heart specialist hospital will accept.

    Now, does heart problems or heart attack wait? What is this type of service and hospital for the people and by the people?