Billions Abroad ! – Questions over Taib’s Contacts with Foreign Property Tycoons

Billions Abroad ! – Questions over Taib’s Contacts with Foreign Property Tycoons

27 Jan 2011

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Off to save the environment! Prince Albert, the Director of his Foundation Evelyne Genta and their bankrollers, Achilleas Kallakis and Alfred Jabu, representing Sarawak.

The man pictured in the party-buggy sitting next to the Deputy Chief Minister, Alfred Jabu, is a Greek called Achilleas Kallakis.  This was in  April 2008 and Kallakis was already a man with a criminal record.  Back in 1995 he and a colleague,  Alexander Williams, had been convicted in the UK of selling false Hong Kong passports for RM 100 thousand each and also for selling fake Lordship titles to Americans for nearly twice that amount! 

However, the pair had escaped jail and by this occasion Kallakis had wormed his way back into a position of apparent super-respectability.  He was visiting the Taib family’s 5 Star Royal Mulu resort as one of a party of honoured guests accompanying Prince Albert on a highly publicised visit to Sarawak.  By now he had been appointed Consul to Brunei for the Italian principality of San Marino, was on the Board of the National Portrait Gallery in London and had become a member of the Prince Albert of Monaco Foundation, which is dedicated to the environment!  

Is the close association with Sarawak's Taib Mahmud appropriate for such an organisation?

It would appear that the basis for Kallakis’s new-found social status was his sudden reputation as a very wealthy man.  Just that month he had rocketed into Britain’s Sunday Times Rich List as one of the top 400 wealthiest people in the UK.  The newspaper  estimated his worth at at least £250 million (RM 1.2 billion) – a staggering achievement for a man who had been caught out as a cheap fraudster just a decade ago! 

The 2008 Sunday Times Rich List

Where did he suddenly get the money?

Interestingly, the Sunday Times also stated foundation of his wealth as being his position as Chairman of a “Monaco and Switzerland-based private family trust” and his Directorship of the Pacific Group, which had accumulated an eye-watering portfolio of key landmark buildings across London.  According to the newspaper the then 40 year old was planning to build the most expensive flat in London, at St James’s Square. 

By 2008 Mr Kallakis had also started to develop a public profile, earning a reputation for himself as a fast-living and gambling high-roller.  He travelled by chauffeur-driven Bentley and private jet, owned a yaght and smart residences in London and Monaco.   Acquaintances said he was always travelling somewhere in the world, however the background to his success remained a little unclear to those with whom he shared champagne in some of  the world’s top hotels. 

My backers are “so wealthy they don’t even appear in Forbes Magazine!” 

While the claims of family links to a Greek shipping dynasty are believed to be false, Kallakis had once boasted to reporters from the magazine Property Week that his backers were a Monaco and Swiss-based family trust – investors who were “so wealthy they don’t even appear in Forbes”.  Given his intimate ties with Prince Albert and the Taib family, Sarawak Report questions who these backers might be and why so many of Kallakis’s links tie back to Sarawak, Malaysia, Brunei and Hong Kong?

Luxury at Mulu

We can also reveal that Kallakis’s new moment in the sun was spectacularly short-lived.  Shortly after this Mulu visit his affairs began to unravel and he once again faces charges of fraud.  This time the charges are far more serious.  In March 2009 his London offices were raided and he and the same business partner Alexander Williams were found to have raised £61 million in mortgages, which were backed by false guarantees and forged documents.  They are now awaiting trial on multiple charges of property fraud in a case which is still being investigated by Britain’s Serious Fraud Squad.

Interestingly however, while he has now been dropped from the Prince of Monaco’s Foundation, Kallakis remains up till the date of our publication prominently displayed on the Royal Mulu website as one of the main recommenders of the resort. 

Kallakis (left) with Evelyne Genta, Prince Albert, Jabu and Taib's brother-in-law Robert Geneid, the owner/manager of the resort

“Absolutely perfect, wonderful hotel, wonderful staff, wonderful company”

The Royal Mulu website has continued more than a year after his arrest to feature Kallakis as one of the party of honoured guests accompanying Prince Albert of Monaco on his visit to Sarawak.  He is one of four individuals who provide recommendations for the hotel.  The others are Prince Albert himself,  Mrs Evelyne Genta (the Director of his Foundation and Monaco’s Consul to London) and Mr Francesco Bongiovanni, President of the Monaco-Asia Association.

Gushing support for the Taib-owned 5 Start Resort built on confiscated Berawan territories

The Monaco connection

This visit to Mulu was only one of a number of  close connections between the current leaders of Sarawak and Monaco that have caught the attention on on-lookers in recent months.  In fact, one can only wonder at the sudden apparent friendship that has developed between Prince Albert, as a self-professed environmental campaigner, and the Taib family, who are notorious for their destruction and plunder of the Borneo Rainforest.  There have been numerous visits by the Taibs to Monaco recorded in magazines like Asian Tatler (below) and party photos and the Taibs are believed to have acquired property in the sea-side tax haven and gamblers paradise.

As recorded by Malaysian Tatler Magazine - Taib's sister Raziah Geneid, daughter Jamilah Taib and niece Sasha Geneid dress up in diamonds to party in Monaco the following month

However, given that the slightest investigation on the Prince’s part would have exposed Taib Mahmud as being both environmentally toxic and notoriously corrupt, Albert’s own visit to Mulu can only be described as an astonishing misjudgement.  His staff, led by Evelyne Genta, Director of The Prince Albert Foundation, cannot have failed to spot the well-documented fact that Taib first confiscated the land from the Berawan Tribe and then proceeded to hand it to his own family company in order to build and manage the resort.  Not only are his own sister Raziah and her 3rd husband Robert Geneid in charge of the company Borsamulu Resort, but we have recently revealed Taib himself owns a substantial shareholding as well!

Lapse of judgement? Albert and Jabu ape the indigenous tribal dances.

Albert’s staff should also have been aware that the conflict of interest on Taib’s part does not end here.  In a characteristic fashion he has also involved the Government of Sarawak in a joint venture with the resort, meaning that public funds are being used to support the Mahmud family in running their own investment!   Worse, the extensive logging sponsored by Taib in the lands surrounding Mulu has also destroyed most of the wildlife in the area and driven the forest peoples, including the Penan tribe from their

Not such fun for the tradional people.....

traditional hunting grounds.  These iconic peoples now exist in starving conditions in shabby compounds with little hope or occupation.

As Prince Albert must also be aware, UNESCO is currently reviewing its granting of World Heritage status to the area for these very reasons and also because the Chief Minster is now planning to inundate much of the region as part of his vast dam projects. 

One of my country’s top investors

Nevertheless, Albert did make the visit, which as Sarawakians will remember, was treated as a major event by the Sarawak Government.  He was welcomed and entertained at Mulu by the Chief Minister’s right hand man Alfred Jabu and also Taib’s brother in law Robert Geneid.  According to photographs the Prince clearly threw himself into the lavish entertainment, which was decorated by traditional shows from the very Berawan people who have been deprived of their lands.  Albert also visited Kuching for a State Banquet, which was hosted by Taib Mahmud himself. 

Prince Albert is the fellow in the middle - why are the ladies laughing?

Yet puzzlingly, when journalists asked him the question why he had chosen to come he is reported to have answered “Why should I not visit one of my country’s biggest investors?”.   Sarawak Report therefore wishes to know what is the evidence that Sarawak holds such large investments in the well-known gambling and tax-haven that makes up his tiny sea-side principality in the South of France?  Also, how will these investments in what is known as a top place for individuals to hide money benefit the citizens of Sarawak?

Taib’s Islamic Fashion Show

Return visit - but the bill is still footed by Sarawak. Taib stands centre stage wth Prince Albert, PM Najib Razak and his wife Rosmah, Evelyne Genta, his sister Raziah and Robert Geneid

None of the recent events linking the Taibs with the ruling family of Monaco have been more eye-catching than the Taib-sponsored Islamic Fashion Show held last August to raise money for the Prince’s ‘environment’ fund.  Once again there are numerous pictures and videos available.  They show both Prime Minister Najib and his wife Rosmah in attendance, along with the Prince himself and once more Evelyne Genta, who gave a speech in her capacity as Director of the Prince Albert Foundation, which is ‘dedicated to the environment and sustainable development’.  

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO OF “just call me and I will come running – you got a friend”, starring Prince Albert and Taib Mahmud.

Islamic? Or just sucking up to Monaco?

Any money raised from Sarawak for this fund will of course have been raised from the unsustainable destruction of one of the world’s last remaining tropical jungles over the past 30 years, thanks to Abdul Taib Mahmud, who was a guest of honour at the event and stood centre stage at the finale.  It is believed that all the money to foot the bill for this lavish occasion was raised through Taib’s business contacts. This reportedly also included the RM1 Million cheque presented to the Prince by the Malaysian Prime Minister’s wife!

Achilleas Kallakis was the only member of the Mulu original party guests who was not reunited here on the stage in Monaco.  He remains unfortunately on police bail in the UK awaiting trial for very serious property fraud.  However, the properties belonging to his companies have continued to catch the eye of the media.  The sheer size of his massive portfolio, which included UK government offices, shopping centres, housing and several landmark buildings have raised many queries about who the real owner could be.  Even more interesting has been the hasty re-assembling of this property portfolio under by another company after the Kallakis Group disbanded.

Wealth and progress? - this is how the Penan have been left after the removal and destruction of their forest. A Headman and his wife outside their residence!

Sarawak Report suggests that the connections between Taib Mahmud, Achilleas Kallakis, Evelyne Genta and Prince Albert of Monaco do not appear to be coincidental.  The Prince was seeking financial support and the Chief Minister was likewise seeking something that the Monaco tax haven with its lax financial regulations has to offer, which is discreet banking.  This all the more so since the previous country of choice for shy billionaires, Switzerland, has started to tighten scrutiny of its bank accounts. 

Taib, who used to frequently visit his dentist in Switzerland is now seen so much more often in Monaco with his family that one wonders if maybe it is due to his dentist moving south?

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  • najibrazak

    Yet another Taib cat out of the bag and, worse, this time I am personally implicated. Take a few days off to attend something really worthwhile like a fashion show in a tax haven "principality" and you get yourself splashed all over the news. Who is this Greek anyway? If he is in trouble maybe there will be some business opportunities when he goes to jail!

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Najibrazak,you talk only as you are an impersonator. You are NOT real.If real,what happen to Altantuya? Any Hindu ritual?

      Why are you so scared of Taib?

      Grow up man,why chicken out? You insulted us dayaks here in Sarawak

  • anynomous

    rakyat sarawak tidak perlu bising lagi,fikirkan semasak masaknya adakah kita mahu pada pilihanraya ke 10 memberi kemenangan kepada pemimpin zalim kepada rakyat dan derhaka kepada Tuhan yang memberi mereka kuasa dan amanah untuk memimpin rakyat supaya hidup dalam kesejahteraan.tiada lagi lah jawabnya.sudah cukup masanya kita memberi mereka kekayaan dan mereka tidak memikirkan nasib rakyat.mereka sahaja yang memiliki kesenangan dan kekayaan dalam hidup tetapi rakyat dibiarkan mencari kekayaan yang tidak mungkin diperolehi kerana peluang untuk jadi kaya raya sudah tertutup bagi rakyat jelata.setinggi manapun kita mencari ilmu adalah sebagai aset untuk mencari dan mengali kekayaan untuk mereka itu.jadi fikirkan lah sebaik baiknya kerana usah lagi kita membiarkan anak cucu kita pula menyambung talian kemiskinan yang patut diberikan kepada mereka, anak cucu kita. mereka memerintah rakyat dengan penuh kebohongan dan kezaliman. cukup cukup membicara mereka tapi yang penting kita bijak mencontengkan undi untuk biar tengelam sama sama dan timbul juga sama sama.kita percaya selama ini, pembangkanglah yang telah membuka laluan dan mata dan telinga rakyat untuk mengetahui rahsia kejahilan pemiminpin pemimpin ini.di dalam hutan belantara mereka boleh menikmati kesenangan di mana rakyat tidak mendapat kemewahan yang sentiasa dilewata lewatkan konon mereka yang jauh di pedalaman amat sukar untuk diberi keperluan asas yang menelan belanja yang mahala.nah apa yg kita lihat sekarang, siapa yang membuat rumah peranginan ini bukankah duit rakyat untuk mereka bersantai dan bersenang lenang. haprak haprak pemimpin zalim dan derhaka ini.

  • EK

    Another one.What is this chief minister or thief minister.Mother of all thieves.

  • Remaung Mangah

    It is no doubt, Taib, Jabu and the rest of his Cabinet are stashing and hiding their ill gotten gain with the overseas crooks. They are preparing to run away with their rotten eggs in their luggage.

  • Sara

    penyamun betul. people like that is ofcourse some hidden agenda. He went to Monaco/switzerland and all, but not to my area or my Kampung.

    • anynomous

      if taib mind going down to see the rakyat is just to show his new wife to the rural folk.pls dont entertaint his stupid idea of cheating u the rakyat again and again.

      he doesnt respect and love the rakyat ; he only needs u for gaining back power and wealt..who is he to be respected when his door is always close to the poor sarawakian.

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    Well done thief minister and deputy,crooks mix with the crooks..result MILLIONAIRES or Billionaire.

    Go ahead and take more.

    Billions unaccounted for ..DAP is asking but you just shut it up and your fellow YBs are scared stiff to ask why??

    NCR land taken and sold to cronyies,family,etc.

    More,more,more and many more/.Go ahead take them but we will take it back

  • anynomous

    Hello Sarawakians. Keep on supporting Taib the thief minister.Please don't ask him to step down because he is the best of the worst chief minister we ever had.Don't you think as sarawakians we should not complain because we voted him to power. Give him more time to steal and rob our resources — lands, timber, projects etc so that his siblings, sons, daughters and relatives, his cronies etc are richer. Taib is now 74 and it seems i will retire before this him.

  • ANON

    Come on, TAIB! Answer all the allegations here, not only in your ball-polishing mainstream media. This isn't interesting, as it's only one sided, like your one-sided Borneo Post, Utusan Sarawak, and even PPB/BN sponsored blogs. Please, TAIB – answer Sarawak Report allegations here! Be a gentleman! Proof that Sarawak Report is a liar, TAIB! Where are your cybertroopers who are good in attacking the "hantu-net (internet-rascals) as your ball-polisher Jabu use to call them!

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    For people's power,let us wear or get ready your clothes.

    1.Head scarf- Yellow

    2."T'shirt- Red

    3.Pant- Black

    Why the above colour? Because it is our state flag's colour.

    Print on the front of the tee shirt.



  • oA


    what are Sarawakians doing about white hair though despite all these exposures of his splurging – probably the state's money he pillaged for 30 years?

    giving him 30 more years of mandates – but exchanging crumbs for their precious ancestral lands that their livelihood so depended on?


  • Meranti Kepong

    The people of Sarawak should wake up and boot this monster, Taib Mahmud, out of public office as he has corruptly acquired a family fortune of some 3 billion ringgits.

    His ill-gotten gain should be returned into the hands of Sarawakians in due course.

  • Kopiel Rentap

    why our ministers didn't awares of our very owned tropical forest is going toward the end. Spending our ringgit with the rich and famous! does it bring good to the people of sarawak. This is year 2011 but our peoples still living in darkness, lack of infractures and low standard of living if compared against Brunei. Isn't that they are out of their mind!!

  • Da Shi Ni

    Look at Tunisia and now Egypt, the longest ruling corrupt leaders would be pulled down one ny one without exemption at all ! So spend your ill-gotten wealth on women, vainglory and what not , you will have to be accounted for all the booties and dirty moeny!

  • Voter

    C'mon, Sarawakians!

    Give white hair his retirement – vote him and his cronies OUT of office!

  • theAlphamale

    Another job well done, "Sarawak Report". Keep it coming. We need your expertise in exposing all of Taib's ill gotten gains. Would be nice to know more about the other Beer End cabinet ministers i.e Dr. James Masing, William Mawan, Peter Nansian, Dr. Tiki, Snowdan Lawan, Mong Dagang and etc…. We need the expose so we can help with the dissemination of information to the rural folks…

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      So it is nice to know that you people like SR.Bro/sis all these work need money and SR has been depending on contributions.

      We pursue GLOBAL UPLINE first as we want to know why Kuching Airport which was originally cost RM485m and then shot up to RM850mil.

      Now just take a good look at the entrance door ,it is always closed as we are unable to open and always mark "ROSAK".

      NOw Global Upline has problem with Kota Kinabalu Airport. How the contract was awarded,heaven knows.Why should the contract be given to poor workmanship man,TPK.????Why?? Cronyism.Look at the so called widening of the road after BDC round about flyover,why cost so much and cut the trees?? All SHIT!!

  • Tiarama

    This what happened in Egypt right now!

    30 years in power!!

    CAIRO (AP) — Thousands of anti-government protesters, some hurling rocks and climbing atop an armored police truck, clashed with riot police Tuesday in the center of Cairo in a Tunisia-inspired demonstration to demand the end of Hosni Mubarak's nearly 30 years in power.

  • Rosmah Mansor

    MACC should arrest Abdul Taib Mahmud imediately, why wait !!! Jangan takut!!!! go and lock him up !!!! ask him , return the Sarawakian wealth $$$$$$$ and lands etc…..

    Najib Razak pernakut selalu bertapuk dalam sarong saya Rosmah Mansor

    • mousedear

      MACC will come after you instead !

      • http://none Watch Dog says…

        First Lady ops..FAT LADY is just like the POT calling the kettle black.When is your next Hindu ritual??

        MACC must arrest both of you but your hubby controls MACC!!

      • Rosmah Mansor

        eh Mousedear pandai pandai lah ikau nie,nak marah saya pula ,kan saya nie remote controller.siapa siapa pun mesti dengar arahan dari saya Perdana Mentri 1Mongolia. Jikalau aku naik angin aku akan bagi kau C4 faham !!!!

  • melayu muda

    kepada semua rakyat sarawak tanpa mengira kaum, bersatulah kita mengusir para penjenayah ini dari arena politik sarawak. bumi sarawak ini macam telur dimana semua isinya telah dikeluarkan dan tinggal hanya keronsongnya. rakyat sekarang telah merasa kesusahan.

  • anynomous

    Bumiputera muda semua,bangkitlah untuk mempertahankan maruah bangsa dan negara daripada dipersetankan oleh si zalim yang derhaka memerintah tanah air yang tercinta ini.memang ibubapa dan nenek datuk kita semua telah menjadi mangsa pembohongan pemimpin ini,mereka tidak dapat disalahkan jika mereka ditertawakan oleh keluarga zalim itu, tetapi generasi baru dan lama yang telah sedar, bangkitlah untuk menumbangkan mereka daripada terus dibiarkan gelojoh berkuasa. mereka bukan gelojoh untuk memajukan bangsa sarawak khususnya tetapi untuk mengisi agenda ahli keluarga dan kroni mereka sahaja. negeri sarawak tok memang sudah digadaikan untuk mereka menjadi kaya raya.pemimpin ini telah mempengaruhi kabinet negeri sarawak dan diperbodohkan semua mereka untuk diri dan keluarga dia sahaja.sepatutnya kabinet BN harus sedar segala tindaktanduk pemimpin yang gila kuasa dan rasuah ini, dan hendaklah bersama keluar dan meninggalkan BN untuk bersama sama rakyat jelata yang ditindas. kenapa mereka mahu bersekongkol semata mata mahu diperkudakan oleh pemimpin jahat ini.hai anak bangsa yang muda bertenaga, beramai ramailah kau orang keluar mengundi untuk menyatukan semula agar pemimpin ini tidak berkuasa lagi,jangan membuang masa untuk mendengar pesanan dan ucapannya yang tidak bermutu dan tidak berintegriti itu.ucapan dan ceramahnya semacam itu sejak puluhan tahun, dan tidak berubah-ubah.rakyat diminta dia berubah sedangkan diri dan keluarganya semakin rakus dan tamak harta dan menghapuskan hak rakyat untuk mendapat kekayaan.apa yang dia buat bila BN persekutuan menaikkan harga barang, pasti bisu sahaja dan tiada usaha untuk bercakap menenangkan keadaan agar rakyat rasa terjamin. malah dia mahukan rakyat sahaja bekerja keras untuk mempertaruhkan untung nasih dan masa depan.tanyakan pemimpin rakus itu adakah mereka membayar hasil atas harta yang bertimbun itu atau mereka hanya mengautkan keuntungan dan tidak memperdulikan sama hasil dibayarkan kepada kerajaan.apa sudah jadi kepada pelaburan atas duit EPF,SESCO dan banyak lagi yang telah diambil untuk memajukan rakyat konon.sedarlah rakyat jelata dan bangkitlah untuk mempertahankan hak rakyat sendiri dan dia tidak mungkin membela bila keadaan ekonomi sekarang semakin runcing.gaji tidak difikirkan utk dinaikkah atau bagaimana tetapi harga minyak dan barang barang keperluan dinaikkan hingga mengetatkan pinggan setiap rakyat.kalau dulu barang keperluan dapat dikawal dengan baik tetapi semua barang A -Z semuanya telah melonjak harganya.Fikirkanlah sebaik baiknya demi masa depan yang lebih baik.belum tentu pemimpin baru tidak baik,beri mereka masa dan peluang untuk membuktikan bahawa rakyat dapat menikmati keselesaan yang berpanjangan.

  • apek bayat

    when will sarawakian ever learn.when will sarawakian stop listen to that kind of leader.when will sarawakian want to change their mindset.when will sarawakian not vote for BN.

  • dennis along

    it are time for sarawakian to change everything, including chief minister and all his corupt team

  • Ronald
  • A.S. Geremy

    Little did I know that Taib Mahmud is the PIRATE of all the pirates in the world that committed the severest treason to the Sarawak people. Oh Sarawak people, my heart cries with you all. Oh Sarawak people, let us rise to declare the Mother of the War of all the wars in the world on BN especially the Sarawak BN. All the Sarawak BN should be exiled to the unknown island to fan for themselves or else crucify all of them on the highest trees for robbing and plundering the richest of Sarawak. Oh Lord God, our Heavenly Father, I cannot find any room left in my heart to forgive the plunders of the Sarawak Land, please forgive me.

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    I have asked the SUN,newspaper to investigate this crook cum clown whether his net worth is really STG250 million as reported and where are the money coming from.

    I have told them to view Sarawak reports too for first hand knowledge so that the whole world knows about our crooks and thieves.

  • retired cop

    Seems to me that Jabu enjoyed the accompany of these western men. All this while, I believed Jabu was homely type. I was wrong!

  • http://none Crying without tears

    How could Taib and Jabu mix with this crook from UK.A report by JENNY DAVEY on April 5 2009 in the Times,UK.

    It is hard to believe that out Thief Minister and his deputy are mixing with Greek born UK citizen,ACHILLEAS KALLAKIS who has been arrested by London police and have his offices raided.

    Maybe soon to be,Kuching offices will be raided too and Humayun will flee away but we will pursue and get back what belongs to us.

  • Keluhing babui

    First Taip Mammut the corrupted gredy fxxking old fart ask his bomoh the right time and date to held the next s'wak election.The bomoh said, go to mecca and seek forgiveness from Allah first for all the money$$$$ you have stolen and stashed overseas. But instead Mammut took more of his loots in his jet and flew to unknown destination before he stop over at mekkah enroute to Kching.Back in S'wak he told Jaboo and Georgie he has already recieved a revealation from Allah about the right date. Second, the bomoh told the sex crazy old fart to look for a young Lebanese/syrian wife before he could announce the date otherwise something bad will happen. Third, the bomoh advised him to get the magic wand called' TUN' from the king and to carry it around his dirty name.This magic potion called TUN tonic claimed the bomoh will protect Taip from the warth of the people of s'wak for the rest of his life. Hearing this, the old FART gave a big smile and was splashed on front page of his control newspaper.hi, s'wakians if you look at this old fart smiling, …. i sense something very different… in his heart,..scary, fearful????

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      TUN is NO ticket to immunity. We will pursue and get back what belongs to Sarawak people.

      Now is the time to repent and negotiate with the people,it's ok we allow him to keep 30% while 70% must be returned to the people of Sarawak.

      The 30% are to be shared by his family including the Ratu Tebakang's wife and her teenage daughter.

      Also his LOVE Child in his early forties with a Bidayuh woman,The night he got hot and the Love child was conceived.He stays along Mongkos Road.The man has the right to his property too.

  • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

    Please look at the poor malnourish Penan man.sob sob sob sob..Where are you blow pipes?When are you going to use it.No more wild boar but you can see human boiar that takes Berawan land to set up Mulu Resorts with tax payers money and transfer to The thief minister's family.

    Is this the type of Leader that we all want?? No,no,no.,no…Where are you all Dayaks YBs??? Chicken out,why?? why? why?

  • http://[email protected] Atong Sunkol

    Tak payah lah bising dan menyibuk pasal kekayaan Taib serta menteri-menteri kabinetnya. BN tidak akan tumbang di Sarawak yang sudah selesa dengan penindasan, perompak, menyamun dan perampas. Selagi dacing masih berkibar megah diangkasa, selagi itulah BN tidak akan tumbang di Sarawak ini. Apa tidaknya, Sarawak adalah simpanan tetap untuk BN peringkat DUN dan parlimen. Kenapa Sarawak jadi simpanan tetap sebab rakyat Sarawak masih memakai cawat. Di suap lima ringgit untuk lima tahun berkuasa rakyat Sarawak pangkah BN. Rakyat pendalaman Sarawak pula sinonim dengan dacing dan fikiran mereka tentulah pangkah dacing aje. Mereka tidak sedar bertahun-tahun merana tanah dirampas, jalan-jalan tidak diturap, kemudahan infrastruktur tidak pernah menjelma seperti yang dijanjikan. Kos sekolah anak-anak meningkat meninggi gunung saban tahun. Muda mudi bekejaran ke bandar-bandar mencari pekerjaan untuk mambantu BN menjadi kaya melalui pemotongan cukai yang keterlaluan akhir akhir ini. Berduyun-duyun, bersilih ganti wakil rakyat BN mewakili kita tetapi mereka masih pekak dan membuta untuk menghulur bantuan memperbaiki kehidupan kita rakyat sarawak yang maish mundur dan terhimpit dengan kemiskinan. Kais pagi makan pagi, kais petang makan petang. Masih juga kita memilih BN menerajui Sarawak ini selama-lamanya.

    Sekurang-kurangnya kita rakyat Sarawak bukalah mata telinga menjelang pilihanraya yang akan datang. Kita contohilah Selangor dan Penang. Kita sepatutnya memberi pengajaran kepada mereka-mereka yang tamak haloba ini. Kita perlu perubahan untuk memajukan Sarawak yang jauh ketinggalan dari segi ekonomi, infrastruktur, dan innovasi kehidupan.

    Mari kita bersatu tumbangkan BN kali ini demi anak-anak dan cucu-cucu cicit kita akan datang. Percayalah tuan-tuan, puan-puan, kerakusan tamak haloba para kroni-kroni BN ini tidak akan terhenti selagi kita tidak bersatu menguburkan mereka. Tengok saja disekiling kita kompani-kompani besar yang mentadbir Sarawak ini. Kerajaan BN terima komisen dan rasuah. Untuk menindas dan merampas seterusnya jalan-jalan kampung digunakan untuk mengaut keuntungan menerokai gunung-ganang, acara penanaman sawit besar-besaran melalui kroni untuk merampas tanah dan hutan. Tidak lama lagi gunung-ganang di Sarawak akan habis, hutan rimba akan habis, Sarawak akan ditenggelami oleh pepecahan dan letupan dam-dam yang akan dibina seluruh pelusuk Sarawak.

  • http://nil anti_law

    Atong Sungkol.

    I partly agree with you but BN in Sarawak has done tremendous job for the people.

    You ask any of them, whatever they ask, all fulfilled right. The ask for atap zinc,batu bata, etc. today they ask, tommorow it will be at the door steep of rumah panjai. apa mau lagi.

    BN will never be toppled. teh rakyat of sarawak especially the dedicated ibans are too clever to be fooled.

    What Taib has done is nothing wrong legally. Can you prove it? Dare jabu, masing manyin abg jo say so against my brother Taib? Nothing is wrong of being rich by legal means.

    • http://none Truoi Baga anak Beto

      Bloody Foreigner just GO HOME.We don't need you T idol worshipper

  • http://none MUARA TUANG VOTER sa

    Apa gago,kame sik gago macam lu semua.Ambil lah Taib sebelum awak pergi.Ambil sekolah St Thomas,St Mary's,St Joseph dan St Teresa and let us put high cost housing there..banyak untong lah Pek Mo..Cepat ambil sebelum election,kami semua bantu beklas wakil rakyat kame tok,Pa Uban,Taib..ambil boss,ambil.Lepas itu ambil Resevoir park dan belas jail kita,tanah ada harga boss.Janagn dengar cakap orang keran semua YB awak kuasa,picit geru nya,sudah tenang..tak ada bising lagi..

  • Still the Same

    For what it takes to change I salute the Arab peoples this time around. If you Malaysians what to look up at the mountain and doubt, then dwell in your misery. You deserve your leaders. UMNO safe seats are in the heart of poverty misery and superstition.

  • abor boran

    Having connections with fraudsters and mobsters gives you an idea of who our minister and ex-minister really are and it does not take a genius to figure out their soft spot for Monaco, a well-known casino and gaming destination and tax haven. The Islamic fashion show and the Royal Mulu trip were just a ploy to take your eyes off the money table “bloated and infested with fraud and deceit, corruption and abuse of power”.

    Achilleas Kallakis belongs to same breed as Russell King, another well-known high roller fraudster. So when is Sarawak going to a hold an international conference for gamblers, gangsters, mobsters, and fraudsters under the guise of perhaps ‘environmental CSR’?

  • Sarawakian

    Why blame the authorities when the rural folks themselves do have a choice when it comes to election time. You can’t eat both sides of the cakes. This report shows that the writer is a sour grape.