Elia Geneid Shows Sarawak’s Youth How To Be Go-getter Land Grabbers!

Elia Geneid Shows Sarawak’s Youth How To Be Go-getter Land Grabbers!

28 Jan 2011

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[By Our Guest Writer from Asian Tatler Magazine]

Mixing business with partying – an example for Sarawak’s womanhood?

We all love to admire this well-connected socialite and businesswoman, Elia Abas/ Geneid!  She may look like a barely-dressed party girl, but Elia was scarcely into her 20s by the time she had established herself as a major figure in the oil palm plantation business, with a series of multi-million ringgit concessions all to herself!

But, of course the gorgeous young trend-setter is also Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s neice and therefore has several brilliant (if hidden) attributes.  Indeed, the Taib family has provided endless shining examples for the rest of Sarawak’s youth, showing how to seize the many ‘Equal Opportunities’ that are handed to them through government projects!

As Taib exhorts the rest of the nation’s young people to show more energy and initiative and to work their way out of poverty, he can be proud of how all his nieces and nephews have been so successful in demonstrating the path to riches

The party-scene will miss you Elia!

Even more amazingly, Elia has been able to turn herself  into a multi-millionairess, while at the same time managing to spend so much time publicly partying and carrying on with goodness-knows how many chaps!  Two marriages and three engagements in two years is pretty good going for such a young thing!

Demure look for wedding No 1 (the marriage lasted 2 months)

Isn’t it lucky she has made so much money that she can pay for the millions of ringgit that has been spent in celebrating it all?  “Work hard and play hard” is clearly the motto that has been drummed into the mini-Taibs from an early age by their stern Uncle (the Chief Minister himself!!!).  [See our earlier reports with pictures on these lavish events] and [More here!]

So, what do we know about Elia’s business career and how she has maximised the opportunities which are on offer to her and also of course to others?  Well, in 2008 Elia managed to secure an amazingly good deal with the Land Custody and Development Agency (LCDA) that happens to be controlled by her Uncle Taib.  She spotted the opportunity, whereas others were so slow and lazy that they never even knew that the land was available!

In fact the eagle-eyed Elia had worked out that nearly 10,000 hectares of land had been removed from Native Customary Land owners in Tatau, Bintulu without them even having realised the situation!   She moved double-quick and (presumably because nobody else had yet expressed an interest in the land) she was able to pick it up for a mere snitch at just RM5.5 million.  This was a fraction of its real value of course and she arranged for it  to be paid in installments later!  What a hard business brain!!

‘Stupid’ Iban natives miss out!

Sarawak Report has made enquiries and discovered that the Iban communities of Tatau had their land alienated by Taib in 1996.  The stupid things are so poor they claim they could not afford a lawyer to fight their case, so how do they ever expect to take advantage of the opportunities Taib so kindly makes available to them?  Quite rightly, Taib has once again this week denounced as ‘crabs’ (?) those people who criticise the wealth of go-getters like Elia and the rest of his family members.  In fact he has made so many speeches denouncing the critics of his wealth we really think this must be the key platform on which he wishes to fight the coming election.  We have such a clever Chief Minister – three cheers for all your wealth and let us remind everyone about it and how cleverly you accumulated it!

Too distracted to read his people's thoughts? Given the rumours surrounding the new first lady's obvious weightiness, will we have to start paying for her new family soon?

Once the Ibans had lost their lands, Taib sold the timber concession to Borneo Pulp and Paper, who chopped down the 150 million year old jungle (the oldest in the world by the way) and turned it into …. well pulp and paper.  Then in 2008 it was Elia’s chance to show her quick-witted gumption.  She rounded up RM5.5 million (from her piggy bank?) and made the purchase before anyone else could get to hear about it.  Well, no one else was going to hear about it actually, because in his ‘land of equal opportunity’ Taib likes to hand these concessions out privately… to his family.

Minda from Sugai Anap (son of the former Pengulu Jipun) is a spokesmen for the Iban longhouse communities who have lost their livelihoods because of this development.  He expressed astonishment on learning that the young Elia now has the concession for his lands.  He told us

“We received a letter from the British in the past to say this was our area, but the Government has now told us this is not relevant anymore.  To begin with the company came and paid the 4 headmen to keep quiet, but when they came with their bulldozers we made a police report.  This matter  is in discussion now”.

Ikrar Bumi Sdn Bhd

Mixing business with glamour - an example to Sarawak's youth?

Elia managed to secure a series of so-called ‘Provisional Licences’ to turn the whole area into an oil palm plantation between 2008 and 2009 – the deal was finalised in March last year.  The licences are provisional, because in theory the local people who have Native Customary Rights in the area need to be brought into agreement about it.  But nobody really takes any notice of these useless types – no commercial instinct, basically lazy.

The company under which Elia has secured this huge land-bank is called Ikrar Bumi Sdn Bhd.  Coincidentally, it is registered at the headquarters address of Parabena, a company run by her mother Raziah Mahmud who is Taib’s sister.  Taib himself has shares in Parabena and this company has received a large number of valuable Government contracts and concessions.  We have calculated that the sister companies registered at Parabena address have received lands totalling an area of about half the size of Brunei!  What a truely amazing family?!

Just under 10,000 hectares of Native Customary Rights land for RM5.5 million – Good work Elia!

Of course Elia is a very young lady, so the person who has actually been doing the boring work of dealing with the land registry on her behalf is shown in the official records to be one Joanna Kho, who happens to be her Mum’s secretary.  Kho gives her telephone number as the main number for Parabena Sd Bhd.

But there is no doubt as to whom the beneficiary of all this is.  Elia is her mother’s second child, born during the first of her three marriages.  Therefore her actual name is Elia Abas, the name of Raziah’s first husband.  Elia Abas is a Director of Ikrar Bumi, as is her mother.  She also owns 998 of 1,000 shares of the company! Gosh!

Elia Abas owns 998 out of the 1,000 shares! Wow!

Elia’s business acumen is further demonstrated by the fact that although Ikrar Bumi had only RM1,000 in shareholder capital, she has been able to convince her Uncle Taib that it is acceptable to purchase a RM5.5 million state asset with only a promise of future payment.  Why cannot the rest of Sarawak’s youth just buck up and take notice and follow this shining example?  We should all feel ashamed to be poor when Elia manages to be so fabulously rich!

Where she will make her money?

However, Elia is still to close the deal by transferring her new lands for a multi-million profit to another gneuine plantation company which can actually get down to the business of sorting out any complaints from the natives and digging up their lands to plant oil palm.  After all you can’t really expect a pretty, rich girl of such quality like her to dirty her hands with an actual job!

Joys of wealth, Elia and lucky husband No 2 - But don't be 'envious' demands Taib, follow Elia in taking the equal opportunities he has given you!

Normally, any protests about the ‘provisional licence’ sold on by the likes of Elia have been easily dealt with by such second parties.  They just lie.  The natives are told they have no rights and that the licence is not  provisional, but a full licence to log and then plant the land.  The stupid fellows are led to believe that they are not elegible for more than a few ringgit compensation!   If they do kick up a fuss, well then the gangsters move in and the police turn a blind eye until the issue is sorted out.

Well that is business for you and it is how the Taibs take advantage of their opportunities. You really do have to admire how clever they are, really don’t you?  Amazing!   But, in fact, we are getting just a little bit worried on behalf of the stylish Elia. By this time, as the practice goes, she should have long-since washed her hands of the matter and sold on the licence to one of these enforcers for a fat profit.

But is the gravy train coming to an end for the Taibs?

Victors against Raziah’s Quality Concrete – the Ibans of Kampong Ensika have won a restraining order against this Taib Land Grab

Confidentially, Sarawak Report’s Tatler Correspondent is left wondering why Raziah and Robert have allowed such a long time to pass before encouraging their daughter to cash in on her profits and quickly distance herself?

Certainly, in previous years such a sale would have been conducted in a matter of days or weeks!   So has Elia been too diverted by the preparations for her three lavish wedding parties over the past couple of years?  Or could the family be encountering deeper problems?

Perhaps they are suddenly finding it rather hard to find a buyer willing to take on their hot potato?  Don’t forget these days there could be a very messy and public court case now the angry locals have discovered what has happened.

Things are changing very fast on that front.  More and more of these situations are ending up in court, thanks to Land Rights Lawyers such as the new PKR leader Baru Bian.  He has 200 such cases going through the courts and has started winning against the Government of Taib Mahmud with frightening regularity!

So many pretty gems for Elia and her sisters! Rubies no less! - But might they have to tighten their purse strings if they cant steal more land?

And, of course there is another problem, which is that all these big oil palm companies want to look ‘sustainable’ these days.  It is the new fashion and Tatler says it is hot, hot, hot!  Meano Deforestation is out, Greenwash is in!

So, buying dodgy provsional licences off the internationally notorious Mahmud Family doesn’t look at all good on the Annual Report and would involve a lot of explaining to shareholders and NGOs!  Best avoided. Look at the example just this week, when Mummy Raziah’s own latest land grab in Simunjan, Sebangan was halted by the courts.  This is an expensive blow to Quality Concrete Sdn Bhd, which had taken on the area at enormous cost after a huge payout to Raziah.  They had even given her a position on their Board  and shares in the company to sweeten the deal!

So, could it be that pretty, clever, go-getting Elia is having a difficult time finding her buyer after all?  What was easy a couple of years back may not be so easy now!

Do not criticise the ‘wealth creators’ like Elia!

All this must be causing worrying moments for the the Chief Minister, who has been trying time and again in speech after speech to get it through to us that we must ENCOURAGE the wealth-creating activities of young ladies like Elia for the good of us all.

Where would we be without all her expenditure?  What about the jobs serving at her parties and cleaning after her (and writing about her)? We NEED her wealth!

Elia and her wealthy family live it up in Monaco last summer at the Islamic Fashion Show!

There is also the personal concern of the Chief Minister that his family may not yet be quite rich enough and of course he may have a whole lot more little ones to worry about very soon indeed with his lovely young wife, so many decades his junior.

For these reasons Taib is known to have started threatening the judges who have been finding against him in these cases and seeking to undermine their careers.  However, they are answering to the judgements of a higher court and have little option but to carry out the law.

Elia and her nice big house..... don't be 'envious' because you should have earned it (like Elia didn't)!

This all may mean that Elia will have to restrict herself to just two husbands.  Unlike her mother she may not be able to afford a third!

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  • http://www.kamagong.org Lawrence Jayaraj

    Sekarang kita tahu kenapa di seluruh Sarawak hopital digelar Hospital PANADOL.

    • snowwan

      If TAIB won election, he and gorge chan, jabu will grab more land than ever before b4 they are finally too old to run in another election…More IBAN or NATIVE land will be taken by them and families and all SAWARAK PEOPLE NEED TO PAY A HEAVY PRICE FOR SUPPORTING THEM…

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    Mrried for three times,loose moral?? Yes,maybe. Sorry even if i am still single,I will avoid this type of lose girl,no moral values.

    Why don';t LHDN investigate for tax evasion?

    If this the type of leader that we Sarawakians want? Obviously NOT.

    We will get you Taib Mahmud and family.

    Repent now and let us negotiate,return 70% TO THE PEOPLE OF SARAWAK and yiur family keep 30% and don't come back,stay in your adopted country.

    • apek bayat

      put them in exile in the land of altantuya,mout tibet.


      remember herod,,,n d sister in law…john d baptist..spoke about him…n she request for his head on d plater..taib n his nieces is going to be there,,my fren…u see najib is coming for d open house n its a big thing..this new year…all d cina tawkey will be be there bro…nothing can shake the status que now,,,u think PKR…maybe BARU BIAN..WIN….MAYBE HIS SEAT…COS HE IS CONSISTENT IN WAT HE BELIVS IN…SORRY BARU..NOT BEING ANTI pkr..or u…but i m being realistic here.can pkr win////????I hav doubt…

      u know how the cash..or injection plays in sarawak…people wil jus run for d mony….wil they vote for PKR…THEY Really DON CARE.




      they wil fly here n there in their helicopters…n ride in speed boats…n JKR n sesco vehicles…IT MONY MAKING TIME FOR SARAWAKIANS/MEN IN D STREET.


      I HAV SEEN IT B4….

      I M JUS SAD…WATEVER WE SAID NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE UNLESS GOD TAKES OVER N U KNOW HOW TO MOVE THE HEART OF GOD…sarawakians turn to him n seek his face…dayaks hav to humble themselve n pray to Him…no other way…the system fail…cos its tainted by corruption n witchcraft/socrery in the higest order..why u think there so much hatred n anger…witchcraft spirits upon the state oF sarawak…ya…only d blood of Jesus..wil overcome n thru it we hav a victory…..

      NOW ONLY GOD CAN OVERTURN THE STATUS QUO..TAIB..IS AS STRONG AS PHARAOH OF EGYPT….only d power of God can turn it around and a real man of God…maybe we need a moses n aeron…of the dayaks…sarawakians…shud be a day of prayer n fasting for sarawak/sarawkians.

      if not we will stil comment n comment n comment on tis blogg for another 30years..even if taib died by then another taib wil come until we change our approach. fierce watchdogs..many for sarawak.. lobby/protest groups of all sarawakian but not political parties in nature ..we control d politics..at this moment it God we trust in u..and no Lord we are not fearful of man but u…who wil put our soul to the lake of fire forever.

      PLS GOD DO SUMTHING…noone can unseat Taib..we need ur supernatural intervention.U know better God…..

    • Fewitt

      LHDN will never investigate this matter bcoz…even LHDN is own by them..so dont even dream they will pay for the taxes…bak kata org….yang kaya makin kaya..yg miskin bertambah miskin…

      • bucklynn rimbar

        only the hands of d almighty…lets see with our eyes wat God wil do..n how the prayer n cry of sarawakians wil be answer but yes its his purpose n will dat sarawakians hav to endure this to break down every pride dats d races in sarawak has..n shame them…cos the majority of the sarawakias cannot unseat a wicked ruler who is so obsessed with withcraft n blackmagic to the most evil proportion.

        until n unless God…thru Jesus prevail prevail…for it is written dat no body can go to d Father excepth thru the son…

        wen all means are exhusted only God can provide a way…and Jesus said he is the Way Truth N Life….

        turn back n cry to the Way.Truth n Life..no other way..sarawak is doom…

  • apek bayat

    manusia mati meninggal nama,harimau mati meninggal belang.nama baik tetap dikenang dan diabadikan di dalam lipatan sejarah sampai bila bila.nama yang jahat menjatuh darjat dan hidup segan mati pun tidak kerana sengsara jadi keparat.

    • Ben Alin Tunisia

      high time Sarawakian follow what the tunisian and egypt people did to their leaders who have exceeded peoples's hospitality.

  • Vigilante

    At first, this rascal thought he was so clever that he could get away with hiding all his ill gotten wealth at home and overseas, grabbing NCR lands to be sold to crony companies, awarding contracts to his own family and crony companies, holding shares in companies by proxy and in trust by using family members' names as a cover-up.

    So never in his wildest imagination would he ever dream that all of his wrong doings be unearthed and the news spread everywhere like wild fires both in the physical and virtual worlds such as the Hi tech super highways everywhere and anywhere. In fact, special tribute should be given to Sarawak Report for its unceasing indepth and revealing reports of the thief's misdeeds.

    Instead of bringing progress and good governance to the state, he abused his power and the mandate entrusted to him by the rakyat by making them suffer untold misery and hardship, grabbing NCR lands everywhere and awarding contracts to himself and whatever just to enrich himself and his family members. This is what he means by taking advantage of the opportunities to be rich and working hard.

    • apek bayat

      tahniah sarawak report yang telah bermati matian membongkarkan rahsia si karun itu merampas dan menyimpan harta rakyat sarawak.tidak terhingga rakyat sarawak telah berhutang budi dan jasa yang sarawak report taburkan,lebih hebat sarawak report daripada kepemimpinan taib itu.semakin tidak sabar kita mahu sarawak report mencari cerita bagaimana pekerja dan penyimpan amanah yang dilaporkan oleh sarawak report mati secara misteri itu.bagaimanakah perkembangan berita itu sekarang.

  • najibrazak

    This is getting too much. Hardly a day passes without some new villainy by Taib hitting the headlines. I dont think I will call a federal election this year along with Taib,s State one. I will need his BN MPs until at least 2013. They will be there until then unless the new Sarawak State government gets most of them into jail too. My advice to Taib (as an old friend and collaborator)? Get cosmetic surgery, get a new identity, get out NOW and STAY OUT. Of jail at least.

  • http://- iban samarahan

    di Tunia, Mesir dan negara-negara arab yang lain kebangkitan rakyat telah menular kerana menentang pemimpin yang corrupt dan kejam. bagi taib dan keluarganya hari mu akan tiba bila dia terpaksa melarikan diri ke negara lain. bangkitlah rakyat sarawak menumpaskan pemimpin yang durjana ini

  • oA


    why complaint now?

    didnt the ibans gave them 30 years of complete, unconditional rights to plunder and pillage?

    oh by the ways, white hair's nieces didnt seize the opportunity though they basically inherited the loots that the ibans and dayaks were so magnanimously contributed FREE OF CHARGE to them though.


    • theAlphamale

      I beg to differ. At times we would easily point our fingers and put the blame at others little do we know the real scenario behind it all. The Dayaks, specifically the ibans were rather illiterate communities back than. All they knew was the simple gifts and promises that the present govt offered. Back than there were no such thing as the internet and information/real facts were hard to disseminate. However we do know now that efforts have been made to print out/ripped into vcds/dvds/articles that actually depict the real situation in S'wak… Do hope we get more of these out in the local dialects and distributed to all provinces in S'wak.

      • apek bayat

        apa hendak dibangkitkan zaman itu.taib dan pemimpin macam jabu,adenan,abdul rahman,awg tengah,masing,riot,manyin,tiki,georgelah yang sedar awal pun tidak boleh buat apa-apa kerana mereka nak hidup dan terpaksan tutup mulut.ramai juga yang ikut sama bila dijadikan penyanggak politik pembangunan taib.itu cerita dahulu.tidak mustahil apa saja boleh berlaku.yang penting rakyat sekarang dengar suara hati mereka melalui pembacaan dan perhatian, untuk bersatu menumbangkan BN sarawak.kemenangan BN sarawak akan menglambatkan usaha untuk rakyat bebas dengan harta milik.bila ini berlaku dengan sendiri dia dan BN tidak berkuasa.

      • oA


        my point exactly is that iban and dayak leaders took advantages by swapping precious ancestral lands with crumbs in the form of only hundreds of dollars each election thus benefiting white hair while benefiting themselves too.

        the poors got screwed in the process. shame.


        • Ganeng

          Yes, now you are on track. Generalizing the natives as ignorant is a bad taste and demonstrates some degree of arrogance. I as a native despise the educated and well-informed esp the native YBs who would scheme and hoodwink their own people for greed..

          I agree with you…SHAME on them..

    • http://yahoo anita albert

      iban terlalu banyak parti,kalau semua iban berkumpul dalam satu parti dapat jadi ketua menteri.ini tidak suka berpecah belah…..tidak bersatu.

      • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

        Anita,they all want to be leaders and the bidayuh too.In the end,they become 'followers'.They cannot become leaders.How many Stephen Kalong Ningkan or Tawi Sli do we have?

        Just look at "Afraid" Jabu always numpang,Michael Manyin Jawon is also a passenger and so too are William Mawan and James Jemut Masing.

        My sincere hope that all these dayaks should realise by now that they should build their own house or boat.Good luck.

        Now we need a good,capable and able leader not necessarily with PhD(permanent head damage which we don't need).Baru Bian needs a deputy or person to assist him now..right now.

        • tugau mukah

          With due respect they are not Iban leaders,they are mere politicians.A leader should know how to lead and must have back bone.Do you think Jabu,Masing,Mawan and Micheal Manyin can be regarded as leaders,when it is obvious that they are just sycophants.They dont have the guts to criticise Taib and tell the truth about the issues and problems affecting their own communities.They know fully well that they will be out of favour if they speak the truth.Thats why the Iban are still poor and backward so long as we have politicians,and not leaders,like Jabu,Masing,Mawan,Micheal Manyin etc.


        anita albert…hope its ur real name..u one of the brave dayaks…not using a psaudo name…two iban hav been C.M..its not bout sapa C.M…if no watchdog pun sama…in u.s..the watchdogs or lobby group is so powerful..they can change… swing of the votes….so if we hav a united voice we can never mine bout parties we can agree on issues…n swing d votes if we are in parties we hav to tow the line..or policies like how it is now..not dat our dayaks y.b.s bodoh or stupid but they are in a party and hav to abide by the party system..so its so important dat the lobby group n watch dogs not control by party..but a united voice wic can protest n boycott..God bless u brave iban lady..or dayak..we need more like u…God bless u..

    • IBAN

      why complaint now?

      didnt the ibans gave them 30 years of complete, unconditional rights to plunder and pillage?

      oh by the ways, white hair’s nieces didnt seize the opportunity though they basically inherited the loots that the ibans and dayaks were so magnanimously contributed FREE OF CHARGE to them though.

      I don't think it is fair to BLAME Ibans and Dayaks…… what about the Sarawak malays, Melanau,Chinese and those people in Semanjung????

      Didn't they also allow BN to plunder this nation by voting UMNO & BN to stay in power??????

    • IBAN

      I don't think it is fair to BLAME Ibans and Dayaks…… what about the Sarawak malays, Melanau,Chinese and those people in Semanjung????

      Didn't they also allow BN to plunder this nation by voting UMNO & BN to stay in power??????

      • oA


        majority are ibans and dayaks is it not?

        after 30 years Egyptian want Mubarak out..

        now native sarawakians can do the same – help white hair get out. Simple.


    • http://http:/www.sarawaknews.wordpress.com Timchoo

      Can't agree more. Laban Iban selalu madah mali, tulah. Anang ngelaban perintah. They never learn and worst still, refused to learn. Ni enda nyamai Amud nginsah reta Iban di Swak.

  • B. Saing

    Firstly, bravo to Sarawak Report for conducting a forensic investigative journalism to expose the hidden wealth of Taib's families and cronies, stolen from the impoverished Dayaks. It would have a greater impact if Sarawak Report could also show photos of impoverished and malnourished Dayaks living in their lands against the photos of lavish lifestyle of the Taib's families. As they say, pictures can say a million words.

    Keep up the good work. Change will come.

  • Pimp

    Elia looks like a man to me.

    • apek bayat

      betul betul betul

      • http://none Watch Dog says…

        Wow,only prostitutes wear RED and Black bra and knickers..to cover the overflowing juices after a 'quickie'.You see loving the two men.ha ha ha ha

  • sara

    The named shareholder, Wang Ko Chun has an IC with the State as 71. Which state is that? Sarawakians have 13 as the middle code.

    Is he from China. If so, how can he own land? Did he get special permission to own land? Or is he a fake character?

    Or is it another case of different rules for different people? Laws of the jungle of laws of Taib apply here?

    • Jungle Trakkers

      FYI…..I.C…No..71 in between is People (may be some profesional workers or other political reason) who get citizenship from government.

  • Abu


  • retired cop

    You can expose hundreds of malpractices about Taib, but Dayak ministers and Dayak BN elected representatives will not believe it.

    For Jabu, Masing, Mawan, Manyin, Unggah and Dayak BN YBs, Taib is the giver of their bread.

    Pathetic! Dayak leaders all this while have been used as scapegoats and tools by one man who is greed for power and self-interest. Ketuai nilat burit!

  • karma believer

    she is sexy?

    • Asouk Bale'

      oh men.. she sex maniac… look her face…omg!

      • March

        i keep watch her boobs..dont know why..there's magnet.

        • http://none Watch Dog says…

          Because you cannot see women.Please zip up your fly bro.It seems that your fly is always open..

          Bro,please control yourself..there is NO magnet but only Lucifers..satan..devil..please stay away and take your eyes out of the way..

          Say a prayer against witchcraft..if you are a believer and you will be okay.In Jesus name..take your eyes out of the way.

          AMEN !!!

  • apek bayat
    • Ayam Jantan

      That's amazing, Elia Geneid deserves to be voted as "Young Enterpreneur of the year " in Malaysia. Not many young enterpreneur can be instant millionaries at such a young age as Elia Geneid. Guess,Elia geneid is just a proxy by hidden hands probably the parent. That makes more sense. Don't blame her,blame the hidden hand behind her deals. doremi ha.

      • http://none Watch Dog says…

        Should be voted "YOUNG THIEF OF THE YEAR".

  • Vigilante

    Recently, SUPP president, George Chan, said that the Chinese community was not marginallised. The following video was produced by the thief minister to shore up support for his claim but rather the message is to intimidate the Chinese and to instill fear and threat into them.

    He said if Chinese are not part in his “majority” they will “live to regret” Now what was he talking about? It will be him, not the Chinese, who will live to regret. Let’s see when the time comes.

    From “HORNBILL UNLEASHED” comments:-



    (Posted by the Sarawak Government)

    This video is posted to show how Taib is playing reverse racial politics by making a threat to the Chinese if they are not part of his “majority”. What he was meaning was if they should be voting for his PBB BN parties especially the SUPP.

    His rather casual dismissal of what are actually major apartheid issues affecting all non-bumiputras (and even Dayaks victims of his land grab policies) is a mistake as it will only alienate the Chinese and others even more.

    They have nothing to lose as they can see that 48 years of apartheid policies cannot be changed overnight. The KL colonialists have been inciting UMNO members towards more discriminatory policies and are trapped in their own extremism.

    Viewers will notice how his crowd of supporters are just politely clapping.

    In the Borneo Post dated 29 Jan, Miri PKR disputed George Chan’s assertion recently that the Chinese community was not marginalised saying he could be trying to appease Chinese frustrations with SUPP.

    Dr Michael Teo, PKR Miri branch chairman, said over 90 percent of the Chinese people are not wealthy and these are the people who have been marginalised for many years since independence due to their vocal stand on vernacular education and other differences such as non acceptance into institutions of higher learning and the low rate of absorption into the country’s civil service.

    He further pointed out that the Chinese ministers and typcoons did not necessarily represent Chinese interests and their aspirations.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Bro,so that he will have more 'ang pows" this year.So come Chinese new,he will carry back "few James Bond bags or Pilot bags". That is always the case and has been going on for years.

  • apek bayat

    pandai dia itu pusing lidah.sekarang orang cina pulak dia beri ingatan,tapi tahukah dia rakyat sarawak juga mahu mengingatkan dia supaya berundur.tengok body language dia itu, seperti dalam ketakutan.kita beri dia lebih takut seperti dikejar hantu laut,dan terus lenyapkan dia dari bumi sarawak ini.dia banyak duit biar dia lari bersama isteri dia itu ke negara lain.kita ambil balik segala apa yang tinggal untuk rakyat sarawak.kita bekukan duit dia yang ada di merata bank seluruh dunia.apa guna pemimpin rakus dan rasuah ini menjaga kita.banyak orang lain lebih pintar memimpin bukan pintar putar belit lidah.sekarang sudah tiba dia ikut bomoh dia yang mengajar segala kejahatan kepada rakyat sarawak.bye bye taib

  • EK

    I suggest SR shows photos of Taib's wealth vs the rural poor for all to see.

    Pictures paint a thousand words.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      You can help by taking the pictures and send to SR bro.Please do not depend on SR alone. Your help is required too.

  • http://kudalari Ah Chong

    Now chinese can play overoll. Bumi need chinese to support finance and living. This towkays need helping them more when election come not BN. We need to change.

    Truely Vote need money for Sarawak voter

    not talk here & there. More $$$ is winner.

    Year 2011 (barangnaik) can't help BN.

  • apek bayat

    Yes Dayak has no leaders. Jabu, Masing, Mawan are just sycophants whose main agenda is to satisfy Taib's greeds

    They allow Taib to grab the NCR lands from the Ibans. Taib, his siblings, families and cronies are sybarites who are insensitive towards the poor. lately Taibs' speech seems to justify all what he has done to sarawak.

  • TheDesaPutra


  • Tuan James Brooke

    Land Title was FIRST given during the time of Brooke's Dynasty. Japanese Ocupation, they didnt bother of any land title. Soon the British took over, the colonial too gave lands to the people of Sarawak. Until Malaysia colonialisation, they speed up the land lease expiry and refuse any renewal by land owner. It converted into state land, which magically turns to be cronies land.

    Mr Sarawak report, check out the land for Wisma Sanyan owned by Datuk Paul Mahmud. I did won 100metre in that land when it was still sibu running track. Who could convert state land into the tallest bulding in sarawak and forces all state offices to rent the building and own it? memang teror!!

    • apek bayat

      terror di dunia tidak apa,nanti boleh lawan terror bila dunia kiamat.manusia apa ini,sama mubarak.

  • apek bayat

    ron97 increase to RM2.50,another 10 cents;immediately after BN won tenang.tomorrow all the other things will increase too.

  • Freedom for Sarawak

    We will bring them down. Just look what happened to Tunisia and Egypt. Wake up Sarawakian. Change is what we need. Wake Up and Fight. Chase them out from Malaysia.

  • pen4

    Oooh, aku hampir putus asa.

    Perlukah kita lakukan pemberontakan seperti di thailand/philippine atau tunisia&egypt?

    Atau kita guna cara kita sendiri? Cara apa nak kasi itu UMNO-BN-theif mamot itu sedar? Lihat dia di suratkhabar, sungguh ego. Eeee geraaamnya tengok muka berok itu. Sumpit baru tau.

  • apek bayat

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeemuka kau ya eeeeeeeeeeeeetengok gambar di atas,kata walit kepada taiiiiiiib

  • tugau mukah

    Geram nya aku dengan kau burung walid. taib nampak ghairah benar dengan bini barunya.

    Weeek. week. weeek.

  • http://yahoo idiot

    family of thieves, stealing from the poor and the poor still support them as government.

    we all are real idiots and they are laughing in their sleeps and all the way to the banks,

    thanks all bastards, when are we going to wake up. Look what happened in Egypt, they have enough, what about us, still daze?

  • Goku

    Aku penah di penjara..di Penjara Polis Badaruddin Satok pd 1998 selama sebulan kerana menentang pemerintahan Penyamun Taib Mahmud..kpd yg menyokong aku masa ya..thanks a lot..sehingga ari tok aku sik akan berputus asa wpun sik diam di Malaysia lgk…dan aku akan balit di Kuching setiap pilihanraya utk menentang BN.Pastikan undi kita bukan utk BN.



    • tugau mukah

      semangat semangat semangat.ada yang nama satu hari,penyamun,ahli keluarga,kroni,penyagak,pengampu penyamun ya akan disiksaTtuhan dan aku ingin melihat,menyaksinya dengan mata sendiri.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Bro,why do you run away and stay on people's country? Come back immediately as this is our country and let him run away next ok??

      No VIOLENCE please as we are peace loving people but remember:




      • tugau mukah

        undi dan cuba PKR,laungkan demokrasi!!!

        • zailan

          hehehe sama jugak.semua orang mahu duit maa,,

    • zailan

      hehehe .thgen utuk sape? sama juga maa.dorang menang mana da nak bg kau duit atau ruamh atau bmw.benda cmni biasa la.orang bisnis pun ramai kaya raya rumah besar.ini semua impian orang..kau kalu mahu pun bole..pegi la ngendeng sama dia

  • tugau mukah

    i wonder why PM /SPRM tak peduli langsung kah,nak ambik tindakan ke atas penyamun ya…..atau;apakah ingin tsunami Egypt beralih ke Sarawak?

  • Goku

    Hi my fellow bro..I have never run away from my country and feeling scare with Menteri-Menteri Penyamun..anyhow I have business in other country without any corruptions.

    Now..the important we are together and courageous to fight Menteri-Menteri Penyamun as you say NO VIOLENCE.

    Pastikan undi kita bukan utk BN.


  • Goku

    Hi my fellow bro..I have never run away from my country and feeling scare with Menteri-Menteri Penyamun..anyhow I have business in other country without any corruptions.

    Now..the important we are together and courageous to fight Menteri-Menteri Penyamun as you say NO VIOLENCE.

    Pastikan undi kita bukan utk BN.


    Dr Goku

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Good bro,yes I too have to do business in other country like you.I have lost faith in Sarawak but I have to defend our people

      so let us do it together. I will be at the front line if there is any protest or demonstration to express out feeling.

      No anger please asa ANGER does NOT solve anything.So let us pension the followings:

      1.Taib Mahmud

      2.Awang Tanah Ali Hassan.

      3.George Chan

      4.Alfred Jabu

      The above are direct to the thief minister.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Good bro,yes I too have to do business in other country like you.I have lost faith in Sarawak but I have to defend our people

      so let us do it together. I will be at the front line if there is any protest or demonstration to express out feeling.

      No anger please asa ANGER does NOT solve anything.So let us pension the followings:

      1.Taib Mahmud

      2.Awang Tanah Ali Hassan.

      3.George Chan

      4.Afraid Jabu

      The above are direct to the thief minister.


    bro…can we go n protest in front oftaib house in damak…we bring guitar n drum n sing in d name of Jesus…in D name of Jesus…Demons will hav to flee..in d name of Jesus..In d name of Jesus we hav a victory…in d name of Jesus Taib wil hav to flee…cos he hav demons..bro…blood sucking…all his djins in damak must go…we hav to overcome tis then we can get rid of him…spirit first…we hav to tied n bind the strong man then we can enter the house…the strongman here is his demons….bro..we know dat our weapon now is not carnal,,we must pul down in d spirit realm then u see breakthru in d natural realm..

  • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

    Bro,nothing is like the power of PRAYER as anything is possible with GOD and let us all pray..maybe 100,000 people prayer.

    YES but first we must gather 100,000 people for PEOPLE's power.All must wear a yellow cap,a red 'T' shirt and a black pant,the state colour.Then we have to bring anointing oil to counter the devils,Lucifers,djins,satan and evil spirit and cast them to hell as that's where they belong.By the blood of Jesus,we command that all these stans,djins,lucifers and devils perished to HELL. Amen.amen,amen,amen..Halleluyah..halleluyah..Ameeen.Praise the LORD..

    • apatuai_penghulu ata

      Hey Bro,

      It will be great if you say a prayer which is more specific – that is praying for GOD intervention to make BN and Taib lose this coming election and that all illegal land grabbers receive a fair trial for land grabbing offence.


  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    Wow.that's good..I totally agree with Raja Manggeng.Well done and YES we will do it.Come on you all Sarawakians..let us UNITE and proceed to cahse Taib Mamud's demon away and send them to HELL as that's where they belong.,not here in Sarawak.In JESUS's name..Amen.amen.amen,amen..

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    Wow.that's good..I totally agree with Raja Manggeng.Well done and YES we will do it.Come on you all Sarawakians..let us UNITE and proceed to chase Taib Mamud's demon away and send them to HELL as that's where they belong.,not here in Sarawak.In JESUS's name..Amen.amen.amen,amen..PRAISE THE LORD!!!


      Lets pray…Lord God…King Of Glory…u hav seen ur people in sarawak…many cal u by name ..they are humble n seek after ur face….pls Lord how long Lord shall we wait while evil thrive in our land…we know our weapon is not carnal…but thru prayer we pul down all strong hold in d spirit realm right now in the mighty name of Jesus..dat by the name of Jesus every knee shall bow every tongue confess..JESUS is Lord.

      we break down every power wic exalt it self against the throne of Jesus…

      it is written dat they overcame by the blood of d Lamb..of God.Jesus we take tis evil powers,authorities n principalities,spirit of wickedness in high places n demons spirit..n..rebuke all of u in d name of Jesus..n casts all of u in d pit of hell now..in the Name of Jesus…i Bucklynn rimbar..rebuke u in d mighty name of Jesus….u hav no power or right in our land any more…we declare sarawak to be the land of Jesus@Isa…now n forever.

      shame d proud but exalt the weak…change n put morally upright men n women to administrate n rule sarawak..men n women dat u hav raise for ur purpose in sarawak.

      Father i humbly cast tis prayer b4 ur throne now n let it be seal by ur approval..n let u make it come to pass.

      set sarawak free Lord..in the Name of Jesus ,I pray.amen

      • Watchman


  • Ma Da Shing

    I just wonder how is it possible to siphon off so much wealth from our State and still the socalled anti-corruption people turn their blind eyes to these blatant outrage scandals. They can only try to hit a small mosquito with a huge cannon ball and down came the poor young victim!

    • sipungutsikadut


  • Sia Tiu Hin

    Any anti-corruption spies around? It is time for them to claim the rewards to take the culprits to jails and shackles! You should have no difficulty in getting hold of all the evidence of corruption in this State by checking the income with their huge assets; no need to go overseas, just check all their possessions within this State itself enough to flood the whole country!!!

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    When is the election? Nobody knows as the Thief minister is busy with the "ERECTION".

    These people or bodies should stand by and DO NOT allow the thief Minister and his cronies to leave Sarawak.,

    On Stand by :

    1.IRD-LHDN For Tax Evasion

    2.MACC-For ABUSE of power.

    3.POLICE D7 Commercial crime-For money


    4.Bank Negara Malaysia- Money

    Laundering-For not informing

    BNM that they have account


    5.Ministry of Finance- Money laundering

    ** Money Laundering means money earned through illegal means.**

    Now Sarawak is suffering the worst and even worst than the DRUG menace.The drugs now worth billions is called "TAIBMINE PILLS".We must eradicate this before it is too late.

  • Fewitt

    Betulkah nama dia Elia Khadijah Bte Abas..mcm org kafir je cara hidup…..klu org Islam mesti tak menipu…..malas lah nak ckp..apa-apa pun jumpa kat PADANG MAHSYAR

    • http://none Elia says…

      Never mind,I am a modern Muslim and so are my families.I want to show my cleve is up to me.It is my business…jealous kah??

      • imam frustrated

        KAU HINA ISLAM DGN PERAGAI KAU YANG KAFIR DAN MURTAT…MANA ADA MUSLIM MODEN….AURAT..MESTI DITUTUP UNTUK HANYA SUAMI MU DI BILAK KAMAR…apa semua laki2 suami mu kah…kau seorang kafir…pui…kau dan pak cik kau bukan islam tapi syaitan bertopeng islam…jangan megaku muslim bila peragai sedikit pun tidak muslim…muslim ertinya seorang yg patut kepada kehendak Allah…kamu oatuh ke nafsu syaitan mu…macam pakcikmu…kurang ajar…kalau murtat dan kafir keluar saja islam…sedikit pun kamu bukan islam cheh pui…

      • http://none Watch Dog


    • bucklynn rimbar

      agreed fewitt..even in padang mashar..it is written dat Isa@Jesus shall be d Hakim Akhir zaman…lets ask him to do his part now..by asking him…to break d power of Evil or bunuh dahjal behind Taib n family n frens…dalam nama Isa..saya berseru.Allah..hapus kan segala roh n kausa syaitan di sarawak…amin…

    • http://none Politics of Corrupti

      Betul kah Fewit?? "Kalau orang Islam tentu tidak menipu"!!! Ha ha ha ha ha

      But why Taib Mahmud,Ahmad Hj Su'ut,Taib punya adik beradik ,lelaki dan perempuan menipu.Kan dia orang Islam? Can you please tell them about what you said.Their names are either "BIN" or 'BINTE".I am sorry but your statement does knock my feelings a little bit after seeing what the Thief Minister did to Sarawak. How about AWANG Tanah ops Tengah

      ha ha ha ha ha. Does he do the same too?

      • imam frustrated

        mereka bukan islam…mereka suduh kafir…kalau tidak ikut islam mereka sudah murtat…menipu itu salah disegi undang2 dan rukun2 syariah…mereka macam umno..islam plastic boleh buat apa2 sahaja yang bukan islam tapi mereka tetap islam,tapi di islam kalau buat perbuatan tak di galakkan oleh islam mereka sudah kafir dan keluar islam…tapi di malaysia umno mempraktikkan islam plastic mereka..dan taib ikut sama…buat apa kamu suka…tapi nama tetap islam ini sudah salah..di syariah islam…hanya pengikut islam di panggil muslim…orang yg tidak adalah kafir…

  • http://none Watch Dog says…

    Actually what is her name/ Elia binte who? Why does she has two fathers? Do you mean her mum has two(2) husbands? Is it allowed.LIke mother like daughter!! Ha ha ha ha.

    Ini lah pantun melayu and maybe will cure her sickness,wanting to get married many many times.








  • Yohanes Francis – Na

    Inilah tanda-tanda yang menyertai orang yang dikasai Iblis.Dia mendustai Roh Kudus Allah dan menipu sesama manusia untuk kepentingan diri-sendiri demi mengisi perut dan keinginan diri-sendiri.Hai Elia engkau bukan mendustai manusia,tetapi mendustai Allah.Nama yang engkau pakai itu adalah nama yang diperkenan oleh Allah sendiri iaitu nama Nabi Elia tetapi engkau telah mendapat KUTUK pada diri mu sendiri serta seluruh ahli keluarga mu yang lain kerana menghujat dan mempermainkan nama Nabi Allah yang dikasisi Allah.SARAWAK adalah bumi yang dipilih Allah sejak dari asal Penciptaa-NYA maka orang yang telah melakukan kejahatan dengan cara seperti yang telah engkau lakukan PASTI akan mendapat balasan murka Allah itu seadilnya semasa di bumi ini dan apatah lagi di alam ROh.

    Perbaiki segala perbuatan dan kejahatan yang telah berlaku serta bubarkan segala perancangan serta semua yang sudah dijual terutamanya bumi Sarawak iaitu tanah orang native NCR dan kembalaikan hak mereka maka pasti ada pengampunan dari Allah.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Hei nabi sarawak,Sarawak has no nabi,you are a false prophet. Maybe you graduate form Kota Sentosa Hospital 'College'.

      Beware of FALSE prophet…another of the Thief minister's Lucifer.

      In Jesus name you go back where you belongs but NOT in beloved Sarawak.

  • imam frustrated

    betul watch dog…watchdog..syaitan taib..dan jembalangnya sudah keluar dari demak bilakah kamu hendak memprotes di luar rumah taib…panggil kami…kami pun nak bersama dgn jubah2 kami…boleh tak…kita bersatu…mengolengkan taib anak syaitan bin iblis….

  • John Hardick

    She will get rid of you unless you can make her ejaculate every time.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Really John? Have you did it with her? I think even Queen Elizabeth Ship can go through the gate..ha ha ha ha ha…

      John,is it for free or just a bottle of MOET????

  • teckwyn

    This is a libelous and defamatory article that is full of sarcastic comments and reproduces private photographs without any respect. The comments are obscene and detract from any valid criticisms of the Sarawak Government. I find this whole article counterproductive and unseemly – it is completely unfair to attack someone based on their age, gender or the number of relationships they have had. Please remove this article.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      teckwyn–Are you a member of ABC(Association of Balls Carrier too? The fact that she can get NCR land at the native expense and enjoy herself while the poor kids in the longhouses are crying for milk.

      Why are you so protective of your Boss's niece? How much are yu paid for protecting her here?

    • Poker Face

      teckwyn, calm down bro.. oppsss… r u male or female? seem that u like her much. do u admired her? by the way, if u a male i wish u'll be her the third or shall i say, her pussy digger.. hahahaha… but if u a female, eheemmm… u r her xxx partner. simply 2 say, u both lesbian. r u sarawakian, teckwyn?! if u DON'T KNOW WHAT'S REALLY FUCKING DAMN HELL HAPPENING IN SARAWAK, U SHOULD SHUT UP YOUR DONKEY MOUTH & HELL OFF FROM MY LOVELY STATE. did she paid you or she offers her black rusty ass & rotten smelling pussy (more stink than trieneken's rubbish leachate) for your defending words?! she's the little devil in sarawak & taib's mentee. how should should u don't know!

  • kick them out

    The whole family is evil. Kick them out of Sarawak now!

  • Meggie

    Elia you are ugly no matter how much ill gotten you have. no plastic surgery could fix your piggy face.

  • Jizzy

    Hell awaits for taib's family.

  • apatuai_penghulu ata


    if you read carefully, the target of attack is on her land grab and how she lives her life out of proceeds from land grabs.

    how on earth can we respect such a person ?

    perhaps, only brain dead person will.

    TQ SR – we support you. keep this article posted.

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  • http://none TMG says…

    Hai Elia..I am coming to Kuching soon for world rainforest festival. I love your papaya..keep it tight for me ok.we can have perignon in bed. I love tropical fruit. I am a lady's man

  • http://n/a Tom Jones

    Hai Elia,I told you that I am coming to Kuching for RFWMF.When can I meet you? I am staying in Room 208 Damai Lagoon.Do drop in for a bottle of PERIGNON..I know that it is your favourite and we can have a jolly good time..I love your assets.

  • Damocles

    Elia and her sisters really have squeezable nuts!

    Just love to get hold of them (nuts)!

  • katak

    Ini lah yang di katakan politik pembangunan kerajaan BN Sarawak, Nampak berjayakan. Persoalanya berapa ramai rakyat Sarawak berjaya terlibat dalam moneyfishto ini? Pikir-pikirkan kaban perkara ini…..