Jabu Family Cash In On Native Lands

Jabu Family Cash In On Native Lands

10 Jan 2011

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Barbara Dubah Jabu, a wealthy match for her new husband with so much land taken from Iban NCR lands and handed to her by the state

News is circulating in the Betong area that Deputy Chief Minster’s family has just cashed in on Native Lands handed to them by the State of Sarawak (thanks to his political ally the Chief Minister, who is also the Planning and Resources Minister and Chairman of the Land Custody and Development Authority). 

They are believed to have made a sale to FELCRA for RM 7 million.  Not bad for lands that have been extracted from their rightful owners for a pittance!

Sarawak Report wonders if either FELCRA, which as a public federal body should publish all such purchases and deals (especially if the families of government Ministers are profiting from them) or indeed Jabu himself would confirm which of his many land acquisitions have been sold on in this way?

Or perhaps the lawyer handling the deal, Ani Solep,  Advocate and Solicitor, would be so good as to make public the details of such a sale of once public lands to a public body?

Over shadowed by the Star Attraction? - Taib brings his own bride now revealed to be named Puan Sri Ragad Waleed Alkurdi

Taib’s chief Iban land-grab crony

It is, of course, well-known that it is not just the Chief Minister and his family who have been grabbing native customary lands for themselves.  His Deputy, Jabu, is famous for having hugely profited also from land hand-outs in return for his total political loyalty. 

Jabu has acquired enormous tracts of land for himself and his family during his lucrative years as Deputy to Taib Mahmud.  Given his modest official salary and poor family background,  it is inconceivable that he could have managed to raise the sums needed to buy these areas (now worth many millions of ringgit) if he had paid the market price.

 However, as Taib’s political secretary Karim Hamza so recently explained, BN regard it as a perk of political office to take advantage of the “business opportunities” of land that might be offered to you “at a very cheap price”.  The rest of the world regards this as corruption.

Enough to cover the wedding!

Jabu’s daughter Barbara, of course, got married this very weekend in great splendour.  The Chief Minister and his own surprise  new young wife attended the ceremony.  Our exclusive photographs show that the bride and groom decked themslves out in full traditional Iban costumes to celebrate their union, but the real Iban population of their home areas and longhouses will be wondering how much of all this lavish entertainment was paid for at their expense? 

How much of Jabu’s unexplained wealth has been gained from exploiting their own Iban people by receiving

Top table - nothing but the best for the Jabu wedding

lands taken by the state and then sold to him and his family at a very cheap price? 

Herba Aromatics – owned by Jabu children

For example, was the land sold to Felcra for RM7 million the approximately 2,000 hectare plot that was recently handed by Taib to a company called Herba Aromatics?   The owners of Herba Aromatics are none other than Gerald Rentap Jabu, the Deputy Chief Minister’s own son and his daughter, the newly wedded Barbara!  A close family crony and cousin, Robert Lawson Chuat also enjoys some shares.  

This land was ‘purchased’ from the state in 2008 for an agreed price of just over RM 1 million and is located in Lidong Road area, Betong.  This is all Native Customary Rights Land belonging to Jabu’s own Iban people and it is of course worth a great deal more than this.  In fact the land registry admits that the area is currently used for integrated farming purposes, proving that it belongs to the natives and not to the state – far less to Mr Jabu’s, who has now acquired it for such a low price.

All for the kids? - Jabu's kids are named as the owners, but his influence got them the land! As of this year they still had not paid the State for the acquisition.

How much did the real owners receive?

Crony politics - Jabu has received a wealth of lands from his boss. The lands were taken from the people of Sarawak.

We therefore wish to enquire how much Jabu’s children paid the natives, whose land they alienated?  Many natives are angered in Betong that Jabu has acquired large tracts of  Iban land in the area by paying the owners a laughable RM500 a door.  Less than a month’s wage in Kuching for their entire lifelong inheritance! 

Often this RM 500 a door compensation has in fact been paid to Headmen on behalf of members of their longhouses.  Often these families did not even know that their land was being traded in this way and did not even receive the money!  Such practices are of course illegal and some families are now seeking legal advice to proceed against their exploiters.

Just as outrageously, we can inform you that even the minimal sum which Jabu’s children were supposed to be paying the state for this area of valuable land ( taken from its rightful Iban owners), had yet to be paid earlier this year – a full two years after they had kindly received it from the Chief Minister! 

Don't worry Mr Jabu, feel free to pay later. The State of Sarawak would not want you out of pocket before you have sold it on for a massive profit!

Did the Chief Minister perhaps tell Jabu’s children that they didn’t need to find the money to pay the State of Sarawak until after they had sold it on to somebody else at a much higher market price?  Would that sale perhaps have been to FELCRA for RM7 million?

Sarawak Report demands that the Land Registry make clear whether Jabu’s children have yet paid all the money owing for this land and if so when?

Easy profits for Government Ministers of Sarawak at the expense of poor native communities

Such a profit would certainly have paid for Barbara’s wedding and set her and her new husband up very nicely for the start of their married life (although it represents but a small fraction of the family fortune).  They have done so much better than those rightful owners, who were given RM 500 a door (if they got it), haven’t they? 

So, this is progress and development BN-style!  It means enormous wealth for Government

Haven't they done well thanks to Daddy Jabu?

Ministers, who are supposed to serve the people, while the poor lose their lands and livelihoods to make them rich.

Of course it is up to the people of Sarawak whether they continue to allow themselves to be robbed in this way or demand their lands back, which is what the opposition parties promise to do!

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  • http://none TMG says…

    Hello Fellow Dayaks in Betong area. Your SULTAN has played you all out and all land

    issue must go through Jabu himself.

    Do you still want your SULTAN to rule you?Please decide and think carefully.Jabu is advisor to SALCRA but why sell the land to FELCRA??So now do you believe in Jabu asking you to develop your land through SALCRA??If the advisor has decided to go to FELCRA for land developement,that's mean SALCRA is no good at all.Poorly managed,am I right??

    • miaowkia

      Jabu are you hinting us you have no considerations towards the poor. Have you not got enough? And now you are progressing to wallop the fund that meant for uplifting the poor small players. Guess who is 1st Class thief then?

  • karma


  • mount merapi

    muka tak malu semua

  • Vigilante

    Taib, Jabu and the rest of their cronies are birds of the same feather that flock together.

    No wonder many unscrupulous people want to jump on the bandwagon of entering politics to get rich quick by grabbing NCR lands at an "unspecified payment in kind" [using the white haired thief's term for no payment or FOC as is his usual modus operandi] and then sell such lands to "China man" crony companies for millions. Free lands that belong to natives,your very own people to make easy money to become instant millionaires overnight as in the case of Herba Aromatics Sdn Bhd., Jabu's siblings are named as the owners. As of this year they still had not paid the State for the acquisition which they sold to Felcra for RM7 million the approximately 2,000 hectare plot that belong to your own people.

    No wonder Taib’s political secretary Karim Hamza so recently explained, BN regard it as a perk of political office to take advantage of the “business

    opportunities” of land that might be offered to you “at a very cheap price”. The rest of the world regards this as corruption.

    Any right thinking politician of principle, moral, integrity,& dignity would not do this for the conscience of guilt will come to haunt you for the rest of your life and the long arm of the law will come after you after the party you are associated with is defeated.

  • mount merapi

    Jabu+ Taib+ thief

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  • ishak ahmad

    the devil of sarawak is sucking on his own peoples blood…

    • Hello Sunshine

      you're right. nevermind, they'll be judged by GOD.

  • Layarian

    Dig some more for them in Betong to realize that he is sucking it from them all for his personal profit. Such an @$$hole.

    • http://none Raja Manggeng says..





      • Gudboy

        Good point. No wonder salcra in ulu awik just only a name to me. Owez passing that junction but looks nothing there. Heard also 'bout the useless baja bought with high price but still the sawit canot produce. Huhu.. Hope he will die slowly and in pain..

  • John Sarawak

    Tabi Kaban,

    nama meh kebuah menteri kami ngaga pengawa bakanya. Arap ka ia oleh compensate kami rega COMMERCIAL PRICE.

    • anak umbong

      lapa menteri ngaga kitai bakanya? laban kitai IBAN tok kelalu percaya ke jako menteri. go for the difference, go for change, don't go for the same old BN. they will never compensate you, trust me and if they somehow will compensate you, I belive it'll be much lower than the market price.

  • miscelines

    As if you are more better than them..at least they know how to control the state..do you know anything..?? the only thing u guys knows it critics and blaming others. What do you do for yourself and improving your life..NOTHING….!!!

    • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

      Yes,You are one of their dogs,asking to bark left and right and you do.What a shame?

      Yes,absolutely better than them and you will see.

      We forgive you my brother and please repent before it is too late.,God bless you

    • Rude

      So what did YOU do to improve anyone's life and i'm not talking about your own . ?????? Can you give us 1 reason not to throw this thief out at the election and start working for Sarawak and not exclusively for Taib pension fund and family trust????? Its time to start looking after the children in the Kampongs and not just covering Taibs nieces in precious jewels. You think Marcos was bad ???? Wait and see when all the truth comes out about these parasites. And it will . The time is near.

    • antitaip

      I agree with you but change the verb 'control' into rob…that sound better!

    • http://- Kayau Anak

      Hahai…..wai miscelines,

      You are useless Iban!!!, do you believe you yourself are very smart Iban. Tell us all your share(s)in FELCRA be a gentleman. Do not hide your "reta churi ari Mensia Maioh" or else your old ash hole Jabu will tetunsam bepilih tu ila ketekekalu BAM DUIT Sama enggau Bossbuban……..sepi asai iya baka ni rakyat ngetat ngasai ka pemedis baka nya iya ila. TUHAN MULAI KA SEMUA RETA churi NGAGAI MENUA SARAWAK Laban Sarawak ukai ungkup Jabu Ak Ampng, Taib Buban banan kanji tuai, James Kusing, William Semawar, Awang Tengelam, George Belacan,Johari Ketuping n Co serta maioh agi Yang Bam bukai bempu tanah menua tu?

      Change We Must.

      … Paloi orang ka ngering ka Penchuri.

      • Lampu kidurong

        Helooo Kaban,anang bejako aja bukti kepenemu nuan mai bala kitai maia bepilih tu ila aku sukonnng penuhhh

    • http://sarawakreport nyapdeking

      Uou kaya kah? Kurang lebih je.kah…kah…

      Eksen je lebih.

  • brian

    Jabu is not an Iban. All his children's name do not bear the word "Anak". Truly Iban should bear "Anak".

  • Tiarama

    Now is the time to build more prisons in Sarawak so that when BN falls, we have enough rooms to keep them!

    • http://sarawakreport nyapdeking

      You pikir le Siapa hakim di Sarawak ataupun di Malaysia. Their own gang U.

  • remaongnyida


    Ha,ha,ha…. sangat kelakarlah.

    Agree with you so that they have time and space to enjoy the rest of thier life. They can celebrate any anniversary and do anything there. If they die tranform them into mummy because bumi kenyalang may not want their smelly flesh. Nanti hantu mereka kacau kita pulak. They derserved for that right? WE ARE NOT CRUEL AS THEM.


    • theAlphamale



      • san tet

        Hidup BN

        Hidup BN

        Perjuangan Belum Selesai

        • Future Leader

          Macamana perjuangan nak selesai,kalau asyik perjuangkan kekayaan sendiri…

          BN mmg tetap 'HIDUP'..

          'HIDUP' atas kesusahan RAKYAT…

  • FWL

    Isn't it time for the Ibans to wake up?

  • Sali Ak Tupai

    Check your facts first. Whose NCR land had being taken by Jabu or Taib in Betong? If there is any robbery you should report to the Police or refer to the Land Authority.

    • http://none LIEW SUK KOK says…

      Sali ak Tupai,you are just too silly to understand. What Police or what land authority?

      Police-Who control them? One man..no justice.

      Land authority(LCDA)Let's Chase Dayaks Away.

      Sali you are in deep slumber,wake up or you need prince charming or princess to wake you up.Grow up wisely too.

      • san tet

        Dear Liew Suk Kok… don't get emotional.

    • Tiarama


      Tupai lives on trees so he won't understand. But I can make him understand.

      Tupai, if I buy your banana for $5 and then resell to Liew for $100, how would you feel? Would you feel better if I pay you $50?

    • http://- Kayau Anak

      Tinduk Apai Sali ak Tupai Engkarabak tu deh…….

    • http://sarawakreport nyapdeking

      Ape? Awak pekak?awak buta,awak tak baca.Lu buat lepot polis lu sendili masuk lokup. Cubala kalau U berani lapol polis.

      • Gudboy

        Maybe he is jabu himself hahahaha

  • Tuan James Brooke

    Jabu is the best example of incompetent leader in sarawak history. He only best in releasing fry fish to the river, he is an expert!. jabu also expert in repeated ordinary speech since 1980's. now he only knows "score" and "anang ngelaban perintah".. to tell the truth, he doesnt even knows what score is all about. The greatest failure were, he failed to seek justice for its fellow ibans. He fail to ensure iban/dayak to erect their own building. Some dayak professionals were put on presure by this old guy. Ask an 18 years old to debate with him on nasional issues, i bet he tremble to answer an issue raised. Why on earth, dayaks still want this fellow to be their leader..?

    • http://- Kayau Anak

      Buakan salah ibu mengandong,,,,, salah orang menyokong

    • Puteri Sarawak

      Hi Tuan James Brooke

      The why question requires an answer. And the answer is that Iban/Dayaks people do not know any better. They never knew a leader with integrity. Their minds are blurred and consumed by leaders of present and past.

      • Layarian

        Blame it on the media that feed all those folks "sweet material" about them. But I'm really sure that the new generation knows better.

        • Future Leader

          I agree with u…

  • Saralara

    Jabu and Taib act the same way.Steal and sell people lands!!Who gonna trust them anymore…

  • Strategist

    When Pakatan Rakyak forms the next government, Taib, Jabu, George Chan and the rest of the cronies should be paraded in court to face charges of corruption in front of national TV camera, national and international newspapers reporters and journalists to show the world of their crimes they committed on their country fellow men. Upon conviction, one by one should be thrown into jail for the remaining part of their natural lives.

    After all this is done, all of Taib's overseas ill gotten landed properties must be restituted to the people of Sarawak. His overseas properties are only the tip of an iceberg. There are still billions that he has hidden somewhere. Every effort must be made to trace and recover them.

    This fellow is really a first class master thief that can make it to the world's guiness book of thieves. No doubt about him.

  • from hands to mouth

    i still remembered Jabu once said

    S'wak doesn't need an opposition to act as a check & balance…'cos… BN itself can do the check & balance. A mouthpiece full of JAMBU.

  • bok uban

    sure, Jabuu is incompetent leader because he is only a 'penNUMPANG'. When you are a penNUMPANG what can you do, except to follow and dance to the tune of Thief Mammut music. if I am a peNumpang in the same boat with Tahi Mamut, I will also dance the syrian dance with his new young wife.. well, if Mamut permit me. hehehehe..

  • san tet

    To YAB Pehin Sri. I think there's an Opossition mole within your inner circle.

  • Truth but the truth

    to all u guys out there,especially iban community.my only piece of word for all of u,after so many years of being turn n twist around by those so called liars,u guys still trust on them.n now when all those unexpected things has happen,theres only 1 question to be ask,"who to blame?" n my best answer is for those victims of this liars r "blame it on yrself".if in 30 years back then,maybe those living in rural areas r nt well educated to realized all this but now is a new era and everyone should have learn by past mistake n yet still believe in those that r not responsible to lead them in their constituency.no 1 to blame but yrself.if u guys wants better live o things to change from worse to better,i can only tell u this,"wake up from yr whatever fantasy o dreams n vote for the right leader".lastly,for those being cheated or lied,padan muka.after so many years,masih x sedar2 langsung.all u all can do is complain n complain here n wat do u think those devil will do?do u think they will spare 2-3 hours each other reading all yr angry comments here?i bet they r enjoying what they reaped,who cares.so wake up

    • http://- Kayau Anak

      Truth but the truth,

      1,000,000% agreed……… but to satisfy our hurt feeling on them.


        kayau anak..truth but d truth,,,both of u are coward..hiding n blaming d dayaks…shows ur name…if u dare…be like catherine suntai(SHE IS LIKE AU YAN SU CHI OF THE DAYAKS)…she got double of both of ur ballS///pengecut..amat seduai…u blame dayaks…u thinks all are stupid….huh..or our Y.B S ARE STUPID…HUH…show ur name n be really hiding but making comment from a psaudo name…..we want people to arise n be bold n strong and ask for their right restored….thge system fail..we must used d alternative and voices of the people…don be cowards….its our rights,,,our land…who hav d rights to it…tell me…we are silent n hiding dats our problem now.com out in d open…don worry bout sedition act or ISA…we ahav a right to voice our opinion cos our right are infringe…..

  • sarawakian

    the people in rural area will not see what these demons had done. news and education must reach these rural area in other way, provide the young peoples education adn expose them to outside world, this is those 'demons''s life long plan to keep these 'bumi' away from the modern world, something must be done to let them understand what is the real situations now!!!

    • remaongnyida

      Sarawakian & BUCKLYNN RIMBAR;

      Peda, bedau kitai ngaga penyalah,

      bala Rottweiler TAIT MAMOT udah berengkah deka mangkil pah kitai. Peda nuan sida lawyer, bala SADIA, RFS, abis sida nya ditangkap lalu deka ditangkap.

      Bedau ditentuka penyalah, udah ditangkap.

      Enda chukup ISA diatu ngena Sedition Act.



        amat cak amat…nadai democracy diatu…election pun nadai guna….laban nadai duit…tapi ati baka case tanah tok..manah agih protest bak tisi rumah jabu..atau dewan undangan negeri…ukai salah urang nyabil tanah tapi gai mayar…ati orang gambik motor nuan gai mayar deh..report polis.polis nak ulek nolong nuan madah nuan salah laban polis bala sidak..kati deh…nuan maik bala nuan nagai sidak ta betul..nek..amat nak…


    evryone say wat they wan…i feel we shud rally as one voice and protest on d street…..if not ya we start learning to dance like Jabu n enjoy ourself wit some tuak or lankau….i m tire to hear it everywere i go same thing from rumah panjang to kedai kopi to pub..taib tis n taib dat….but wat do they do…talk only nothing wil be done…jus talk…better shut up n enjoy life….

  • black

    Taib Mahmud has been robbing for decades.Its a very well known facts.The general perception is,its better being squandered by own people than by people from outside.Congratulation for your moronic principle!

    Keep on giving your b**ckside to TM to be torn 'coz you'll never learn the lesson & I bet you still vote for him in the coming GE13.


  • Tru

    Is it fair to use pics of Jabu's daughter and her husband here?

    • http://none Crying without tears

      Those are the beneficiaries of their father/father-in law's act that they do enjoy.There is nothing wrong,why are you asking? Are you a party to Jabu himself?

      This act of treason must stop ,selling the NCR land to Federal agency,reaping hefty profits,milking the poor,so that he can held them by the necks and will follow what the SULTAN of Betong tells them to do.

      If the natives are rich,they will go against the SULTAN. Too bad and sad such slavery situation prevails in Sarawak.

      • san tet

        Dear January (Hope tht you are an Iban or Sarawak Native's)… I would like to ask you one question. If you were given 10,000 hacter of land.. what would you do with it? sell it at a cheapest price to a TOWKAY?

        • Tru

          Dear San Tet

          you shoulnt be so defensive.What makes you think those who cares for the plight of Sarawak Natives have to be Iban and Sarawak Natives? What makes you think Malays and Chinese dont fight or care for their own country men? It is unfair to assume just because lands are sold cheaply to towkays or chinese companies and that other races in Sarawak dont care about the Natives.This is not a blog for ibans only you know. Even the west Malaysians are reading it. The only thing they might concur from all these comments could be that the races in Sarawak are not even united.

          Crying Without Tears,

          I ask this because the main person we are displeased about is Jabu. Perhaps it is fair that we dont drag his families into the fray. Perhaps they dont know the FULL extend of their father's wrong doing. It's pointless to ask whether i am a party to Jabu or not. I am here as a concerned Sarawakian, voicing my fight for the rights of Sarawakians – regardless whether you are iban or not.

          Unless full evidence that his children are actively involved in indiscriminate land grabbing at the expense of the poor.

          If we need to fight against the culprit, play it straight and fair – that's my point.

          If people hate you, but smear your children's name, you would also agree that's not a fair game.

        • 3rdClassCitizenofDayakOrigin

          You have a point there but if you are suggesting that these children of Jabu and their likes might be clueless/ignorant of their parent’s activities or more to the point… how they accumulated their wealth, then that is simply illogical. These are rich folks we are talking about and they most definitely would have access to a lot of information via family members, friends or internet.

        • ngrichau

          All of Jabu's kids DO have/hold 'suspicious' shares (yes, big shares) in 'suspicious' companies. One of them is managing Betong Premix, a company under Taib's CMS Roads. No other people capable to run the company? The Petronas petrol station at Layar junction is Jabu's, and managed by his nephew. Must be Jabu's family members? Other people not capable? Jabu's ministerial salary must be lucrative as he can set up a petrol station like that. It's franchising from Petronas.

      • Strategist

        Yes, what you said is right. The law of corruption says the one who gives bribes is also as guilty as the ricipient. Similary, the one who steals is also as guilty as the one who buys stolen goods.

        Similarly, Taib's and Jabu's siblings are as guilty as their fathers who alienated shares illegally to them. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

        That's why Violet Yong [herself a lawyer] of DAP questioned George Chan [ignorant of the law] in DUN how his daughter got shares of state land in BDC transfered to her worth more than RM70 Millions. In reply, George said it was a personal matter and none of her business. It is very much Violet's and every Sarawakian's business because state land was transfered illegally to his daughter.

        Therefore, George and his daughter, Taib and Jabu and their siblings will have the door of prison shut behind them when the time comes.

        • remaongnyida


          If Taib's or Jabu's children don't know the story of their business, they should clarify it AND NOT YOU.

          I doubt if they don't know. If they don't know, they must fail and this Sarawak Report will not exist.


          who is goin to tangkap them…d police…they buy d force…d prison they buy d prison department n Home ministry..who bro..who…???//they run d system..they got d cash…why u think..i start to pray..u think i m so alim or pura pura alim..cos i m being realistic in sarawak…no other way jus prayer n voices of d people..n frustrated like the rest of d sarawakians…

        • 3rdClassCitizenofDayakOrigin

          The fight to reclaim our rights is never going to be as simple. Disseminating all these news on the alleged abuse of power/positions by the people in power helps but only to a certain extent. It is up to the more educated people to help and to reach out to the less educated and especially to the younger generations and educate them on their rights and to raise awareness among the people on the practice of good governance. This will take years. As such, don’t give up or stop trying!


        crying without tears..i know how u feel…i know u cry for ur people…don get too personnel by hating anak jabu…but look at the main issue…dayaks don dare to ask…ask for ur rights…go n ask tell the people to go n ask..gettin upset..nothing gets done…tell d people affected to ask…were are u staying..will u make d time to go to the area n tell them to ask for their rights…do sumthing don get angry but not do anything…go to the street..n kampong rumah pajang n ask them to go to kuching,rumah jabu n ask, if not dewan undangan negeri n ask….ask.ask ASK FOR U RIGHT/////

  • anak sarawak

    macc macc where are you ????? Why spend so much time on teo beng hock ?????

    • http://none Politics of Corrupti

      Do you believe in MACC?–suspect??

      Do you believe in POlice? ..Rottweiler??

      Do you believe in Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri??..NO…they can manipulate the figures for the RICH & POWERFUL but not the poor…shit??

      We are hanging..maybe the law of the jungle must return..one fine day which is fair to all.


        Better hang our self first. They will never get hang up. They are the boss. Who are you trying to do something. Better go to bed brother. Peluk bini baru bagus lagi…

  • oA


    pity the native sarawakians.

    for many generations have accepted crumbs in exchange for acres upon acres of their precious ancestor's land.

    hell it wasnt even outsiders but their own kind that do them in.

    all they ever do now is talk about their plight.


    little did they know those poor folks are awaiting for their support, assurance and confidence to stand against those perpetrators.

    that means do every little things you can to make the difference in the coming election.


  • orang lidong

    Aku minta semua pengundi di Layar Betong Vote for Joe Unggan (SNAP).

    Kitai mesti anang agi ngundi BN.Masa depan kitai dalam kertas undi.

    • http://none Politics of Corrupti

      The thief Minister has lined up his new cabinet.

      New Thief/Chief Minister-Effendi Norwawi

      Deputies- George Chan-Chinese.

      Afraid Jabu-Iban-PBB

      William Mawan-Iban SPDP/PRS

      SNAP has a lot of work to do here as he is up against the Iban SULTAN of Betong.

      Let us put this message to all our people in rural areas.

  • H1N5

    both r birds of same feather

    flocked together.

  • shookdev

    The Ibans want to be exploited, so let them be. Otherwise, they would surely have shown their displeasure vis the ballot box, right?

    • 3rdClassCitizenofDayakOrigin

      My apology sir but quite frankly, that is a very irresponsible statement. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before you can point finger at them. Inferiority in education and economy… these are the 2 things that I can think of at the moment but these 2 are not the only factors. I mean… how do you expect a ill-equipped soldier to go to war and survive?? So to speak…

  • jerico

    If someone can be in power for 40 yrs long, that means there is great evil forces behind. Usin, Ah Seng and Abu, do u all believe?

    We are Malaysian and Malaysian must not act like terrorist. Let us pray to our God to break the evil bondage on the land of hornbill. Foochow, remember who u are. Remember ur ancestor and the Almighty.

    Come, Usin, Ah Seng and Abu, we all believe in God. Let pray for the land that we reside in.


      jerico..u know why Yheweh asked d isrealite to capture jericho…b.cos of the evil inside the city..now tell me how u destroy a system wic failed..like our democracy…u hav to overthrow d system..people in sarawak are not happy wit wat they aledgelly said jabu did on NCR land issue…now jabu is a smart dayak/iban strategist…if not he be like ningkan or tawi..he knows he cannot fight taib or he be like tajem they don stay in power for so long..but tell me??????if jabu is not there..another dayak will still be there..same scenario…u remember masing s cry on ncr..wer is he now???/now we are in a new era..dayaks are not stupid..they are playing a waiting game even those in B.N..TAIB KNOWS THIS..u go every wer in d world wen people don agree over wat the goverment is doing they protest(not necessary violent just peaceful marches like martin luther king j.r in U.S..wen he said i hav a dream speach…now baru bian is a fighter 4 NCR…he is running for c.m.he is d only person daring to stand on this issue n never change since his PBDS days wen even masing gave up.we hav catherine suntai…a brave lady..usung he real name to describe n hightlight issues not for geting our dayak golden voice in london wit radio free sarawak…met his brother anyai..in k.l..anyai said..i quote..our bro wil be cekup if he pulai benua…but these are guts speaking..truth and justice…kita cakap sikit semua ketuk..u see everyone hantam me in SR..i don think i speak incorrectly as our system failed…our democracy don work…ther s abuse of power…and the people suffer..they jus wan their rights n developments in d kampongs/rurals area.u see how many of our young boys/girls are in town..i was in miri n i saw many works in supermarket til 10pm,makan gaji rm600 n kongsi bilik..n d girls..don u think wit low education sum wil turn to vice but they are smarts..imagine u giv them gud education..how is thier potential…there must be a protest dat land taken shud be paid properly…lets divide the quantum of land based on sarawak population.if u take the land u have to set a foundation for education for the people of dat area from primary until university.my dad always tell me dat no matter wat education is ur strong foundation..even wen all fail,n u get thrown to d smellist n dirty lonkang u still survive.n yes he is right,i survive solely on my education to earn well.but how bout tis people evicted of their land,no education how…they mus protest and ask for their rights.election is near but taib is still going to be C.M…LIKE I SAID HE IS TOO POWERFUL COS HE HAV ALL THE CASH N CASH IS KING…JABU IS STILL GOING TO BE THERE..but they can protest n go to the street..they are asking for their rights..wic is taken from them..they don ask for sumthing wic is not theirs..salah kah…u tell me…even if i hav a good job in the govtmt…wic i don i stil wil say sumthing n protest…it mus not be politically motivated but rather those who are affected to come an protest…get it on vedio n youtube..d whole matter…sent it to aljazeera,cnn,cbn,bbc,nbc etc we are not anti givernment but we must protect the rights of the poor n marginalised namely d dayaks…but we are happy people..we talk n slag others n gossip…we never really focus on human rights…dayak rights…its not religions sum malays are also marginalised..if u go to all the states in peninsula u see d poor are the malays not the indians or cina..are we lazy overall…no..we work hard as farmers b4..our ancestors,,we also work hard now..who work in d supermarkets,coffeshops or cina enterprise all dayaks..and they are gud workers.so the issue is jabu got so much for d sales of dayak land n he is not sharing it wit d rest of d dayak…the dayak don ask…u ask me how. they don ask…any petitions,courts actions…o.k we hav but seems not to work or very slow.bring these people affected to sleep outside his house,chain n locked themselve to the gate n ask for the payment from the proceed,or a foundation set up for this particular groups or areas.now,the japanese are doing tis..so is d europeans..or d americans…its the dayaks land…n their rights..u don get ur share cos u don ask n go all out..u see how d pemuda UMNO do it at the US embassies/THEY PROTEST OVER PALASTINIANS ISSUES NOTHING ABOUT THEM BEING MALAYS…SALAH KAH IF D DAYAK PROTEST OVER THEIR LAND TAKEN AND SOLD N NOTHING GIVEN TO THEM, are we really ignorant on how to do it…jus open d world news…so don talk n talk bout jabu anak tis n dat,the issue is we don ask for our share(if people don bayar hutang n u got no mony,wat u do.look for him and get ur mony bck.same here)..we don do it. so if not jus go to drink sepuluh 3tin.. ginikin or tiger beer…or chap apek…u don fight for ur right u don get anything…even u see…nama pun takut to put cos ISA OR KENA TANGKAP POLIS…as long as we speak the truth n about our rights…why takut…i m not anti anyone…if jabu is right gud..but if lands are taken n dayaks are thrown in d street then speak in d street,from d street.how do we do it…open our eyes..N look. people in SR SAY I TALK ONLY..I PUT MY NAME DOWN N NOT HIDE FOR FEAR OF REPURCUSSION,I M NOT TRYING TO BE A HERO…i hav a right to speak why salah kah,IF WE HAV A RIGHT STAND FOR IT…d system fail..i pun DON hate Taib N JABU..or anak2 MEREKA.we are all human.if rentap don drink chap apek wit me..i don care…but the rights of the dayaks is for them to speak out n do sumthing.not marah sini marah sana…i m also upset n angry wit d system..why u think i stay away from politics for 5yrs now…i kesian see the P.B.B Y.Bs.their hands are tight(LIVING IN FEAR)…if u go against d system it will not work for u n the whole dayaks will suffer…i find that wat i hav learn from my university days are not applicable any longer in life but d basis of politics..i.e VOICES OF THE PEOPLE CRYING IN THE WILDERNESS IN SARAWAK RINGING IN MY EARS.who will fight for them my fellow sarawakians,my dayaks brothers..yes i may disagree n get upset but i m human,a dayak,a SARAWAKIAN n seeing the pain of my people u think i m not in pain also…u think i don cry for them my people…d potential doctor is a waiter in kedai kopi…d nurse is a waitrees in the pubs/later become prostitute…my people are becoming slaves in their own land..do we blame taib n jabu alone or goerge chan…or masing…they are not only to be blame but us also…we kip quite n mind our own business n see our brothers n sisters jadi mangsa,why cos we don care..we don care bout our rights…we are afraid to show taib who we are cos he wil put us in ISA…BUT WE ARE TALKING BOUT OUR RIGHTS N HE CANNOT GAGGED US COS WE ARE NOT WRONG BUT ONE DECLARING THE TRUTH.its our duty to speak and voice our opinion..i don want or expect kickback from anyone n i am not working for any stakeholders of the government.so nuf said..speak it out…land owners shud get their shares…but remember..there are many dayak also who may disagree b.cos of interests in d matter…i don hate any one but i don like to be push about or bullied,we must tell n educate our people but for now the street is d only vanue cos dayak are already displace from their land…be bold be strong for the Lord ur God is with u dayak.the poor,d marginalised and displaced sarawakianS…

  • sarawakian55

    i have read the sarawak report.seriously i am really shocked about all issue that revealed.unfortunately all issue and secret that revealed only about that done by bumiputeras only…but for my knowledge there are a lot of bribes, corruptionns and problem that done by non-bumiputera in sarawak not been revealed and investigate..???!!there are lot of tycoon and others non bumi richest in sarawak that sucked our bumiputera blood stealed our land

    • 3rdClassCitizenofDayakOrigin

      That maybe true… but who is/was in charge of the government? All these alleged corruptions started from the top… the “non bumis” that you mentioned are small fry compared to the one frm higher up.

  • Anak Dayak

    Lama dah YB kita jual kita. Semua politictian sama sama. Buka Sejarah dia. Itu sebab sekarang our country emphasis on history. " You record the Good and the BAD history. """" HISTORY WILL TELL YOU'''' YOU GOOD OR BAD…… THE HISTORY WILL BE THERE…only now our rural people know that. Please tell them the story esp. the lonhhouse guys. Biar dia orang jual semua kita dayak. Kita balik telanjang miskin pakai cawat macasm asal. No point to argue. You just plott on politiics. or the politic will plot you. Change them, get new one, the next one poor kick them out… We the voters know what to do. Analyst who you vote.

  • Rentap

    Amat paloi Iban Betong ka ngundi Jabu. Jabu = Temenggong Jugah.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Sorry for the late reply.Please do not curse or scold them.They need educated people like you now.Now is the tome for us to UNITE.Please ANGER does NOT solve anything brother.Help them,talk to them,print this SR report.That is

      provided that you can enter the Long house (Rumah Panjai).Now the government is giving insruction NOT to admit oppositions into the longhouse,just too bad.

      Go out Rentap if you have risen from your grave but if you have taken RENTAP's name,go out in person and let the dayaks know. Jabu also has a RENTAP in his house.We need you to take pictures of the shortfalls of the people in the longhouse and send to SR.

  • http://[email protected] sarawak 11

    Dear sarawakian 55 i thing u can read but cannot understand english very well. So here the malay language. Kalau u banyak baca berita dalam ini wed.tentu u baca ada aseng,ali,raju Wat Lambat terima rasuah.

  • ejau lelayan

    To all against Jabu,

    Rentap anak Jabu always seen drinking in Pub spending > RM2000 per night.He knows how to spend the money that his father gave.Every cents and dollar are from NCR land that they robbed from Natives.

    He will hang around in Hilton especially on Friday night.His favorite drink is Maccallan cost RM 1,000 per bottles.I have his photograph taken on many events especially with "Girls"kissing and hugging.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Can you send the pictures to SR? SR needs them.

  • Wilson

    Maybe Sarawak Report can check the land dealings for palm oil plantations in Mukah and Lawas also…

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      Can you help by providing pictures and land titles too? SR needs them.Your help is also needed here.



  • Botak

    People of Betong, muhedin.. Says 500 million for u guys.. That's vote buying. For them, no.. It's for development for rural areas…… SO VOTE FOR BN come election and be stung again

  • Truth but the truth

    aiyah….very simple,no need to comment long…the one kena tipu,padan muka….thats all i can say.wanna prove i am wrong then prove it in the ballot box coz election is very near.u prove i am wrong and yr life will be better,thats all.no need to cerita yg sama everyday blaming this n that.learn yr lesson well n voice it through the ballot box.good luck

  • Iban in OZ

    Kayau Anak. You are so right!

  • http://- Julie

    Palai semua iban, tanah habis angkut pun setuju. Janji "Afraid J" bagi nyirup!