Shy Taib to Admit to Bride on Jan 15th

Shy Taib to Admit to Bride on Jan 15th

9 Jan 2011

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Not the Grandad, but the Groom - prepare for something a little more flattering with the official photos next week

Why should the marriage of a Head of State be treated as a whispered secret?  We can now confirm that at last there will be an official recognition of the fact the Abdul Taib Mahmud has taken a new wife with an event in Kuching on Saturday 15th of this month. 

Presumably,  it will be on this occasion that the Chief Minister will finally announce the name, true age and identity of the lucky lady?  Meanwhile, Sarawak Report feels obliged to issue previously unseen pictures that can prove to a bewildered public that the actual wedding has indeed already taken place and that Taib is indeed a married man once more.

Not the grandad but the groom

The couple, seen here in our exclusive picture, are both dressed in white, having just been married.  We can confirm that the gentleman, who is somewhat dwarfed by his much younger new wife, is the groom and not an elderly relative.

It may seem ridiculous that the proven marital status of Sarawak’s Chief Minister has still failed to be formally announced.  However perhaps the couple were in a hurry?   Indeed, Taib’s failure so far to officially present and acknowledge his wife in the normal fashion has made it inevitable that people have been left speculating over the speed and secrecy of this event.  Is a fifth potential heir to arrive for the lucky family sooner rather than later?  Or was the lightning marriage designed to quash unhealthy rumours (or worse, evidence) of an existing relationship? 

Poor PR?

Taib acts the paternal figure at another wedding of a lady older than his new wife today - the daugher of Jabu his deputy

Indeed, there have been numerous marital scandals associated with the Mahmud family, which Taib has fought hard to quash and there would be no desire to add to any of them on the brink of the election.  So why such a grave mishandling of PR by Taib and BN by this displaying of  all the hallmarks of an emergency wedding?

Worse,  it  has been followed by a lengthy period of silence with no official confirmation of the situation, giving the appearance that the actors in the affair have been working behind the scenes on how to best present the matter.  A wedding should be treated as a public celebration and not a secret scandal, so why has the Chief Minister not managed the affair more skillfully to avoid such an unfortunate style of presentation? 

In a country with a free press Taib would not have had a restful New Year’s break, after such a slack management of his PR.  Yet, in fact it is understood that he and his young new wife were able to fly off on their holidays and enjoy another marriage ceremony nearer her home, in Syria in the Middle East. 

How many years younger than Jabu's daughter is Taib's new bride? Maybe we will find out next weekend?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know who her family are and how the couple met?  Public figures have to accept a certain amount of scrutiny in such matters – it comes with the job.

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  • Bayi Sarawak

    Syukur alhamdulilah. Cantiknya budak Lebanon ni. Lantai dia pun cantik, tapi tak pasti mahal ke murah. Aku rasa mesti mahal la! Takkan laki pompuan Lebonon ni kedekut sampai nak beli lantai yang senilai macam lantai anjing,kan? Kalau murah sangat, ini memalukan rakyat Sarawak di depan kaca-mata dunia. Sarawak sekarang pun maju, mesti ada kelas sikit. Orang Sarawak mampu kahwin orang jauh2 seperti dari Lebanon, mampu hadiahkan lantai yang mahal2, lagi mampu dari segi tenaga batin pasal Sarawak banyak tongkat ali, gambir…apa lagi!

    • http://- Kayau Anak

      Kasian muka macam tengkurak memalukan rakyat Sarawak kalau bukan wanita duit siapa sudi?

    • atok dan ucuk

      yeah,yeah! atok taib kahwin baru! yeah, yeah atok penyamun dah kahwin baru! yeah, yeah atok kahwin baru ngan ucuk kame! yahoo! atok dah kahwin baru!! yeah,yeah

  • san tet

    It his personal life man…

    • texedo man

      what personal

    • http://- Kayau Anak

      PERSONAL????? A great Robber's wealth….Remember???? tidak mengapa, Taib, enjoy your life puas-puas di DUNIA INI sebelum kau pulang ka tempat yang sudah disediakan untuk kamu……………!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • pissed off

        personal kau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ish! evil evil evil

  • Sara

    It's his personal life. Do not riducule his marriage. He can, he can do it. He is the most successful among Sarawakian in this century. He should be getting married and I support him.

    • Antirobbers

      Sara, get a life. You should mention that he is the most successful robber this century!

    • Saralara

      One day she will divorce Taib, and take all his money…

      • http://sarawakreport nyapdeking

        Biar dia rasa

    • DOM

      Jangan jangan Sara ada hati kat orang tua tuk. You must be more jealous than anyone else. I can understand…kah! kah!

    • antitaip

      ko sah2 maok jadi no duak nak sara.

    • http://- Kayau Anak

      send him to jail better……God is great He will never allow Sarawak to "lemas" in the hand of robberies.

    • anak sarawak

      Sara, what personal ? when you are cm, nothing is personal. cm is a public figure and therefore taib is a public person. he is answerable to the public for every action,inaction or behaviour he does. don't tell me all that crab..taib is a could he possibly sleep with a woman younger than his younest daughter. He should take her as a daughter. taib you are a sick man.

      • http://sarawakreport nyapdeking

        Hai ..anak sarawak. u ni lainmacam je bunyi nya. Kalau you dlm posisi Taib I rasa you pun buat yg sama kan ? Daging segar YOU.Siapa sik maok. dunia..dunia.

        • bumi sarawak

          Labi-Labi hiudup kawan siapa tidak mahu. Tua ka muda semua orang mahu. Muada lagi labi labi ini. Gila… tahan kuat lagi kah? Apa peduli. Bagus lagi peliihara sendiri dari beli di kedai. Di kadai pakai sekejap. Kalau sendiri pakai puas-puas. 15.01.2011 malam ini…. my friend can you imagine it. Kalau tidAK LAMA DAH NYA MERASANYA.

    • 4

      Haha, tell me 29 year old young and hot lady marries a 74 grandfather for love. Convince me.


      Sara, are u pure Sarawakian? For me as a Sarawakian, I'm shame of that. Do you have friends? What the West M'sia and Sabah people say. Maybe you want it? No more power Sara. Lembik udah….

    • concern

      I think you should read more.Do your own research.

    • Taib Must Go

      You support sebab you buta! Taib dan pak menteri sarawak rumah besar kaya raya..rakyat sarawak rumah papan merempat takda elektrik..anak muda sikda masa depan..pemimpin itu kita support??

  • mount merapi

    Yes it is his personal life. He can choose whoever he wants. We should be proud of him. At least now Taib has proven to the Sarawakian that he is still capable and strong — so never ever ask him to step down. That is exactly the message he wants to drive home. Or are all of you jealous because he managed to get a young, beautiful wife — foreign some more. Hebat si Taib ni. Tahniah Pehin Sri. Mampu lagikah?

    • Rude

      We are jealous because he can get a young beautiful wife??? hahahahaha , yes , it must be his intelligence , his devastatingly manly good looks and physical prowess, his witty humor , his kindness and generosity. Or maybe its just his money. When you are one of the planets richest men you can buy anything . Lah!

      • bujang tenang

        d fact is that d wealth is not come from his salary of the cm but from the rakyat sarawak property

    • anak apai

      Kau orang jeleskah? He is lucky to get a young and beautiful wife. Taib mampu dari segala aspek. Duit dia ada. He is still a capable man or else he won't marry a young wife. We should congratulate him. He is our leader. Tahniah Pehin Sri. I salute you.

      • pissed off

        oi, jeles apa? mampu apa? lucky! yes, he is very lucky, indeed he is, because he's clever! clever but misused his intelligence. and anak apai, do u know what he did and maybe still does… u better think deeper and talk ur nonsense crap less! jeles???????/ huh? i bet u;re the one who jealous of him -___-"

        i believe they are not hating him because he marries a beautiful SL*t whch is not beautiful at all.. it is because of somthing else. and people, if and only if u guys have the power to rule the country, dont misused your power. the community voted you (them) because they believe you (them) will give them a better life! you (them) are their hope! oh my God! i cant believe the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • devil

        takut kelak terlalu syok terus tidak sedarkan diri ok

    • http://sarawakreport nyapdeking

      YOU. Si T…. mampu apa? I rasa mesti U tanya mampuka dia tanam CENDAWANNYA?betoi sik?

  • najibrazak

    Unfortunately Taib did not consult me before taking this new wife. Rather unseemly so soon after the death of his first wife and also exposing him to ridicule, some of which may rub off on his party or, worse, on me.

  • sdgf

    untungnyer perempuan lebanon ni,, ad tanah free sebesar swk..

    • http://sarawakreport nyapdeking

      Tapi yang tak besnya you ,dia dapat cendawan tua berkedut,Faham sik?

  • http://none Raja Manggeng says..

    I don't care if you marry 6 year old girl or 60 year old woman.You can still marry 3 more and no one is going to stop you provided you can stand it.The important thing is that YOU rule Sarawak no more. You have taken everything from:-

    Mountains,rivers,sands,gravels,NCR land,fields,buildings,businesses and lastly the billion dollar trade "SHIT" too.So far you have NOT taken any Sarawak lady as you have foreign taste.

    • sukunsaep

      I do care if a man marries a six-year-old girl, and so should you and everyone, because that is child molestation and statutory rape and pedofilia.

      In Taib's case, if the bride is 29 years old, she is an adult.

  • Saralara


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    Hidup Taib…Hidup TAIB…give HIM ANOTHER 20YEARS LEASE OF LIFE…so forget about having a new C.M…NO Baru Bian coz Taib Baru Ada Bini…..coz we Sarawakian wants to be fool…like I said democracy don work…coz it can be bought….and the one with the mony can do wat he wants…..if the majority will really together and protest and boycott…like they did to MARCOS……OR Taksin….if not cakap aje lebih…lets get down to it…if Sarawakian really berani…wer are d Rentaps of old or Rosli Dobi…..mana…we got no balls…..sso lets just suffer…..

  • Macam2lah

    There is a difference between Lebanon & Syria (as stated above). Please make up your mind. Syria is not Lebanon just like Jordan is not Libya. If SR states she's a Syrian, therefore she isn't a Lebanese.

    • antitaip

      so what if she's syrian or lebanese. she's getting a piece of the cake, and u're not. look at the real issue.

    • damas2008

      At 28 she is over the hill tak laku in Syria. Men there take 16-21 girls. Sure her family must have pushed her to marry money. Life is not that rich in Syria. Soon the whole family will move to Sarawak…….like the lebanese brother in law family. They take part in managing Taib's wealth!!

  • http://none Crying without tears



  • nandemonaiitaina

    This is his personal life… In my opinion, he can marry whoever he wants, whenever he wants…. Islam permit a guy to have 4 wives….so, it is not an issue here…

    Nonetheless, the issues here are:

    1. From the wedding photos, clearly seen a huge rock belting her neck, which estimated around few hundreds millions (RM, not Rupiah). How can a CM's salary can afford that?? So, it must be taxpayers and people of Sarawak's money.

    2. The cost of this wedding extravaganza, who is paying for it?? Must be people of Sarawak.

    I am a Sarawakian and a tax payer…. i am very upset with these issues…not upset because the fact of him marrying a 28 year old lady..

    • http://sarawakreport nyapdeking

      True enough.SO come the neat state election u better tell all your friends,relatives and the thousands in your area to VOTEOUT the sarawak BN.Is that clear.4 me .I have log berore vote out BN. You ,how?

  • Bubble

    Well, way to go old chap!! Do I look like I care!?????

  • Bubble

    Whatever??!!!! Do I look like I car???!!


    I REST MY CASE…STREET PROTEST AND BOYCOTT BY ALL SARAWAKIANS OR SHUT UP…AND SAY hidup taib…hidup taib…don evne say anything cos we put him there…and he has the right…from us..sarawakians….

    • anna

      exactly..can only blame ourselves for putting him there and for that long.

  • Jamal

    Selamat Pengatin Baru to CM


    he thinks he will another thousand years

  • http://none Politics of Corrupti

    Wedding this Saturday at BCCK. Please come and DO NOT worry about the bills,yhe people of Sarawak will pay for every little expenses.. Gohet saja gohet..datanglah beramai bera,mai..ada satay,ada kurma ayam,daging,udang,makan puas puas saja lah.Sultan Sarawak kawin hari sabtu ini.Feasting will go on for 2 days until SUNDAY at 6.00pm.

    My oh my those poor flood victims..have we forgotten about them..come to Taib's wedding..a lot of food to be enjoyed..

    Come one and come all..datanglah beramai ramai..Sultan Sarawak kawin

  • cinta awak

    thumb up!!! u r our hero…

  • mount merapi

    Don't blame Taib; blame yourself. Sarawakians should blame themselves because they keep voting BN to power every erection (oops, election). They love Taik so much that they allow the old man to do whatever he likes including robbing the peoples' land, monopolising projects by giving to CMSB (Chief Minister Sons and Brothers). Taib claimed that he doesn't practise nepotism and cronysm and he is transparent. Be always boast about what he has done to Sarawak. My question is simpe: who own most of the timber and sand cpncessions in Sarawak? To whom were most of the projects given? CMSB or bumiputera businessman? Anyway, congratulations Taib, You are really great but i am wondering whetrer you still have the energy?

    • http://malaysiatoday ali bin budiman

      you are totally right

  • Orang Utan

    Taib rulez!!! Sarawakian are all lazy and only know how to complaint and sit at coffee shop talk cork sing song and play ping pong!! What has u all done? Nothing? What has Taib done? That's y he is rich!!! Because he works and plan everyday, every minutes. If u were to work like him, u can also go rob ppl everyday. What quality do u have? If not for Taib, maybe we are all living on tree house now. If not because of Sarawak law, all our land could long be gone. U want UMNO to come in Sarawak and take over? Sarawak has plenty of land, why worry? Let him take it, how long more can he live? So what u got hundreds of Ferrari and u can only drive 1 at a time.

    • http://none Watch Dog says…

      U talk as if your have a pea brain.Maybe you are a graduate form Kota Sentosa institution or Tanjung Rambutan.

      How dare you say Sarawakian are lazy people.You talk without thinking.

      May GOD bless you for saying such words to us and luckily you say it at this time .If you said that 40 years ago,your ahead will decorate the panggah.

      Today is Pek More's wedding with 600 VVIP(very very idiotic people) attending,feasting for 2 days as Sarawak Sultan is getting married.Come one and come may gate crash the wedding as tax payers money is being used. Come everyone and go to eat all the goodies at BCCK.

  • lilnimf

    Mr.Taib's a cradle snatcher. marry a women younger than his youngest daughter is sick. Hope he wont die while doing it.

    i feel for my sarawakian friends.

  • damas2008

    At 28 and Syrian no she won't be laku in Syria. Men there take 16-21 year old brides.However if foreigner take them they will put sky high price on themselves. How else to ketuk them these Asians are bodohs and naieve.ambil rupa saje. Not fit to rule the muslim if you cant emulate our prophet's good qualities. Soon the whole family like his Lebanese Australia brother in law family will move to Sarawak to manage the economy and empire of Taib.

    Lets see if the new bride will be able to sit near the padi field with the local folks before election….

  • Hassan

    Tahniah CM, lelaki hebat abad ini. Kita patut bangga dgn CM kita, walau tua tapi nafsu muda.Lelaki sejati, tak kisah apa cerita disebaliknya namun yg penting Sarawak maju.

  • antu cina

    taib kenja nak kahwin lg…

    x sdar dri dah tua…

    pegi mampos lar taib…

    babi haram pukimak anjing ko…!!!!!!!

    • http://none Watch Dog says…




  • bhhit

    She is actually 31 years old. DOB= January 15, 1980.

    Middle Eastern women often heard married to someone older 20-40 years older than them. Some are taken as 2nd, 3rd or 4th wives. At 31, she is considered lucky to have a man marrying her (and became 1st wife) as most of the other girls in her country married at the age of 17-20.

    Better to be married than become mistresses like what other 'Pemimpins' do? Buy houses for their mistresses and use all of tax payers money to give to their mistresses and their children – study overseas/shopping/holiday. And we don't even know who the hell are those mistresses n using our money to joli sakan.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Introduced by his Brother in-law,his brother in-law sister's daughter..Maybe keluarga "69"???

      Yes ,she is damned lucky and hook the big what? Fish or Thief??

      31 years old,is she still a virgin????? Don't know.

  • LonghouseApai

    Jangan marah2. Usah juga jeles2. just mind ur own business. Taib has every right to marry like anybody else. At least he is not a hypocrite. He marries again after showing atrue faithfulness for 50 long years to his late wife, Laila. He is a true gentleman, isn't he ? I bet u he is stronger than many malaysian young man ! Ladies check out ur own man.Some of those so called "good- husbands" also pandai makan luar, simpan pompuan muda2 and wish that their wives die soonest. Not all , but some..maybe a lot of them. Now, don't disturb Taib with ur bad comments. Reserve ur comments for ur own husband, husband to-be or widower- to-be.

    • Blunt speaker

      Longhouse Apai, 50yrs of faithfulness? You are so ignorant! It's people like you who allow womanizers to rule our land by robbing under your noses and you never knew it! All the younger and educated generation know about this except you and anak Apai and some of those your age group or standing. Wake up unless you are one of those Tahi cronies, friends and relatives!


    i sanjung my jabu always say in his opening speech…yang disanjungi…yang di kasihi….taib…u a true sarawakians…a headhunter…u hunted a young pussy….n u chopped d head of all the sarawakians….n shut them up….u hav all the cash….u can buy anythings…..cos u so smart n a good strategist….this election….u wil hav a gud erection….cos u wil again win…al sarawakians put u there…dia orang cakap je lebih…berani kesak…u know dat…pls giv me sum projects…i support u also like all sarawakians….sure i sokong u onelah like al sarawakians…we cakap saja cos we got no project…if u giv we all shut d fuck up…kan…kan…u bini 4 o.k…sepuluh pun o.k….jus giv me polojek…u bagi kita olang diam diam punya…..sokong u lagi…like al sarawakians….we lov u wen we hav polojek no say bad thing…now say cos no polojek….no lui mah…got lui we shut up lah…taib u knowlah…

  • http://none Skuh Babeh Rahun say

    Is this man shy? Does he has only one wife? YOU will see by yourself and time will tell as my grandfather used to tell me about him.

    Is this wife no.2? NO,he has a number 2 already and this is no.3. Wife no.2 is a ratu Tebakang and has a teenage daughter and Taib now put them up at BUKIT DAMANSARA near to Datuk Effendi Norwawi's house.

    Also has a LOVE child at Kpg Payau by the name of Henry and everybody in the Kampong knows.Any lawyer willing to take the case and claim 10% of his wealth and the lawyer will take the cut in fees 30% of the amount.


    sukuh beh rahun…u re right….but no point to claim now….only after he die…now he can giv jus serian to no 2,,,and padawan to no 3…d value of these are/economic valiu…they will be quite….litak tawang tubuk digang adup…ayap nya kita che…taki pun tumit nuh…u jus do ur best in wat u do….

  • Rosmah Mansor

    Hi anak Sarawak, jangan lah marah marah sama abang saya Abdul Taib Mahmud, biar lah dia duduk kah tempat kerusi Ketua Mentri Sarawak sah umur hidup, kan kamu orang anak Sarawak masih sayang sama dia, sperati Abang Afred Jabu kata "Yang di Sayangi" Saya senang hati dan setuju kamu orang masih undi dia dan cronie BN juga ya ! Amaran untuk Abang Najib,jangan kau main main mata sama isteri Abdul Taib puan Ragad tu, nanti aku akan singkir jewatan PM kamu tu baharu ikau tahu,tak apa aku akan mencari Sharuk Kan untuk laki baru aku.

    • http://none Observer says…

      Puan Ragut will take or ragut all Sarawak's wealth in a year's time from now.Ragut will take them to Syria and she will laugh all the way to the bank..ha ha ha heh heh heh heh heh ha ha …heh heh heh .

      Come you Fat Lady,ask your husband to do the same..already lah..Submarine commission,jet aircrafts,navy ships and more navy ships,CIMB Bank what else do you want?Your husband won't last long your UMNO fixed deposits will mature soon.

  • John Nokeng

    The day Taib 'kick the bucket' will be a joyous day for Sarawak. Hahahaha….

  • http://- Punan Ba

    At a meet-the-people function in 1983, a Capitan Cina made a welcoming speech that sounded like this; SELAMAK LATANG YANG AMAK BEHOMAK LATUK SLI TAHI MANUK,YANG BAHAGIA LATIN SLI SEKELIM LAYLA……… …..hah…hah…ha,everyone laughed.

  • lanun samolia


  • http://- wise-bot

    haihz..i may not be a sarawakian, but when i go trough this site, my blood boils and i feel so frustrated, that if i have a gun i may just blindly shoot Taib! imagine how the people of sarawak feels? in this kind of situation drastic movements are required! hand over of malaysian identification card back to the goverment is one of them! when a group of 100 or more citizens drops their citizenship reasoned, lost trust in leadership of the state or unable to live in this country anymore! this kinda of movements will attract attentions of the world! the media will not be able to close their eyes anymore!

  • taik mamut

    ini taik mahmud tidak hentam pakai dia punya…dia pegi itu kedai kondom beli itu dildo kasi sula dia punya bini …

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Bro,TM, you need two more lah.

    1.First one passed away.

    2.2nd one, a Ratu Bidayuh Tebakang with a teenage daughter now

    parked at Damansara Height condominium,away from Sarawak

    public eyes.

    **Why do you hide her there?**

    3.3rd one is now called RAGUT..where TM shows her everywhere.

    4.4th one still vacant

    5.5th one also still vacant because the 1st one passed away.

    Also has a love child who is in early 40's with a bidayuh lady.Any maintenance from him? It used to be RM10K during Gawai and Christmas only but do not know now as the runners have stopped delivering the dough.I hope that the love child can claim 10% of his wealth.Come on HENRY ,you have equal rights too..can we go for DNA test??

    So SR I do not see why he is shy?? NOT shy at all..ha ha ha ha

  • ssshhh..

    kasihan kamu rakyat sarawak..kasihan kita rakyat malaysia. Dah terang lagi brsuluh. Mahu salahkan siapa? kita yg memilih mereka2 ini. Salahkn kebodohan diri sndiri. Kita katalah apa pun, x jd kudis pun pada mereka. x pilih mereka selepas ini? mereka dahpun kaya,byk wang..apa peduli?

  • mark

    kalau nak kawin tu, kawin laba org least org tempatan juga yg dapat duit ko yg berjuta-juta tu..