Film Tribute To Ross Boyert

Film Tribute To Ross Boyert

2 Mar 2011

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Protesters will gather outside the FBI’s US North West Headquarters at the Abraham Lincoln Building in Seattle this Thursday, March 3rd, as part of a series of international actions condemning 30 years of timber corruption under Sarawak Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud.  The 74 year old marks his 30th anniversary in power on March 26th and has made clear he plans to run for another term of office in the imminent state elections.

This building is one of the properties owned by the Taib family in North America through a number of companies worth in the region of US$80 million that were run on their behalf by Ross Boyert for 12 years up to 2006.  These companies are in turn linked to a massive property company in Ottawa, Canada with a portfolio worth hundreds of millions of dollars and to another company in London, also controlling hundreds of millions of pounds worth of property.   The Taibs also own extensive properties in Australia and have a web of global investments.

It was Ross Boyert who helped confirm to Sarawak Report that the ultimate owner of these family property companies run by the Taibs was indeed the Chief Minister himself.  This is a fact that Taib has always sought to hide, but Boyert was able to hand us documented proof.  We have since frequently asked the Chief Minister to confirm or deny this ownership and to explain how in his role as Chief Minister he could have legitimately earned such enormous wealth.

Boyert had regarded himself as a friend of the Taib family and said he met the Chief Minister and his late wife Laila on a number of occasions.  He told us there was never any doubt that it was Taib who was in control of his family’s businesses.  He told us that he had not realised until much later that the buildings had been bought out of illegal profits from deforestation.

However, he paid an enormous price for acting as a whistle-blower against the Taibs.  They retaliated with a ruthless lawsuit that saw him bankrupted and left homeless and penniless.  He and his wife Jonni also complained to Sarawak Report that they had suffered sustained intimidation during the course of that lawsuit, which left them unable to pick up the pieces of their life.  Last October, a few weeks after he gave us his story, he was found dead in a rare form of suspected suicide with a bag taped around his head in an LA motel room.

We filmed with the Boyerts and came to like and respect them.  We now present that story as a tribute to their bravery in speaking out.

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  • Banting

    Of late, too many reports have been published by Sarawak Reports about the immense wealth amassed by the family of the Chief Minister of Sarawak, Taib Mahmud. In this regard, the opposition has opened two options to be taken by the authorities – MACC to launch an investigation or the authorities should take necessary action against the writers and the publishers if their claims have no grounds.

    The Chief Minister should make a public statement in response to the allegations to clear his name. So far, he has been keeping mum, said DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen.

    • Lampu kidurong

      It's necessary for him to defend himself if he feel that all the report against him was nonsense,but as we all knows that Taib Mahmud is still keeping mum.This could be the signed that he and his families involvement in illicit activities in Sarawak.

    • http://yahoo Orang2bangkit


      To Jonni Boyert

      It was with great sadness to watch the video of Ross Boyert and his wife who acted courageously despite intimidation and harassment by the unseen hand of certain evil person/s directed at the whistle blower.

      The video brings home the sort of danger one faces in opposing the most corrupt politician in Sarawak history. No one will ever match his propensity for theft and greed for money.

      We grief for the loss of Ross and his family especially his wife Jonni. We thank them for what they have done to expose the corrupt misdeeds of the Taib PBB BN regime and his family.

      Can the people of Sarawak help Jonni Boyert with money donations in her hour of need? They have been bankrupt by Taib.

      We know that the Sarawak people themselves face hardships and violence from mobster Taib but let's pass the hat around for someone who literally died for us.

      Ross' story remains to be told fully in the open press as there appears to be a gag over this story.

      The car accident could probably have been an attempted murder but his manner of death leaves no doubt that Ross was murdered. All this happened under the noses of the FBI and local police authorities. They remain strangely quiet. Are they covering up facts which they must surely possess?

      We can only guess with some accuracy who the culprit is.

      This story underlines the reality of death threats to SR and RFS organisers. Their revealing themselves is a precaution as one never knows what can happen: a car accident, leaking gas, fire, etc.

      However, there was never a cause where risks and dangers did not lurk nearby.

      Ninoy Aquino was blatantly murdered in the airport on his return from exile to challenge Marcos. President John Kennedy was murdered after he expressed support for the Cuban Revolution. So were many others for various reasons throughout history back to Julius Caesar. All political people.

      Despite death threats the SR and RFS people remain courageous in continuing their struggle to put out the vital information in what are difficult circumstances. It will have important impact as these reports are evidence in support of the 200 plus court cases and the mountain of corruption accusations against Taib and his government.

      We must ask loudly who were behind the death threats and is it not a coincidence that these are brazenly continuing after the death of one person already.

      It also underlines that big stakes are involved where the criminals will resort to murder to silence critics and whistle blowers.

      On this solemn occasion on the anniversary Ross Boyert's untimely and suspicious death, we must resolve to do whatever we can to bring to justice those who were responsible for his death.

      We may have not far to look for the perpetrator.

      Ross Boyert Rest in Peace. We salute you and Jonni.

      • cabik geronong

        Dont dance with the devil. You could end up in hell.

      • grieving sarawakian

        Remember the famous late swiss activist, BRUNO MANSER who lived among the Penan for many years in the jungle of sarawak. He too was strongly opposed to the destruction of the forest by taib and his timber companies. He tried his best to highlight the plight of the natives esp. the Penan of sarawak. In his desperation to meet with the white haired sultan, he took off in a motorised glider and landed on the lawn of the sultan palace. As expected, he was arrested and deported. Not giving up, Bruno sneaked back to sarawak and the last time people saw him alive was in Bario. It was strongly believe that Bruno disappeared in to thin air in the jungle of upper Baram. Was he killed by wild animal in the jungle or was it sucide like the case of Ross Boyert?? I guess only the most famous 'Bomoh' of sarawak hold the answer to fate of the missing activist. Very recently, people of the jungle of sarawak claim to hear ghost voice probably of BRUNO MANSER in the forest and is back to haunt the soul of the killer for revenge.Believe it or not, but you have to believe it!!!

        • best sarawakian

          in fact that we are modern society, but some still believed in ghost stories? hahaha.. that won't help change for sarawak… stupid grieving requires more; realism & vote..urang udah makey android, masih lagik nak molah cerita hantu.. pemikiran kolot.. urang cerita nak selamatkan sarawak, kau pegi cerita hantu dalam hutan.. hahaha..

      • http://m'kini bbaub

        I can only say I agree with you 100% and add: where is the human decency of najib Razak the supposedly prime minister of umnosia ??

        With all the disclosures,evidences before you and you still can't take any action against this thieving, plundering corrupted taib..?

        Sarawak voters must wake up from taib's bomohs induced deep and prolonged stupor.

      • kurmann

        sounds like Sarawak is going down the road of Phillipines Marcos, Iraq Sadam, Zimbabwe Mugabe, etc.. etc.. scary.

    • Gou PM

      Macc is totally useless.

  • Curious

    Did he not say he had so much money that he could never finish spending it? In fact he has so much that he has probably lost track of where it all is! It is tough to fathom the reason for his insatiable greed, which will someday return to haunt him.

  • karma believer


    • hot

      he he he ….

      after 30 years and counting.

      after its is very late.

      after most dayaks and ibans lost their lands.

      god/allah sure works in mysterious ways.

      • Aizat

        yeah, but don't worry mate, retribution's coming, as Johny Cash once sang:

      • Fred

        The people get the government they desereve. In the middle east, the disenfranchised (those without a vote) have taken to the steets. As did the eastern Europeans in 1990s to get rid of the communists. The Sarawakians were given democracy by the British at independence. All they have to do is go to the ballot (vote) box.

        It's as simple as that

  • http://none Simon says

    SR,very very good.Please keep up the GOOD work.I hope that Mr.OBAMA freezes his ASSETS in USA. Come on Mr Obama please freeze Taib Mahmud's ASSETS too as it is being bought by illegal gains.

    Hooray SR..well don,next will be Canada after USA..then AUSTRALIA.

    • sarawakiana

      Obama was friend to Mubarak and Gaddafi before the unrest in their respective countries… Americans…especially politician, you cannot trust them.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Really pity the WHISTLE BLOWER,that show how vicious a man can be,even willing to end one's life for political gain.We are really scared if POLITICS of "bolotment",vengeance,jealoiusy,hatred,abuse of power and most of all VIOLENCE. How low can a man be,stooping so low in life.

    May GOD bless your soul 'RB'.Thank you for your wonderful work

    • layar guy

      Once we defeated the BN in Sarawak…the new Sarawak Govt must bestowed the highest state award for this couple and a place in Sarawak for life.Without their fearless effort until now we wouldnt know the story of TIAB's empire cross the ocean.To me Ross Boyert is the "HERO" and deserved recognition from SARAWAKIAN.

      • sarawakiana

        Now I see someone mentioning new government…

        We must put as much attention to the probable 'new government'…Who they are, what will they do, how to make sure history will not repeat…

        I hope all these sensation is not only to reject the old one, express our hatred, but to look into future, building the new government. Think hard and work hard…or we will be back to square one.

      • undop guy

        To both Peter and Clare.

        Please be extremely cautious! Over the Malaysia main stream media, the BN people talk sweetly, sweeter than God's words – once they are provoked, their harm are worst than the Devil's.

        Yeah! Because of politics, thousands had perished under the brute Hitler's rule. BN people are no different to Hitler.

        To the Boyerts,

        The late Ross deserves honour from people of Sarawak even though BN would certainly brand you (westerners) as enemies and trying to topple the country. BN will surely try to hide the above video from it's public eyes and knowledge. If SR and RFS is a Malaysian media – ISA will definitely be used against you.

  • hot

    Ibans and dayaks are so funny.

    for 30 years they gave taib free reign doing as he pleases now complain.

    malaysia oh malaysia.

    • Batu Karas

      What about the Malays in Peninsular Malaysia??? Some states are still under the rule of BN government; the government that represent HYPOCRISY and CORRUPTION.

      I hope that you don't belittle Iban and Dayak of Sarawak. Iban and Dayak are peace loving people. We don't want to create chaos and loss everything. However, only time will tell when Iban and Dayak will say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH".

      • hot

        in fact I am making fun of dayaks and ibans. they brought woes upon themselves unless they NOW show us otherwise.

        I am wondering if ibans and dayaks are just clowns OR are they really Native sarawakians.

        • anakpanglima

          yeaahhh !!! you are probably right.

          Taib robbed us of our lands and natural most of the big contracts.

          The Federal Gov't through Petronas robbed us of our oil and natural gas !!

          ..luckily we have control over our own immigration policies.

          Otherwise, more people like you will come here to rob us !!

          What do you expect us to do…

 want us declare Sarawak to be Sovereign Nation so that we can be in better control over our wealth like Brunei !!!

          We are still quite fortunate.

          We don't have may13 to remember.

          We don't need anyone to write a book about our dilemma..

    • http://yahoo Suararakyat


      In response to Hot

      Do consider that most people in the world do not take any bullying lying down.

      The Dayaks did fight Brooke territorial expansionism and then they were brainwashed by their missionaries to become peaceful and docile.

      Look at Chinese history and civilization. The Chinese suffered at various period from many invasions and foreign rule for thousands of years.

      It took the Chinese over 300 years to overthrow last dynasty the Manchu colonial rule despite the Manchu being only a minority tribe!

      Then it took another 150 years for the Chinese liberate themselves from Western and Japanese foreign domination in 1949.

      During this period France and Britain with other European powers and USA AND Japan attacked Beijing and other cities and looted immense collections of thousand years old national treasures and burn ancient palaces. The Japanese committed the Rape of Nanjing and killed 300,000 people. Millions more died from the Japanese invasion in 1937 to 1945. They all refused to return the stolen treasures. They got away with their crimes against humanity.

      The Europeans and Japanese governments are today still attacking China after their soldiers raped and robbed the Chinese people!

      They led by the USA and Japan complain that China is arming itself. Yet the Chinese have the right to defend themselves from these war mongering nations who had attacked in the past.

      Japan has rearmed and is strutting around the China sea as did before. Only this time the Chinese are not going to take any nonsense from the arrogant Japanese who forgot about their war cries and 2 atomic bombs they got rewarded with. They might get nuked again with a 100 nuclear rockets if they touched China. That why Mao Zedong declared China has stood up!

      When will the Sarawak people stand up?

      For the Dayaks the days of the headhunter may be gone since the 1970s when the British and Malayans encouraged them to behead communist fighters as trophies.

      The British stopped this practice when they realised they were committing war crimes (as if they didn't know from the beginning). They looked extremely bad when they pretended to champion human rights around the world and at the same time committed serious breaches of human rights.

      For 47 years the Dayaks were kept ignorant that they were being colonised by Malaya. They were subject to Malayan Special Branch white terror campaigns against the independence freedom fighters in Sarawak.

      They were put to fighting their own countrymen fighting to free them from the new colonial master. So ironically the Dayaks were fighting to maintain colonialism over themselves and they suffered for this. They protected a system which allowed KL plunder of our oil resources and for Taib to grab all their land and strip the timber and sell the land for oil palm plantations.

      AT the same time Dayaks were given a "right" to vote the colonial oppressors back into power every 5 years. They believed that they were free and independent and had democracy.

      So in the last 47 years most Dayaks lost all their land and sources if livelihood and shelter. They were left destitute by Taib's enormous land theft.

      They have now lost their real native long house democratic lifestyle of sharing work and enjoying the fruits of their labour, their democratic running of their communal society. All this is going by the design of the Kuala Lumpur Government.

      So Dayaks ended up being stripped of their land timber wealth and democratic communal way of life. They suffered the most. We have no right to laugh at them!

      This was their reward for being fooled into supporting the new colonial system dressed up as "independence within Malayasia".

      Will they rise up to help themselves?

      Yes the Penans have fought for over 30 years to defend their land and NCR people have stood up and fought the Taib government land grabs for as many years.

      The rest of us must not stand by any more. We must join them to defend their land which is also our fair land Sarawak.

      This land is our land (changes names)

      • Utz

        here, here… well said. Off with his head that bearded old goat. he has become the butt of so many home jokes now with that young wife of his. If he feels he has the “youthfullness” to marry a severely younger woman than him, then surely he is not ready to relinquish power yet. She is now his “red bull” and giving him his imaginary wings. and the older he gets, it seems the tighter he holds on to the reins of his reign.

      • hot

        not everything can be solved with fight DUH.

        by vote maybe unless ibans and dayaks are still dreaming and IN LOVE with Taib.

    • Lampu kidurong

      Hey Mr Hot,

      What so funny with Ibans and Dayaks?!.Do you think that only Iban and Dayak voted for Taib in our previous election ? if you're in their situation so what are you going to do?.List it to me cos, I want to knows from the brilliance commentor like you.

      • hot

        what more to say though … for 30 years ibans and dayaks voted Taib.

        enough said.

        • imam frustrated

          betul betul.

        • tongontas

          So did the malays, melanaus, chinese and muslims. Why blame the Dayaks only? You must have got skewed brain.

  • kuching_gal

    Is this for real? Died of rare form of suicide. I've always wanted to do something to help. Didn't realise how much they have been taking. The least they could contribute is a highway through Sarawak and Sabah and maybe some schools here and there but instead they lavish themselves. The Federal government and the Taibs only takes from the cookie jar and nothing for its people? Its amazing how we've all been blind to all this. But how can we help? How could we make a greater impact? SR is all the way overseas what can we do here?

  • revo

    RIP Ross..

    your death will not be in vain..

  • Supersexymama

    Never mind that God will punish him when he is dead I think he needs to have the hand of the law brought down upon him before he breathes his last breath.

    No one is above the law and those who follow Taib's bidding are also accountable to crimes against the people.

    MACC will not act because they are afraid of him. But remember, he is just a little man who takes a dump like everyone else. Maybe he dumps gold bars, I dont know, but he dumps just the same as everyone else and therefore not something special to be protected from prosecution.

    I am waiting for the day when despots like him get his just desserts.

  • Supersexymama

    In true British style you are not afraid to stand up against people like Taib. I am so proud of you! Go Girl!

    • http://yahoo Suararakyat

      Why do Sarawakians have to be shy and timid?

      Stand up and fight our own fights!

      If foreigners gave their lives for our cause what are we?

      Men or mice?

  • kuching_gal

    What I don't get is why is MACC afraid of him? I'm naive but these things are not that complicated are they. Seems like plenty of proof. Doesn't even look like they try very hard to hide the facts. So if Federal Govt takes a large chunk of Sarawak's money and the rest goes to them…why is this allowed for so damn long?

    No one did anything for 30 years? NO ONE?

    Rules are bent too much these days. The facts are right there. Can anyone tell me what is there to be afraid of?

  • kuching_gal

    If MACC is afraid what else can we as the youth of Sarawak do to make a greater difference if votes can be rigged?

  • imam frustrated

    saya mahu pampasan tanah aruah bapa kami yang di rampas pakai section 47 di kota semarahan,desa ilmu.sebanyak 32ekar dengan harga pasaran seharang.sial kamu taib mahmud dan saudara mu hasmi hasnan.perampas,semua duit harus di kembali ke rakyat sarawak dengan harga pasaran.

    • layar guy

      Dear Imam,Harga pasaran sekarang ialah RM150k x 32 ekar=RM4.8 million.Maka kamu sekeluarga adalah jutawan jika tanah ini dikambalikan kepada kamu. Namum jika JV dengan contractor kamu dapat: 30 units Double storey free(RM 250k x 30 units=RM7.5 million)dan wang tunai RM45k x 32 ekar=RM 1.44 million.

      Jumlah kesemuanya ialah RM7.5 million + RM 1.44 million=RM8.94 million.Imam marilah kita tuntut hak kita sekarang!

      • imam frustrated

        terima kasih saudara,kamek sik tahu berapa,mun kitak sik madah.banyak org madah tok ia,crita tok crita ia,tapi semua crita ajak sampai kenek tok.kamek bukan jait tapi sakit hati sebab kes tok macam kamek sekuarga di rompak butu butu di rumah sendiri oleh y.b,senfir,dahya menenang tampa bertanding ney ada kameh org nyokongnya.

        • layar guy

          Imam,konco2 Taib ambi peluang beli tanah murah di Kota Samarahan..Sidanya JV dengan contractor untuk dapat banyak untung..Good example in UNI-GDN,seorang bangsa iban kerja di Sarawak Planning Office dapat banyak untung…nya meli tanah dari orang Iban lepas tu JV dengan contractor..nya akan approved Project perumahan dengan syarat ada sekurang-kurangnya 2 rumah free untuknya.

    • romakoyo

      padan muka kau! kerana ya kau nganok orang Dayak?

  • Raja Rentap Sarawak

    Hello USA & Malaysia,

    For the above info the Concrete evidence about Chief Minister of Sarawak the Master of Mafia Abdul Taib Mahmud from Sarawak Malaysia,the spirit of Mother nature calling you Two FBI & MACC , wake up now !!!! go and arrest this Master of Mafia Abdul Taib Mahmud and his cronies the Sarawakian of Malaysia's Timber tycoons put them to Jail !!!! interrogate them who killed and murderer , the Penan chief in Ulu Baram Sarawak Sir Kelasau, The activist Swissman Sir Bruno Manser and others !!!

    The spirit of mother nature looking forward to see you two (FBI & MACC ) your feed back soon ?


    Raja RENTAP

  • Iban in OZ

    Hot, Ibans and Dayaks are too funny. it's too funny to read someone who says ibans and Dayaks are too funny when infact iban is one of the Dayaks. In a country where freedom of speech and expression is non existence, where the local people are oppressed, jailed, charged with criminal offense when speaking against the ruling government its understandable it has taken so long for people to stand up for their rights and speak up with the help of remarkable people like Ross and Brown. And not forgetting an iban fighter like Papa Orang Utan ( P.J.J )!

  • Lawrence Jayaraj

    Their continue to keep Sarawakians subjugated by freely allowing drugs into the State. Sarawak has the worst health care in Malaysia and horrible education system.

    Now you know why Taib rule Sarawak for 30 years.

    PBB and Bn MP's and the state assembly men kept their mouth shut never voiced their votes grievances.

    Please forgive us Mr. Ross Boyert. We allowed this to happen…!!!

    • imam frustrated

      tak betul,kita buat apa yang boleh dilakukan tapi tak semua org menyebalahi kita.takpa masa akan membantu kita org yang sudah kena tindas.

  • http://m'kini bbaub

    Surely, there must be something that all the smart and clever people of Sarawak con do to bring this monster taib to face justice that is way overdue to him.

    Whatever happen to the warrior's spirit of the once fierce Ibans and other natives ? Have they been rendered so weak and impotent by taib's bomohs ??

  • laughing

    When the opposition takes over, Sarawak should do whatever it takes to settle our "debt" to the Boyert family.

  • Pusu, Belachan &

    Not sure the above video is for real or not, but I hope Sarawakian will bring this culprit of Taik Mahmud into justice after he & BN lose in this coming GE. That's for sure.

    • pen4

      Pusu, Belacan & Tempoyak Goreng,

      Come on, this is a blog guy. This is not borneo post or utusan sarawak, utusan malaysia or what other utusan…..

  • sarawakiana

    Why this film is only out now? I believe it should be in the youtube before last year… then it could bring more good…

  • najibrazak

    Careless Taib careless. Did you think you could save a little money by cheating the Boyerts out of the money due to them for saving the business your own family were ruining? Not a very clever saving was it? Did you like the video?

  • Jinny

    There should be a panel to scrutinized every member of MACC to see they have past connection to Taib for them to be so silent with all that evidences.The heaps of evidences, not for them to sit up and take notice.Sounds fishy to me.

  • batulawi

    “Those whom God wish to destroy, he first make mad”…and it is happening to Taib and family. They become mad with greed which is the beginning of their destruction by the almighty. There is no escape Taib. You may escape the wrath of the people of Sarawak, but you will NEVER escape the wrath of GOD!!! Burn in hell.

  • karma believer


  • Anak Sarawak 2

    Please translate the video into Iban and Malay so that non-English speaking readers can understand.

  • http://alongentung langrimba

    semua kitai udah sedar magang nya penyai taib, tu pilihanraya dun ka datai da guna meh kuasa kitai. bakani kitai ka agi nguna orang kelalu bam bakanya.iya udah kelalu lama nama pemansang bai iya agai kapit.iya udah kaya raya nginsap darah kitai iban kelebih agi. tuai2 kitai iban anang bangka nyau ngaga diri enda nemu penyalah taib. nemu meh kami kitai ngiga utai ulih ari iya, tang kitai dipaduka rakyat nyadi wakil anang nyau kelalu ga nutup mata. aku besampi nyumpah kita tulah enti kita amat nemu penyai taib enggau kitai iban tang kita sengaja enggai ibuh. penulah kita besai lalu enda ulih diampun ke agi. aram angkat semua ngena senyata kita ba bepilih ke datai tu. tumbangka bala iban pembelot ari bn dikena muai taib dulu. baru bian siku ari orang minoriti di menua sarawak ka kiruh mantu kitai iban. kitai iban empu bepelajar tinggi nyadi yb nama utai ulih adu agai rakyat nyau nyium burit taib aja ke temu sida. kes tanah di niah sapa pembelot nginsil status ncrnya nemu kita enti enda kitai iban ke hero munuh bangsa diri

  • antu_jeloo

    Dear "Anak sarawak"

    Relax, please. SR will come up with Iban and Malay version of this entry. Please promise to ourselves that, once Iban or Malay versions are available, PLEASE circulate them appropriately and effectively. Dengan cara itu sahaja SR dapat menerobos ke dalam kawasan pedalaman Sarawak. Percayalah! We talk, we do! Let's do it together!

  • imam frustrated

    sudah kamek madah,sampei bila kita bertindak,berapa nyawa harus di mautkan oleh tait maut.

  • imam frustrated


    • romakoyo

      imam, kau tok nak goleng taib aja. taib jatuh pun sik jua guna selagi bn masih memerintah. kalau kau benar2 imam, berilah ceramah anti-bn pada sembahyang jumaat di masjid. si patut orang2 kau sik percaya cakap kau. kau ya kan imam, orang kanan allah.

  • Iban in OZ

    No amount of talk on Blog will bring Taib and his greedy Cronies down. Sarawakians your chance is here. Now! The General election is around the corner. This is your chance. Don't vote for ruling party BN!

    Sure they will spend alot of money buying votes but we gotta thinking where those money came from in the first place. Take the money because it's freely given as gift but vote the right person! BN been jerking people around for too long now it's time for the people to jerk them back!

    Take this golden opportunity to make a change.

  • See

    Take the money (it is after all, rightfully yours) and then vote Taib and BN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard

    I cannot believe this????- the sooner this crook and the other thieves are removed (however) the better

    The time has come to follow the other North Africana countries, REVOLT!!!

  • Dol-Saidol

    Just air the video on Al-Jazeera TV or other TV networks and let the whole world watch it. It will put preassure on Taib Mahmud.

  • Dol-Saidol

    Please translate the video in Malay and Iban languages. Download the video and copy into CD for all the people of Sarawak to watch.

  • Iban in OZ

    Hot, are the bans the only people who voted in Sarawak? If you think so you are an idiot. Sarawak is a multi-racial society. You do the maths if you have the brain. How many other races in Sarawak?

    • Che Gerunong

      we have 28 ethnics and races in sarawak.

  • jawa

    these(taip and yakub) are the very people who toppled ningkan because of the latter(ningkan's) so called corruption-got houses in s'por, planting hair and what not!!!-and NOW TAIP play it big. you see the vicious cycle goes on. i guarantee there will come another leader who will speak up against corruption and abuse of power, but as time passed he will be like taip or ningkan(?) AND MOST STUPID OF ALL WE VOTED FOR THEM!!!!!!!!!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Well Bro,Simple…Go and live in Gobi desert if you don't want all these thing in your own country.

      May GOD bless you

  • Anti-Kleptocrats

    F#*^ off MACC for not doing anything on Taib Mahmud the king of pirate.

  • Kelesing Urip

    The only peaceful solution is for the Dayaks to wakeup and be wise not to vote the BN into power again. They buy your vote during every election, just take the money but do not sell your rights, especially your Ancestors land. The YBs promise lightning projects but do not ever believe them because as usual it all becomes lies. After wining the election you will never see their face again. "Change We Must" because that is the only way to set us free.

  • Che Gerunong

    Sarawak Merdeka!

    Mari lepaskan diri dari jajahan tanah melayu!

    Sarawak Merdeka! Sarawak Merdeka!

  • MalaysianTino

    Where is justice? Where are the MACC officers? Where are the investigation?

    There seem to be many who are quick to retort the allegations. The question is why? Why won't these few people investigate the allegations before renouncing the facts?

    (The answers are only to obvious)


    Also, if any of you have visited the rural areas in Sarawak, one will notice that these Dayaks live a very simple life. They do not seek wealth (well, most don't)…. they do not seek titles nor see the need to champion their livelihood, they merely need the basic neccesity of life – food, shelter and safety.

    The current government realized this and is quick to take full opportunity of the situation. Cheap and/or free fertilizers, occasional upgrading of longhouses, near-election-date free goodies, etc are handed out from time to time.

    Being humble simpletons, these are considered 'extra comforts' of life and they are happily continuing to give support to the current BN government. Can we really blame them for it?

    But on a brighter note, we all know that many young villagers are now leaving these rural areas/villages for jobs in bigger towns/cities. Awareness of dirty politics and the effect of such politics will eventually seep into their veins….. and with time, I strongly believed the political climate will be different.

  • tongontas

    I just cannot understand why some people commenting in SR keep on blaming the Dayaks especially the Iban and Bidayuh communities and Christians for taib long rule and misdeeds in Sarawak. One even blame the Dayaks for his personal misfortunes. The fact is other races are equally guilty of supporting this tryant. The Malays are supporting taib/bn for the sake of ketuanan melayu, a disease imported from malaya and of course religion, the Chinese for money and Melanau for the sake of own people no matter how visible are the two horns on taib's head( i mean the upper head). Peoples, let us all unite regardless of race and religion and focus on one, just one objective, that is to change bn/taib government through our votes to a hopefully better government that is the government of the people for the people, ok? Please stop finger pointing.

    • Pusu, Belachan &

      Totally agree with you.

      Don't blame other races (especially Dayaks) who voted Taik Mahmud gov for the past 30years. We Sarawakian are multi-racial with more than 20 ethnics (at least). Each race has BN/opposition supporters for sure.

      We already knew that we want him (pek moh)to stop ruling us, so don't vote BN in the coming GE. Simple as that. Just please stop finger pointing each other. No benefit at all.

      p/s-Taik Mahmud will lost his balls this time. LOL….

      • sarawakiana


  • Balang sigar

    URGENT!!!! VERY URGENT!!!! VERY, VERY, VERY U R G E N T !!!!!! Dear Sarawak voters, LET'S ALL VOTE FOR PAKATAN RAKYAT in the next electionand bring that old robber out of office, to court and let him suffer in hell like he did to so many Sarawakians.

    • anakpanglima

      Dear All,

      Don't vote for SNAP.

      It looks like SNAP is a baby of Taib.

      Vote for PKR or DAP for change in Sarawak.

      Technically, SNAP never leave BN.

  • Jinny

    Don't know whether others have this problem but though I go to the webside to see this video, it revert back to this blogsite and it is just a blank. Could anyone enlighten me where to view this video. Thank you.

    • sarawakiana

      Just Click on the picture above, it will play the movie in the picture frame…

  • Iban in OZ

    MACC will not do anything. They are either afraid of Taib and his cronies or they are on his payroll which means they will have to take actions against themselves as well. If they expose Taib n his cronies they will expose the corruptions in MACC. I dare the MACC to prove me wrong!

  • Iban in OZ

    Everyone regardless of their race n beliefs should join hands, speak as ONE and vote as ONE.

  • Rosmah Mansor

    Wahai musuh musuh Taib, bagi lah chance yang di sayangi abangku Pehin Abdul Taib Mahmud tu ,nanti tak ada busines untuk kami ,kana faham lah… kan saya nak jadi Perdana Mentri 1Mangolia ha…ha…. kalau menang pelihan raya nanti ,saya akan singkir Nazib 1Malaysia he….he….

    Janganlah marah marah sama Abangku MACC dan Polis juga….kan meraka ini bodyguide kami , mereka juga pun masih guna wang dari Abang Taib.

    Biar kamu orang Asal sama Orang Asali di 1Malaysia pergi mampus ha…ha… tulong bagi undi UMNO & BN ha….haa….

    • http://none Raja Manggeng

      Hai Rosmah Mansor..apa kamu cakap.."bodyguide"? Adakah kamu maksud BODYGUARD?

      Kamu cakap pun tak betul,tak pandai.

      Kamu lah BOLOT Negara..suruh polis dari Mukah kena ukum gantung..for the crime he did not commit.

      Sekarang kamu sukong abang karib kamu kerana kalau tak sukong,kamu tidak jadi "FAT LADY" ops..First Lady!!!Ha ha ha ha

  • 55%%%%

    any action came with a reaction. for 30 years of thief's

    rule, there's no reaction from the rakyat esp. the

    majority dayaks as they r the true indigenous ppl.

    maybe they need a strong earthquake to shackle them up.

    • imam frustrated

      amin amin amin

  • zzzZZZ

    Youngsters of all kampung!!! go back ur kampung to vote! We cannot win agains taib without your vote. tell your parents all the bad things that taib had done to your people! your parents may not been educated to fight for their rights! We are counting on all iban and dayak youngster or just anyone of you that when to work in other states to go back to vote, to fight for what taib has taken from your people, to fight for justice, and to fight for the future of your children .

    Encourage your dayak and iban friend to take a few days leave and go back their kampung to vote, i know this will be hard and needs alot of transport fee for them to go back to their kampung, but for the future of sarawak, they must do this.

    For those who did not go back to vote, if taib still wins this election, your the one to be blame, its all your fault! blame no others, "Your a criminal too", that helps taib to steal our land.

  • Gopal Raj Kumar

    What most people in their rabid anti Muslim blindness forget is that the Malaysian government like most south east Asian governments are held hostage to their Chinese population like th rest of south east Asia.

    The timber industry in south east Asia is like its opium and heroin industries. Handed to the Chinese in the region for being anti communist as payment for their 'services' to the British and the Americans in defeating communist expansion in the region. The CIA helped the Chinese of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos to grow and sell opium to finance their wars against the communist. That war is over but not the misery or the trade. (the Politics of Heroin in South East Asia 1975 Dr. Alfred McCoy)

    Sarawak's timber concessions and the industry is in the hands of the Tiong and Wong families with the recent addition of the families of Yeoh Tiong Lay.

    Their influence in timber spans four continents and to slaughtering the silverback in Africa (Gabon) in the hands of Rimbunan Hijau the Sarawak Chinese owned timber behemoth.

    They operate concessions as far away as Siberia with the impoversihed state of Papua New Guinea and its annual budget totally dominated by their activities and their politicians completely in their hands.

    They even own the daily newspaper the National, financed the construction of the department of forestry building they burned down during an investigation into their activities having bribed then forestry minister Andrew Posai, paying wages of some of the officers at the department and the police force and legislature in PNG.

    If there is genuine remorse and a desire to end the destruction of forests in the world and the operation and methods applied to this sinister environmental degradation, then the assets of Datuks Tiong and Wong, Yeoh Tiong Lay and others in Australia and the US ought to be the subject of confiscation.

    Blind anti islamic fervour is a convenient scapegoat for the activiites of the south east Asian Chinese who hijacked and directed the murderous Suharto and some of their own kind during the 35 years of slaughter which the US and Europe tolerated in Indonesia for decades. There the industry was completely in hte hands of Chinese from the notorious Bob Hassan ( a convenient convert to Islam and the Sutanto and Lim Soei Liem families).

    Yes if Talib of Sarawak is guilty of accepting their bribes and acting on their paid orders, punish him. But not him alone or you will not stop the destruction of the forests and the killing of the people who live in it. You and I.

    • MI5 undercover

      Thanks a lot Gopal. You have summed up almost everything that I have been thinking of all these while. The CT have changed tactics, everybody still unaware of!

  • imam frustrated

    tak ada org akan buat seautu…tidak ada.

  • sarawakiana


    • http://none Raja Manggeng

      sarawakiana..what do you meant by ELDER than 21? Please look at the meaning in the English Oxford dictionary bro. Do you mean OLDER than 21?

      What do you want those people OLDER than 21 do?

      Here we are talking about your BOSS abuse his power and TAX evasion and MONEY Laundering…please check him out lHDN!!

  • Sarawakiana

    The accusation of corruption against our YAB Pehin Sri is wild and baseless.

    Why nobody in this state do police report or at least make Originating Summons or Petition to High Court against YAB Pehin Sri if you claim that you have proof to prove the corruption made by YAB Pehin Sri? You cant because you dont have. What you can do is only telling lies in this thread and once you written here, you feel great. That is coward.

    Dear God, please help us to be united under the leadership of our beloved YAB Pehin Sri (Dr) Haji Abdul Taib Bin Mahmud, Chief Minister of Sarawak.

    • sarawakiana

      WOW you must be inspired by me…:)

    • http://none Watch Dog

      How many FOOLISH report that you want? Do you think that the Police will take action? No,definitely NOT!! The thief minister controls the Police,the Judges,our legal system..why are you so naive?Wake up from your deep slumber..sarawakiana unless you are one of his clowns/cronies who is paid to support your master.

  • manofborneo

    The amount of rubbish being posted here masquerading as investigative "journalism" is staggering. This is just more rumours, slander and outright lies being passed off as "facts" to suckers dumb enough to believe everything thats written or posted. If the SIMC "article" is anything to go by, then the only thing they have managed to get right here Taibs' NAME! (And even that might be suspect..)

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Another Taib's dumb crony who does NOT understand English. How much you are paid to say such a thing? Please don't show us that you are DUMB.

    • tatan

      just ignore this manofborneo guy..he is taib family or even taib disguising himself…this 'Thief Minister' of Sarawak has been stealing land from the Dayaks and make himself a multi-billionaire

      shame on you taib….your status is lower than a anjing kurap

      yes, even your appearance is even worse that a anjing kurap ..with those sunken a skull

      you heart is evil and you look is evil too.

    • Sarawakiana

      @Watch Dog,

      We believe you are DUMB, DUMBER and DUMBEST. If you really definitely right, why cant take opportunity to be elected in the coming election and tell everybody your scam lies.

      I dont think you dare to anticipate.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        sarawakiana is another Taib's scum bag..stupid,dumb.You don't need to be a wakil sendiri(Rakyat) to serve the people.

        We all knew that you are being paid by your greedy master to defend him here. Gohet saja lah!! Another clown created by Taib


        We are here NOT to argue with you but here to tell our people that the thief Minister keeps on and on and on and on…see for yourself.Another idoiot just like manofborneo too.

    • anakpanglima

      I hate this ShitHead.

      Looks like he is another Taib's asshole boy.

  • manofborneo

    Dumb? Hardly. Dumb would be all you suckers who insist on believing all this anti-establishment hoo-har which MUST be TRUE since its was [gasp! and drumroll…] posted!!! … Credibility will be given where its due, certainly not here..

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Another DUMB Taib's crony who cannot understand what he read in English.Go back to school manofborneo. Go to school and learn English.

      How much are you paid bt your BOSS ,the thief you are PROTECTING.

  • manofborneo

    Given the poor standard of watch dog's 'english' I think the need for lessons is more obvious..

    Rant all you want but you're all still suckers for actually believing that the rubbish above MUST BE TRUE just because its, by golly-gosh, POSTED HERE!! BTW did you know that there are UFOs? in Kuching??? MUST BE TRUE!! Since its POSTED HERE! HAHAHA!

    • http://none Watch Dog

      manofborneo,ask your BOSS to send you to study English as you don't understand what you have read.You are the ones who badly need English lesson.or just pretending to be DUMB and support your brother,The thief Minister of Sarawak.It;s obvious you are one of them..or one of his cronies.ABC–member of Association of Balls carriers

  • manofborneo

    People should be their own Boss and make up their own minds. Lesser intellects, however are easily led astray by the gibbering and parrotting of conveniently twisted conspiracy stories..

    Like previously said, you obviously believe everything you read thats posted here… all kinds of posted rubbish and nonsense repeated just to get attention and hopefully a few "useful idiots" (Don't know what that refers to? Shame on you! Go read your Marx!) will be roused to 'action'…

    • http://none Watch Dog

      The so called intellects are greedy people like their thief master. This man is being paid to defend his autocratic greedy master.Maybe his boss AZIMAT has worked wonders that made this self acclaimed intellect who went overseas to study with tax payers money and then came back to praise his autocratic greedy ruthless master who practiced politics of violence by using gangsters to extract timbers.

      You may post many many many comments here manofborneo as you are being paid by your master to say things here.

      • MI5 undercover

        Watch Dog, manofborneo, sarawakiana, anak berooke and ngegeh is the same person. You are probably right, he is one of taib's family members. He is like a crocodile, you cannot feed it with fruits, vegetables or other plant base foods. It only can be fed with meat. You probably have no idea of how much flesh it can feed into it's stomach at one time. Once it has tasted the meat from a particular species of animal, it keeps wanting for it more, more and more.

        As I have said before, he seems to loose so much if his god, taib mahmud/his religion bn/pbb able to be ousted from power.

        Somehow, he left a clue: 'Shame on you! Go read your Marx!) will be roused to ‘action’…'

        Isn't that he telling you that he is a fascist, just like his 'god' the thief…….

        • http://none Watch Dog

          M15 undercover a British so called intelligent group…you are so naive and lack of knowledge..saying I am the same person..YOU ARE DEAD WRONG..maybe you are brain dead too.I do NOT want to be associated with the present corrupt government..I am NOT a government servant and I never was a government servant. government servant wants pension after his 55 or 58 years old and want the state to pay him for life,why can't he save? He does very little being a government servant,believe me drop by in any offices,then you know what I mean.That is why government always voted for their big BOSS.You will see that when they line up waiting to receive their boss,their hands cover their bollocks and that applies to you too.

          Really M15 undercover or just pretending and hoping to be M15,,a British spy network?? Grow up man..grow your master and you will get FAT bonus.Ha ha ha heh heh heh heh ha ha ha

        • MI5 undercover

          Dear Watch Dog,

          My Apology to you. I made a typing error. It should read like this:

          Dear Watchdog,

          manofborneo, sarawakiana, anak berooke and ngegeh is the same person………………………………………………..

          Hope you are satisfied with that. I am on your side.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          M15 undercover..British Secret Agent..who are these people that you are mentioning? Please tell me who are they? I want to get in touch with them.It seems that you failed to discover the truth and your secret service network failed miserably.No wonder you cannot stop the tragedy 7/7 from occurring.

          I don't know your group of clowns that you are mentioning .I am all alone and I don't like to be associated with any one and also including you.British Secret Service,meddling in foreign affairs. Go back to UK man as you are needed there.We don't need a foreigner like you here.

  • Eric Lim

    Despite all the intimidations, promises of wealth & privileges,we have to vote and change our present government. PKR is my choice as their leader, Anwar Ibrahim after so much intimidations & injustices lobbed at him by Dr DeathVader Mamakutu, rises from the burning ashes into a new-born leader that is still standing and fighting the institution that once promised him the premiereship of Malaysai. Frens in Sarawak, Sabah must unite with DAP, PAS and your local Parties to topple these corrupt people before we loose our soul…"They have been sleeping with the Devil too long" Its paybacktime and we Malaysians have BUT ONE LAST SHOT.Go deep into the forests and tell all your fellow men about this new leader who will topple the BIGGEST TREE IN ALL OF SARAWAK…THEN THE HORNBILL WILL FLY AGAIN.

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Bro,there are no more forest so hornbill cannot fly anymore.Yes,we will eradicate this corrupted leader so I hope that HORNBILLS can fly again.

  • nancie

    All these selfishness,greed for money and power are man doing.Vengeance is God.

  • Observer

    As l read, many people squabble among themselves and many showed their anger on CM. rather than doing something constructive. Currently so many happenings in the middle east due to similar nature with their leaders. Some body in Sarawak who are opposition leaders and lawyers in the politic can start of something like petitions from supporters (names and signatures) and present it to MACC and PM to investigate. If you can get thousands of signatures it will put pressure on them to do something. If no action is taken then seek other options to get your voice heard even to the extend to reach national/world news and expose. You see the star online news today, ex wife of Tiab’s son is seeking RM400 millions for divorce settlement.

  • Learned Sarawakian

    See n hear the irrationality expressed above by Sarawakians and others. For the last 48 years, we wanted progress. But progress came with a price. We never thought about this. We equated progress with money in pocket. This is historical attitude. We never thought about checking thieves and plunderers. So the smart alecs made sure education remains low. less than 10% if needs be, and started bulls***ing. Conmen made great living. Learn from Madoff please, if you want western examples. So the smart alecs started building a new culture and bid their time. Sarawakians were fooled left right and centre. Now this culture is solidly inbuilt so the Emperor ruled safely, maintaining whatever abuses they are used to. What MACC or PDRM are we talking about ? These are Malaysian Cultured products and the only thing they see is RMs and RMs. Besides, the White Emperor can dismantle association with MACC by just making them disappeared – by taking all the MPs under his wing and calling on his other half in Sabah and sweet wooed Anwar. Then the country legislative changed overnight. There is this innate fear in place so Emperor is untouchables. We have only ourselves to blame. If Sarawakians have been doing what I had been doing all these last 48 years, voting for the opposition at each election and having the opposition in power for one term of 5 years only, then at least we Sarawakians will have better control over the fate of the land called Sarawak today ! THINK – How else can you have fearful and law abiding and hard working people in the government? They must have the innate fear of wrong doing and fear of being exposed for wrong doing in 5 years, and they will work hard and true. Otherwise, it is just complacency and cronyisms. Today, my outlook has changed. This election I will change too because I would rather watch another few years of circus show in my sunset years than betting on a culture change in a matter of a year or two. A culture that was built up in 50 years will take 2 generations to rebuild. Learn from others history, because Malaysian history tells you otherwise. The shorter route is of course a northern Africa style of change, which is not something I want to see these days. I would rather love another Altatunya episode 2 or R Boyert revelations 2. They are stupid and comical and is good for the brains to laugh ! So vote BN and make my wishes continue……

    • anakpanglima

      You are talking about Politics of Developments !!!

      …now I remember, Politics of Development for Taibs.

  • Juniper

    has anyone considered that the onslaught on Taib has inadvertently become of no more effect on his ability to run for another term and maybe even win the state with a big margin ? Too much of anything leaves many with the believe that which parts are true and which are not. Ultimately the fence sitter will think that he is being persecuted.

  • Cookie

    Haha… "rare form of suicide" indeed. How did a govt servant buy his bride a RM150 million piece of jewellery, hmm?

  • http://deleted D.T

    may god bless him for his contribution to free sarawak from taib and satanic malaya. amen.

  • Sarawak Hidup

    Is this video even true??

  • Mat

    Murder is part of 'pelanun' culture. They rob and kill. Does not need Sherlock Holmes to narrow down the list of suspects.

  • Allen

    Taib and family are untouchable in Sarawak. I am very sorry of what had happened to Ross and family.

  • RichC

    Tiab's end is very near. We are all watching hime very closely .

    US's CIA and FBI are investigating him and his business in US.

  • http://- ariel levi

    an old saying " what goes around , will come back ". so b careful not 2 throw boomerang. u can never tell.

  • babeh_kuran_nephew

    To all Dayak@Bidayuh. Taib Mahmud now are in deep trouble. Almost every country where Taib keep his money now are doing their investigation on money laundering. All his children Jamilah Hamidah Taib, Mahmud Abu Bekir Taib, Sulaiman Abdul Rahman Taib, Hanifah Hajar Taib are under investigation too. Many company and other company all over the world start to stop doing business with company associate with Taib’s family and cronies. Most of this company do not want to be investigate by foreign country. All Taib’s cronies are still working have been bribe. Hundred’s of transaction of money worth million’s ringgit have been done in foreign bank. Total amount of transaction near billions of ringgit.

    Note for Taib:-

    “If you can easily bribe anyone, or any cronies. Someone else will easily bribe them. Your money will never enough for them. Do you have enough money to bribe back all your cronies and business involvement when someone willing to pay higher price for it? This bribe worth 10 times of your business value. It start circulating from a business value RM1mill until hundred’s of million.”

    Please take note this.