So Silly Sulaiman – Exclusive Photos!

So Silly Sulaiman – Exclusive Photos!

4 Mar 2011

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We can predict one notable absentee from Taib’s pre-election political rally at the recently completed Borneo Convention Centre (just one of the major building contracts he awarded to his family company and put in the hands of his own sister Raziah).  The absentee will be his own son and Federal MP, Sulaiman Taib.  But Sarawak Report can perform a public service by reassuring people that the rumours that Sulaiman is dead are untrue.

In what can only be described as a stupid stunt, Sulaiman Taib has posted a picture of himself on Facebook, posing as ‘Death’ rests a symbolic hand on his shoulder! 

The Chief Minister’s younger son, who likes to be called Rahman when in North America, appears to have been responding to the widespread rumours that have been flying around Kuching for months that he is indeed dead! Judging from the sweat shirt worn by the skeleton figure, Sarawak Report can suggest to curious constituents, concerned to know his whereabouts, that he is in Canada!

In the Facebook posting, which can be accessed by 1,591 facebook friends, Sulaiman acknowledges the waves of speculation about his state of health and possible demise, which have carried on since he dramatically dropped from public view well over a year ago. However, he airily dismisses such concerns.  In one entry dated February 15th he declares:

 “Yes, I am healthy and still alive. (Stupid people listening to and spreading rumours. Please!! Get a life!!!)”

Comunicating only by Facebook!

Get a life?

The 42 year old, who is the Federal MP for Kota Samarahan, a seat he inherited from his father the Chief Minister in 2006, clearly thinks that constituents who are wondering where he is should ‘get a life’!  In his Facebook entry he says he lives in Ottawa, Canada and makes no obvious mention of his political responsibilities back in Sarawak on the other side of the globe.  Instead, the entries focus on pictures of his jet-set lifestyle and leisure activities.  There are plenty snowy scenes, but little sign of sunny Sarawak! 

Stupid people or stupid Sulaiman?

Sulaiman has been also spotted in London in recent months, including dining in Soho in September with his sisters

Rahman with Jamilah, Hanifah and Aunt Zaleha enjoying a dinner in Soho 22nd Septmeber 2010

and Aunt.  Not long after he was photographed entering the Hyde Park apartment building used by his family in advance of a family get together that included Taib last October. So Sulaiman is definitely getting around the place. However, he has made not a single appearance in the Federal Parliament Building in KL for well over a year when he resigned his position as Deputy Tourism Minister.  Neither has he been seen in Kuching, even missing his father’s recent wedding.  

Nevertheless, he retains his position and continues to be paid as Kota Samarahan’s MP!  In fact, all his constituency duties have long since been delegated to Idris Buang, a political secretary of his father and none of the people who elected him to help them with their problems have seen a whisker of him!  If Sulaiman was being paid to work in an office or a shop, his boss would legitimately be able to ask why if he is not at his desk.  His constituents have an equal right to ask the same thing without being told to “get a life”!

Photographs for his facebook but no news for the rest of us!

Plenty of complaints but no explanations! 

In the absence of his use of any of the normal official means of communication, Sulaiman has chosen to rely on the informal channel of his selected Facebook friends to pass his comments to the outside world.  He has been using this means to post gossipy chat and photographs, as well as to complain that speculation about him is wrong.  However, few of these friends appear to have been passing on the messages to the bemused public, hence Sarawak Report’s decision to publish some of his remarks.

In particular Sulaiman has been condemning those in Kuching who have concluded he must be seriously ill to have so suddenly neglected his duties and he has used his “wall” to deliver them a number of little lectures on the subject of truthfulness!

These are some of the more recent excerpts from his recent Facebook posts.

“If the truth always prevails, then why are there so many people lying these days?”Rahman Taib

“Honesty has diminished a lot in the world. Sad, but true”.Rahman Taib

 “Life is short. Be truthful, honest and kind in every way. These attributes will benefit your current and afterlife”.Rahman Taib 

Time for an honest open statement from Rahman Taib and his Dad?

We therefore wonder why the son of the Chief Minister does not take a little of his own advice and present the truth of the situation publicly through the proper channels?  With all the media at his disposal he could do it with as little effort as posting such facile comments on his Facebook Wall?   So, what is the truth Sulaiman Taib?  You are by choice an elected public figure and therefore people have a right to know.

Serious politician or wealthy playboy?

If on the other hand the absentee MP has decided to opt for a private life instead, then why not resign his public office and allow a by-election to take place in his neglected constituency?  His father could call it now and it would give a useful indicator of where the wind in blowing in the run up to the much delayed state election!

Cry for help?

However, Sulaiman’s clear sense of unjust treatment indicates that maybe he has found himself unable to do any of these obvious things.  At the risk of being accused of more unfounded speculation Sarawak Report concludes that Sulaiman seems clearly in a predicament that he feels is not of his own making.  Could it be that he has displeased his draconian Papa and been banished out of sight? 

As near as Rahman gets to an explanation of his absence!

In yet another posting that clearly refers to his bizarre circumstances, Sulaiman calls on the rest of us to withold our questions and our judgement until we know all the facts of the case!

“Judge only when you know ALL the facts and criticize only when you are ABSOLUTELY perfect”.  Rahman Taib

Such a complaint begs the request that the person who can present these facts should therefore get on and do so! Tell us all the facts so we can make our judgement Sulaiman Taib.  It is your failure to do so that is being criticised at the moment and rightly so! 

The truth? Let's hear it!

To think that this was the man whom the Taib was so recently preparing to ‘inherit’ his role as Chief Minister and to think that Taib has so recently declared that he still can find no one else in BN who is capable to succeed him!  the gathering at the Borneo Convention promises to be a pretty dull and desperate event – unless, of course, Sulaiman surprises everyone and turns up after all!

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  • Analist

    Comforting to see he is well enough to ski. Too bad some Sarawakians have their land stolen from them to pay for this family's lavish lifestyle.

    Nowadays even HIV infection can be a chronic illness, with medication people with HIV can live normal lives for many decades.

    • http://yahoo Chew Ying Kam


      Just by the way.

      Roughly calculating on assumption that his father Taib has misapproproated US$10 billion.

      On a salary of $30k a month he would have to work for 3000 years to earn US$10 billion on something more or less!

      My calculation may be off target as my calculator ran out of zeros.

      Could someone maths genius come up with a more accurate figure???

      Thank you!

      • The good guy

        Let's see. USD10 billion is RM31 billion at today's exchange rate. Divide this by RM 360,000 per year (Taib's salary per year) and Wallah!… youse get rondzabout 86,111 years. That my friend, is the sum total no of years he has to work.

        86,111 yrs minus 30 yrs as Thief Minister means he has to work for another 86,081 years more. Considering that he looks a bit like an alien, and that's an extraterrestrial alien, I believe he can do it. Provided, of course, Sarawak doesn't go Tunisia on him in the near future.

        • http://yahoo Chew Ying Kam

          Gee, Thanks!

          My calculator was being generous. Now he has to work 83000 years longer.

          RM$31billion divided by 2.5 million Sarawakians = 2.5 million billionaires plus. Think that near enough!

          If we all have just a couple of millions there would be some left over and none of us should be poor or have to work!

          Hope the Malaysiakini defamation case bring up all such details!

          Heard rumour that Madhatter has US$22 to US$44 billion stashed away.

        • Banting

          Hi The good guy, but MACC is not investigating the case. Possessing of properties in excess of emolument is alright for BN ministers, but not to the opposition YBs. That is how the trend looks like today.

        • Saddened

          And a precious live was lost because of RM2,400???!!! What a shame on MACC!

        • swk warrior

          RM31bil sounds TOO LITTLE LAH!

          how can! 30yrs' worth of pillage in the whole of sarawak, timber, land, cement, bakun, etc

          even RM300bil sounds too little for all that to me!

        • http://sarawaknews.wordpress timchoo

          Mild as the Sarawakians maybe, but their protests have been more vocal and tangible. The law may be not or their side yet, but slowly its getting their, as seen from many of the land cases.

          Back to Tunisia & Egypt. Yes revolt becomes rebels, and soon revolution. This seems to be the way the only way out if BN Swak is not extra careful. And judging by the grapevine that Awang Tengah may succeed ATM as CM, then there are ground to be not optimistic about the change for better for sarawak. Awang Tengah has shown his quality to be better than ATM – infact he wants tu surpass ATM in everything. Judging by his new home. So he is ATM in the Making.

          Berjaga lah. BN mesti ditumbangkan sekarang. Election is on April 16, 2011.

          Be careful. BN must be dismantled now.

      • The good guy

        Bro, in reply to your reply, if you take RM 31 billion by 2.5 million Sarawakians, what it means is that each Sarawakian gets RM 12,400. Youse got it wrong. But no prob bro. We unnerstand what you're trying to tell us.

        For the poor Sarawakians, getting 12,400 of bolehland mullahs is like mullahs falling from heaven! Poor blokes, for the life of me, can't unnerstand why they still keep those goons in power.

        • http://yahoo Chew Ying Kam


          Thanks Good Guy!

          Are we not talking about BILLIONs? That is many zeros more than million.

          In any case the point is that if 2.5 million people can each have 1 million dollars we are still got plenty left over. Sarawak will be still better off than being ruled by Kuala Lumpur!

          Any way you got what I am trying to say.

          Under Malayan colonial rule we have been all made poor by that much money (oil money) which could have benefited all the poor oppressed ulu folks in so many ways.

          This is really silly. Why we continue to suffer this nonsense?

          We were independent in 1941. Then there was Japanese occupation (1942) and British colonial rule from 1946 and now we have Malayan colonial rule from 1963! From independence to colonial bondage!

          Why? Why?

          Why are we taking all this lying down and not rise and fight for our freedom and independence?

          Brothers and sisters, we must take this imposed state of being subjugated people any longer.

          We must do whatever we can to free ourselves.

          This is what radio Free Sarawak and people like Peter is doing. His family is now being targeted by UMNO PBB gangsters. They lost their livelihood overnight!

          We must rally to their support. Peter sacrificed his freedom for us. We must not stand by anymore! The minimum we can do to show solidarity with him and family is to raise fund to help his family. This can be done in different ways.

          Come on Sarawak compatriots rise to the occasion!

          We missed the Central Padang demonstration. All right that could be forgiven if we overslept. But this is one thing we can do and the fascists cannot do anything about.

          Resistance can be done in different ways.

    • http://Hotmail Suararakyat


      The skeleton must be the real Rahman and the man is an hired double!

      If Rahman has been derelict in his duty and abusing his position as an elected rep.

      Why isn't the opposition waking up and move a censure motion and move that his position be declared vacant and have a by election.

      There is plenty of evidence to show that this goon is wasting public funds enjoying himself fooling around the world and totally neglecting his electorate.

      He is acting like an immature 13 year old the way he is taunting and thumbing his nose and giving the V fingers to everyone with his web photos.

      Isn't his electorate aware that he should be working hard for them in the DUN other than shitting around!?

      C'mon Sarawakians stop being pathethic and helplessly timid and cowering in the shadows.

      WAKE UP! Get outraged, be very angry!

      Rise up, unite to throw out the whole bunch of criminal politicians who claim to be your elected reps.

      • http://Hotmail Suararakyat

        Elected reps refer to the PBB BN crooked and greedy politicians

    • http://hotmail Undang-undang Lal


      There is a little bit more to the carefree lifestyle of Rahman Taib.

      This the father’s karma. For the evil he has inflicted on hundreds of thousands of Sarawak people, his son is the gods’ punishment for him.

      His son is his shame.

      The careless approach by Rahman in his live style is almost suicidal.

      It seems from his words he has a sense of justice and fair play which he could use to benefit the people as an elected representative.

      However, he has gone to the deep end as if to spite his father with his reckless behaviour especially after his mother passed away.

      There is a touch of bitterness in his words. Perhaps there is some truth that he was careless in his private life and got the nod from the Grim Reaper- the spirit who carries the scythe. He wasn’t even there for his father’s wedding? Is there a split in the family. Whatever, he went off the deep end for sure.

      The opposition has not woken up to the fact that they can have his position declared vacant since he has failed to attend Parliament for over a year without any reasonable excuse.

      It is a good argument to say he no longer has a mandate. If he does not turn up to defend his position UMNO would find it hard to keep the position open. If he does turn up to oppose such a motion against him, he would find it hard to justify his absence. Either way he is politically dead.

      Wake up and do something. Use their rules against them.

    • cupinb

      The only person to answer these lingering questions is Najib.

      C'mon Jib, rakyat mesti didahulukan.

  • Iban in OZ

    Isnt it ironic for someone like sulaiman to tell others to get a life when he live his lavish lifestyle the expense of others. And not forgetting he should practice what he preached! Honesty is definitely not in the Taib's clan vocabulary. We live by example not words!
    Sulaiman should be kicked out. Why should he continue to get paid? If the ruling government thinks it's okay to pay him then his very same law should apply to ALL government servants regardless of their posistion on any government office. Fair is fair.

  • Iban in OZ

    Correction – " …then THIS very same law should apply…."

  • http://yahoo Ayamkurus

    I say Rahman Taib's quote are gems!

    “If the truth always prevails, then why are there so many people lying these days?”Rahman Taib

    “Honesty has diminished a lot in the world. Sad, but true”.Rahman Taib

    ”Life is short. Be truthful, honest and kind in every way. These attributes will benefit your current and afterlife”.Rahman Taib

    He said the right things and all apply to his father and whole family brother, sisters, cousins aunties and uncles.


  • http://yahoo Pippit

    Moral of this story is never expose yourself on Facebook.

    That's political death sentence if your father happens to be Sarawak's number one criminal!

  • Meggie

    HONESTY? where is your father honesty and dignity?

  • Scrut

    Yes, I am healthy and still alive. (Stupid people listening to and spreading rumours. Please!! Get a life!!!) – Rahman Taib

    His constituents have an equal right to ask the same thing without being told to ”get a life”! – Sarawak Report.

    Anyone with half a brain would know that Sulaiman was directing that comment to Sarawak Report. To the detriment of its integrity, it has shown that it's not above twisting peoples' words to tailor it for the worst effect. what more with pictures?

    People say a picture's worth a thousand words, but you better be careful in case the words are lies or truths.

    Look for other examples of this wanton journalistic abuse cleverly littered in this so-called publication.

    • Lucian

      The least the government could do would be to employ more intellectual cyber police to counter comment intelligently. Political rhetoric is a dying so-yesterday art.

    • beth Eds

      True. I couldn't agree with you more. When someone has some thing to say against another person, he/she tends to drag that twisted tongue to help them twist info.

  • enduk

    illness aka HIV? what goes around comes around baby :)

    the father is too old for the "comes around" therefore happily waits for him in afterlife. :)

    sorry for sounds so rude, but was just saying out loud for everybody else as well.

  • najibrazak

    Taking money for a service and ten not doing the service is called cheating and is punishable under the Penal Code. Maybe Rahman is staying out of the jurisdiction to avoid prosecution for cheating his constituents. I am really ashamed to have him as one of my Party's MPs.

  • tatan

    HIV, which causes an illness that has a significant probability of transmission between humans by means of human sexual behavior, including vaginal intercourse with an HIV-infected prostitute , oral sex, and anal sex…

  • batulawi

    At last the rat is smoked out of the hole. He choked and coughed out all about his family's evil deeds. Blaming others….sick rat!

    • Tiarama


      That was the best comment I read!

    • Batu Karas

      The photos above are SUPER IMPOST. He remains DEAD until he come back to Sarawak and proves that he is alive and well. Don't ever believe in what the pretenders and thieves put in front of you.

    • dalam_babas


      Correct. That's how hunters in olden days force porcupines to come out of their burrows – use smoke, and lots of smoke. Ha! Haa!!

  • http://[email protected] Samarahan voter

    This Sulaiman guy is rotten to the core. Like father like son.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    We should have a "by-election" as he has been absent for more than a year.

    Where are you SPR? Why don't we hold a by-election? If he is NOT the thief minister's son,he will have been sacked long time ago.He is a menace to the Society..we want a healthy MP and not the ones suffering from chronic disease.

    Why is he so scared to come home and tell the truth? That is the problem when you elect a foreigner as your MP.He just couldn't care less but still the people Samarahan Constituency voted for him

    for the same reason that I have said earlier.

    Resign Sulaiman or are disgrace to the law making body in Malaysia,you just ridicule Malaysian parliamentary system.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    We should have a "by-election" as he has been absent for more than a year.

    Where are you SPR? Why don't we hold a by-election? If he is NOT the thief minister's son,he will have been sacked long time ago.He is a menace to the Society..we want a healthy MP and not the ones suffering from chronic disease.

    Why is he so scared to come home and tell the truth? That is the problem when you elect a foreigner as your MP.He just couldn't care less but still the people in Samarahan Constituency voted for

    him for the same reason that I have said earlier.

    Resign Sulaiman or are a disgrace to the law making body in Malaysia,you just ridicule Malaysian parliamentary system by being AWOL at your whims and fancies.

    • Batu Karas




    • imam frustrated

      sudahlah kamu ada jame dawos a.k.a johari adullah,M.P kesayangan kamu,dia menang bertanding berapa kali,yang menyatakan org bidayuh sokong dia dan taib habis habis.ini sulaiman kami tak sokong, dia pandai menang tampa bertanding dan calon bakal tanding lawan dia hilang diri.ini gara gara dayak bidayuh dan iban semua sokong taib kita org ada dia menang tampa tanding,dan mereka buat suka hati.harap org dayak dan bidayuh hentikan sokong taib dan iban dan bidayuh b.n di sarawak.dan golengkan taib.ini tak akan belaku.yang berthesis dan berhujap tu karang lah buku dan jual di pasaran,untuk mendidik org yang tak tahu erti politic sebenar.dan jual buku2 tu untuk mengutip dana untuk golengkan taib.ini bebloggg dengan kita yg kurnag ilmu,hanya pasal ugama saja.ertinya kamu semua tak diguna di mana kamu patut di perlukan.sudahlah.saudara.bangkit dari mimpi mu nak jadi cerdikiawan tak ada nilai dipasaran semua sokong taib.kita di blogg hanya mengulaskan perasaan benci dan geram.kamu juga.tak ada modal.mereka semua enjpy hidup mereka. jangan sokong taib lah org dayak oii,jangan,biar pun b.n.sudahlah melacur kan harga diri kamu.

      • romakoyo

        hoi! imam bodoh sial pukimak babi jahanam setan belut blau kompon mambang tulah apa sajalah!, kau sik habis habis nganok orang dayak iban bidayuh apahal hah?!!! hah?!!@#$%^&*()_+?":~,.;'`123456789000@!!! apa dendam kau dengan kamek hah?!!! cermin diri kau lok!!! sial!!!!@ tulah!! mati kau!!!

  • imam frustrated

    bagi saya,dia tak suka apa yang babak dia buat tapi tak tahu nak buat apa sebab kalau tak ikut cakap bapak tak ada duit.dia bukan minat jadi y.b. jadi tak semesti babak jahat anak pun jahat.dia memang tak suka rakyat kota semarahan.nak cakap dengan rakyat pun dia jijik/tapi di desak oleh bapak.

    dia pun takut bapak nya macam org mejority sarawak yg menyokong bapaknya.semua b.n di sarawak dan malaysia takut taib.

    hahaha.lepas ni saya ada lagi hujah dari professor s.r dengan thesis mereka.yang buntuk.

    harap harap di letak jawatan dan jangan balik kota semarahan,atau idris anak buang jadi m.p dibelakang sulaiman,proxy menang tampa bertanding lagi.

    • romakoyo

      sokong gi…padan muka! rakyat di samarahan memang bodoh!

      • pengayau tau serang

        Memang betulah bro…penduduk kota semarahan kena kencing YB.SULAIMAN@RAHMAN padan muka!!!!Lain kali nak pilih calon pilih yang calon berkerja dengan rakyat.Ni tidak pilih anak KETUA LANUN abislah bro…Bukannya educated sangat"DEGREE"pun bapa lanun yang beli hancuss..

  • swk

    Is he the MP or Malaysia Playboy for Kota Samarahan ?

    • imam frustrated

      nyata,dia playboy tapi dipaksa jadi m.p.dia jijk org semerahan.idris buang yg.bbelakang.y.b.

  • aktan

    Just wondering when will the ignorant Sarawakians wake up and realise that this corrupted white haired b******d, Tahi Mahumud and his family of thieves are stealing from them indirectly through the wealth of the state ………. timber !

  • aktan

    Sulaiman Tahi Mahmud,

    F**k your family of thieves and may Allah punish you b*******s who steals ! !

  • Samaraqhan folks

    Sulaiman, you are a M******g Bastard! No matter what your problems are, you should not have betrayed the people of Samaraqhan. We wished you are dead, giving way to the by-election, so that TPM can promise us all the millions, including a new 4 lanes highway from 7 th miles.

  • robin

    This guy kenna HIV lah, f so much.

  • Tukai Tina

    stupid sulaiman

  • Tukai Tina

    Org Melayu atau Kadayan Miri mahir buat "SCUD" (Polong).Why not "polong" guna telur buruk.Sebab YB Datuk Seri Sulaiman MP Semarahan suka dgn adegan hantu.Manusia banyak fantasi mcm ini adalah gulungan "OKU".Mcm mana OKU boleh jadi YB sudah tentu ikut mood.Kalau suka turun padang dan kalau tak suka diam diam tunggu bulan mengambang.Tapi YB Sulaiam sudah banyak kali bulan mengambang tapi tidak juga muncul.Keturunan Sulaiman adalah keluarga "berbayuh" yang suka cari membang laut membang darat untuk ubat org sakit ketika dulu. Tidak hairan ilmu "berbayuh" ini turun kepada YB Datuk Sri Sulaiman.Boleh ubat org dengan pukulan gendang rabana.Sebab itu sangat cucuk YB Sulaiman jadi Timbalan Menteri Pelancongan tapi malang ex YB Azlina dan YB Yen Yen pun tidak terima cadangan.

  • Banting

    He is Najib`s good boy, just an elected MP and then straight away appointed as deputy federal minister. Pity for Khairy Jamaluddin, the first UMNO youth chief in history not given any ministerial post, if I am not mistaken.

  • Rosmah Mansor

    Aduh Kenapa pula sama Sulaiman merlimbat punyakit HIV, tak apa lah tu….. kan Abang yang di sayangi Abdul Taib dah ada Tuk Bumoh NO PROBLEM lah !!!!!! ha….ha…..

  • san tet

    I didn't see that Rahman is doing any CRIMINAL ACT here… Is it wrong having a meal with his family members.. is it wrong for a Member Parliament skiing…?

    • job

      if he is your worker, you still want him ? absent from job for so many month ! silly you ! talking bullshit.

    • lkl

      I don't think anybody is suggesting that it's wrong for a MP to ski (in fact it's not wrong for anybody to ski) but rather that he is not doing his job as an elected MP. It seems he is more concerned about the rumors that he is dead than his absenteeism from work. Calling people stupid and posting self-righteous quotes about himself?

  • lkl

    This man is a stupid hypocrite

  • http://bernardendok@gmail remanglangit

    -Mengapa orang-orang Kota Samarahan sangat bodoh dan tak ada otak sebab perkara ini berlaku sangat lama tak bertindak.Tiada orang mau gantikah.Kalau tidak letak selipal sahaja lambang bn orang undi juga di sini kawan .Anjing kurap pun boleh menang.

    • romakoyo

      kahkahkahkah!!….padan muka kaum meloyar di samarahan. sokong gi kuat2 bn. kahkahkahkah! padan muka bodoh!

  • Pusu, Belachan &

    To Samarahan BN supporters:

    This is what you will get in the next 10years if you guys keep voting BN's ADUN & MP = NOTHING…!!!

    The example is loud & clear…see where is your beloved MP (thief minister's son) when you need him? Nun jauh di sana main SKI. Padan muka kitak orang masih mau undi BN.

    Think deeply again… before you go voting in the next GE. Don't be fooled by sweet promises of Taik (Taib) & the gang. They are all bullshit…!!!

    • imam frustrated

      dia menanag tampa bertanding.semua b.n supporters semua jadi jutawan.kamu tak nak jadi jutawan.ikutlah mereka.

  • The real bumiputra o

    Enough have been said. Spread the news of his misdeeds and get him voted out in the next GE ! There is nothing much that we can do with the mindset and corrupted work culture within the BN…correct, correct, correct.

    • imam frustrated

      tak akan punya,dia bagi banyak duit suap dan sogokkan kepada b.n supporter.

      • romakoyo

        kaum apa di samarahan penyokong kuat bn…padan muka!!

        • Hadding Ngat

          Itu lah nama kaum babi hutan dan monyet gila. Tak sedar sedar di perbodoh kan.

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  • desmond chin

    the people of kota samarahan must be really 'fortunate' to have such an MP. if they re-elect him at the next election, then for their stupidity, they really deserve such an mp.

    • enduk

      totally agree here sir. nothing left to say.

  • Iban in OZ

    The guy who said sulaiman has done nothing wrong need a lobotomy desperately. Is there a surgeon in the house???

  • Sarawak Son

    Unfortunately Sarawakians will still vote them in after being given a lot of "goodies" before the election. Sarawakians are simple folks easily satisfied people who are not greedy for anything except a simple life and if the "white haired rajah" gives them goodies he will unfortunately still win big. That is just the way it is so let us just accept our fate and keep our heads down unless you are Peter John Jaban who is a real warrior.

  • dagenli

    Hoi, bro we want our money back. And stop monkeying about will ya?

  • anakbansaasal

    Jaban says: "“Attack me if you want, but leave my family alone!”

    No worry Mr. Jaban. They take you, but ALL of us will march with you.

    Mr. Jaban, the battle must be fought till the last drop of our blood! Don't fear to perish in the hands of your slayers (i.e. the goons, their bomohs, and their gangsters, etc, etc, etc), for they cannot crush your soul, but fear GOD, for only God can destroy your body and your soul.

    SR and RFS reminds us of how the Wall of Jericho was brought down by the shouts of God's People! No weapons were used to turn the wall to bits and pieces, but just human shouts. So, Mr. Jaban, keep on shouting and make more 'noises'.

  • lobo

    “If the truth always prevails, then why are there so many people lying these days?”Rahman Taib

    “Honesty has diminished a lot in the world. Sad, but true”.Rahman Taib

    ”Life is short. Be truthful, honest and kind in every way. These attributes will benefit your current and afterlife”.Rahman Taib

    My…my…..dear Rahman or Leman, we have never known that you have such perceptions in life in the light/face of the purported unfair criticisms from the people at large. Do you really think as such by looking at the depositions/positions of the unexplained wealth collected by your family all these while. What have you done or your family for that matter to give helping hands to those poor people in Sarawak especially those in the interiors and in particular from the NCR lands which your family had legally/illegally acquired therefrom. You have the cheek to talk about honesty when you and your family have abused the power in order to gain advantages over the contracts awarded by the government and siphoned and sucked Sarawak's wealth which are meant for the future generation. Mind you, Sarawak is not your personal/family property. Other people who may try to do wrong will be persecuted and prosecuted without delay and mercy. Do you know something had gone wrong. Your better think about your afterlife if you still believe in it.

  • karma believer


    • imam frustrated

      jangan sokong bapak dia dan b.n lain seperti y.b iban bidayuh cina melayu org ulu.ini akan golengkan taib tapi bila mereka ini jadi automatic taib jadi ketua dan anak dia menang tamoa tanding.siapa yang undi barisan undi sulaiman dan taib.hentikan undi barisan ini tak akan berlaku.majoritynya org sarawak undi barisan.sapa yang bodoh????????

      • romakoyo

        melayu bodoh! kahkahkahkaak!!!

  • swk

    This is what happen when you vote for BN MP, after winning, disappeared ownself but still continue taking salary, never serve the people,onle serve the facebook( don't know is proxy or not), even BN head never mention a single word about his whereabout, what kind of BN principle !! nonsense! bullshit principle ! Wasting BN supporter vote, better vote opposition , at least we know where they are , talking something is better than hear nothing from BN MP!

  • NCR Land Owner


    You are better dead than alive. You are wasting the Government money to pay you for nothing. A very typical breed of illicit people with a diabolical mind.

  • Iban in OZ

    Our cussing and swearing in Blogs showing our frustration and anger towards Taib and his cronies will not change anything infact it makes us look bad in the public. Why not put those frustrations and anger into good use by voting the right people in the coming GE?

  • James Bond

    Too few educated Sarawakians…and a whole lot of uneducated ones…which is why Taib keeps winning year in and year out….

    If only headhunters had a bit of Arab blood..maybe they could all get rid of him…

    But going by current standards….Taib and family will be in control for at least another generation….too bad….

    • imam frustrated

      james bond betul cakap kamu.

  • Guyang Kuda

    Keep on reporting! great job! Saviour of Sarawak!!! keep it up!! We want more!!

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Sulaiman will have to dye his hair WHITE first before he comes home..Maybe he is too ashamed to see what his father did to the people of Sarawak especially when he visited his constituency.

    The next best thing he should do is to resign and let his dad's clown/crony to take over.Just resign so that you do NOT waste the tax payers money to pay your MP salary.Why don't you donate your salary to the villages in your constituency?

    Maybe in the next GE,most of BN politicians will have to run away overseas for fear of being investigated for tax evasion,frauds,money laundering..and all of these will depend on the Police,MACC,LHDN whether they are qualified to handle the job or not is yet to be seen.

    RESIGN Rahman,resign now…

    • imam frustrated

      watchdog tugas kamu sekarang senang memdidik org bidayuh jangan sokong b.n.dapat kah kamu seorang intelect bidayuh buat demikian.atau kamu dan kawan karib mu bucklynn makan banyak duit suap dari y.b b.n,dan hasil jualan tanah di kota semarahan.tolong kamu jaga kawasan bidayuh mu ,kami jaga kawansan kami.kamu semua sudah dapat wang pampasan bengoh dam.apalagi mahu. kami dapat apa.semua tanah habis dibedal.kerana kawan karib mu dan naim,tanah kami habis.

      • romakoyo

        padan muka! tanah habis! kahkahkah!

      • http://none Tom Jones

        Why do you say I am a Bidayuh? That's show you are a brain dead and NO wonder you are imam frustrated.You just teach the children koran,go to taib's pasentran in sadong jaya.Stop monkleying that we don't have many drug addicts at Pusat serenti at Bt 6,less snatch thieves at water front,Satok area,less gum sniffers,etc,etc,etc..

        It seems that you only know Malay and doubt if you know Arabic..Sarawak does not belong to you half bake imam..All are really shit with you.You are paid by Taib Mahmud..his crony .Not worth haggling over anything with a man like you.

        • http://none Watch Dog

          Thank you Tom Jones. At least I have a supporter in you.It is good that we just ignore this moron.

          I am waiting for your concert soon.I love your songs especially GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME".

        • layar guy

          Imam: Sembahyang lah kamu sebelum kamun di sembahyangkan…kerana itu ialah tugas kamu,jangan kacau kami orang FAHAM!

  • imam frustrated

    oh lupa.pasal comment kamu yg mengatakan org bidayuh org paling baik bila dibanding oleh melayu.ini hanya cara raja brooke mengatakan dengan cara lembut yang org bidayuh senang di pergunakan,macam taib pergunakan banyak org bidayuh didalam agendanya untuk merompak bidayuh paling sedia,kalau dijaga dengan baik,suruh buat apa pun mereka buat,bunuh sesama sendiri pun mereka buat.nyatalah ini.taib selalu berhujah pasal bidayuh,macam ketam di baldi.semua nak naik atas.kamu ubahlah mereka.

    • romakoyo

      raja brooke memang percaya dengan kaum bidayuh kerana boleh diharap, apa dikata boleh dipakai. kaum melayu dia tidak boleh diharap kerana cakap manis lemah lembut senyum manis mengikat tapi sentiasa ada cerita di belakang. bodeklah tu! kahkahkah! padan muka!

  • karma believer


  • empurau

    Tahniah kepada YB. Sulaiman sekurang-kurangnya anda membuktikan bahawa tidak semua bapak borek anak rintik dan begitu kuih acuan begitulah kuihnya. Yang banggang ialah orang mengundi anda kenapa tidak pernah berfikir semasa mengundi dulu. Belajar tinggi ada universiti di sana pun masih banggang….

  • kopiel

    macam mana nak resign. kalau duit gaji yb dia perlu untuk blanja harian dia. bapa sudah marah dengan dia, mana mahu kasi dia duit lagi. kesian lah dengan dia. sudahlah bapa buang dia kamu lagi hantam dia . dia pun manusia juga. tungulah pilihan raya nanti. dia tetap akan balik.

  • sarawakiana

    It's time to go back to our family, our longhouses, our kampung, our hometown, A-C-T, no more time for comment online, it's time to go down to the ground, talk to people face to face…

  • sarawakiana


    • http://none Watch Dog

      sarawakiana–What do you mean by "ELDER"? Is it OLDER than 21? Please let me ask you,how many have you registered? I have registered almost a thousand but sad to say that SPR will not register them if it is done by an opposition.They will just chuck away the forms.I have experienced this. Previously SPR will pay you RM5.00 for each new voter that you bring in.

      Please also grab the form and help to register. I don't just walk the talk but "BUAT serupa cakap bro".

    • peace

      buat pa nak maki tntang kaum2…. u all pikirlah sndiri.????? yang u all nak salah org2 ni$$$$$$$$$ je….. salah kan merekalah…………….tuliskan nama dia org semua ,,

  • MI5 undercover

    A comment by Gopal Raj Kumar:

    What most people in their rabid anti Muslim blindness forget is that the Malaysian government like most south east Asian governments are held hostage to their Chinese population like th rest of south east Asia.

    The timber industry in south east Asia is like its opium and heroin industries. Handed to the Chinese in the region for being anti communist as payment for their ‘services’ to the British and the Americans in defeating communist expansion in the region. The CIA helped the Chinese of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos to grow and sell opium to finance their wars against the communist. That war is over but not the misery or the trade. (the Politics of Heroin in South East Asia 1975 Dr. Alfred McCoy)

    Sarawak’s timber concessions and the industry is in the hands of the Tiong and Wong families with the recent addition of the families of Yeoh Tiong Lay.

    Their influence in timber spans four continents and to slaughtering the silverback in Africa (Gabon) in the hands of Rimbunan Hijau the Sarawak Chinese owned timber behemoth.

    They operate concessions as far away as Siberia with the impoversihed state of Papua New Guinea and its annual budget totally dominated by their activities and their politicians completely in their hands.

    They even own the daily newspaper the National, financed the construction of the department of forestry building they burned down during an investigation into their activities having bribed then forestry minister Andrew Posai, paying wages of some of the officers at the department and the police force and legislature in PNG.

    If there is genuine remorse and a desire to end the destruction of forests in the world and the operation and methods applied to this sinister environmental degradation, then the assets of Datuks Tiong and Wong, Yeoh Tiong Lay and others in Australia and the US ought to be the subject of confiscation.

    Blind anti islamic fervour is a convenient scapegoat for the activiites of the south east Asian Chinese who hijacked and directed the murderous Suharto and some of their own kind during the 35 years of slaughter which the US and Europe tolerated in Indonesia for decades. There the industry was completely in hte hands of Chinese from the notorious Bob Hassan ( a convenient convert to Islam and the Sutanto and Lim Soei Liem families).

    Yes if Talib of Sarawak is guilty of accepting their bribes and acting on their paid orders, punish him. But not him alone or you will not stop the destruction of the forests and the killing of the people who live in it. You and I.



    MI5 undercover says:

    March 6, 2011 at 4:40 am

    Thanks a lot Gopal. You have summed up almost everything that I have been thinking of all these while. The CT have changed tactics, everybody still unaware of!

    • sarawakiana

      You sounds like want to mention about the massacre in Indonesia????!!!!! For what ever Sarawakian Chinese Tycoons had done wrong, this is not the Sarawakian way to express our hatred.

  • mike aker

    Orang sarawak memang bodoh macam lembu

    • Melanau Mukah

      mike aker,

      Kamu silap, Ketua Menteri kami yang sangat pintar dan yang terkaya di antara menteri-menteri besar dan ketua-ketua menteri di Malaysia. Kamu yang bodoh, tiada harta.

      • http://none Watch Dog

        Good words .Well done orang Melanau..yes your goon raped our forest and Penan girls too.What say you melanau dalat,Belawai,Beruit??? Are you all the same with Melanau Mukah?? If so too bad for us .

  • sarawakiana

    I dare you all to come back here and declare you voted in the soon to come election…ACT.

  • mike aker

    There's nothing much Sarawakian can do about it. Its too late already. All our beautiful forest are gone forever. I used to enjoy going to the longhouses and the jungles. Now, most of it are covered with oil palm trees. Its very rare to see the animals anymore. Even the longhouses looks very ugly. Thats the price future generation in sarawak has to pay. Worst still, the ibans are the ones whom suffered directly from it. Thats what happened when you vote blindly for it. So now, we have to live with it. Stop whinning. I don't feel sorry for the Ibans..

  • ken

    Hey rahman if you are so Damn healthy and alive why have you been absent from your duty to your constituents?



  • Sarawakiana

    Again Sarawak Report has produced a very low quality news aka tabloid reporting. Your report on YB Datuk Sulaiman is suck. Do you yave any better news to be reported rather than his personal life?

    What happen to the standard and quality of reporting by the reporters in Sarawak Report?

    God, please help us by make these reporters in Sarawak Report to repent and flash away from the business.

    • najibrazak


  • Burak S. Sem

    This man (Sulaiman Taib), son of the most cunning thief is enjoying his billion dollars life, living in style though Sarawak's coffer. His family judgment day will be on them soon.

  • Anti-Kleptocrats

    F%#@ your honesty !!!

  • Anak Sarawak

    To me, Sulaiman is already dead.

    I am not interested in his private life but as a Federal MP, he should do his job! His disappearance shows irresponsibility towards the Sarawakian people who gave him the good fortune to live like a crown price.

  • cabik geronong

    Welldone get a slap on the face by father.

  • aborium

    The Taibs seem to be thinking that they are above the law & that their riches are acquired legally and amassed through their business foresight & acumen. Just about any Dick, Tom, & Harry could do the same or even much better with that kind of ill-gotten riches. Money makes money.

    The point is that with the numerous leads given by SR, why is MACC keeping mum? Why has the Gov't not taken any action, to at least investigate the truth of the matter? Frankly, they won't 'cause so much is at stake politically. So here we have a situation where the culprits seem untouchable under the political protection of the powers in KL while the rest of us continue to spit out grievances, curses, and complains. How long will this situation last?

    You guess is as good as mine. But mind this, MACC as much as the gov't of the day is on trial here (by the Rakyat). "Rakyat didahulukan, kekayaan Taib and keluarga disiasatkan segera!!!

  • manofborneo

    Rahman is a adult and how he chooses to live his personal life is his business. After all, he's no longer a politician.

    Stupid stunt? I'd say its an apt response to the baseless nonsense that keeps getting repeated here.

    • aborium

      We are not finding issues with you. But, here are the facts-as far as we know he's still the MP for Kota Semarahan, by default, still a politician. If he should resign, then the SPR will call for a by-election.

      We agree that whatever Rahman does is his own business, BUT the Rakyat wants to know is where does an MP gets so much money to lead his lavish lifestyle, stay away from his constituency he's supposed to serve, whereas the people in his constituency still struggles with meagre living, let alone see SNOW!

      Where has his conscience gone to? Where has yours gone to? Same place?

    • http://none Raja Manggeng

      Ya manofborneo..Rahman itu anak BOSS kamu.Ada extra kah yang BOSS kamu bagi dengan you.Another Taib's crony

    • http://none Watch Dog




  • anak sarawak

    Ekslusif!!! Cerita tentang Sulaiman dah meninggal dunia tu memang benar. Bukannya khabar angin. Ni dari sumber orang dalaman. Kalau tak silap aku, Sulaiman ni memang dah lama menghidap penyakit AIDS akibat cara hidup yang terlalu sosial. Sebab tu dia tak tahan dok kat dalam Malaysia coz tak kena dgn cara hidupnya. So, dia stay kat oversea. Sebelum dia meninggal, dia telah ditahan oleh polis di Amerika (state mana aku pun dah x ingat..) akibat membunuh orang gaji dia. Lepas kes bunuh tu, tak lama dr kes tu, aku dengar dia dah meninggal dunia lps beberapa minggu kes bunuh tu la… Wallahua’lam…

    Tup tup..aku dgr dia hidup balik plak..pastu dia hidup dalam facebook dia jer.. tak ke pelik tu? sapa2 pun bleh jadi dia (kat dlm facebook) utk cover cerita dia dah meninggal dunia.

    Kalau x salah ingat aku, dia meninggal dunia pada 1-2minggu sebelum perkahwinan si Taib-Ragad tu. Al-Fatihah…

    • http://none Watch Dog

      Maybe GOOD news,another clown son is gone and I always say so,died of what "AIDS"-Acquired Deficiency Syndrome!! He always want more money..his greedy dad forced him to do so..and he cannot handle the HOT situation unlike the other clown son.Three down now and many more to go.Is RAGUT pregnant now with a new sibling??

      • http://none Watch Dog

        A point of correction please. "AIDS-Acquired INCOME Deficiency Syndrome".Sorry I miss the "INCOME" part.

  • apai


    anak sarawak says:

    March 7, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    Ekslusif!!! Cerita tentang Sulaiman dah meninggal dunia tu memang benar. Bukannya khabar angin. Ni dari sumber orang dalaman..

    JANGAN UNDI TAIB LAGI…………jangan undi taib lagi….

  • empurau

    Jika benar YB Sulaiman dah tiada tunjukkan aku mana kuburnya. Jangan seperti Kasim Selamat mencari kubur orang lain dalam IBU MERTUAKU.Sumber2 tidak boleh dipercayai kecuali ada bukti …..anak sarawak

  • Anon

    What a royal life ! You work so hard for your money. Now make your money work for you !


    In 1997, during the Asian Financial Crisis there was an expose done by a leading financial magazine which ranked the Top 50 richest people via illegitimate means. This list included dictators like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Ghaddafi, drug barons and other political big wigs. Taib Mahmud was on the list and has an estimated projected worth of USD 40 billion….in 1997.

  • C.Harman

    As a Malaysian born in Sabah, it baffles me to find that such corrupt people are still in control the country today..these politicians could care less about the people they are supposed to be helping..they have the corrupt police and military to help them also. What we need is our own People's Revolution, to finally oust these greedy money hungry politicians, for the good of the poor, poverty stricken peoples of Borneo..

  • http://NIL Piros

    Your frustrations are not put to good use. Bak kata perpatah Melayu, MENANG SORAK KAMPUNG TERGADAI. Think and get to the grass roots.

    • http://n/a mendam tin

      Itu npatah Melayu dan satu lagi,"BERDIRI SAMA TINGGI DAN DUDUK SAMA RENDAH"..this is all lies as sopme people are 5ft and some are how could you berdiri sama tinggi dan duduk sama rendah.this sort of proverb is NOT ap[plicable anymore due to totten morale value because of leaders GREED.

      So PIROS please rethink..

  • Yes Sir

    Don't blame Taib or any member of his family. This is life. Being a "Sultan" or "Raja" of a state, he is indeed using his own money and this should not be described as corruption because similar to Dr M, he used to claim "This is MY country, this is MY people".

    • http://none Watch Dog

      You are RIGHT.This is my country,this is my people so THIS IS MY WEALTH and THIS IS MY OIL COMMISSION at US$0.50 cents per barrel for 28 years. No wonder his son is one of Malaysian BILLIONAIRES.

      Any real Malay billionaires?? NO,NO.Either mamak or Indian but NO real Malay. After more than half decade of independence why there are NO Malay Billionaire? Almost near if MK Land Chairman only…

  • pengayau tau serang

    Padan dengan muka kaki bodek pengundi kota semarahan kena kencing [email protected] sekolah tinggi2 ada juga kebodohan kamu penduduk kota semarahan kerana tersalah pilih calon berjiwa rakyat.Untuk pengetahuan kamu orang, anak KETUA LANUN BUBAN ni memang tidak layak menjadi YB.kerana desakan dia punya apai terpaksalah..Satu lagi bukanlah educated,"DEGREE"ketua lanun yang beli..hancusss. P/R sarawak "x"sarawak baru "CHANGE KETUA SARAWAK" adakah anda bersama saya kita ubah senario di negeri sarawak..ooph..saya tidak mewakili mana2 parti cuma seorang pengundi atas pagar.

  • Eric

    taib mahmud is richest than Sultan of Brunei….not inlcude outside asset… (oversea) he used Bomoh to pukau sarawak people… so that why more kaki bodek behind him… sarawak still the poorer state in Malaysia… let ask Taib mahmud to prepare the resit budget that kerajaan pusat give to sarawak sejak dia memerintah…. :) mesti mengelabah dia…mana kaki audit malaysia…do your job…he is human too…not superman…

  • Ehem

    Gosh…….so much hatred and bitterness.

    There is no need to repeat what happens in the countries around the mediterranean/middle east (not our style anyway, we are tolerant, peace loving people remember!) ……..we have a GOD GIVEN opportunity on the 16/04/2011……Count your blessings and DO THE RIGHT THING. All we need of you is make sure you are a registered voter and BE there with your IC. Don't worry about the pencil and ballot paper it is provided FREE…….maybe the only preparation is to draw an "X". Put the "X" at the right place then you could have helped in solving 'the PROBLEM'.

    Just VOTE wisely!

  • jn

    ha! ha! this article really made my day. sulaiman-related article never failed to do so. go silly sulaiman aka rahman!

  • Alan Newman. NZ

    People like Idris Buang! They should be buang to the crocodiles. Whenever he popped up & praised Taib Mahmud I vomited. Am speaking from NZ – a country ranked top 3 globally for non-corruption and full democracy.

    Am telling him and all Taib's cronies straight in their faces, don’t ever show your idiotic face again or utter another nauseating word. You have lowered yourselves to the lowest pits, and become a disgrace to all of mankind.

    Soros: “In China people have been shot for embezzling one thousand dollars. With 8 billion you have stolen, therefore you would be shot 80 thousand times.”


    “Look at the Sarawak Chief Minister selling billions worth of timber concessions under the table; selling every piece of state land to businessmen without tender; using his own companies to obtain lucrative government contracts; selling approval signatures for a fee 'you pay I approve'. He has 8 billion US stashed overseas. Thousands of acres of land are given to one or two companies while thousands of poor people still live in cardboard makeshift homes; have no water and shit into the river.”

    God's retribution is fast on its way to you, like Tunisia, Egypt & Libya.

    Alan Newman