10 Apr 2011

A picture speaks a thousand words so we offer our readers a bit of a rest by posting one of George Chan addressing a BN rally last night in Miri, which is his constituency.  We invite you to contrast it with our featured picture of the rally half an hour later just a few yards away for PKR’s Anwar Ibrahim.

Wowing the crowd? George Chan in his own constituency!

The SUPP incumbant and Deputy Chief Minister George Chan drew an audience of less than a hundred.  On the other hand, his rival Anwar Ibrahim, who has been derided by BN for being an ‘outsider’ from West Malaysia drew 12,000 supporters in a crowd that later swelled to a record 20,000.  In the centre of George’s own constituency.  The atmosphere was electric and a sense of impending change ‘fizzled in the air’, according to participants at the PKR opposition event.

Electric! The rally for the opposition PKR event a hundred yards away!

The dead-beat Chan event was supported by ex-Penang Chief Minister Koh Tsu Koon, who must know full well what impending defeat looks like – he got booted out in 2008.  The scenes must have been familiar for him.

PKR has a strong local base, led by the successful native rights lawyer Baru Bian, who has been beating the Chief Minister’s landgrab policies over and again in the courts. This is why the crowds are growing.

Earthquake tremors

DAP poster – a message getting through?

Those political analysts with government jobs in universities, who have been opining over past months that BN can never be dislodged in Sarawak and that the opposition PR coalition (PKR/DAP/PAS) can make little progress outside the towns, can be forgiven.  They analyse the past and make predictable predictions.

But, who predicted the collapse of the Berlin Wall or the wave of uprisings now engulfing the Middle East and toppling dictators, who were only weeks ago considered to be in power for life?

The tipping point may arrive subtly, but then it is seismic.  Political settlements depend on the will of the people and if a ruler goes too far and at the same time demonstrates fatal weaknesses then the earth can shake, dams can burst and walls can crumble!

What are the signs are in Sarawak?

Taib has certainly gone too far, much too far.  His landgrabs of recent years have lacked judgement and caution, which were qualities he showed in his earlier period.  He has behaved like a greedy old man in a hurry.

But, people are starting to realise now that he is not only a greedy but also an increasingly weak old man, who is giving in to the grasping excesses of his sister Raziah and his closest ministers, all intent on enriching themselves at the expense of the people.  He has lost control.

The Raziah problem

Greedy and in charge…. sister Raziah is apparently running the show.

Insiders have told Sarawak Report that it is now just a question of Raziah identifying which bit of land she would like and then sending in a letter to the Land and Survey Department.  Her requests are automatically granted!  Others are also taking advantage.

Under the management of her 3rd husband Robert Geneid, Taib’s youngest sister has gone from a hard-up family scrounger to a fabulously rich and wealthy woman with houses strung across the world and a family dripping in wealth.  The weddings of her daughter Elia have been the talk of Sarawak for months because of the lavish opulence displayed.

There is a view that such matters are only understood in the towns and that the simple people of the villages will not be able to withstand the threats and bribes as the BN election machine moves into gear, illegally offering money and  ‘development projects’ which will be ‘witheld’ if their vote is not on the right place.

This is what causes BN to be complacent and the analysts to say that things cannot change.  However, poor people are not stupid people and the word about Taib is getting out –  the flight of SW radios off the shelves as villages tune into Radio Free Sarawak bears evidence to that!

The enormous worry within the inner circles of Taib’s family and his closest political allies about Razia has also spread. Sarawak is a small place and the gossip travles, despite the muzzled media.  After Taib’s wife Laila died it is known how Raziah has ‘moved in’ from next door to dominate the ‘palace’.  One close contact has explained the situation in graphic terms:

“The real Chief Minister of Sarawak is Raziah, she has used black magic on him…. Taib has come under the spell of Rosie [Raziah], she controls all of the contracts and land handed out”

Bomoh rule?

'Stella' (Kharleen Tashman) attended Taib's nomination - accompanied by a couple of other 'witches' according to cousin Salleh Jafarudin!

The concern is that Raziah has not just exploited an elderly man recovering from cancer who is missing his wife, she has exploited the brother whom she well knows has a life-long weakness and dependency on bomohs and witchcraft!

This has been Taib’s dirty and embarrassing secret.  The man who preaches modernisation and development is in fact a slave to backward practices that defy his Muslim beliefs!  He engages ludicrous Bomohs to advise on matters of state and to ‘cast spells’ on his enemies.

As we exposed on Sarawak Report, Razia has convinced Taib to accept her own personal Bomoh, the blond Australian of Lebanese extraction, Kharleen Tashman, who goes by the name of Stella. Stella has told Taib that Raziah inherited the aura of his favourite disceased brother Arif, thereby giving Raziah added authority and influence over the failing leader.

With such an embarrasing story now public, to have then brought Stella into the open at Taib’s nomination ceremony last week could not have been more insanely misjudged. It was clearly a move of defiance and retaliation on the part of Raziah.  But as the dyed platinum blond started to attract immediate attention at this critical political moment the BN minders must have realised how badly it had backfired.   What arrogance and short-sightedness!

As the press clamoured with questions and the photographers moved in on the pouting sorceress, she sat in her weird attire observing the ceremony saying nothing.  The stage was thus set to record the angry tirade against her by Taib’s own frustrated cousin, Salleh.  Salleh Jafaruddin represents the worry and frustration of a large chunk of Taib’s own family by chosing now to contest the old man in his own seat:.

Taunting the botoxed fortune teller he first cried out  “are you going to cast a spell on me?!”  Then turning to the crowd he said “this is why I am doing this.  It is to save Taib from the Bomohs like her!” .  Salleh then went on to give interviews elaborating on the seriousness of the situation from the point of view of the family.

““foreign witches are currently encircling him and his closely guarded political cronies.  I personally met and confronted the three witches on the day of nomination in Mukah. I explicitly told the witches that they have no business and legitimacy to give spiritual and mental advice and guidance to our chief minister”

Energetic ?

In this way Taib’s enormous weaknesses have been exposed on the eve of his most testing election.  Can a young wife (also known to have been supplied by his sister Raziah) save his image under such cicumstances?  The rumbling in Sarawak and BN’s own secret polls have been saying otherwise.  Those polls have been worrying the hell out of BN and now further  signs are starting to explain why.

When the longhouse villagers of the interior start to block the landing pads against BN’s army of election helicopters, as they did against Taib’s other Deputy Chief Minister, Alfred Jabu last week the rumbling turned into a definite murmur.  That murmur may very well develop into something louder over the coming few days.

Key indicators

When an oppressive regime starts to fail there are some key indicators.  You see the frustration of rising expectations among the people – in this case deprived Sarawakians who have been told for so long to expect improvement by BN, but never received them.

So what has BN done for you? (and what happened to your forest?)

There is also a loss of strength and faith within the inner circles and core structures of the regime.  In Sarawak there are signs of growing disaffection among the Civil Service, the police, the business partners, the lackeys and even the Mahmud family itself, which is also drawing out the carpet from under Taib.

These are the forces he is relying upon to engineer an election ‘win’ – to allow the BN ballot box stuffers, vote riggers, bribers and bullies to get away with their dirty work.  These are the goverment employees that Taib is expecting to intimidate into voting for him.

This is why the emails like the ones currently circulating amongst civil servants urgning them to no longer fear reprisals, because “Taib cannot punish us all” are particularly dangerous to the old man.

Because, it is true.  When the earth begins to shake like it has been doing in Sarawak this week, then the people start to realise that the structures are failing.  They can no longer be singled out, controlled or punished for doing what they want… because everybody else is doing it too.  Just one more tremor came in this video received by Sarawak Report today.  It is doing the rounds and it is an eloquent answer to all the BN claptrap about  stewardship of the environment and their care of the native people of Sarawak.  Everyone in Sarawak knows the difference between the truth and the lies.  And BN are the ones who are lying.

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  • Jit

    We are inclined to believe these are the signs that we must sustain the momentum. Adios and good luck. May the force be with you all.

    • Manang Chego

      The message is loud and clear – Taib must go.

      I pity the young wife, she is innocent.

  • fae

    biar bn their face

  • http://none Watch Dog

    BN…Bedau Ngiga ( Not made yet)

    BN…Bayuh Nog. ( Not coming yet).

    If you vote for BN..meaning you vote for TAIB. You give him the power to rape our scarce forest. Let us all VOTE for PKR, DAP..and we will prosecute all those Taib's BOMOH..we will put them to jail.

    If you vote for : SPDP, PRS, SUPP, PBB..equal voting for TAIB.

    If you are CHRISTIANS..and vote for BN , you lie, cheat,abuse of power,deceit,jealous and support violence too,,that is NOT a true christian..let us vote for change and change we must.

    TMG…Taib MUST GO!!!!!


    Whoah! My ankle got swollen man, walking more than 5 km on an uneven pedestrian pave-way to and fro between my car and the place where pakatan gave their speech at Bt. Kawah this evening. Unbelievable, massive traffic congestion right from 3 rd mile bazaar. Fortunately, I used Stephen Yong Rd. Even so, It took me 50 mins drive to get the closest I can afford to the ceramah's place, that's is 2.5 km away. Crowd turn up, something around 25,000 or maybe more.

    Very promising indeed.

  • Simon Lim

    We people of different races and religions must STAY UNITED to fight for our rights and freedom. We must protect Sarawak wealth and resources from politicians who abuse power. We elect Taib to work for us. Not to take away Sarawak Wealth and Resources. He is Not Our Boss but Our SERVANT. Knowing that he has abused his power. Taib and his cronies getting richer and the poor getting poorer and suffering the most. So come 16 April, it is People Power vs Politicians who abuse power. Remember Philippine under President Marcus. People Power overcome President Marcus. So come 16 April, we Sarawakian must show our power and bring justice back to Sarawakian. Taib must return back all the wealth that has belong to us. Taib stepping down and escape with the wealth taken from Sarawak is NOT SUFFICIENT. Corrupt politicians must be brought to court for appropriate sentences and wealth belonging to Sarawak MUST be return back.

  • SarawakTulen

    Very amazing record of attendance for PKR ceramah throught Sarawak. The big turnout is not a guarantee for PKR success, because example of PKR/PAS supporters in Dun Tenang election in Johor nomination recently is very huge, but the result is still BN wins.

    See youtube :

    So ….. to all anak Sarawak. Make sure :

    1. Go to polls early if possible.

    2. Ensure PKR supporters registered in your area "wajib" go to polls. Make it happen, even you are away in other states. Try your best to go home.

    3. Non-stop promoting articles and leaflets everywhere possible until last minute on 15 April.

    4. Tell your elders in kampung, to be alert of BN tactics. inform them, the future is for anak-anak muda yang inginkan perubahan.

    5. On the polling day, be alert of any dirty tricks here and there, especially in remote areas.

    6. For those who have digital cameras or video camera, be ready to capture any incident that is fishy going on on during polling days.

    7. 16th April 2011 is the very BEST CHANCE for we rakyat to create history. History for the betterment of anak Sarawak in future.

  • Fighter

    Enough is enough. Sarawakians must throw out this crook/thief who robs Sarawak to become the 2nd poorest state. This is the "BN's development" they've been campaigning. We want him out, brought to court, jailed and very importantly returned all the stolen wealth either here or overseas to Sarawakians. 416 (April 16)is the doomsday for him!

  • Anak Sarawak 2

    I was at DSAI ceramah in Batu Kawah, Kuching last night. 10,000 strong people came and roared 'Change!'…Pray that all will walk their talk and boot BN out! Let the corrupt leaders crumble under the power of the rakyat!



  • http://sarawakreport JBJ Sabah

    To all Sarawak voters, I have been writing again and again..and again, until you all are fed-up of me but I wont stop, wont backout yet as I'm worried-sick(we are with you all) that you all will go thru HELL another term if you all still vote for Taib's regime/BN. Ask yourselves, ask your conscience…are you a normal people to let all the evils rule you?, or are you a normal and sound enough kind of humanbeing who must be obliged to defend your communities from being hoodwinked by foreigner bomohs thru Taib so that bastard-bomoh's bank a/c get fatter and fatter as long as Taib rules?..for the fact that lots of poor people in Sarawak dont even have an a/c in any financial institution!!! Izinkan saya tulis dlm bahasa m'sia: ta perlu la cantik2 ni bahasa, asalkan erti message nya ya sdara-sdari smua. Tlg la beri tahu sekeras-keras dan sebaiknya mungkin kpd org2 yg ada-ada umur skit sudah, terutama kpd yg ta berapa pandai membaca dan tiada akses kpd email, internet, hp,dll, bahawa sesiapa yg undi Taib/BN adalah mengundi kpd kegagalan negeri Sarawak.. kegagalan kpd bangsa(org2 Sarawak) yg bermeruah, berugama dan berpendidikan. Kasi tahu drg smua yg regim Taib buli mempunyai kapal terbang jet, kapal laut atau segala-galanya sedangkan drg kereta mainan budak2 yg guna kuasa bateri atau basikal pun mungkin ta dapat beli!! Suruh drg tolak hantu-kubur smua ni, jan drg takut, katakan yg drg lah yg berkuasa sekarang ini utk menentu siapa akan memerintah, supaya anak drg ada harapan utk maju dan ta susah seumur-umur. Saya dan keluarga btl2 berdoa/sambayang supaya orang yg BAIK2 yg akan memerintah, bukan org tua yg gila, dgn putih rambutnya dan kuncunya yg seperti anjing tunduk kpd tuan kerana diberi rasuah dan segala-gala kemewahan didunia dan sengaja ta pikir kpd org2 yg susah padahal org2 yg susah lah yg undi mereka dulu. Jdi, sdara smua, tlg lah diri kamu, pikir lah masak2, UNDI LAH PKR, DAP, PAS UTK MENJATUHKN BN/TAIB YG SANGAT2 KAYA SUPAYA KITA YG MISKIN TDK DI BUAT SESUKAH HATI OLEH MEREKA, TENTUKAN LAH HIDUP KAMU SENDIRI, JGN KITA DI TARIK HIDUNG KESINI-KESANA SEPERTI KITA INI KERBAU YG TA ADA OTAK! KITA KASI TENGO TAIB/BN SIAPA YG KERBAU SEKARANG!!! TUKAR LAH KERAJAAN KITA YG GILA KUASA DAN WANG, KITA BULI TUKAR…SEDANGKAN ORG AMERIKA PUN BULI UNDI NEGRO JADI PRESIDEN NYA! PLS GIVE YOURSELF 'A FIGHTING-CHANCE' SO THAT TRUTH N FAIRNESS PREVAILS ESP IN 0UR SOCIETY!

    • Blunt Speaker

      JBJ Sabah, I hope Sabahan natives are smarter than SARAWAKIAN natives, not vice versa. Thanks for your concern.

  • flying dove

    Change is in the air, we flew upon the wings of the Kenyalang, God grants us reprieve from a dictator.

  • anak sarawak

    The election was over. He is still the king of sarawak. It seemed that all natives of sarawak supported him. Native sarawakians don't mind what "white hair" did to them, they love being poor? or the messages failed to reach to the natives in rural areas and longhouses? or for some other reasons?

    • Blunt Speaker

      Either they enjoy being poor or slaves forever, plain stupid, ignorant, ungrateful, cheap, I just can't find the correct word to fully understand.

  • Nonking Idiot

    Corruption wins!

    I have given up hope for Rural folks who voted BN again.

    Money is the root of all evils. What opposition can do now is to pursue International channel and make proclamation in KL that BN has won with Bomohs' help and videos must show the acts of money hands in the native lands.

    Sudden receipt of white packet containing 100 ring kit is a night mare to these rurals.

    If one family has 2 or 3 members who can vote, it will be sweet hearts voting for BN and forget yesterday. Today 300 ring kits is rosy wonder. For the past 30 years, corruption outpace inflation at election.

    "No money no talk, I live for yesterday's dream but today I can spend this 100 Ring kits and buy a shirt i can wear for one month without washing and dump it. I will do the rest.

    Why worry tomorrow"

    Rural people do not budget, have no money for the future.

    But, opposition must get the more cash than Tie Whip to try on these people.

    Election is money.

    Bless all who worked so hard with dedication and devotion.

    Do not despair, Taib will die, soon. prepare obituary and the only thing we can do is using MAD Malaysia Anti-corruption Department to launch a series of investigation and put all these cronies in detention camp and ask them to cough out whatever they looted in the name of Tie Whip.

    Death penalty in suspense should be the "verdict" judgment at Court. OR use ISA.

    If they pay back, to Sarawak, spare their life and let them work for the next government and People. These convicts and cronies of Taib are just another bunch who have loyalty to Taib that is same to Rural voters. Money and corruption.

    happy to have election, because election has money.

    KL does not prove there is law now in Sarawak, KL sophisticated the Taib's saga with impotency. So what, money is the master. BN will sama menang in the next election in Peninsular Barat. Because they have money, newspapers, radio TV and trucks of army.

    Support opposition. important now to consolidate the gain, make sure that there is no cross-over (afraid it will happen as in the case of elected Perak woman of DAP she crossed over to BN but she is richer by a few million.

    What ke-adilan? money is the root of all evils but also sweet for the time being, realistic. What DAP 's members like Lee Lam Thye whom I respected for many years, where is he now?

    Oh God, are you Allah? We must not make judgment or use the name of God in anyway other than faith and prayer….some pray that we get money higher position and security. BN is the short cut. because KL is the centre of all kinds of controversies.

    History must remember Anwar who has done marvellously, but he alone is not enough, must have the people power to back up and at same time be careful when choosing a candidate who might back down after being elected because money plays a key role, money worth and core value is just another say.

    We have Malaysia invented corruption practising since I was in Primary school in Sarawak. Rurals always sway sides in the past 40 over years. How to control. Money is the way, truth, lies become truth. So so lah!

    That is why Taib can overthrow his uncle Ya'cop because Taib is more tyrannic and schematic. I know him and shook hand with him. His vices started when he was in Defence of KL and trained by KL core machinery. If KL cannot do nothing what Rakyat can expect.

    BN MUST GO in se-Malaysia!

    Have pity on us opposition to Tie Whip only but if KL cannot arrest him for money corruption and land grab, because in BN dictionary corruption is 'tolerable gift of appreciation from low to high and from small to big'.

    That is the true fads of Politics in S.E.Asia: you ask Marcos, Taksin and Suharto. They agree to BN.

    People pardoned them after gone into another world.

    Sorry Taksin you are in 'hidden world'

    We put Anwar back to Power then we can see more interesting facts and figures- true ones, about Ma-hit-there and Da ibuMu.

    Singapore has not come up with MAD style Malaysia Anti-corruption Department, they have SAC to sack any Spore Anti-Corruption officers if they do not work according to international standards as well as HK CACA Commission of Anti-Corruption Agency. They are effective because people are the watch dog and whistleblower.

    MAD MUST BECOME MAC malaysia anti-corruption Communal with panel members selected by Opposition and chaired by Agong, then we can see hope in Malaysia.

    Salute to Agong!

    We Sarawakians choose our own Agong, not being impolite, but the mere fact that Agong has not paid attention to the most corrupted Tie Whip in ASEAN for 30 years.

    Sarawak is despiced or forgotten by Throne since Wong Kim Meng (proved innocent) was pardoned for wrong detention under ISA backed by Tie Whip at that time….Power greed surfaced. Very few knows this! Dirty politics.

  • http://deleted dayak thinker

    2020 is beyond reach as our country has repeated all the stupid historical facts in each of our bones and blood. Our country has lost its grip and is sinking gradually. May God help us as I can see a big and white ship is coming to save the men who fight the truth and justice. Good luck.