The BN Cyber-cheats!

The BN Cyber-cheats!

10 Apr 2011

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What they want to shut up!

As we all know, the guy who cheats is the guy who isn’t good enough. He is also lazy and morally lax. In the end – just not very impressive and definitely not a winner. The cheat, of course, always sits next to and tries to copy the person he admires most and whom he recognises to be better than he is.

The markers can see it all a mile off.

So now that BN has turned to cyber-cheating it is not hard for the voters, like the markers, to see what is going on!

BN’s cheating response to Sarawak Report and others

BN seem to have realised they had a problem with the growing spread of information about their activities towards the end of last year. Since the internet meant they were no longer able to control everything that went out in the media (their previous form of cheating was control of the press), they were beginning to face difficult and unanswerable questions about the extraordinary wealth of Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud.

At first they tried not answering the questions. But, as the gossip turned into a clamour, more had to be done. Prime Minister Najib Razak publicly warned the CM that if he could not “win the cyber-war” he would lose the election!
It still took Sarawak BN a considerable while to get their act together, but eventually they hired various people to do the job for them. By this time it was very late indeed. Around mid-March and just days before the election was announced they finally started churning out their responses to the handful of websites, who have been performing the function of throwing some light on the corruption that has made them so rich.

BN’s dirty tactics

So, what was their approach to this battle that was already effectively lost through their own indolence and arrogance? How were they going to put the cork back in the bottle and suck back all the information that is now out there in everybody’s heads?

Paying for ads for dodgy imitation ‘piggy-back’ site

The one thing BN have stacks of is money, which is why it is their solution to everything. So they have duly been throwing it into the “cyber-war”. Their answer to Sarawak Report has been dozens of new sites, which have popped up under the control of PBB Youth Information leader, Abdul Aziz bin Tan Sri Adenan Satem.  Abdul Aziz is the son of Adenan Satem, Taib’s PBB Information Chief and he is Taib’s nephew (of course).

All these sites are just like the Borneo Post and are by definition as boring as hell with the finger-prints of BN propaganda over every line. But, Abdul Aziz’s biggest and proudest effort has been a site called Sarawak ReportS . As they say ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’, so of course we all know that this means that young Abdul regards our site to be a massive success and he wants others to come to his site thinking they are visiting ours.

This attempt to ‘piggy-back’ our site is in fact a well-known tactic by cheat marketing outfits. Such people hope that a person, looking for say a washing machine, will google for a reputable site and end up by mistake purchasing from the dodgy replica site instead.

Unfortunately this hardly works with Sarawak ReportS, because instead of finding a similar product, the occasional reader who does stumble upon it is immediately confronted by obvious BN propaganda and lies – not at all what they signed up for. Yuk!
But, BN has continued to pour in money to this enterprise. Having failed to make inroads by the name cloning, they then started paying for advertising at the top of the Google search pages for Sarawak Report. They have to pay for every hit they get this way, but don’t bother.

In a crass attempt to disguise their involvement in the site they have hosted it through an outfit in the USA, run by a fellow called Todd Ash of Easy Internet Marketing in Scottsdale, Arizona (which is also the base of Sterling Pacific, the massive Samling and Taib related property company).

His own advertising tells you all you need to know about Todd Ash, who likes to call himself “Billionaire” and aggressively threatens any critics of his various get rich quick schemes, which range from using water as petrol to chain marketing ventures.

Full on war!

It appears that none of this activity has been successful for the BN cyber cheats. What a surprise! As our own Sarawak Report hits have gone stratospheric over the past month, their site has floundered with few hits and fewer comments (which they dare not even publish).

So now, in the last week of the state election campaign, they have progressed to all-out war with an even more expensive cheat option, which is to try and knock us out altogether! Over the past week Sarawak Report has suffered interference, hindering the site. Over past 24 hours this has escalated into a full cyber-attack.

This attack has been confirmed by our server company as a so-called “Distributed Denial of Service Attack”, where the aggressor hires robots to shoot bits of software at the server with the intention of bringing it down. This was also the method used to attack Wiki leaks.

Since all this kind of attack does is to stop a site for a few hours, while the victim moves elsewhere, it is really just the internet equivalent of a toddler’s tantrum. There, there BN, don’t cry. When you finally grow up and engage in proper democracy, you too will learn how to play on a fair playing field and match argument with argument, not with brute force and childish attack.
In a desperate bid to make hay while the sun shines the imposters have spent even more money sending out SMS messages telling people to log on to their own site!

Own goals

Meanwhile, the team at Sarawak Report admits to having been entertained by all these antics by the BN cyber-warriors over the past few weeks. Own goal has been followed by own goal by their inept internet players.

We know that the issues facing Sarawak in this election are of utmost importance and will deeply affect the lives of future generations, but even in this most serious of moments it has been good to experience some laughter.

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    Send it to me. I will publish it at my wite

  • Fighter

    We despise the crook, the Corrupted Minister, who uses all the dirty tactics to clinch on the power to enrich himself and family members for the last 32 years. We Sarawakians are foolish enough to let a rotten muslim to lead the non-muslim majority into a sorrowful state. A devil will has his day to be bannished to hell.

  • Anonymous

    "This was also the method used to attack Wikileaks."? Wikileaks wasn't being attacked. They was simply being shut down. DDoS was used to attack the company who blocked Wikileaks account eg: VISA, Mastercard, PayPal.

    Just Googled Sarawak Report from Malaysia, and the real SR is still the top search..

  • Razak

    I saw a blog that tell about this matter see here

  • san tet

    Hey…. Glad tht u r back



  • flying dove

    praise to the Lord, SR is back again. Blow the BN cyber trooper to hell. Long live Sarawak! Long live SR! Sarawak for change.

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Praise the LORD that SR prevails.

    Abdul Aziz Adenan Satem.where are you?? You think that you are clever and can outwit SR with Uncle's money ya?? Ops..not Uncle's money but SARAWAK people's money..Aren't you ashamed Baby Boy??

    That is why I said BN's politic of corruption,deceit,abuse of power,jealousy and VIOLENCE????


    BN- BAYUH NOG…Bedua datai ? Belum Sampai lagi.

    Who do you vote on 16th April??

    PKR , DAP..

    Remember, If you vote for SUPP, SPDP, PRS, PBB,= VOTE FOR TAIB

    You will be branded a LIAR, CHEAT,CORRUPT too.

    Do you want to suffer??? Oh Please, NO,NO,No,No,NO,….

  • YB Baru

    its a free country…do whatever you like..i will voiced all issues big or small for the rakyat at the Dewan..PKR failure to highlight charismatic malay and iban leaders doesnt do much to help win the election !!!!

    • Blunt Speaker

      YB Baru, I was in Limbang for the election and speculation was rife that Muslim voters received bribes after swearing in the mosque on Friday prior to Saturday polling. I also received news that the bribe in trusan amounted to rm1000 to 2000 per voter. Also, there is speculation that awang Tengah was given 5 shop lots for helping Chung Hua school Limbang to get approval for development of shophouses. A broker by the name of peter Chong and others are helping him sell the shop lots concerned. I also heard that despite the development project, the said school is still in dire need of cash for building a new school becos they are still seeking donation from the public. Also, speculation is rife that Taib has just finished collecting 10years rental for favor rendered from the Limbang plaza lease to government depts stationed there. The actual owner/developer is a mr. Tay. Due to my short stay in Limbang, I didn't have the time to gather more details and verify the truth.

      • Blunt Speaker

        By the way, are you the real YB Baru or just an impersonator? I hate impersonators!

        • Teaser

          No, he is not YB Baru Bian. He is an fake " YB Baru = New YB" who ever he is, Good luck to him!

  • myy13

    well, perhaps the best way of fighting against the attacks is to distribute the proofs all over internet, in that way it would be hard for anyone to attack as they have not one or two but hundreds of targets…

    it's borrowed from the fact that it's harder to launch a war against multiple invisible enemies like al qaeda than to launch a war against one visible one like afghanistan. i'm not championing these fanatic terrorists, but at least they have understood the need to lay low and hide in the mass.

  • http://whereyouguysgonnahide? gandalf

    can anyone check to see if PBB is using State money for this cyber attacks; wouldn't put it pass these crooks….

    bloody cheap skates too if they did, after all the billions they have stolen;

    hwen oh, when if ever, will these crooks be brought to book?

    dare we hope at all?

  • http://none Watch Dog

    Check with AUDIT Dept.I was made to understand that each candidate was given RM1.6million to RM5 million depending on the seat..whether 'hot' or NOT. SPR must probe the candidate's expenses. All spend in excess of the legal limit and all are disqualified. We should have a REELECTION.

  • tsunami final asshol

    Aziz Adenan Satem? go and f**k yourself…… lick your own a**….

    to be cont…