Malaysian Money – £3 Billion Yacht !

Malaysian Money – £3 Billion Yacht !

20 Jul 2011

Gold plated (literally) - the RM 14.5 billion yaght



According to the UK’s Mail newspaper an ‘anonymous Malaysian businessman’ has purchased a yacht priced at £3 BILLION pounds.  This amounts to nearly $5 BILLION dollars and indeed RM14.5 BILLION !

The purchaser of this record-busting toy is clearly reluctant to answer questions such as: How much tax have you paid? How much have you contributed to helping alleviate poverty? Or, indeed, how did you earn so much money in the first place?  So, they have remained anonymous.

Platinum-lined walls! - but so what?

But, we can deduce that they have an amazing level of wealth and that they think an appropriate way to spend it is towards their occasional gratification when enjoying a yacht trip.  Given the poverty of so many people in Malaysia and also the questions over how Malaysia’s natural wealth in terms of oil and timber have been requisitioned and distributed, it is a shocking judgement for a rich person to make.

Does this beat the wonders of nature and the Borneo Jungle?

If you want to enjoy an occasional sea picnic does your boat really have to be a gold-plated, platinum-line yacht ?  Might there not be another more worthy recipient for such money and might it not be more gratifying to use such wealth to benefit your community?

Don't stray into pirate waters !

In this case, the multi-billionaire clearly thought not.  So, could those who are well-known to be super-wealthy Malaysians start by denying that they are not the owners of this ridiculous extravagance, so that their fellow people can begin to work out who this utterly selfish and unhappy individual might be?

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  • ganyang malaya

    The first thing that comes to me, aside from the whole MY businessman issue, is what yacht costs over a BILLION dollars?

    It's seems unbelievable. I've always been under the assumption that most yachts were in the millions to, at most, 100s of million USD range. ~5billion USD to a yacht sounds like an order of magnitude off.

    Many contractors build office buildings and other massive structures for less than a billion dollars. Why would any yacht cost this much?

    • "Party Chap Mat


      • LLivat

        yg bodoh tu orang yang tak buka-buka juga matanya sampai hari ini.

        ignorant ppl in denial just like you.

        • DOCTOR NO

          my pelirs is more costly babe !

      • Kong Boh Yong

        Woi POLIS PENCEN a.k.a ''Party Chap Mata''! Lu pikir lu manyak pintar punya olangkah, tapi lu kuat bodolah! Kalau lu baca berjuta-juta mukasulat buku pun talak gunalah. Lu punya otak manyak tipu, lu ambik yang cakap bagus2 sama lu punya bangsa sama lu punya agama saja. Ini SR bukan tipu punya, lu tengok inilah bodoh!:

        • Cina Pek

          ”Party Chap Mata" bukan saja bodoh tapi jilat buntut UMNO tahap cipap. Untuk olang macam dia, apa UMNO cakap semua butut (betul) apa olang lain cakap semua salah. Kalau UMNO mati, dia pun mati loh. UMNO dia punya tuhan.

        • Tin Koo Song

          Kong Boh Yong, gua kuat sokong lu. Itu party cap mata hah tia dak sekolah punya orong. mana sekolah gua tidak tahu.. ??? dia sakap hah manyak pakai itu DICKHEAD bukan itu UPPER HEAD where his brain is located (if he has any)… itu lah pasal kalau Inggeris mahu di ajar dalam Bahasa Malaysia…. LOL…

        • http://- Metal Dayak

          wa manyak setuju sama lu punya cakap Kong Boh Yong. Ini olang cakap pakai lutu bukan pakai otak + kenyataan + bukti…ini olang memang Anak Taik Manok punya konco…bg belanja minum kopi secawan sudah manyak happy tapi lu ada pikir x keturunan lu punya masa depan ke mana? cakap tu pikir otak wahai "Party Chap Mata"…lu punya mulut macam longkang, mcm pak Taik Manok.

      • Albert Chin

        pcm, bahlul betui la hangpa nie…kalu dah satu pembohongan, heret la SR ke mahkamah..tu je… ada berani ke…pakai la duit haram tu sebagai yuran lawyer…syaitan.

      • Rick

        Article ini dari daily mail UK bukan srwak report yang reka sila ke laman daily mail dan baca sendiri

      • another you

        bodoh pnye org..terang2 benda alah ni masuk kat news malaysia. lagi ko nak cakap bohong.. nak bagi statement tp tak pandai nak siasat dulu. bodoh bangang badigol samdol dodol…aku rase malu mak ko lahir kan ko kat dunia nih.. tah pape la nak angin satu badan ngn SR..

      • Davjj

        Ko ni memang bodoh. There are many billion dollar boats and boats that are made to order. Jgn2 awak yg beli boat ni tak? pi la lu.bodh nak mampos

      • Davjj

        This is not SR but uk news and it is big crime for fals reporting in uk, samdol.

      • Davjj
      • salim wf

        What an amusing price tag for a yatch?

        If it true then we as Malaysian must feel proud of it!

        But, may be this piece of news gives Malaysia Inland Revenue Department and Anti Corruption Department so job to do.

        Relax just enjoy seeing a 3billion pound yatch photos will be nice too.

        Malaysia boleh!

      • jixsy

        you don't read newspaper??

      • http://n/a Watch Dog

        Party Chap Mata…nama nya,Aku nak nemu,Cerita nuan to selalu

        aja bula ka orang, baka orang nadai bersekolah.

        Nuan nadai nemu jako orang putih.Tuyu magang orang Malaya tok

    • Golden

      Why not when all the trappings are handcrafted in GOLD by skilled craftsman ?

    • ally


    • dagenli

      The yacth would costs hundreds of millions if purchased with own money. If state money is used, esp by bn, them the bn usual value inflation policy applies. In the past bn used to inflate the values of things by 20 times. Remember the laptops. 2000 ringgit but supplied to mara for 42,000 ringgit? But the formula seemed to have changed recently. A us based IT company said professional fees chargeable for developing a site similar to that the min of curi curi malaysia did would be about 20,000USD. But the curi2 Min paid 1.8m ringgit for the 6 FB pages. Now that is about 600,000USD or 30 times inflated.

      So going by the new 30times inflated worth, the yacth if bought using state funds would actually be not 5b USD but 170m USD.

      But wait. Didnt the report say that the buyer is a businessman? Hah! I will hv none of that. Umnoputras regard the country's resources as their personal belongings. Of course they would declare themselves as men and women of business.

      • di

        I cannot agree more with you on that. Calling things reported by SR as false without making other checks are also believing blindly. And as it is, SR did pick up this info from other reasonably dependable sources.

    • minijumbo

      Ganyang Malaya,

      You are not rich enough to come close to thinking how easy some people can splash out $4B. See this :

      "The Sun also reported that the History Supreme is made out of 100 tonnes of gold and platinum, which cover more than half its surface, and the base of the vessel is wrapped in gold.

      The daily said the yacht's features, including the deck, dining area, rails and anchor, are all made from precious metals.

      Below deck, things become even more exotic, featuring meteoric stone and a T-Rex dinosaur bone in the sleeping quarters"

      This yacht can pay the whole of the new greater KL MRT project.

    • Mengxiang

      Not so far fethched, the price of the yacht I mean. Corruption in bolehland is now at a level that boggles the mind.Now, if I had RM 20 billion to take out of the country, where would I park it?In Swiss accounts , tax havens etc. where transactions are documented and you could be found out. Why not commission the building of a USD100 mil. boat and line the done thing with gold, silver, platinum and diamonds that can be easily converted to hard cash as and when I need money. Hey!, did you not know the price of gold breached the USD1600 per ounce mark just last week? The Queen E at the end of its sailing day was sold as scrap in some yard in Karachi but not this yacht baby.Its a bloody floating gold/silver/platinum/diamond store.


      My pelir is more expensivelah

      • http://n/a Watch Dog

        DOCTOR NO..Nama nya 'pelir' jang? Nadai perkataan di dalam OXFORD English dictionary dan sama juga ngau 'expensivelah' pun nadai perkataan berkenya.

        Nuan madah nuan doctor tapi NO ,nuan gagal dalam ujian kedoctiran nuan..tuyu nuan tok.Nadai nemu jako orang putih.


      my pelirs are more costly honey !

    • cabik geronong

      I think this is the case of money laundering. Sure the price is not that much. Its truely bullshit.

  • MagnisPhyricon

    Goodness gracious me! RM 14.5 billion just for a toy, a yatch? That would be enough to dig a big shipping canal up to the foot of Mt. Murut or more than 55,000 units of semi-luxury, double storey terrace houses or 150, 5 star hospitals or 1,450 secondary schools or more than 2000 kms of 4 lanes highway.

    I dare to think that, this so called 'Malaysian billionaire businessman' must be somebody that is not even listed in Forbes Top 1000 Malaysian Wealthiest Man.

    • awmosa pesysh

      One hull of a price tag: Luxury yacht that would make even Roman Abramovich jealous sells for £3bn

      By Ted Thornhill

      Last updated at 5:47 PM on 20th July 2011

      Talk about splashing out – an anonymous Malaysian businessman has spent £3billion on a yacht made from solid gold and platinum.

      The History Supreme was assembled using a staggering 100,000kg of the precious metals.

      They were used throughout the boat, from the base of the vessel – which is wrapped in solid gold – to the deck, dining area, rails and anchor.

      Expensive: If you want one of these Stuart Hughes luxury yachts, you can wave goodbye to £3billion

      The hefty price tag is also the result of an amazingly luxurious master bedroom. It’s adorned with platinum and has a wall feature made from meteoric stone and a genuine T-Rex dinosaur bone.

      It's enough to make even Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich turn a distinct shade of green.

      He has a £300m yacht called Eclipse that comes complete with two swimming pools, a gym and a submarine – but it's missing the all-important platinum and gold adornments.


      Is Abramovich bored with new yacht already? £300m vessel for rent after six months

      Goldman Sachs workers each to take home £300,000 for year in which the bank halved its earnings

      The History Supreme is the handiwork of Liverpool-based jeweler Stuart Hughes, who took three years to complete it.

      It represents one of the 39-year-old’s more extravagant projects, and this is a man who specializes in turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

      Luxury: The History Supreme bedroom is covered in platinum and the odd prehistoric artifact.

      He started his bespoke upgrade service in 2002 with his wife Katherine and has since applied his golden touch to all sorts of objects.

      His Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium, for instance, is made from 68kg of 24ct gold and is yours for a cool £3million.

      Then there’s Mr Hughes’ iPhone 4, worth a mind-blowing £5m.

      Gold standard: The boat is covered in precious metals – even the anchor has been given a special makeover

      The Apple device is wrapped in 500 cut diamonds, including two interchangeable diamonds which fit over the 'home' button – a single cut 7.4 carat pink diamond and a rare 8 carat single cut flawless diamond that are together worth more than £4m.

      An even bigger diamond still is to be found in his luxury liquor bottle. The D' Amalfi Limoncello Supreme is home to an 18.5 carat diamond, one of the world’s rarest. It’s no wonder that you’ll need to spend £27million before you can take a swig from it.

      Other items adorned with precious metals and diamonds that he’s produced include laptops, beds, cars and even a suit.

      Read more:

  • Chin Chai Kong

    God is watching. One day the yacht will sink to the bottom of the North Sea.

    • MamaMia

      Yes. The owner will have much to answer God.

  • Dave

    I dont buy this story. No way that a yacht may cost 3 billion pounds. An airplane doesnt cost that much. Heck, even the Menara Warisan is cheaper. Please, stop posting ridiculous stories.

    Staunch Pakatan Rakyat supporter

    • Johan

      ur right! what the hell is this?? 14 billion ringgit for a yatch?? and with all kinds of stones? my uncle, a yatch builder says its impossible and NO ONE WOULD PUT SO MUCH HEAVY METAL WHATEVER AND STONE WHATEVER ON A YATCH! THATS ASKING FOR TROUBLE! CMON LAH, EVEN THE PICS ARE NOT REAL SHOT OF THE SO CALLED YATCH, WHO EVER WROTE THIS ARTICLE..COULD YOU PLEASE GO AND FIND OUT HOW MUCH IS AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER COST?? MY GOD, NAK BUAT CERITA PUN, BELAJAR LA DGN UMNO, TAK PANDAI REKA CERITA JGN BUAT CERITA. kalau setakat baca dari tabloit and report it here as if its real news, please dont do it. wtf?? rm 14billion???? u must be high on something writer!

    • Davjj
  • Concerned

    I am so disgusted by this story. Where has this wealth come from? Malaysia's forests? Malaysia's oil? The peoples money? Absolute vanity with no respect for others who are suffering in the country.


      my pelirs is more costly man !

  • Naiht

    Where the money goes is not a new issue anymore. In fact, we all know how rotten it is in Sarawak, even the world knows. But somehow, I don't see that change anything. Protests, demonstrations, court cases, so what? Not that we catch those illegal businessmen and have our money returned…

  • oh come on!

    it's a waste, but the figure quoted just for a yacht is too exaggerating.

  • Kuning

    Have to check that figure again and verify with boat builder. That's 3 times the cost of the despised proposal of the 100 storey mega tower. You would have to plate it with some much gold that it would sink. Sometimes prints sensationalize these stories.

    • Wetsemenet

      Agreed. And then CB finds out about it, and it's sensationalized x100, and immediately politicized.

  • Paul Warren

    Please get your facts right!! Unless of course the intention was to give it a preposterous value that Sarawak Report will take up and discredit itself.

  • Penan

    I would like to have a mansion if I could afford it. What is wrong with that? Unless I would acquire a mansion through illegal means, say involved in scandals and cheat the people.

  • Jimmy

    The only person known to be fond of precious metal is the Sarawak white hair scoundrel. In fact his residence is filled with gold-plated assortments of furnitures. Everywhere in the house are in gold linings. This robber has robbed Sarawak for the past 30 years. May God bless him.

  • Tigarasa

    Horrible story that spoiled my breakfast!

    Please show evidence and tell us who is the real buyer! The whole world needs the truth!

  • PakLan

    ???? Too much?

    Ye ke nih?

  • R. Chua

    If this is meant to shock – it does. Cant figure out who would spent that ridiculous amount for a toy. Either he is crazy or the MAIL got the figures wrong or the currency symbol miss-type.


  • Shooter

    Dear SR,

    It seems outrageous that the yacht costs RM14b; but then again, the price tag IS your story isn't it? What is the subject matter anyhow? WHO DOES IT BELONG TO? ANY PROOF OF YOUR STORY? Does it have anything to do with SARAWAK? Anything to do with TAIB MAHMUD??

    Who the heck cares if it belongs to a Malaysian? PLEASE FOCUS!! STICK TO WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO SARAWAKIANS! DON'T TRY TO "WING IT"!!

    From SHOOTER

    • Ganyang Malaya


      Original picture which has been obviously photo-shopped to convey some kind of gold sheen. Look closely at the under-deck interior shots – they aren't even photos! They're 3d renderings.

      Also, the Daily Mail UK has been sued for libel over 5 times in the last 10 years. I wouldn't put it past them to start running overly-sensationalized or just plain bunk stories.

      The original article does NOT pass the test for simple believability and, in my opinion, is just a simple PR story for STUART HUGHES. SR, I'd seriously consider if you still want to be running this article, seeing as the original source article is iffy at best.

      I hate all these corrupt politicians and Taik himself as well, but stories and sources NEED to be verified. It's a major tenant of solid journalism.

  • Cucu kain

    IT's possible but let's wait what further disclosures there'll be on it.

    Only a select few of the world's wealthy people can afford this. If disposed, only those few will buy it. But, in these times?

    Petronas can afford it. Not saying they own it. Only crazy ME tauke minyak would do this kind of thing. Maybe a Malaysian is a 'Bilderberger'!

    Clean loot usually goes to amazing projects like that Cave in the Swedish Mountains where the worl's cereals are preserved in case there's a catastrophe, natural or otherwise!

  • AnakKucing

    I thought there's mistake with the price tag. Just too ridiculous for me to believe there such pricy toy in the world…..… look like it's not kidding… Who is the Malaysian Businessman ?????

  • Mike Yap

    Must be true. The yacht can fly to other galaxies at twice the speed of light that's why its that expensive. haha

  • mc

    it is a good buy, for the 100,000kg of gold alone already worth 15B in today market. this idiot got the whole ship for 14.5B so he still make 500Mil profit. such a smart businessman. malaysia boleh.

  • http://na Alan Hong

    Imagine that on record its RM 800 billion of illicit fund out there, what is RM14.5 billion in contrast. The value may have been inflated but it is not surprising that it could be true, taking into consideration on (1) exclusivity, (2) precious metals used for the construction (3) how and where the owner gets the monies. Anyhow, truth will prevail.

  • HonestEhr

    I think has been hijacked. This article is featured to destroy the "REAL" SR's credibility. If not hijack then SR have to come up with more evidence to support this article

    • aborium

      The news which SR picked up was from the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper. So any queries ought to be directed to the Daily Mail.

      • HonestEhr

        My apology for scanned reading and not picking up the 1st few lines indicating Daily Mail, UK as the source.

        • Wetsemenet

          CB doesn't have 'friends' in British media? Get real.

  • http://- ariel levi

    be a little down to earth when u published news of such kinds. U scare away all your readers. they will compare u as the same person that u write n comment.

    • hairan..

      u read properly la this new is not from SR.. is from dailyUK and others few more newspaper in UK la…they re post it here only.

  • Observer

    Pure Luxuries :))

  • aborium

    The question is Who?

    Who would have that amount of money to buy a Billion dollar yacht? If the source of the money is legal, the questioner stops there. But if there is doubt as to the source, whether it is thru' money laundering or illegal means, then it starts to get interesting. Has the buyer any links to Sarawak, either as citizen, resident, or visitor?

    If he is from Sarawak, just how many Sarawakians can afford that level of luxury? Select few. Has any of them been involved in the timber-related industry? Narrow it down to one or two and the kingpin behind the two.

    It's a conjecture, and resemblance to any living person(s) or organization is purely co-incidental.

  • xlandjy


    I find this just unbelievable.

    You said this yatch costs RM 14 billion. Assuming that this yatch has a space of 10,000 sq ft. It will work out to be each square ft will cost RM 1.4 million. How could it be?

  • Jonnie

    Aiyo.. SR just republish the report from Daily Mirror in UK. If the report got problem, then it is Daily Mirror integrity problem la, not SR…

  • Petro Mandez

    B747-800 cost about 300 million USD.

    This horn bill pirates sure got taste at rakyat expense.

    Sarawak peoples, please do what need to be done.

  • moazna

    rakyat hidup penuh susah

    yang kaya hidup serba mewah

    datang suruh mengundi

    upah diberi

    yang miskin tiada pilihan

    perut kosong

    rumah usang

    anak sengsara

    terima saja apa diberi

    bila dapat kuasa

    penuhkan saku dengan duit dan harta

    isteri bertambah

    gundik bertambah

    arak mencurah

    judi tak henti

    yang kaya semakin korupt

    semakin sombong dan kaya

    yang miskin semakin menderita

    beginilah nasib negara kita

    masih di tahap feudal

    entah sampai bila

  • Bob

    100,000kg of gold. Count that price itself is worth close to the yacht price,therefore it is real.

  • Siera

    …. Talk about splashing out – an anonymous Malaysian businessman has spent £3billion on a yacht made from solid gold and platinum.

    The History Supreme was assembled using a staggering 100,000kg of the precious metals….

    Said the

  • aku pun hairan tapi

    aku sebenarnya macam tak percaya jugak baca yacht yang yang sampai YS5 BILLION dollar!! ingatkan sarawakreport macam buat cita bukan bukan tapi dah aku google the most expensive yacht seperti

    akhbar online barat yang lain baru aku tahu ini bukan cerita rekaan sarawak report.. sapala agaknya bussinesman malaysia ni????!!!!!

  • najibrazak

    I have put my Special Branch to work to check this. If true how is it possible that soemone can waste money on an even greater scale than BN? This cannot be allowed.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Go ahead and you may use what ever branches you want.It is up to you…he will just give you something and you will keep quiet.MONEY talks in Malaysian they do not fear GOD.

  • Firebomb

    Aiya, of course the yacht doesn't cost that much, it is one way to launder their illegal money la, mark up the selling price and get the yacht builder to transfer back to them the money lo.

  • Malaysia boleh 007


    What's wrong with splashing 3B for a yacht when he has many times more. First, it is not safe to hide your billions in your house, Second, if you leave that kind of money in the banks, it's bound to be found out, esp when foreign govts suspected money laundering or money stolen from the poor. You may say, 'Why not invest in businesses and some precious paintings.' Actually he's done all that. He owns many many corps all over the world. He has done everything all shrewd businessmen do. The problem (this may sound strange to your ears) is that he has so much money he doesn't know what to do with it. So he bought a toy. This is just pocket money! For the poor folks, it's not safe even if you carry a hundred around, what more when he has billions! This is the predicament for being wealthy. You poor folks just don't understand.


    • AO

      Agreed with you… Even someone would rob it, confirm no where to hide it as the whole world is going to look for it…

  • http://sarawakreport Havoc

    Please let us know who the owner is? Only then can we make a judgement. If true then we all shall fuck the son of a gun from asshole to kingdom. Ha, Ha.

  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    Wow..if you have the money,why not? Pamper yourself before you go to burn in HELL.

    Luxuries on earth first before you go to hell.Well done…whoever he or she is..Well done…

    May GOD bless Sarawak so that the selfish leaders may repent before it is too late…

  • ah lim

    sound preposterous to me as its impossible that a yacht is 5billion…few hundred is the record..cant imagine it would be possible to build a yacht that cost that much…u could commission a nuclear powered aircraft carrier for that price..the scorpenes that were ordered by malaysia only cost rm1billion..pls sarawak report i understand the need for investigative journalism but within reason..the sensationalist headlines do nothing for your credibility

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      ah naive you are.The source is NOT SR, SR only puts up the report ,an extract from the Daily Mail,UK.

      Please read properly..yacht is made of gold and platinum with luxurious fittings.

      happy reading

  • Hulk

    Should think and calculate first. dont simply play news that is not logical. 3 billion pound yacht? No such expensive yacht…Next time include the company that build the yacht and its invoice if possible to make it more convincing. Gila ke sarawak report. I like reading news at swkreport but dont downgrade it by playing no common sense news!!

  • ber

    is he from Sarawak ?

  • For the sake of God

    3 billion pound yatch?

    Thats equal to 6 unit of world largest cruise liner RMS Queen Mary 2!

  • miri

    Honore de Balzac once said, " Behind every great wealth, there is a crime. " There is a crime here that goes begond denunciation.

  • Neutral

    Actually a typo error for the currency used. Not pound but Indonesian Rupiah 3billion.

    Writer only realized that after being published. The writer wanted to make amendment and apologized but just to test how smart is human being use their grey matter.

    Some people may be don't know how many zero (0) to make a billion. And how heavy is 100ton? Did you know the wt of your vehicle? if your car wt 0.5 ton, it got to be 200 of similar cars for the yatch to float with. And how many knots the yatch can travel with extra wt of 100ton on it? And how many horse power to push it hover thru? The rest of the questions already being spotted.

    Come on! You are not born stupid to believe the typo error news.

    • anak sarawak

      Neutral, you are really stupid!

      • Neutral

        I dont mind if you called the unbelievers stupid but you can never be smarter than a mosquito if you have no second thought of the report.

  • spanish fly

    would that person be Taib Mahmud??? Or the family of his?

  • Unbelievable

    The latest jumbo Airbus A380 costs around US$375 million.

    3 Billion Pounds equal to 4.89 Billion US Dollars under the current exchange rate.

    US$4.89 Billion divide by US$375 million = 13

    Are you saying that one yacht like this can buy 13 jumbo Airbus A380 ?

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    • "Party Chap Mat


      Hai,A Journey no Hope

      We can promote what ever its,but not thing that can cause thouble for others.why not u choose one that does not violate laws,U jual berus lungkang ke untuk BERSIH lungkang di sekitar Chow Kit sini.U jual penyapu ke untuk BERSIH tandas Sekitar Petaling Street Sini ke,Ingat Bro,tak de makna nye "BERSIH" kau tuu.tang Baju T BERSIH kau yang banyak tak laku tu,eeh kau pakailah sendiri .jangan lebatkan org lain,jangan lupa pakai depan balai Polis Dang wangi semasa kau BERSIH kan lungkang lungkang di situ ye.ok bro wa chau dulu,lain lain kali kita jumpa lagi.

      • http://n/a Watch Dog

        Party Chap Mata..Yes,what do you want? You are just another pea

        brain UMN O/PBB's crony.You talk as if you are

        brain dead.

        Journey NO hope is because of your corrupted masters. I don't earn my living like you leeching to tax payers money to get paid to feed my family but instead I feed others,provide them work.I don't have or depend on corrupted government projects like you do.

        You ridicule others but GOD almighty will do the same to you and your family. I say,"May GOD bless you for you know NOT what you are saying.

        • Wetsemenet

          You help others so that you can go around being a bitch. Classic narcissist.

      • http://n/a A Journey to Hope

        Yes I am here and together with my brother Watch Dog..we are united.

        I do agree that you are brain dead and only knows Chow Kit Road and Petaling Street, poor UMNO's government servant who never go out of Kuala Lumpur and never been on a plane.What a pity??

        We in Sarawak,especially Kuching virtually have nothing to clean as our City is the cleanest in Malaysia.

        It's NO good for you to ridicule me..A Journey To Hope.However,just like Watch Dog..May GOD bless you and your rotten heart and foul mouth so that you may repent.We Sarawakians do NOT need stupid Malayan man to say that.

  • orangulu

    who can buy, use common sense you know who else in malaysia has so much $$$$ to enjoy this luxury.

  • Jonathan

    The numbers are wrong..

  • XXX

    I can vouch for the accuracy of the story. I have the original Stuart Hughes press release, without the copyright marks on the photographs.

    I was wondering who was the 'businessman', seeing that 15 billion could possibly feed half the planet for a day.

  • landers


    In Bolehland, anything is possible.

    Bolehland has reached the height of decadence. Thank you. Thank you all Bolehlanders who made this possible!

  • aborium

    While the story may or not be accurate, the credibility of the Daily Mail is put on the line. At the same time no discerning newspaper would release a story without checking its 'facts' and protecting its news source informer(s).

    The timing of the Billion Dollar Yacht bought by a Malaysian news story couldn't have come at the worst time for newspapers in the UK after the phone-hacking debacle. The recent visit by Prime Minister Najib to UK, gives a good enough reason to direct readers' attention to the purchase of a Billion Dollar Yacht, an amount that is staggering even to catch the attention of the rich and famous in EU.

    Just 'who' is a billion-dollar question, while there would be a predictable surge in the newspaper sales because humans are by nature inquisitive. So they buy newspapers to find out.

    Whatever the reason, most Malaysians want to know 'who' because they want to know the 'truth' behind the story, whether or not the character(s) in the story can be trusted or otherwise. And if the purchaser is in any way related to a Malaysian politician, the story gets more saucy.

    It can snowball, and the sooner we know 'who', the better. As least, we're informed and know next what to do.

  • SMK

    The Mail is writing rubbish. 3 billion pounds can buy a 100,000 ton nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. 300 million pounds can buy a 052C PLA destroyer. Most probably it is just worth 30 million pounds. But that is small change for those taking gravy from the gravy train.

  • Neutral

    I don't have to check or verify the news, looking at how the yatch cruising (based on the picture), it does not carry extra wt of 100,000kg (gold/ platinum) as per the report. It is an ordinary yatch!!

    Fack off the news author/ writer/ reporter for making fake story IF that was intentionally done.

    • HaCKeRZ

      We didn't have any idea of what this yacht really is. Its probably something that is more than what your eyes can see. My 8 yr old nephew suggested to me that its probably a transformer vehicle to travel away into third dimension, when certain speed is applied, via Bermuda Triangle.

  • NA…

    this yacht is more expensive than world biggest (first)FLNG.

    own and build to world key player of OAG industries.

    but yacht (ship) design and engineering are matured industry still the price is unbelievable.

    better put this on Ripleys Believe it or Not

  • Dominic Xii

    It is most unfortunate that readers of SR have such low level of understanding when they read the news.

    If you wish to make a comment, please make sure you read and understand what a report says first.

    There are several links including that of STUART HUGHES, Would you care to check it out before making silly comment.

    Honestly, I don't know if the report is true but it is not SR problem. SR just "REPORTED" it from other sources (which i also believe to be quite CREDIBLE). I just hope SR will probe further. may be interview stuart hughes can shed some light.

    The RM14.5 Billion cost more than the 2 despised UNSINKABLE SCOPENE submarines. Therefore it is in the interest of the Rakyat to dig up the truth of this report.

  • MamaMia

    Only a fool will spend such enormous fortune on a yacht, unless if it isn't his hard earned money of course.

  • J

    whatever it is it worked and caught everyone's attention. maybe the ship maker will sell more boats now..

  • Ritish

    The guys brilliant by using the precious metals he can move his wealth every where and walk out with out paying alot of money on tax or questions from malaysia as you pay a overseas invoice. This is an easy way to avoid paying taxes, move money out of malaysia and on illict funds being moved out.

  • Neutral

    Any yatch builder can craft the gold or platinum look like wooden deck? And can the builder transform the gold into a transparent screen (this is for the front panel of the yatch)?

    If not, whereas the builder hide that 100,000kg gold apart from the plated structure or frame? Does the engine block & its assembly also made of solid gold/ platinum?

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Neutral..Who are you asking??? Go to the website "Luxury Yacht".

      R.A's yacht costs Stg300 million but this one too costs

      Stg300 million but he will get back Stg2.5B and

      transferred to his overseas offshore account and

      Stg200 millions is for Yacht builder's management fees.

      You must understand who is involved. Who has that kind of money?

      Please think carefully,it is one of the ways to clean 'DIRTY' money. Go and read a simple economics book on "Money Laundering"..Happy reading brother!!

      • Neutral

        Watch dog,

        My argument is not why the yatch cost a few billion dollars either because of money laundering or kickback. My point is how the yatch can be crafted with 100,000kg gold/ platinum? How much is the price of that 100 ton of precious metals that is secondary to me.

        I m talking about the logic of a yatch carrying extra wt 100 ton of metals but look very much to the ordinary one. Do you know how much is the gross wt of an ordinary yatch? And how it can float with extra wt 100,000kg of metals?

        • Neutral


          ……look very much the same to the ordinary one.

  • in shock

    this person needs to read newspaers and watch the news – there is no way anyone could live with themselves and see all the suffering they could put an end to with that amount of money and then choose instead to spend it on this tacky vulguar toy – it is simply an insane amount to spend on anything let alone a boat

  • aborium

    If we're nowhere near to knowing who, could we then ask 'why' any billionaire in his right mind would want to spend an outrageous sum of money just to buy a gold-plated yacht though it is within his means to own one?

    Not unless the billionaire is under scrutiny and under considerable pressure to convert his cash deposits in banks and financial institutions into assets of considerable value and liquidity. An arms length rule for preying eyes applies.

    It's a possible 'getaway' solution to a cash conversion problem. What's next on the list of buying spree? Is Monaco in the equation?

    Is it a hoax?


      Robert Kwok would have spent more than 41 % of his USD 12.5 b and Ananda Krishnan,more than half of his USD 9.5 b if either one of them could have bought that super play thing. It doesn't make any sense of why a businessman would have spent such a ridiculous percentage amount of their liquid cash. Forbes list are only for those who acquired their wealth by business means. If, the report by Daily Mail is indeed true, we can affirm that, he is definitely not from the Forbes list.

  • http://n/a A Journey to Hope

    1. It is for money laundering and we all knew this is how the

    government of the day 'CLEAN' their dirty money just like

    the Scorpene submarine.

    2. Clearly it is tax evasion and to cheat the country.

    3. Abuse of power and clear corruption for all to see.

    ** No body is in the right frame of mind will buy such an expensive toy unless he or she clearly wants to anger the rakyat.

    BERSIH MOVEMENT,let us make CORRUPTION a mandatory death penalty by firing squad.It is worst than dadah..a menace to society.

    Come August 13th and let us all wear RED with the wording in front.."UBAH" or "CHANGE".RED colour please.

  • Titan Sarawak

    I guess the report was wrong with the number or wording. I believe there is such a buyer and it is for 3 million British Pound.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Titan seems that you are so naive about yacht.Please

      visit the site under "Luxury Yachts" and you

      will know.Chelsea football club owner, R.A costs

      STG300 million and you said this one costs Stg3


      this is one of the ways for money laundering.The actual Yacht may cost Stg300 million so Stg200 million is extra fro yacht builder to keep for helping to transfer Stg2.5 billion to his overseas bank account. This is one of the ways for him to clean the money and transfer to his Offshore Bank account. WHY??

      Because SR and the Amnesty International are HOT on his heels. The money will be transferred out of UK…remember he is a lawyer by training..cunning and crooked.

      Grow up bro and GOD bless you.

  • Taib Mahmud

    Other than my family, sure no one would be able to make this kind of order!!! Hahahaa……………..

  • tebuso

    the amount of money here is hard to believe.. but having said that it could be true as the source of this story is credible, it would be stupid for the uk daily mail news to create false stories, which of cause will tarnish its image.. i would have laugh or call it a joke had the news came from the umno news papper 'utusan'…

    anyway, the truth will prevail.. SR is there a way where we can find out who the person is.. just hope he's not a sarawakian..

  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    My dear Brothers and sisters..Don’t you know that it is a way for UMNO/BN and PBB/BN for them to clean the money and to get the KICK BACK so as to blur the eyes of the financial world and the RAKYAT?

    Under UMNO/BN and PBB/BN government, ALL repeat ALL CONTRACTS are negotiated and INFLATED..meaning that if the contract is RM500 and the Contractor has made 40% with the “Kantauton” made 20% but bloody corrupted politicians want to make RM400 million
    so the contract value is RM900 million.

    How do the accounting entry account for a hefty amount?

    Under “P.I.K”..Payment In Kind”..This is allowable in LHDN and NO tax is charged.This is for POLITICAL and personal fund. That is why the Contracts are given to their cronies like UEM,Sime Darby,BASTARD ops Boustead,Global Upline,CMS…….this is just to name a few.

    So the price of a Yacht STG3 Billion is of course an inflated one. British Watch Dig can peruse this in case of MONEY LAUNDERING.

    Will BNM and LHDN investigate this for TAX EVASION?? No,as he is their CLAN/CRONY. TUTUP MULUT lah!!

    That is why we need ‘BERSIH’ and Sarawak ‘UBAH or Change.

    Come AUGUST 13th,ALL must wear RED withe the word UBAH or CHANGE. Come one and come ALL…

    Wasalam… and GOD Bless..Amen

    • miri

      Bros, what is RM 14.5 billion when there is allegedly RM 800 billon stashed away offshore by our leaders ?

      Globetrottering PM you-help-me-I-help-you Najib is fast becoming a laughting stock.

      • http://n/a Watch Dog

        miri..yes..BILLIONS are being in accounts like;

        1. Switzerland.






        7.T & C Island.


        9.Guernsey and many many more.

        Malaysia is rich and can be classified as a developed nation but also rich with corrupted leaders too.

        As long as CORRUPTION is NOT a mandatory death sentence by Firing Squad,we are forever POOR..

  • aborium

    Which Side are We on? A Quick Check

    Actually, the illegal side of trade has always co-existed with the legal side, except that the illegal side has over the past decade or so has garnered muscle and power to now threaten the legal side's existence. The overpowering black market in Russia is just one example.

    A black market exists because humans are inclined to greed, selfishness, gluttony, impatience, disregard law and order, and other associated vices. They want their way of doing things because they want to be in control. Even if they have to quick-kill someone to get at what they want. Its the marketplace for Dajjal and his followers.

    Which side are we on?

  • Hiyashi

    Take me for a ride in that yacht……

  • http://- Metal Dayak

    bongok punya "Party Chap Mata"….lu "Party Chap Mata", wa "party Chap Langsi" – Selatan mari

  • barulama

    Orang putih rasa tergugat orang Malaysia sudah mampu beli barang juta juta daripada mereka. Typical English people. Tidak boleh tengok bangsa lain maju dan kaya daripada mereka. Mereka mahu jajah kita semua dengan melaga laga kita semua tapi kebanyakan kita sudah ikut telunjuk mereka. Mereka masih anggap mereka pembela bangsa tapi mahu kita ikut telunjuk mereka.

    • http://n/a A Journey to Hope

      barulama…It's better than now.We are suffering by jajahan

      orang Malaya.

      We ,Sarawakians are being MARGINALISED by orang Malaya administration now. We don't like it.

      Please sit down and think carefully what is happening to us now.

    • Wetsemenet

      Betul. Kalau orang kita kaya raya, mesti dia cakap corruption. Muka sendiri tak nak tengok. Yang di UK tu banyak-banyak istana mereka semua hasil pencurian sumber-sumber alam negara-negara seperti Malaysia. Bila dah di halau secara aman, dia nak kata kita semua orang Malaysia ni bebal, tak boleh menyara diri atau menjadi kaya melainkan secara haram. Conteng arang muka sendiri.

  • MalaysiaFirst

    Just a whole load of hogwash.

    Rumours only.

    We have to give our Malaysian businessmen some credit.

    • Wetsemenet

      Kalau orang kita kaya raya, mesti dia cakap corruption. Muka sendiri tak nak tengok. Yang di UK tu banyak-banyak istana mereka semua hasil pencurian sumber-sumber alam negara-negara seperti Malaysia. Bila dah di halau secara aman, dia nak kata kita semua orang Malaysia ni bebal, tak boleh menyara diri atau menjadi kaya melainkan secara haram. Conteng arang muka sendiri.

  • Pingback: RM14.5 billion Yacht story turn to be just an imitation fairytales myth?? « SARAWAK Speaks()

  • Leith

    Seems the story is a fake. See this story:

    £3 billion golden superyacht story confirmed as fake


  • Neutral

    Neutral says:

    July 22, 2011 at 3:30 am

    I don’t have to check or verify the news, looking at how the yatch cruising (based on the picture), it does not carry extra wt of 100,000kg (gold/ platinum) as per the report. It is an ordinary yatch!!

    Fack off the news author/ writer/ reporter for making fake story IF that was intentionally done.

  • di

    Well… the yacht belongs to the one and only Robert Kuok… forgot where I read it. Since he's probably living in HK now, he probably does not need to pay any taxes for it. :-p

  • SMK

    As I commented earlier, the UK Mail newspaper was writing rubbish. As it turned out, the story is a hoax. Sarawak Report should remove this irrelevant article.

    • Wetsemenet

      CB has had no credibility from the get-go. Rolling around with an oversexed charlatan certainly doesn't add much to her clout. And now this.

      • http://n/a RAJA MANGGENG

        Westsement@Peter Fucker..SR or CB took the story from The Daily Mail,UK tabloid.She does NOT cook the story of which you failed to realise too and put the blame on SR. I support no one but I am merely looking for the news..but a bloody foreigner like you mess around with us..SR has done a good job unlike you ,so upset as you are scared that your Corrupted master will not give you handout from tax payers money.

        We bless you Mr Peter Fucker ops..Parker..ha ha ha

  • TheRenovater

    This is s great reminder not to simple take things at face value & to verify claims & things online. Having said that keep up the good work on your other regular reporting.