Taib Blogger Insults Islam!

Taib Blogger Insults Islam!

24 Jul 2011

Professional blogger for hire anybody?

Hateful anti-Islamic outpourings, including a crude mocking of the Prophet Mohammed, are just some of the very surprising views expressed by a member of the team of American bloggers, hired by PM Najib Razak and Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud to supposedly improve their images.

One member of the team, named Caleb Howe, has indulged in a number of rants on Twitter that are clearly designed to give extreme offence to Muslims – even though his colleagues on the blogs Red State, New Ledger, Sarawak Report(s), Malaysia Matters and others have been engaged by Najib and Taib as professional promoters.

In one outburst last year he indulged in a sustained, childish rant on his public Twitter page it went like this:


Misjudgement in hiring such unpleasant ‘attack dogs’?

Caleb Howe - insulter of Islam and part of the right-wing 'professional' blogging network that Najib and Taib have seen fit to hire with Malaysian taxpayers' money

The majority of people in Sarawak are not Muslim.  However, few would dream of engaging in such an unpleasant and offensive attack on matters held sacred to fellow citizens.  So, it seems doubly ill-judged that Taib, who is indeed Muslim, would engage the services of an outfit that tolerates such sordid language and behaviour.

Najib Razak, the Malaysian PM, who has also hired the same blogging network is surely also guilty of the same terrible misjudgement?  He poses as a great protector of his own Muslim religion, yet he continues to be associated with a team of Americans who count this man as one of their own.

Caleb Howe is closely linked to Josh Trevino, the right-wing blogger behind the American ‘Red State’ and ‘New Ledger’ blogs and also a PR company called Rogue Strategic Services, who has been engaged by BN leaders, including Badawi, Najib and now Taib Mahmud to create ‘positive publicity’ on their behalf.

Sarawak Report has already exposed how this network of websites has been engaged by Najib and also Taib to promote them with favourable articles in their blogs in the US and back in Malaysia to give the impression that they have positive international endorsement.

Working with Josh Trevino as 'curator' of the Malaysia Matters Twitter Page

Caleb Howe, who is a regular contributor to Trevino’s flagship ‘Red State’ website, also curates a Twitter Page called Malaysia Matters, clearly linked to the Malaysia Matters website, one of Trevino’s projects to promote BN leaders.

The Malaysia Matters  website (which has just been re-launched) was started in 2008 by Josh Trevino and a colleague Jerome Armstrong. 

Armstrong, who is also a professional ‘blogger for hire’, has made no secret of the fact that the project was commissioned by the Malaysian Government – he lists them as a client on the  website of his company WebStrong. 

Malaysia Matters, run by Josh Trevino and Jerome Armstrong was commissioned by the Malaysian Government of Badawi and then Najib

It is significant that, despite the lack of any form of visible apology when the rant was picked up by the American organisation Media Matters, Josh Trevino continues to associate with Caleb Howe both on the Red State and Malaysia Matters projects. 

The PM and Chief Minister have chosen to hire bloggers who specialise in a particularly nasty form of invective against people who they purport to disagree with.  In the case of Malaysia these people are the political opponents or critics of the BN leaders who have commissioned them. 

Caleb is a regular blogger on Red State

Anwar Ibrahim and also Sarawak Reporthave been treated to ludicrous and excessive ‘attack dog’ commentary by these websites, based on zero journalism or research.  But, now it seems the BN political pay masters themselves have been bitten!

Extreme right-wing, anti-Muslim and pro-Israel

Caleb’s outburst against Islam is not an isolated incident.  Indeed the American bloggers hired by Taib and Najib make a surprising choice for Malaysian leaders in a number of other directions.  Josh Trevino himself has made no secret of his rabid pro-Israeli views – to the extent that he tweeted that fellow Americans who felt sorry for the Palestinians and took part in the mercy ship flotilla deserved to be shot dead.

Anti-Palestinian. Such views should surely have ended any contract with the Malaysian BN government?

Given Najib’s posturing in favour of the mercy ships and praise for the Malaysians who took part, it is surely extraordinary that he continues to hire such a man to conduct his PR attacks against Anwar Ibrahim!

Clearly BN hired Trevino and his right-wing bloggers, because they are as nasty in their attacks as anyone can get.  They certainly do not hesitate to make accusations of the sort against Anwar that most US and UK writers would avoid.  On the other hand such dangerous weapons usually do backfire.  Consider Trevino’s involvement with the Act For Israel organisation and their portrayal of the Malaysians who supported the Palestinian mercy ships.

According to right-wing blogs like Red State, Muslims are all potential terrorists.

 A matter of taste

It is perhaps of some comfort to Malaysians who are seeing their tax money going into the hiring of such outfits that Caleb Howe and his colleagues are at least as notorious for their unpleasantness towards so-called ‘bed wetting liberals’ as Muslim ‘terrorists’.

Mr Howe has been called to account on another occasion for glorying in the fact that a known liberal film critic, Roger Ebert, was dying of cancer.  He poked fun at the fact that Ebert had lost his jaw.  This was the Twitter exchange, for which he did on this occasion apologise:


Caleb Howe’s excuse for this inexcusable outburst was that he had been indulging in far too much Vodka: 


Taib and Najib happy to keep hiring a self-professed, anti-Islamic drunk. Just how hypocritical CAN they get?

Given that alcohol is prohibited under the Islamic faith, which Najib and Taib are sworn to uphold and defend, surely this makes Mr Howe and his colleagues even more dubious choices for managing BN’s image?


Worse for wear? - Caleb Howe - Red State's alcohol-inspired attack-dog blogger

It seems that as long as the likes of Caleb and Josh keep saying really rude and nasty things about BN’s opponents, then Taib and Najib are happy to keep paying them.  Is this wise leadership? 


Time to disown Caleb?


It seems that Taib/ Najib blogger, Josh Trevino sees nothing wrong with this colleague and friend's view on the world. Malaysian taxpayers may feel differently.

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  • najibrazak

    How did I get landed with this foul-mouthed ignorant Yankee? I think it was Taib who made the recommendation. We will have a job in Parliament to explain how taxpayers money was spent on these americans. At all costs I have to deny that I knew their anti Islamic views (even though I was of course aware all along)

    • http://n/a A Journey to Hope

      najibrazak..It is just what Christian converts from Islam

      said.You may view their testimonies in the internet.

      It is just too bad for Malaysian leaders to hire these foul mouth fools from America,an uneducated lot who bought their degree from USA degree mills.

      Now all Malaysians should know the real truth.So what say you Majlis Islam? It's blasphemy, is it??? If so please do NOT keep quiet.So how much is their price per head or the price for their head??

      Taib must comment or chose to remain silence as it is TRUE!!!

      • "Party Chap Mat

        -So,every blogger who does not favor Anuar,must be hired by Najib and Taiblah,What is your Proof? haeyaa ini Bodoh punya ceretalah,

        lain kali jangan jaja ini celita bodoh maa,Mr Caleb Howe itu Blogger bebas maa,dia boleh tulis apa sahaja dia suka maa.itu tidak salah lalam dia punya undang undang,lu olang pun suka itu undang undang, kan.. kan.. kan.. kan.

        • http://n/a A Journey to Hope

          Just another corrupted BN's crony.Too bad.

    • hot

      why blame white hair though when he was given mandate to rule, to cheat, to lie by the native sarawakians?

      blame the natives cos they are the ones that are behind the whole scene.

      long live stupid …. errrr … native sarawakians.

    • lemon

      Hei man….that blogger is a professional blogger. He is paid to write on anything. Of course the Malaysian Government should look in to this matter as I consider it serious…but we have to be rational. Don't just say out "Taib" or "Najib"….after all the selection may be done by his men…. I understand SR is going all out for "Taib" and "Najib" and they are paid of course….it's just like any body in business. Paid Bloggers are like chameleon, they change colours all the time….sama mcm site tok juak bah….mmg kena bayar oleh dak semandin ya….he he…

  • zeze

    Unacceptable!! Insulting any religions incl Islam is really a new low. How can the M'sian leaders hire these people without checking their backgrounds? Is all about politics. I hate politics

  • Alvin

    If you want a job done right, do it yourself!

  • suarasumbang

    it's the people winning time… even their dog show how stupid is our leader to hired his doggy to bark. dog will not turn to human that's why he's insulting what actually he know nothing bout it.

    btw I experience difficulties to access Sarawak Report, have to going anonymous then only can get here. is there anyone in out there in Sarawak/Malaysia experience the same?

  • damn it

    damn it…wasting tax payer money…

  • chuckybride

    Wow! Malaysians tax payers money goes down very well as usual, more. More lies and scams from Najib and Taib so that the could swindle more. WTF.

  • aborium

    Now we know the enemies of Islam from within and beyond, Caleb Howe's outbursts against Islam is symptomatic of the myopic, misguided, irresponsible, callous, uncouth, insensitive, and the Dajjal-ways some Americans conduct their trigger-happy assignments as professional communications hitmen or mercenaries.

    Their intent is go for the 'kill' at whatever costs. They've been systematically killing their conscience since the times of Billy the Kid and Jessie James. There is little, if any, to show their moral conscience.

    Their objective is to instigate, create chaos, smoke-screens, character assassinations, and uncertainties, that is, if we all fall prey to their devilish game and unabashed use of religion as their wager. That's the kind of RedState Devils we're dealing with.

    The stage is set for a Propaganda War. But first we need to weed out the enemies from within-the political leaders and parties who hire the RedState Devils for their cleaning services. They can't whitewash by saying now it's a misjudgement or ignorance on their part and neither can they deny that their acts are acts against Islam. That in itself is a very serious cause of concern to all Muslims.

    We all have to face the final curtain, but before it comes we are prepared to defend our religion, country, and people to the last drop of blood. No two ways about it.

  • JFK

    Let it be known that there are Americans, such as myself, who also consider these ultra right wing types to be completely crazy and non critical thinkers. They're actually representing a very minority and rarely held viewpoint here.

    • http://n/a A Journey to Hope

      JFK..You are an American?? Nah…you are just another Taib's BN


      JFK was shot dead by Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963..something is wrong with you claiming to be JFK.Please post positively and intelligently bro.

    • Wetsemenet

      JFK, appreciate your clarification.

      I'm sure rational-minded Malaysians are well aware of the differences of political leanings in the States, and that most of us know better than to judge every American as crazy ultra-right-wingers in a brushstroke. Having said that, the bloggers in question, while of questionable knowledge about Islam and Muslims in general is entitled to their own opinions.

      Hopefully, they will enrich their knowledge after their emotional outbursts. Otherwise, it's silly even to try and change them.

      In any case, none of these 'revelations' prove either way that Sarawak Report is better than the people they are criticizing. In fact, it has proven itself a purveyor if falsified just as much as other members of the international media they so unforgivingly condemn and harass.


      • Wetsemenet

        *purveyor of falsities

  • Anti-Kleptocrats

    Najib & Taib = 2 x 5 (sama-sama terdesak hampir kelemasan). Bagus bagus lagu cepat lu olang lemas dalam politik kotor BN malaysia lagi magut !!!

  • http://none dust2dust

    Who kill Bruno Manser???Who kill Altanyuya???.Taip and Najip are the mastermind…Religion to them are meaningless….

    • http://n/a A Journey to Hope

      dust2dust..that is the law of "PROBABILITY" my dear brother.We

      cannot say anything as the judiciary system is

      controlled by who?

      Evidence can go missing or erased..Witness can disappear or missing too.Innocent commits suicide as claimed by RCI.Is the integrity of RCI intact? I don't know but the word "ROYAL' there makes it real and genuine.

      The guilty ones are released.Maybe human release him or her but GOD knows how to mete out the punishment.

      The case of Teoh Beng Hock..how many millions or billions are involved?? Just a pittance sum as compared to Petronas twin Tower, Airport Contracts,Sepang Circuit..so when you leave the highest office, you son becomes a BILLIONAIRE too.

      These are all food for thought brothers and sisters..we all know and suffer in silence though we are boiling inside. Another BERSIH 3 again?? Yes we do need another BERSIH 3 and Sarawak..UBAH or Change.

      We have to unite for the sake of the people of Sarawak,,let NO one man,one family,one crony and ONE RACE like watch dog says rule Sarawak and destroyed our VIRGIN forest.

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  • Blunt speaker

    This is really a serious allegation to accuse prophet Mohammed of child or statutory rape by taking a preteen or underaged girl as a wife! This is outrageous whether true or false and it will tarnish the image of the prophet and Islam as a whole!

    • http://n/a A Journey to Hope

      Blunt Speaker..It is up to you to find out the truth on PM..maybe he picked it up from the internet. You will find the real truth about what he said…strange thing or people will do anything to get publicity..go bro..read .read and soon you will know whether what the blogger says is true or false.

      Good luck and God bless you

  • Eric JKLim

    His job was probably to sow discord and hatred on the Muslim communities against the non-Muslim (in Malaysia). How could he have survived so long…ranting degatory out-bursts after out-burst on the Prophet without any implications ??

    The fearsome natives in the forest would have cut him to peices by now. The colonial White Rajah of Borneo once instigated their ancestors who bacok hundreds of ethnic Chinese and dumped their bodies into what is now called River Bau. No responsibilities…these kind of employer and employee.

    • http://n/a A Journey to Hope

      Bro, you don't read and understand your history. Chinese Uprising in Bau..those are illegal immigrants at that time and caused trouble due to native's wealth that they stole…GOLD bro.Do you want trouble,of course NO.The wicked and trouble makers MUST be punished.

      Please do NOT bring back the past but look forward.Go and read the book by Sir Hugh Low by Oxford University press so that you understand.

      Quote: " A word of an ordinary land dayak man is worth one hundred Malay noble men." Unquote.

      Bidayuh or Land Dayak must read the book so that they know why their traditional costumes are in Black.There's NO need for me to elaborate but find out for yourself.The real truth is there for you to know and understand.Happy reading!!

  • Sumbangsih

    Part Chap Mata,

    you miss something that what we call proof that why you come out with such a stupid comment. next time google more then only comment. most of opposition lovers aka Rakyat aka Sarawakian no longer as stupid as that.

    • http://n/a A Journey to Hope

      Sumbangsih..He is damned bloody ignorant.He hardly reads..another BN's crony.IGNORE this clown.

  • JFK

    It's just a reference name dude. It's called paying homage. The last thing I am is a supporter of UMNO. HELL no!

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      JFK…Thanks.Please don't claim to be an American.Yankees are

      both side of the coins,World Police and Terrorists at the

      same time otherwise their industries will close down.

      They supplied both factions (Government and Rebels)as long as they make money,their people get fed and have work to do.You may use other names but don't claim to be an American.

      God bless you brother.

  • Iban Lingga

    Just be careful, distant yourself from causing disharmony, disunity, or feeling of enmity, hatred or ill-will, or prejudicing, etc, the maintenance of harmony or unity, on grounds of religion.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Iban Lingga…Sometimes it is good to know both sides of the


      You may go to see articles on Prophet Mohd,it's food for thought and happy reading brother.

      God bless you and all the people in Lingga and hope that the crocodiles are kind enough in Batang Lupar and leave you all in peace.

      • Iban Lingga

        Thanks for your concerned. Don`t worry crocodiles scared of me, just because I am the grandson of 'BOMOH" from Banting. I have been catching prawns at Klauh river for 30 years; crocodiles would submerge immediately when they saw me.

  • aborium

    Malaysians, like you and me, sometimes need a wake-up call, to remind us of the realities in and around us – the internal and external threats to our existence and well-being.

    We take peace and tranquility so much for granted that Malaysians born after Merdeka have not known war at their doorsteps. Be thankful. Even by comparison with other nation states, Malaysia has always been a peaceful nation despite our diverse religious and cultural beliefs and internal political differences.

    Let's keep it that way 'cause the other alternatives are choas, pillage, anarchy and killing fields. We may want to change whatever it is that requires changing, but we don't 'sell out' peace for some cheap political stunts or worse, sell our souls to Dajjal.

    The external threats are for real. We have a common enemy – the destroyer of peace and harmony. United we survive, Divided we perish!

    Malaysians, this is your call.

    • aborium

      We indeed pay homage to the real and unsung heroes from Sarawak who have sacrificed their lives so that now we're able to enjoy peace and harmony.

      21 of them gave their lives to defend us. Question is, What have we got to show in return?

      • Iban Lingga

        In recognition of their contribution to the country, I suggest special event or ceremony or ritual should be held every year on Hari Pahlawan (Warriors Day) at their burial ground.

        • Guvnor

          They are the pride of the nation and Sarawak in particular. They have served as early as in 1948 with the British and Australian Armies in Malaya and Singapore, the first batch being 31 of them and were known as Iban Trackers. In 1953, their numbers further increased to more than a thousand personals, from then, 2 platoons of Sarawak Rangers were formed.

          Their high dedication, discipline, vast knowledge of tropical jungle, jungle survival skills, jungle tracking and their never say die attitude, amazed and recognized by the commonwealth armies.

          Not many people know that, the jungle fighting tactics and techniques, jungle discipline, jungle survival syllabus and many more presently being adopted by Commonwealth and American Armies were originated from these Dayak Warriors.

          Thanks to the combined initiatives of Kol (Rtd) Rizal Abdullah and Penghulu Kanang for that historical moment.

  • Diana

    pegi mampos la Caleb Howe

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      Oh Diana..you so young and I am so old,this my darling I been

      told…calm down dear..please bless him and ask GOD

      to touch his heart so that he does NOT think about

      the green back only.

  • tusah_ringat


    Najib is join force to turn down Taib Mahmud. Najib has paid certain individu to turn down Taib in state level.

    Thank you

    from Taib Mahmud Former Backbencher.

    • Titan Sarawak

      A vague and badly written English language.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      tusah_ringat…So this is the type of ENGLISH that Taib's "BALL

      CARRIER" has,just too bad.

      When times are good,you praise your corrupted master at the TOP of your voice and when times are bad (you are NO more in his favour) you condemned your very own master.

      It is NOT good to apple polished bro…it's a sin and social crime too.

      We do NOT understand what you are trying to say or tell us..yes I agree badly written English..FAIL in your essay and what more to say your verb.My English is also not that good but at least readable.

      • Miri

        Watch Dog,

        You are a GEM !

  • aborium

    The 21 national heroes from Sarawak left behind a most valuable legacy – "the fighting spirit" – the willingness to fight when the going gets tough, never give up, and ultimate sacrifice of oneself for the good of the nation.

    That same fighting spirit is most needed now when facing the threats from outsiders who are actively engage in a psychological warfare against nation states so that they become 'prisoners' of their own mind and dependent upon a 'control and command center' to determine what they eat, drink, dress, think and should behave.

    A pipe-dream? It's already been practised in cult groups where members are willing to die upon instructions of their cult leader. It's an extension of the cult's MO.

    Face it – it's the war of the mind and information/disinformation, where 'truth', 'freedom' 'justice', and 'fairness' can be dressed stunningly for a press conference but in reality means something else.

    Who can forget "Read my Lips"? It's lip-service all the way, and this is a disservice to the nation and people. Why? Because it shows our vulnerable parts exposed! The syndrome: we don't truly mean what we say – we just want to play it safe, not rock the boat, and or just minding our own business.

    If our 21 heroes were to mind their own business, they'd never have been heroes in the first place. They left behind their fighting spirit so that present day Malaysians can go the extra mile, can carry the extra load, can endure and survive even in the harshest of conditions, can face the enemy without fear, and have expert knowledge of the cyber terrain filled with booby traps and deep abyss.

    Yes we need a community of Malaysian cyber trackers, hackers, researchers, and counter-intelligence with the spirit and mind of our heroes. Any ideas?

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      aborium..They died defending Malaya and then Malaysia from CHIN

      PENG and his terror gangs but the bravery medals went

      to someone else. I am sad about all these as they do

      NOT get the credit.

      Now Chin Peng wants to return to Malaysia to die of old age.Do you allow him to do that?

      • aborium

        There are more vicious 'Chin Pengs' of the Cyber world that we should be worried about. He might be a Norwegian or a Nigerian or of any nationality. He might indeed be a Malaysian!

        It's a most subtle war that you don't quite see their acts in the open. They're a lot more discreet, unassuming, and will only show their stripes and insignia when you fall into their trap and become a slave to them. That's the real danger!

        Bro', it's happening right before our very eyes.

        p/s I have watched the full series on History Channel's the Malayan Emergency.

  • Blunt Speaker


  • batulawi

    They can hire anybody for all we care, but don't pay them with our money.

  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    Police arrested people wearing Malaysian football jersey at KL Sentral.

    BAD, SAD,SAD..where have their brain gone to? Them FAM don't ask sports shop to sell Malaysian Yellow jersey as the Police trembles when they see anyone wearing yellow..

    Is it a crime,can IGP please state under what section is it?

    Seksen apa? Kanon apa??

    Orang awam dtangkap kerana memakai baju bola sepak Malaysia warna kunin..kenapa?? Salah kah? So naive ,ill trained and uneducated people.

  • aborium

    Red Alert: 'Knights Templar' (London-based, formed in 2002)

    • Avenged Sevenfold

      Pls bro, don't bring these up here, especially with our bias, third world mindset. Unless if we can assure ourselves, we can think outside our thinking box, beyond the perimeter of what we are believing in.

      Clues: 'A pot of lobsters' and 'poisonous fish swimming in the sea'

      • aborium

        Please don't shy away from 'truth' because too many 'shy aways' will lead you closer to lies and deception. The information is for public consumption 'cause you'd definitely want to know who your friends are and also your enemies. If you don't then I'm afraid you've a much bigger problem to handle if not now, definitely at some stage.

        I'm reading your signal & thanks for the thought.

  • John Hardick
  • aborium

    John, you spot on the trail. Thanks for the tip.

  • anonymous

    are u guys for real ? not saying im pro government, but u gotta be a real idiot if u think this is for real. its bloody obvious it has opposition written all over it. sounds like a desperate plea to make any case public and create tension. even made up ones.

  • anonymous

    members of the public. dont let nonsense like these tear our comunity apart. and for the 3bn dollar yatch, word has come out that its robert kuok's. whats up sarawak report ? running out of stories to write and posting bullshit

    • aborium

      Anonymous, are you from Jupiter or Mars? You think Cyber War is unreal? You think the attacks on websites are made up stories? You think the intelligence and counter-intelligence, information and disinformation you get over the net are mother goose stories? Come off it!

      We're here not to 'tear our community apart'. Rather, the opposite – we are here to protect and make them aware that the psychological warfare perpetrated by some nation states are indeed toxic and hazardous to human mental health.

      We can only them the danger signs, but it's up to them to make up their own minds and do something about it. There's no compulsion here – at least you've been warned!

      You think Dajjal is something of an apparition that appears in the night with fangs? He's sitting besides you now & listening to every word you say!

      • aborium

        There was an interesting story about a Malaysian lass from a well-to-do family who had a Nigerian boyfriend and they cook up a story to the lass's dad demanding ransom money for the kidnap of his daughter, the lass. They need the money to keep up appearances and living style.

        Apart from the big black dong myth part of it, you see how gullible our young minds are and at that impressionable age, anything goes if money is not an issue. They are on the fast lane.

        The story begs more questions than it can answer for now. Why did she has to go through all this? Her mind is under control of the big black dong….the clock struck one, and the mouse ran down to get him his packet of cigars left in the kitchen.

        It's about same mind control and the Media does it exceptionally well. The Internet is just a tool, albeit an important one.

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      anonymous…as you are. SR got the story from The Daily Mail,UK.

      They do NOT cook the story up. However,the Yacht maker,an Italian form denied it and asked the British daily to remove the picture from their tabloid.

      Even STG5Billion, I am NOT surprised at all as Malaysians Politicians' way to clean the dirty money.If not how do you expect the former PM's son became almost an instant BILLIONAIRE. Naive as you may be or just an ignorant man protecting your corrupted master.

      French lawyer probing into Scorpene kickback or kickfront or whatever kick you want to call it, do you believe or do NOT believe? well bro,it is entirely up to you to decide or to believe. There maybe some element of truth in there…just UMNO's newspapers,NST or UTUSAN MALAYA..I do NOT believe their local stories..all COOK UP one.Sad,sad sad piece of journalism.

      Bro,you have to peruse and analyse in details..sit backward and think..is it money laundering,tax evasion or abuse of power or all of the above.GOD bless you..

      • aborium

        I agree with you here Watchdog. Corruption and Bribery must close shop permanently with longer jail sentence imposed if found guilty. Otherwise they can close down all other legitimate business where the livelihood of honest and hardworking Malaysians depend. It's a cause-effect relationship. But it also multiplies like a cancer cell if it remains unchecked. In China, they face the firing squad or the death penalty.

  • Neutral

    Don't get excited or be fanatic about the reports appeared in this blog. Or never be die-hard supporter of any blog, opposition or BN govt. We got brain to digest the truth of it all. Use common sense and your logic thinking.

    Watch dog, your analytical comments sometime make sense but MOST of the time emotional & nonsense, even among your dogs also can't swallow your fanatic argument without reasons.

    Humans are the same, poor sinners and never live by the words of God. I knew a lot of politicians, when in the opposition they criticized the govt to their top voice but once joined the BN backbenchers they pretend that nothing is wrong, and then they start sucking their master' dung.

    MoCS is another nonsense unregistered body, make their existence out of nowhere. They believe in freedom of speech, free & fair election but the moment you re not agreed with them, they never publish your comments. They only accept comments that bodek their chairman, egoistic Francis siah. This type of person we should never give face, later he turns his sword on you once elected and jump to BN camp.

    All he did is for personal glory

    • aborium

      Yes Neutral, its a masquerade. They wear different masks for different occasions, days, weeks, months and when you multiply that by say 30 years or so, you can't tell who you're any longer, a stranger to oneself? It's the gist of a story told by an old farmer who never walked alone.

      Bungalow Bill & Liverpool FC.

  • odi

    This is the second time I have come to this blog and found accusations without any proof at all. How dumb do you think we are?

    If your aim is to discredit the current government, I am afraid you are doing more damage than good. It's blogs like these that give ammunition to our government to dismiss all public views and comments.

    Do you work for the government? Is that what this is all about?

    • aborium

      When Alice met the Cheshire Cat, she asked which way should she go? The Cat turned around and said "That depends on which way you want to go". So odi, what proof do you need & for what?

      No, the Cat doesn't work with the Government and the sore thing is they've been using the feline signs and symbols without paying royalties to the feline communities. The feline communities are referring the matter to the 'Animal Farm' committee. Please look up Hemingway's 'Seven Commandments'.

      On a serious note, if we fail to read the danger signs correctly, we may be led astray by others who are out to influence and get a hold on you by creating 'distractions' in all forms and manner. The technology is now widely available to provide a realistic image or matrix of realities.

      When you can't tell the difference between augmented reality and the real world, between an avatar and human, between truth and lies, between good and evil then we're really in a big serious mess! It's occurring on a daily basis over the net and media.

      Do we 'sit and watch as tears go by'? Or do we do something about it?

      • http://n/a Watch Dog

        aborium..Yes Bro I agree with you that all readers must read

        the book "ANIMAL FARM" by George Orwell,the book was

        publish on 18/08/1945 in England. The book was our

        literature book besides a recommended book " TO KILL

        A MOCKING BIRD".

        Four legs good,two legs bad.

        Their 7 Commandments are:-

        1.Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.

        2.Whatever goes upon two legs and has wings, is a friend.

        3.No animals shall wear clothes

        4.No animal shall sleep in a bed

        5.No animal shall drink alcohol

        6.No animal shall kill any other animals

        7.All animal are equals.

        later they make amendments:-

        1. No animals shall in a bed without sheet

        2.No animals shall drink alcohol with excess

        3.No animal shall other animals without a cause.

        **Four legs good,two legs better.

        Please read the book as the book was once banned by the Authorities..why?? Don't know.Read it bro,please

        • miris

          Watch dog, all animals are equal, but same are more equal than the other !

        • miri

          Watch dog, the book was banned because of its communism subtext which reflected events of the Stalin era before World War 2. Orwell, a critic of Stalin, exposed the flaws of the Russian Revolution and the corruption of its leadership. ( Hence it was also banned in the Soviet Bloc. )

          It began with " All animals are equal ", but later replaced by " Some animals are more equal than others. "

    • miri

      Are you suggesting that we should all adopt the ostrich position, or we should all become the wise monkey, see nothing, hear nothing, say nothing and do nothing ?

      Malaysia is fast becoming a police state, ruled by a single party ever since, a democratic country in name but a dictatorship in reality. The whole of the establishment is set up to protect and prolong the status quo of the ruling elites.

      It is the deliberate policies of the government to keep the poor poor and the uneducated undecated. Voters could then be bought ( you help me, I help you ) or threaten ( no projects )whenever election is called. Spin doctors are engaged to influence the mind of the educated middle class. Local news media are the mouth piece of the government. The net is where we could read the truth and the lies, good and evil, black and white, also a plateform where we all can share our views including yours !

  • Blunt Speaker

    That's the trick and strategy of the current GOVT, that is to keep the poor and uneducated as they are, always in the dark hole and always impoverished that a little handout is like a luxury. This evil regime has been using this trick and strategy election after election, mandate after mandate because the impoverished uneducated and simple minded people are easy to be pleased and bought or bribed to be exact. They are intentionally deprived of their needs so that these evil politicians have control over them in desperation. Just like drug addicts would do anything when they are in desperate need of a dope, these uneducated rural poor are so desperate and in dire need of a little treat that they would vote for you even for a meager sum at a big price. While those voted into power are reaping in tons of profit through corrupt means, these rural folks are continually being kept in desperation so as easily satisfied with a few crumbs or scraps left over. This strategy or trick by BN GOVT will always work and they will always be laughing all the way to the bank as long as these impoverished and uneducated are forever ignorant and manipulated by these greedy BN politicians. Something drastic and fast must be done before more damage is done to Sarawak and Malaysia!

  • aborium

    If we want something done, we give it focus, clarity of purpose, and then address the how, what, where, and when. But, we don't lose sight of what's important – our faith and religion.

    To all Muslims, May this Ramadan be the most meaningful to you and your family.

  • TWiSToR

    Marina Mahathir's Article:

    Politicians of every stripe have two bad habits. Firstly, they think that those who don’t belong to any political party are incapable of having a single political thought. Secondly, when non-politicians think of a good populist idea, politicians of all stripes rush to hijack it.

    George W. Bush, that giant of intellectuals, famously said after the Sept 11, 2001 attacks that “Either you’re with us, or you’re against us.”

    Those words unleashed a world polarised by politics with no hope for peace, which necessarily requires a coming to the table of all sides to discuss common issues.

    This “Us versus Them” mentality is an affliction that has befallen not only American politicians but many others around the world, including in our own country.

    It creates an illness known as hyperpartisanship, which can be defined simply as “if you’re not on my side, you must be wrong.”

    It’s the only explanation I can give for the consistently delusional statements that tend to come out from our politicians’ mouths.

    To their minds, nobody can be right unless they’re on the same side.

    Additionally, if you don’t agree with them, then you must surely be on the “other” side.

    Politicians can’t seem to fathom anything but a bipolar world.

    They can’t seem to get it into their heads that firstly, there may yet be a third (or fourth, fifth) way of looking at things, and secondly, that the ones with these different perspectives could conceivably be civilians.

    Politicians of every stripe have two bad habits.

    Firstly, they think those who don’t belong to any political party are incapable of having a single political thought.

    They forget that every five years or so, it is they who insist that we think of politics when we go and vote.

    Secondly, when non-politicians think of a good populist idea, politicians of all stripes rush to hijack it.

    Non-politicians, otherwise known as civil society, then have to fight them off tooth and nail.

    How many times have we had politicians turning up at big events organised by non-politicians and trying and making it sound as if it’s a big endorsement of themselves?

    Some politicians are certainly more delusional than others.

    Since Bersih 2.0 shocked them, they have been working overtime to demonise it.

    It is one thing to badmouth the rally in the days before it happened but it’s quite shocking to see the pathetic attempts to paint it as a riot when it was clearly not.

    From calling the teargassing “mild” to denying that the police had fired teargas into the Tung Shin Hospital, to trying to check the motives and bank accounts of those who went for the rally, our dear leaders insult us every day.

    Yet all they have to do is, instead of surrounding themselves with sycophants who will only tell them what they want to hear, read all the heartrending and heartwarming personal accounts written by the many ordinary people who went to the Bersih 2.0 rally.

    These were housewives, retirees and young people, all fearful of what violence they might encounter, but who steeled themselves to go and exercise their right to voice their opinions.

    These were people who had probably never done anything more confrontational than argue with a salesperson in their entire lives, who faced teargas and water cannons fired at them by a government they probably voted in.

    How much courage does it take to insult your own people from an airconditioned room compared to facing the FRU?

    If our leaders think teargas is something mild, they should ask the FRU to try it on them.

    I was lucky that day because I chose a route where the police decided not to deploy their gas and water cannons on us.

    But many of my friends and colleagues were not so lucky. I feel ashamed that I suffered no more than tiredness, compared with what they so courageously went through.

    And all our hapless leaders can do is call them names.

    The people who went to Bersih 2.0 are Malaysians who will forever feel united and bound to each other because of that experience. Some may have been politicians and NGOs but so many more were just people of every race, religion, age and creed.

    So many have said they never felt more Malaysian than they did that day.

    At a time when everyone has been lamenting how divided we are, we came together. What more could we have wished for?

    Perhaps we should take another leaf from Sept 11. In the wake of the death and destruction wreaked by the US government to avenge the World Trade Centre deaths, some of the families of those who died, horrified by such violent vengeance, started an NGO called Not In Our Name.

    Perhaps those many decent Malaysians, the “silent majority” our leaders like to claim as their own, can come out and say that, even if they disagree with Bersih 2.0, they will not stand by and let their fellow citizens be insulted and abused in this way.

    At least, not in their name.

  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    Shame on you Marina Mahathir..your brother is a BILLIONAIRE when your dad steps down..what a shame?? Where did your brother get all the money??Another arse hole crony.

  • Pingback: All Is Not Lost, If Auntie Rosy Dare To Turn The Table()


    Here we go again, another fiasco in the making, another circus display of 'misplaced' governance that makes you wonder if anyone in the country is safe from the authorities anymore and if intelligence is no longer a pre-requisite to work for its religious department.

    Any government with goons running around and gate-crashing other people's party must be a worry to citizens anywhere. The Malaysiakini report on the 'illegal' and unconstitutional Jais raidon the Dream Centre, a community place run by the Damansara Utama Methodist Church, reflects a government department with nothing better to do than harass law-abiding citizens going about their business peacefully.

    With thirty enforcement staff led on a wild goose chase when they could be more productively employed during the season of Ramadan is indeed bewildering but not unexpected when you follow the script of an unholy plot and belong to Malaysia's version of the Keystone Cops, those comical cops always chasing someone but only making fools of themselves and making us laugh at their expense.

    But the Jais raid on the Dream Centre is no laughing matter.

    It is an attack on the constitutional rights of citizens and an unprecedented low on the persecution of the legitimate activities of citizens in the country by a government department that seems to act with intrusive impunity and that gets more ridiculous by the day. Is religious paranoia following after race that has failed to divide Malaysians after the evident show of unity by Malaysians of all races during the Bersih 2.0 event? They accused certain Muslims and now they are accusing Christians. Who's next?. Really disgusting!!!