Royal Blunder?

Royal Blunder?

15 Jul 2011

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Najib must have been searching for places to look. Even the floral decorations were yellow!

The Palace will surely be running an enquiry into the shockingly embarrassing faux pas on the part of the Queen when she met the Prime Minister Najib yesterday.

How could Her Majesty have been allowed to make such an appalling blunder?

There could not be a more glaringly bright garment in the royal wardrobe. Brilliant, daffodil yellow! From head to toe!

If Her Majesty had worn this on the streets of KL the previous week, she would have been arrested! No question about it!

Briefing Failure?

The Queen has teams of advisors who brief her and carefully plan all her state occasions. How could they have failed to inform her of the biggest story coming out of Malaysia and repeated in the UK the past few days?

She MUST have been informed of the sensitivity of the colour yellow? If not, as we say in the UK, “heads must roll”

Unless of course, Her Majesty did it on purpose?

Squirming embarrassment - the pictures that could not be hidden

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  • Robert H

    Thanks for a great laugh.Not often that I find anything to laugh about on these pages! I'd like to think the Queen made a subtle gesture for democracy.

    • Penan

      I really admire Her Majesty attiring in yellow a colour that Najib and the Malaysian police don`t like.

    • Pelir

      The palace could have printed BERSIH 2.0 as the tagline on the shirt to complete the demonstration.

  • di

    As a friend of mine said: " The queen's protocol people are smart enough that it couldn't be a coincidence."

    The best laugh I've had for days since last Saturday, July 9th.

  • http://SarawakReport Danny Ong

    The Queen Wearing a Yellow Dress is not co-incident.

    She purposely did that to show Malaysians that Najib

    must accept majority of Malaysians wishes to keep

    all elections clean.

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  • Honey

    This is really funny. Yes – i agree that this can't be a coincidence! Long live the queen!

  • Najib Lover

    The Queen is sassy enough to deal with the international injustice issue.

  • aborium

    Wouldn't it also be considered a 'political blunder' that PM Najib was wearing a red tie [Labour] while his counterpart PM Cameron was sporting a blue tie [Conservative] during their recent joint press conference?

    I think more attention has been drawn towards colours, which itself is a self-indulging area of study rather than focusing on the merits or otherwise of the concept of 'moderation' & how for instance it could be applied to rid off extremism in all its forms,shapes,and sizes?

    Whether one is considered an 'extremist' 'terrorist' or 'freedom fighter' depends not on which side of the fence you're sitting on but which hat you put on. If it is a hat filled with hatred, terror, and revenge,the end-result would be as expected. True moderates go for a peaceful resolution.

    I'm a moderate & forget about my colour – I'm colour-blind.

    • Cyperoid

      Die Wahrheit ist, beide Seiten waren nicht vertrauenswürdig.

      Die einzige Wahl ist die Regierung von 54 Jahren, die verzweifelt tun würde, um sich an der Macht halten trotz eines sehr fragwürdigen Taten, die sie getan haben, für 54 Jahre

      im Vergleich zu einer fehlerhaften Opposition, von einem rachsüchtigen Mann führen.

      Eine sehr schwierige Entscheidung in der Tat, aber ich würde für diejenigen, die bereit sind, für die Verbesserung des Landes Reform gehen.

      • miri

        Anybody out there understand German ? I don't.

        • "Party Chap Mat

          Biar saya terjemah untuk kamu,

          Mamat Hitler,ini cakap,Suruh ambega cepat cepat adakan Bersih 3

          tapi kali ini,bawa penyapu,bawa berus ,bawa pengorek lokang sekali katanya.sebab lokang kat kawasan KL ini banyak tersumbat,tepi tepi jalan bayak daun yang tidak di sapu oleh dewan bandaraya,jadi dia suruh lu orang bersihkan itu semua sebab kerja macam tu lagi banyak faedah katanya,daripada kamu telunjak lunjak terjerit jerit seperti monyet baru lepas dari zoo negara katanya,

      • aborium

        I hear you. It's a difficult choice indeed for herein lies the fate of a nation that needs more than a leap of faith to put its trust in the hands of a political party who may turn out to be your worst nightmare.

        The stakes are too high to leave it to chance alone. Informed decision-making and judgements are better than those based on misconceptions, incomplete facts and figures, heresay or heresy. Emotions get in the way and cloud judgement.

        Yes, we support land reform to the extent that it guarantees that the rights of the landowners are protected and ensures 'moderation' in the use of resources, and that fair and equitable returns is achieved for all stakeholders.

      • Hulubalang Layar

        Anybody translate this for me..Thank.

      • hans

        this what this german said,

        (in BM)

        Sebenarnya, kedua-dua pihak tidak boleh dipercayai.

        Pilihan sahaja kerajaan 54 tahun yang akan melakukan sedaya upaya berpegang kepada kuasa walaupun bertindak sangat dipersoalkan mereka telah lakukan untuk 54 tahun

        berbanding dengan pembangkang yang salah, yang diketuai oleh seorang lelaki yang pendendam.

        Sesuatu keputusan yang amat sukar sebenarnya, tetapi saya akan pergi kepada mereka yang sanggup membayar untuk memperbaiki reformasi tanah.

        (in english)

        The truth is, both sides were not trustworthy.

        The only choice is the government of 54 years who would do desperately to hold on to power despite a very questionable acts they have done for 54 years

        compared to an erroneous opposition, lead by a vengeful man.

        A very difficult decision indeed, but I would go to those who are willing to pay for the improvement of the land reform.

        so you have to answer this question,

        Wir wollen, dass die malaysische fairen und sauberen Wahlen nur, weil, wenn diese einen fairen und sauberen Wahl der Praxis werden natürlich wir die vertrauensvolle Führer finden. wahrer Führer sind die besten Manager, aber wahr-Manager kann nicht wahr Marktführer geworden. Ich möchte Sie bitten, tun Sie wirklich kümmern all dies? Ich glaube nicht, die Sie interessieren.

        • Cyperoid

          Es ist immer ein wahrer Führer oder Führer. Wenn nicht jetzt, vielleicht in den nächsten Jahren Zeit. Allerdings wird es nie sein, bis Sie kostenlos ein System, das beschädigt ist. Nevermind, dass Sie nicht die besten der Wahl jetzt.Aber wenn du einmal, dass leistungsfähige und gemittelt totalitäre Kontrolle zu brechen, ist die Chance da,für Sie, für die besser oder schlechter zu erkunden.Risky zwar, aber früher oder später mußt du es ins Gesicht.

          Erwarten Sie das harte Zeit in der "Übergangszeit" Zeitraum von 5 Jahren mit dem neuen govt.Während die neue Regierung versucht, den Menschen zu gefallen, wird der gefallenen Gruppe alles tun, um sie abzulenken.Vielleicht, innerhalb dieser Zeit werden neue bessere politische Parteien entstehen.

        • Wetsemenet

          'Wir wollen, dass die malaysische fairen und sauberen Wahlen nur, weil, wenn diese einen fairen und sauberen Wahl der Praxis werden natürlich wir die vertrauensvolle Führer finden. wahrer Führer sind die besten Manager, aber wahr-Manager kann nicht wahr Marktführer geworden. Ich möchte Sie bitten, tun Sie wirklich kümmern all dies? Ich glaube nicht, die Sie interessieren.'

          Ja, aber was bedeutet 'Freie und Saubere' in Realität? Zwischen einer Diktator und eine Führer, die durch ein perfekte Wahlprozess gewonnen, ist nur ein dünne Linie. Manchmal, missen wir die Wahrepunkt, weil wir so genau 'abverpissen' sind.

    • miri

      The English Bill of Right 1689 forms the cornerstone of all human right, not just in England but also the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth. It lays down limits on the power of the soverign and set out the right of the parliament, freedom of speech and election to parliament'

      As a constitutional monarch, the Queen has THREE rights, the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, and the right to warn. Her wearing of yellow was no royal blunder. It is a warning to PM Najib that human right abuse in Malaysia is not acceptable.

  • http://n/a Watch Dog

    Wow..wah wah wah..Queen E wore YELLOW,that is BERSIH brand.The Fat Lady also tags along showing off her diamond and zebra bracelet??

    The Queen supports BERSIH lah!!

    • aborium

      I think that's taking our eyes off on what's on offer, what's on the menu. Yes we can relate colours to chakra if we want to but it's not on the menu.

      What's on the menu is "moderation" and it comes in different flavours. Which is your favourite? Let us know.

      • aborium

        "Out of moderation, a pure happiness springs"


  • yellow mello

    Long Live the Queen!

  • T.R.U.T.H.


    QE2: I like yellow flowers, and my dress was specially tailored to meet you months ago.

    I chose yellow before you showed your true colours.

    Do you like my yellow dress then?

    Najib: Yes, yes, yes … I like yellow now!

    QE2: Jolly good, old chap,….you can call me ….“Eliza-bersih-2” although I am Queen "Elizabeth the 2nd”. Incidentally what is the No.1 you are wearing on your lapel?

    Najib: (In cold sweat, hissed, I thought I was in U.K. – Ulu Kelang, forgot that U.K. is the United Kingdom.)

    Err…hmmm… I am No.1 in 1MALAYSIA.

    QE2: Indeed! Are you Xanthrophobic?

    Najib: What's that … "Santa-fat-pig"?

    QE2: Xanthrophobic is "The fear of anything Yellow colour".

    Najib: No, no not at all.

    QE2: So you have no respect or fear of me like what you did to your King, telling you and all not to have street Demonstrations. You forced the people to be on the streets and set the police on them.

    You also banned all things yellow, T-shirts, etc. and let the police arrest those caught with yellow artifacts.

    Is the ban still on?

    Najib: Arr… Urrr, let me check with my Home Minister. Not to worry, your Majesty, you are safe. I am here and I am No.1, all will do as I say, except those who enjoy a day out on the streets, who would not even listen to the King and defy my orders to stay indoors.

    QE2: Now what are you here for? Are you submitting a petition to me about HINDRAF or BERSIH 2.0? Perhaps its about the Malaysian Constitution?

    Najib: Oh no! Just hoping to introduce my wife to you so that she can get on with you while I mingle with your Mayor and your PM at No.10. Cheerio.

  • Iban Mom

    I believe it was intentional. She has advisors of smart people. I had a good laugh and the Queen certainly has a sense of humor and knows much about international current affairs, you betcha! God Bles the Queen.

  • Paul Warren

    The Queen just said that she is with the people of Malaysia. And she was saying it out loud!!

  • Wong

    God save the Queen???

  • Sekuning

    Nah, saya pakai kuning. lu apa maok? Jenama Bersih 2.0.

  • aborium

    I wandered lonely as a cloud

    That floats on high o'er vales and hills,

    When all at once I saw a crowd,

    A host, of golden daffodils………


    Gold seems to be the ruling colour when everything else is subject to its worth in gold standard & recently its market price has soared again.

  • Democrat

    The road to HELL is paved in GOLD!

    • aborium

      The road to heaven is also paved in gold, but of a different kind. Hearts of Gold.

      • miri

        Fool's gold !

        • aborium

          'Gold' was a rebuff to your obsession with colours which gets in the way of real issues. It goes to show the foolishness of such an obsession. Green anyone?

      • miri

        We are all aware of the REAL issue here, and to say otherwise is patronising and insulting.

        My answer to your ealier post that the impact of 9th July in world opinion was a big Zero ! Why ? Because Malaysia does not appear in America's radar. In term of America's geopolitic, Malaysia is insignificant. It does not serve America's interest. It has no huge oil reserves. It has no weapons of mass destruction. But America views Malaysia as a friendly Islamic country and does not want to be too critical of its behaviour.

        We don't expect the West running to our aids. We have to do it ourselves. But CHANGE will come. It may skip a generation for change to come. But the preparation starts now. We start teaching our interior brothers and sisters to read and write. Give them the power of knowledge. Together, we will acquire change by the ballot box.

        Sorry that you are colour blind.

        • Avenged Sevenfold

          In another word, its doesn't ring a bell.

          Miri, I am 1100 % agreeing with you. I think our friend Aborium, is a little bit confuse lately. Give him time to get back onto the right track of mind.

  • Last Laugh

    I say this comment in the on-line Malaysian Chronicle which "explains" how the British do things.

    (Cut and paste):

    Trust the British to pass on a not too subtle political message.

    Way back in the 1980s, the London Symphony Orchestra was the first major British cultural institution to visit Malaysia at the end of the Prime Minister Mahathir's "Buy British Last Campaign." It performed in the Great Hall, University of Malaya.

    The Star (which in those days reported fearlessly) published under the headline "Is this the Last Note of the Buy Last Policy?" that the world-famous orchestra had left out the last note of the Malaysian national anthem that it had played at the beginning of the concert!

    That all 100 plus members of a world class orchestra somehow "forgot" the last note of any piece of music simply cannot have been an "oversight." It was the British way of "telling Mahathir exactly what they thought of his "Buy British Last Policy."

    Neither the LSO, nor the British High Commission in Malaysia, ever complained to the Star, or threaten to sue, because it's report was wrong, or, worse, an attempt to sour the newly restored British-Malaysian trade ties. They all just remained SILENT. And I can only imagine the chortling (at having got one back) that must have been taking place all the way up to corridors of Whitehall itself.

  • Ravi Chitty

    A Royal Dissent!

  • najibrazak

    I have to accept that it was no accident. I also have to leave it there as further comment could only harm me not her.Business is the important thing and that is what I have come to London to do.

  • fareed

    white skin are facinatimg monsters.i bet queen did itby purpose using yelow drezs.

  • Mata Gelap

    Queen E can afford it.

    She's wealthy. She can afford lots of warts with a little wit.

    Najib might have bowed lower and reached his own butt!

    • Wetsemenet

      She's rich, so it's okay? I wonder where did all THAT wealth came from.

  • Jim

    I've got to give it to the Poms. You fellas are so subtle, unlike us crude, uncompromising, unsophisticated, blinking brutes who cannot distinguish between peaceful citizens marching for their freedom and scoundrels robbing our nation blind.

  • V.Jay

    A Royal Blunder…not on your Nelly!!!!Visits by foreign dignitaries and especially Heads of States etc are meticulously planned, rehearsed and well executed by Palace advisers to Her Majesty unlike the half baked and dim wit ministers we have advising the PM .Her Majesty as Head of the Commonwealth is clearly giving a very subtle message to the PM that she is fully aware of what is happening in Malaysia.We love you your Majesty and long may you reign

  • V.Jay

    A Royal Blunder…not on your Nelly!!!!Visits by foreign dignitaries and especially Heads of States etc are meticulously planned, rehearsed and well executed by Palace advisers to Her Majesty.Her Majesty as Head of the Commonwealth is clearly giving a very subtle message to the PM that she is fully aware of what is happening in Malaysia.We love you your Majesty and long may you reign

  • concerned reader

    Yellow is the royal colour in Malaysia. What about Kempen "Bersih, cekap, dan amanah" launched by Dr. Mahathir in 1982? Time to change the royal colour and the motto, my beloved Malaysian government?

  • Toffee

    The Queen certainly has a wicked sense of humour, eh?? heeheheheh.. I have never seen her in anything yellow before, so, it must have been planned carefully, or maybe Yellow is the colour for this summer! Queen E has just earned herself 10 million new fans from Malaysia (minus 3 million UMNO members, minus 4-5 million legalised foreigners under Projek IC Sabah&other states (latest being 16k in Pekan), minus the other 10 million fence sitters/no internet connection folks).

  • aborium

    So what if the Queen decides to wear Pink? Does it affect the price of oil and gas in the market? Think not. We can talk about colours till the comes home & we'll never ever come to an agreement because it means different things to different people in different parts of the world.

    So I shall leave with the chorus part of Elton's 'Yellow Brick Road':

    "So goodbye yellow brick road

    Where the dogs of society howl

    You can't plant me in your penthouse

    I'm going back to my plough."

    • aborium

      Those who want to find out more on the significance of signs, symbols, including colours can refer to an area of study called 'semoitics'. It'll give the depth and meaning of what signs and symbols mean.

      • miri

        May I suggest Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol ? Its a good read.

    • Jim Beam

      Ha Ha, What about this, the greatest song from the greatest band ever, Pink Floyd?

      We don't need no education,

      We don't need no thought control,


      Teacher, leave them kids alone,

      Hey! Teacher, leave them kids alone,


  • http://n/a Watch Dog







  • Brando

    Great BERSIH royal fan.

    God Save the Queen.

    Tnak you for you big part for democracy in Malaysia.

    Your yellow dress was a perfect fit.

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  • alvin

    It is no coincidence, the Queen is definitely sending the obvious message. yes indeed, long live the Queen.

  • scorpion

    even if the dress is coincidental, the flowers are definitely not. Her Royal Highness is trying to instruct all to march with yellow flowers next time and let's see nature be outlawed.

  • landers

    Don't laugh. The British royals are going to pay for that. We have enough money to buy all the clandestine organisations and secret service agents in the world to sabotage the royals. Just wait and see.

    Director, Special Branch

    • http://n/a Watch Dog

      landers..scum bag and pea brain man..why are so angry with the

      British royals?.

      Why do you vent your anger on them? Come on man.Why do you threatening the British Royals? You bear grudges against them just because Q.E wore yellow.

      So do you mean you will threaten all Malaysians who wear yellow? that is a pea brain man and any learned man of high office doesn't behave like that.

      Grow UP man!! Grow up..don't vent your anger on others or GOD will vent his anger on you too.

      May GOD bless you Director,Special Branch, being paid by TAX PAYERS money..control your anger.Anger does NOT solve anything Sir..

      I hope that University Malaya will offer courses on ANGER MANAGEMENT" and will be the first one that I recommend to study..

      • Wetsemenet

        I think our natives paid for some of her grandmother's clothes. Ever pondered?

  • Asian Backpacker

    First of all, looking at Malay Royalties… Yellow is the royal color :)

    I bet the queen just being cultured enough and know that the color representing the Malaysian Royals. Hence, she wears that lovely striking yellow to welcome our PM and his wife…

    Hail the Queen!

  • Andy

    I'll lodge a Malaysian police report