Taib “Highly Corrupt” – Secret US Documents Put Pressure on FBI!

Taib “Highly Corrupt” – Secret US Documents Put Pressure on FBI!

31 Aug 2011

Taib - time the FBI placed him under the microscope

Secret US Government documents have stood up Sarawak Report’s  allegations about corruption in Sarawak.

A dossier of US Embassy dispatches to Washington, compiled by the Bruno Manser Foundation from the Wikileaks site, has now revealed that the United States Government has been well-informed about the extent of Taib Mahmud’s abuse of power in the state.

The revelations raise fresh questions about the judgement of America’s top law enforcement agency, the FBI, in choosing to house one of its key facilities in a building owned by the Chief Minister in the United States.

For example, one confidential cable from the US embassy in Malaysia to the State Department in Washington, dated 13 October 2006, noted that:

“Taib and his relatives are widely thought to extract a percentage from most major commercial contracts –  including those for logging – awarded in the state. … Embassy sources outside the government uniformly characterize him as highly corrupt.” [Bruno Manser Foundation report]

In a further passage that will embarrass some of Taib’s key political cronies, including Alfred Jabu and James Masing, the report also says that a source had told the US embassy that Taib appointed “compliant local leaders” from various tribes into “financially rewarding” government positions as a means of  stifling potential opposition.

The US embassy’s Political Section Chief, Mark D.Clark, concluded:

“the Sarawak state government remains highly corrupt and firmly in the hands of its chief minister. The $82 million state assembly building now under construction serves as perhaps the most obvious and extreme example of the self-enrichment of the state’s chief minister and other senior government officials.”

Self-enrichment - the US dispatch singled out the State Parliament building as a typical example of how Taib uses state contracts to enrich himself. He awarded the contract to his own family firm CMS

The report also notes how the Chief Minister and his government have failed to safeguard the human rights of its most vulnerable citizens after 30 years in power.

It outlines how the human rights group Suhakam told US officials that 15,000 Penan tribe members lack electricity, water treatment and schools and criticized the federal and state governments for not fulfilling their promises to provide access to primary education for all citizens.

Corrupt deal with BN

A further US Embassy dispatch in November 2009 presented more damaging evidence, describing how BN have allowed Taib to run roughshod over the state in return for providing the ‘safe deposit’ of seats that have enabled the coalition to cling to power for over 50 years.

The cable explains:

“Chief Minister Taib  Mahmud remains unchallenged after 27 years in office, his  government doles out timber-cutting permits while patrolling  the under-developed state using 14 helicopters, and his  family’s companies control much of the economy.”

The report relates how US embassy officials were received by then Deputy Chief Minister George Chan “at his newly built mansion next to  Kuching’s most exclusive golf course“. Chan told them that the Federal Government had been “pouring millions of ringgit” for development into Sarawak. He described the allocation as a form of ‘gratitude’  to the Sarawak state government for “delivering the seats to  secure the BN’s majority at the Federal level.”

Sarawak's off-shore oil wealth - syphoned straight to mainland Malaysia.

To the contrary,  Sarawak in fact receives a miserable allocation of federal resouces in comparison to the rich revenues it provides to central government.

Of a total of RM109 billion of state spending last year, only RM9 billion went to the two East Malaysian States of Sabah and Sarawak, which had provided the bulk of that revenue.

Likewise, only 5% of the entire oil revenue from Sarawak and Sabah is allowed to be retained locally.  The remaining 95% is taken by KL.

So, as these US dispatches make evident, as long as Taib has delivered Sarawak’s safe seats and the oil revenues, BN has been willing to allow the local dictator to take what he wants and exert absolute  power.  This includes the blatant election rigging for which Taib has become notorious.

Growing series of questions for the FBI

FBI's North Western Headquarters, the Abraham Lincoln Building in Seattle, is owned by Taib.

The result of these latest revelations will be to further intesify pressure on America’s top law enforcement and anti-corruption agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), to investigate its own connections with the Taib family. 

Last year Sarawak Report exclusively reported that the Abraham Lincoln building in Seattle, Washington State, which houses the agency’s North Western Headquarters, is owned by Taib and his family.

To enter the top secret facility requires the highest level of security clearance and it handles counter-terrorism and South East Asian affairs.  Yet according to our information, confirmed by California Superior Court depositions in 2008, the shareholders of the company Wallysons Inc, which owns the building, are three of Taib’s children, Jamilah, Rahman Sulaiman and Abu Bekir Mahmud Taib, as well as two of his brothers Onn and Arip Mahmud (now deceased). [See our reports on Sakti US, and Taib’s US foreign properties , also documents provided by former Taib aid Ross Boyert]

Despite this evidence the FBI has ignored requests that they review their tenancy.

This further evidence that the US Government’s own records have long since made clear that the Taib family are indeed corrupt and that their wealth and properties are the proceeds of an illegal abuse of power, can surely not be so easily ignored?

Over the past several months, even Malaysia’s own Anti Corruption Commission has launched its own investigation into Taib’s affairs. Our own reports have illustrated that there are no legitimate means by which the Chief Minister could have legally acquired the multi-million dollar building, since neither he nor his family had independent sources of wealth.

Time to investigate

Under these circumstances Sarawak Report now challenges the FBI, as the US’s top law enforcement agency, to launch an immediate review into why one of its main headquarters is located in a building that is the likely product of money laundering.

It is time the FBI also reviewed why no investigation has so far been launched into the Taib family’s extensive string of assets in North America?  With Malaysia already investigating the Chief Minister and an investigation already underway in Switzerland, it is high time the United States acted on its own evidence and led by example.

The Borneo Project, based in California, has launched a petition this week to stop the  FBI supporting corruption in Sarawak.  You too can sign by clicking below:


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  • http://sarawakcorruption.com.my/ Watch Dog

    Wow..that's great..one by one finally exposed. The only way to throw away a DICTATOR is by violence means as peaceful mean will have NO go.But them agaoin we,Sarawakians are peace loving peop[le and NON-VIOLENT too.

    Well done SR,you are our "DARLING".May GOD bless you for your honest and hard work.Amen!!

    • Qyampung Boyz

      Another bullshit story, well fabricated and twisted !

      • http://mypacmanz.blogspot.com HMSRepulse

        Have you even looked at the document? If you frequent around Wikileaks, you'll also find a whole bunch of traces regarding the FBI's relations with Taib.

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Qyampung Boyz..an un educated boyz as you call yourself. Well DONE SR…more please for Taib's crony to see.They cannot read as their eyes are covered in RM,R..left,M..Right..They are blinded by Taib's corrupted actions..

        Repent Boyz Repent before it is too late..do NOT keep on praising your master..how long can you last??

        • Qyampunq Boyz

          Watch Dog, this bastard disguised using my pseudonym. He is the same psychopathic idiot disguised as Serigala Baram, Tuai, SARAWAK REPORT and many more. I think he is the spitting image of Wetsemen.

          I am the original Qyampung Boyz. I never wrote anything in supporting the thief minister, in fact I want him to be doomed to hell, the soonest!

      • Qyampunq Boyz

        BLOODY HELL! This NUMBSKULL IDIOT IS STEALING MY PSEUDONYM! It must be Thief Minister himself

        • Tuai

          Anang piak wai. mali meh jako bakanya.We all make stories are'nt e not ?

        • Qyampung Boyz

          Bloody hell you too. You peabrain !

      • Malaysian Malay

        Its bullshit to you because u have been hiding between your kampung legs so long sucking on taibs and BN's balls that you cannot see between your ass crack

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          That's right Malaysian Malay..so Qyampung Boyz..he is already CRAZY, crazy about the coins dropped by his thief master and he's contented with that. Yes he admitted that he is a pea brain and brain dead too.He cursed people too,why??

      • awangkassim

        Qyampung Boyz…toyboy for Taib's brothers.Punggung mali..

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog



      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Q.B..Well Done SARAWAK REPORT..the truth and nothing but the TRUTH..Carry on and ignore all those TM's office boys/drivers/bag carriers/secretaries/ball carriers….etc,etc,etc…

        SR please report more for their cronies to read too.GOHET sja lah SR ..Q.,B loves it too

    • Tuai

      Just blame ourselves, dayaks. We drink and get drunk, gamble, nyabung manuk,and quarrel among ourselves shamelessly. No scapegoating can erase that fact…which has been rooted in the very core of our dayak tradition and blood since time immemorial. This fact will continue and pass over, generation after generation, until Kingdom comes. Sigik amat jako aku . Aki kitai udah kenak pemalik antu guruk suba, enda ulih nyau utai nyak. Irau amat ati aku tuk wai , meda ke bansa kitai ngaga pengawa baka nyak.Malu aku enggau urang bukai.

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Tuai…Please don't condemn yourself too fast. Maybe NOT all dayaks behave like what you have described but we dayaks especially in the 1st Division does not behave like what other dayaks.We are an educated lot by ratios..it is wrong for you to generalise.Why do you condemn the dayaks? Yes, certain dayaks leaders practise 'VOODOO',witch craft and satanic cult like miring,miring with burung kenyalang,miring with sireh & pinang even though they are Christians,How could they serve two GODS?

        First these [people must show the true directions and NOT to follow their satanic cult leader who uses BOMOH,Batu Delima,Batu Rukan,Kris Berdiri and batu pacak bumi..all these are satan cult,lucifers job..We have to break all these devils and stanic cults by all praying that these people may repent before it is too late.

        Of course their 'slaves' cronies will use all sorts of names to attack the real people like us.May GOD bless them all so that they repent…Amen!!

      • http://bernardendok@gmail remaongbukit

        Kitai nadai tusah anti kitai enda dikemeli ka sida ke tuai nadai nemu ABC ngelantak kening suba baka Temenggong Jugah enggau bala ke bedau beli suba setuju nitih ka Malaya/UMNO penyamun.Udahnya mensia kitai di Sarawak tu lebih agi nyadi antu penyamun harta menua Sarawak ngulih ke diri empu.Anti kitai enda diatu ngelaban orang tu,sampai bila kitai ngetat ke pemedis di pegai UMNO/BN baka tu ngasuh kitai sama bela senang.Pengidup nyau di sepi nyau enda sebaka.Berunding kitai diatu ngubah pengidup ke ulih ngenyenang ka bala rakyat kitai Sarawak,enda tan kitai disepit pemerinsa bebagi bansa.Ni bala kitai ke sama udah ngelala perkara dunya sama sampar meh kitai ngubah utai tu.Selamat maju jaya kitai ila.

    • makahai

      arab have spring fever. so lets do it malaysian let have one weather fever!!!

    • http://Gmail BRIGHTLIGHTBULB


      Sarawak underground independence resistance fighters tried that for some 30 years but could not succeed because we on the outside were kept ignorant of their jungle war and did not support them.

      If we had supported them they would have won the war.

      • http://www.google.com/ Kelli

        Your posting really stargihetned me out. Thanks!

  • Blunt Speaker

    I encourage all SR readers and supporters to sign in the petition to stop FBI from supporting corruption in Sarawak. Just click in and state your reason for doing so. Be brave enough even to the extent of exposing who you are, if necessary. I have signed in with my complete address and stated my reason. There is nothing to fear if you are fighting for the truth and justice! Go ahead, the more the better, in unity we stand strong together. We must put pressure on the US GOVT, especially the FBI to uphold its image as a protector of justice and good, not vice versa, and carry out the necessary investigations to expose all the evils of corruption in Sarawak! Thank you SR, for your persistence and determination to fight for the good of Sarawak! The battle will be won! Evil will be destroyed instead of the massive destruction of environment due to GREED!

    • watch dog

      oh yeh, we need to spin to survive…understand?

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Real Watch Dog is mad with this slave TM's crony one. I hate liars like this man

    • Sarawak Report

      Good to sensationalize one or two things to keep politics alive.Our work is to make perception.

  • aborium

    There's a Malay saying "setinggi-tigginya tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke bawah juga." No matter how high you climb the ladder, you would have to come down eventually – either by personal action or others will force it upon you. Ain't much of a choice here. It's no longer a question of 'if' but 'when'.

    • miri

      There's also an African saying " The higher you climb up the ladder, the more people can see your arse. "

      • aborium

        Miri, the problem is our people are so blinded by RM that they can't tell whether it's a male or female up the ladder. And that can be detrimental to the party politics.

  • http://www.NIGGAYOUSUCK.com wyxoR

    Yall nubs suck nuff said CYA

  • http://www.NIGGAYOUSUCK.com wyxoR

    Sup. You guys are newbs.


  • taibmustgo

    when will Taib go? I'm sick of seeing his bloody face. God curse on him and his descendant

  • Docreader

    Well if you do actually read the wikileaks cable..and ive read many thousands of them on many many different subjects the substance of the document is being somewhat distorted im afraid..at no stage does the USG say Taib is corrupt..it is simply reporting source interviews from opposition members and activists…that is very different from saying that the USG agrees or indeed endorses those views. This is a major and frequent problem with how many of the Wikileaks cables have been sadly misinterpreted over the last year or so and negates their value as either historical documents of interest or of good strategic insight. These documents should be properly analysed by academics and individuals with the knowledge and expertise to do so.

    • ascendedmaster

      dear friend,

      open your eyes and see for yourself how corrupted our cm…

      Is the time the corrupted would eventually fall…he reap what he sow..

  • sarawakian


    • Tuai

      Just blame ourselves, dayaks. We drink and get drunk, gamble, nyabung manuk,and quarrel among ourselves shamelessly. No scapegoating can erase that fact…which has been rooted in the very core of our dayak tradition and blood since time immemorial. This fact will continue and pass over, generation after generation, until Kingdom comes. Sigik amat jako aku . Aki kitai udah kenak pemalik antu guruk suba, enda ulih nyau utai nyak. Irau amat ati aku tuk wai , meda ke bansa kitai ngaga pengawa baka nyak.

      • taibmustgo

        Good job SR. Go ahead and create more political awareness amongst the people of Sarawak.

  • sarawhat

    The sad thing is there is nothing shocking in this article – we are so used to reading about Taib's greed, corruption and suppresion of Sarawakians.

    Our only hope is that he will be gone soon.

  • EM


  • Tuai

    Just blame ourselves, dayaks. We drink and get drunk, gamble, nyabung manuk,and quarrel among ourselves shamelessly. No scapegoating can erase that fact…which has been rooted in the very core of our dayak tradition and blood since time immemorial. This fact will continue and pass over, generation after generation, until Kingdom comes. Sigik amat jako aku . Aki kitai udah kenak pemalik antu guruk suba, enda ulih nyau utai nyak. Irau amat ati aku tuk wai , meda ke bansa kitai ngaga pengawa baka nyak.Malu aku.Malu kitai semua.

    • warrior!!


  • aborium

    It's terribly upsetting to hear of self-pity and helplessness among our fellow Sarawakians. While the situation on the ground maybe tough and unforgiving, to lose the fighting spirit for a better Sarawak at this early stage is as good as giving up on life.

    Who says Rome was built in a day? Where has the fighting spirit of Rentap gone to? Why do we need to be in a mental seizure by our so-called leaders?

    Collectively, we can make the difference and the question that remains is how much for a sacrifice is one willing to make to see it through. No shorts cuts, no easy rides, and no turn-coats.

    All it takes is a truly willing and committed spirit, of the human kind. Keep it Simple.

  • Anwar

    I'll just follow from behind!

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      That's why there are always court cases against you. walk infront and NOT backside if you want to be a leader.

  • PR Supporter

    A day before the last state election I asked my sister to vote for PKR which she did reluctantly. One morning a month after the election I heard her cursing and swearing that she will not vote for the opposition again. I asked her what the problem and she answered me, you see the lorry sampah stop colecting rubbish in our area because we voted for the opposition. For your thought.

    • tothepoint

      Tell her this: "If her children are disobedient, do not feed them!"

    • http://[email protected] sembayung

      Anang takut wai, aku, kerja enggau kerajaan agi ngundi pembangkang. Who says only BN can rules? Peda di USA, Republican, Democrate bertukar ganti megai kuasa, kala kitai mega sida mundur?

  • D'evil

    The only people who can rise up and get rid this corrupt man are the Sarawakians. If they cannot help themselves, then no one can. No one will come to their rescue if they choose not to lift a finger. Wake up Sarawakians. You need a popular uprising.

    • miri

      Whilst it is true that we don't expect the Americans , the British and other western powers to come to our rescue, we can write "Shame " on their faces with each expose.

      SR and BMF are doing their damndest to ask the right questions at the right places. Their failure to act would allow us to label them double standard and hypocrits.

      • aborium

        Indeed Miri, SR has rattled the feathers of international media organizations the likes of BBC, CNN, etc.,and to think what SR has reported about nepotism, corruption, and collusion, forest devastation in Sarawak are all hogwash? Not unless our local critics are of the hoggish kind.

        • miri

          The chickens are coming home to roost. The Scorpene scandal is about to explode in Najib's face. Would it change anything ? I guess not. But we can always keep on embarrassing the western governments.

          Our local critics are spinless and speechless.

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      D'EVIL…You are DEAD right. Masa'alah Sarawak adalah masa'alah

      orang Sarawak sendiri.No one will help us except our

      very own Sarawak people

  • Anti BN/UMNO

    US of A are guilty of all counts and serious degree in Criminals, Civil Liberties and Conscience, whom the whole World are looking into, who are holding the lantern of Democracy and Justice and Fair play in the World over.

    But now, with a prima facie evidence had been presented to them with regard to the serious negligence of human right whom they are patronizing and being a tenant to the known client of the worst 3rd world most corrupted leader, yet they are still silent on the fact that had been made known to them.

    What is the cause for the United State of America action that are so deafening, are they being subjugated and made to kneel down to the Taib mahmud knees in USA, even!!!!!!? If not then, perhaps the American Government is conniving with Taib Mahmud to cheat and steal whatever he had plundered out of the Sarawak all these while. Or are they protecting Taib Mahmud just because he is giving protection money to FBI/CIA in USA.

    The American Government must come clear of these or else they can be accused of collaborating with Taib Mahmud to plunder Sarawak and probably assisting Taib Mahmud of running black money syndicate at the behest of USA Government. So what then?

  • OlangKampung

    Aya Aya!!! Say Taib I have so much Money I better give to my young beautiful wife to bring home before I die, I hope the dayaks/ibans and cinas tidak jadi miskin. Ah! Olang salawak bukan Pandai

    , Itu Pandai sudah Rich. Aaaah!!!

  • drchan

    Everyone knows of this kleptomaniac of the highest order, it seems, except our MACC. Makes my stomach churn to see this creep carrying on stealing without fear of retribution. Mine is just a vote, it doesn't make a chink in his armour. Those who really can hold this creep to account must do so, even if much has been frittered away by his clan. I know GOD is on our side, he doesn't seem to have much luck with his sons. So, lets not wait til a sarawak spring is here, for collateral damage will be horrifying. MACC< do something. NOW

    • Blunt Speaker

      Don't expect MACC to do anything unless there's a change of GOVT. Even if a change of GOVT doesn't work, the only way out is to FIGHT FOR INDEPENDENCE! We need courageous people to STAND UP IN ORDER TO SAVE AND REDEEM OUR HOMELAND FROM PBB VAMPIRES AND BN PARASITES! COWARDICE WILL ONLY ALLOW THESE DRACULAS HAVE THE UPPER HAND!

      • miri

        It is upsetting to hear that some of our countrymen are feeling the sense of utter helplessness so much so that some are talking about arm struggles.

        But all is not lost……yet. We can still remove the BN government comes GE13. PR has made a cast iron pledge to us.

        Respecting the position of Sabah and Sarawak as equal

        partners in the Malaysian Federation, and honouring

        previous agreements made, Pakatan Rakyat pledges to

        restore autonomy to Sabah and Sarawak in line with

        and within the framework of the Federal Constitution

        and the Federation Agreement.

        A Pakatan Rakyat government will honour the Malaysia Agreement.

        The time has come for us to mobilise the grass root to rid of the cancer once and for all.

        • aborium

          Not wanting to find issues with you Miri, but don't you think the People are fed up of promises and pledges made by political parties to the point that these mean nothing much anymore. Get them to do it in writing, yes in black and white. Then can talk.

        • miri

          You are absolutely right. Politicians speak with forked tongues. Even the Malaysia Agreement isn't worth the paper its written on.

          50 years of BN rule has poisoned the country. It enriches a selected fews and perpetuates its grip on power by instilling fear with its racist policies. It is morally bankrupt.

          PR can provide the change we need and we can be the kingmaker in our own term.

  • tothepoint

    Pls do not highlight such report on your site anymore as this is too embarrassing to MACC – this will only keep reminding us Malaysians that MACC is a good for nothing agency. Am I right, Malaysian Agency for Corruption Coverup?

  • only human

    hate taib!!! but he still power in sarawak,nothing change this fate.

  • dayakmarah

    Why you people worry? Taik is going to die very soon. Look at him. To me he's just a living corpse.

  • http://sarawakreport Empangup

    Uji aku minta kita ngetu betalukka penemu madah siko salah siko betul. Aram meh kitai ngiga jalai begempung nirika bansa kitai. Siti jalai kitai ulih begempung enti kitai bisi ketuai ti deka nguluka kitai. Nya alai aku minta kitai ke bc macha SR nguji bakani kitai ulih betemu enggau pangan diri ngambika kitai ulih berunding ngiga ketuai ba siti bahagian baka kch, serian, sri aman, lubok antu saratok, sarikei, sibu,bintulu,miri,limbang milih siko ketuai ngambika kitai ulih begempung enda dipeda tauka enda didinga org baka ke diatu. Mupok meh kitai bekiraka jalai dikena ngumpul bansa kitai ngambika tau mansang kuat dikena ngelaban orangka deka ngerumpak reta tengkira, tanah buah asal bansa kita. Uji kitai madahka menua diri empu nyangka kitai ke macha SR bc semak enggau pangan diri tauka sama berimbai rumah enti enda sama bahagian. Kitai ngaga appoinment betemu lalu berunding bakani kitai ulih ngerembaika pengawa ke ka digaga tuju ati kitai. Iya ke beguna ba ati aku diatu kitai mesti ngiga jalai bakani kitai deka madahka pengawa salah ke dikerja bala BN & Taib.crony.. Enti semina kitai ke bc internet aja ulih macha SR bakani kitai deka kuat laban org ke nadai macha SR sigi enda nemu penyalah ke dikereja bala taib. Sida enda pecaya enti dituzi kitai. Sida enda setuju enti kitai madah BN ngerampas reta kitai. Seagi agi kitai enda begempung tusah kitai deka meri information ke betul ngagai org ke enda macha internet. Start ari saritu begiga meh kitai sapa org dlm Sr tu bc sama bandar enggau kitai. Aku diatu gawa di Doha Qatar lalu aku bc pulai ke menua bulan Sept. Tu ila. Enti kita bc ari bintulu tau betemu enggau aku, kitai bejuraika bakani kitai tau ngumpul penyokong kitai.

    • Bujang Skrang

      ulih ulih begempung maya kita ngetu ngetu ngirup ngirup. maya kita mabuk smua. maya kitai dani endak ulih begempung agik meh…laban pala endak ulih batalu ka penemu laban utak nadai vitamin.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    taib won all the general elections,he won,reqardless.so make all the reports the whole world want.he won regardless and many more to come.history prove itself that people go behind the victor and taib is one.so taib is going to be the c.m of sarawak cos the voters have decided.unless he is in libya or yamen or egypt.for now FBI kah KGB kah Mozzad kah mafia kah taib is untouchable.so close this blog cos taib is still our c.m.stop slagging him and the b.n,the majority lovs him even if we begged to differ.shalom watchdog.

    • Blunt Speaker

      Correction…..majority of the people are still easily bribed and cheap as peanuts!

    • Bujang Skrang

      TAIB is our beloved CM. He has made swk so well developed in a way sarawakians never dreamed of. He has made all of us reap countless benefit of development and progress. Give him the due respect ! Sarawak Report should not try to stir political sentiments by spreading falsehood and false propaganda on behalf of sarawak's and malaysia's enemies for money. Pl don't be prostitutes to these enemies !

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Bujang Skrang..Well done., You are Taib's darling..May God

        bless you and touches your heart so that you

        will come to your senses and realise what your

        people in Ulu Layar,Awik Awik and even

        L.A..their roads are still gravel.That to you is

        Taib's politic of cronyism,one family,one crony,

        ONE MAN and one RACE,Melanau.


      • http://bernardendok@gmail luncai

        Orang ke paloi baka nuan anang bejako.Anti Taib mati enggau iya nuchi kambut tai iya.

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Kuu ano betur betur buduor..mara man taki Taib do .Mating kayuh bekon nang mu,minyu English pun doh pandai,babo goh nyukong kaka mu ano

          God bless you my brother!!

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      B.R..you said all those praising words for Tm because of FEAR.Please don't fear fears until fear fears you.So it is happening to you? Scared of Bukit Aman(peace hill).Real heroes fear no one of they don't wrong .

      Please post something concrete,informative and suggestive.Bro, to me everyday is Christmas and Gawai I visit them NOT only on these two festivities that you mentioned but when I am free.You only visit when there is uncustomed cheap Stella,heineken,Carlsberg,tiger,dester malt/lager/bitter to enjoy over Frank Sinatra.."My Way"…and EC.."Wonderful tonight".

      May GOD bless you my dayak brother..please FEAR No ONE if you do not do bad things.BFN..Tata

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        B.R..typo error..Real heroes fear no one if they don't do something wrong.


        • bucklynn rimbar

          u owe me a bottle of wine, watchdog(i won the bet didn i),no i don fear.hence i don hide using a psudoname.u know i don hide.i m buzy building my business and no i don need t.m. i wan to be proud to do it as a sarawakians and a dayak and bidayuh and a bianah.and my clients are those who appreciate me for wat i do and pay me for the job done not becoz of patronage.i don drink beer anymore or peanuts cos of gout.

          i find tat the hate politics destroy our way of thought.i jus want truth,justice and fairness to prevail for all of us.

          i appreciate the reports but not to the extent to hate cos i wan lov joy and peace for my sarawak.how about u?///

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      bucklynn rimbar..yes bro,I do owe you a bottle of white wine over a well done steak at San Francisco grill but the time is NOT right yet for us to get together.I am too, busy with my own things as I am self-employed and do NOT depend on crumbs left behind or beg for one.

      Maybe,come Christmas if you are still around..I do keep in mind. Yes, I do NOT practice hate politics but rather FAIR politic.

      Bro,say the prayer of Jabez..1 Chronicle 4:10…and your life will change.

      • bucklynn rimbar

        i will say it bro….and thanks…i received it….lets make a new way to moving this state of ours to a better place for our children to inherit truth,justice and fairness…its our only way…peace bro…peace…our people are suffering from poverty and the high cost of living.lets make a change guys….

  • bucklynn rimbar

    do anyone believ that the last general election was rigged.u guys were on the ground too.do you think sarawakians were all bought for peanuts and as such we get monkeys.are we sarawakians monkeys.i really feel that taib is there cos we still want him period,the majority of the voters.we can conjured all types of theories but taib won regardless.now as to these reports noone is going to do anything about it.its jus a report cos before action can be taken all foreign policies have to be considered by the u.s foreign affair.sarawak hav no relavance to the u.s and its part of malaysia or jus one of the states.

    ya,givin an opinion like this make the bukit aman issues a directive to kuching to ask that i be taken in,they went to the kampong and my parent's house to look for me.pls bukit aman,allow me to hav an opinion.jus b.cos i have a thought does not make me a criminal for u guys to waste ur menpower to look for me and harassed my parent.don watse the taxed payers mony.catch the tukang ragut not us having an opinion.

    • Blunt Speaker

      Come on lah, you and BUJANG skrang type are those monkeys cheap as peanuts!


        Sigik amat utai ti di cerita Bucklyn enggau Bujang Skrang tadi . Mali, sial meh kitai anti kitai enggai ninga utai ti amat baka nya.

  • Sim

    His days are numbered don't worry people of Sarawak. There will be a day of reckoning for him very soon

  • hot


    blame it all on the native sarawakians. they gave white hair mandates to rule over them.

    what human rights abuse is sarawak report talk about???? I am confused.

    native sarawakians seem to survive better with little. the more impoverish they are the stronger they seem to be.

    white hair is just trying to help the natives to adapt to the "new environment."

    long live stupid …. err… natives.


    • Oooophs!

      Congrats, for consistently blaming the poor and naive Dayaks. I'd be your slave for life if you can go to the rural areas, and tell them how stupid they are to have supported a government who is having a long term plan in going all out to banish them off from the surface of the earth. Goodness foolish me!

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      hot..I am a true Sarawak native. You hurt my feelings calling us stupid but please let me ask you:

      1. Since you are so clever than us,natives in Sarawak,how many tall buildings like Wismas/bangunan do you own?

      2. Are you driving X6,BMW, Mercs,Jags XF,XKR,Lambio,Porsche or Ferarri?

      3 Are you children all educated at top notch unis,like Oxford,Cambridge or IVY League universities at your own expense.

      4.How many graduates are here in your family? ALL of you??

      If NOT, you are just much worst than us ,natives of Sarawak.You are NOT qualified to pass judgement to us natives in Sarawak.Maybe you are just a F*****g foreigner living in a bread and butter state or country of yours which is ours by right.

      Your tongue is too sharp and your mouth needs cleaning up with dettol or mouth wash..

      • hot


        Watch Dog.

        LoL … you made your points though and if that aint stupid what is?

        by the way I am fan of bill gates and steve jobs.

        what is yours?


        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          hot..Since you asked me, I have to answer you.Mine is none other the former Prime Minister of Singapore,LEE KUAN YEW as he took Singapore out of MALAYSIA as he has visions for the country but NO one dare to take Sarawak out and we still receive 5% oil royalty.

          Singapore prospers because they use ENGLISH as a medium of instruction while maintaining vernacular schools.They also prospers as they are friendly with God's country,ISRAEL unlike Malaysia.

          So are you satisfied?? Yes I do admire Waren Buffen of Walmart chain of stores.

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          hot..by the way,we should pray for Steve Jobs as he is almost dying from cancer.That is why he resigned as Apple CEO.

          His life is not that glamourous..He is a love child of a middle eastern country and was given away for adoption, By the way Apple iP 4 is designed by a Malaysian too.

      • Indai Kumang

        Watch dog, Lee Kuan Yew took Singapore out of Malaysia because he did not want to share the burden, the poverty and the problems which Sabah Sarawak and Semananjung had to offer Malaysia at that time. All of us especially sabah and sarawak were miserably destitute and disgustingly poor just as if not slightly better than Somalia now.Singapore at that time already rich..so why share ? He was clever. If we pulled out then we would be swallowed by Indonesia and the Communist Terrorist. So it seems watch dog you do not know mush history ! Sarawak managed to pull out of extreme poverty only after Taib took over. So to him credits should be given not curses. This is an undeniable fact ! Read history,please.

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Indai Kumang or Indai Blues or whatever you want to call yourself.Yes,I do know history and from Sarawak history..you have to start reading the book by Sir Hugh Low. We were under British protectorate and not that easy for the Indonesian to swallow us nor do the Communist(Chinese mostly)to overran us as the British and allied forces will still defend us.Even under Malaysia, the Gurkha ,Aussies,Kiwis and British help Malaysia to fight the communist.

          So Indai Blues ops..Kumang,LKY is a man of visions and he is smarter than our first two CM and he took Singapore. So tell me which book of history do you want me to read?? Where are all the books that you want me to read TM's faithful clown???

          May GOD bless you with crumbs given by your master.

        • Indai Kumang

          watch dog your english is pathetically awful ! …" to overran??????????? So you must have failed your english and history. Anang jako tinggi amat jang ! The facts remain LKY was selfish and did not want to be burdened by us dayaks especially because we were just nothing then to him. The british protected us because of the bigger bargain they had with the rest of Malaysia i.e tin, rubber and general trade; not on the consideration of just for sarawak sake alone ! Yes we were nothing then !

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Indai Kumang or Indai Blues..Maybe you are just palau after night out.That is typo error.

          Lee Kuan Yew is the BEST and has long term vision. very Clever…Singapore prospers..

          Ngriup lah Indai Blues..drink..you are so pathetic ..Sarawak will still be the same if attitude like yours does not change.what history or English you are talking about? SJ,SC or HSC?? Grow up Indai Bliues/Kumang. Which beauty contest did you or your daughter won?? Standard Rumah Panjai saja kah?? Ha ha ha ha ah heh heh heh heh heh ha ha ha ..Hu Ha..hu ha hu ha..

        • Indai Kumang

          anang jako tinggik amat piak jang.kitai sama sama suba ngirup. ingat dek? Les?

        • Indai Kumang

          ingat Lester? u almost ……me ?

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Lester..what did you almost do to Indai kumang?? Wow she must be sweet lah..ha ha ha ha

          Well done Lester..

  • bucklynn rimbar

    blunt speaker,remember sarawakians are better in politics and see the bird eye view.we survive as a state and sarawakians still hold the numbers from a sarawakains based parties.currupt or not i know them all unless we be like egypt or libya but no the electorate hav spoken and i shall hold my peace until the next general election.who suffers, the rural folks.i hav a heart cos they are my people.its o.k i know the generation will change i may not be able to do much but seek to see the silver lining.wat is my stand on all tis.simple,fairness, truth and justice for all sarawakians namely the rural folks.

    o.k tis report is good but what wil it do now to the political status quo.nothing,really.the democratic process was done despite allegations that it was undemocratic.but who is complaining life goes as usual.gawai and raya was celebrated and laughter and marry making all over sarawak.

    so blunt speaker u ngabang for gawai and drink the beer and tuak with the peanuts didnt u.are u monkey??//and eat rendang for raya visit and peanut were used for the satay.don tel me u don,were u happy??dats life majority hav their way minority hav their say.we are sarawakians and we lov sarawak.wat ever happen its in the family,sarawak family.

    so tiab is the big daddy,sarawakians choose him as Godfather.wat can we say.i join watch dog,i watch too.cakap sikit s.b nak cekup.so God bless sarawak and us sarawakians.

    • Blunt Speaker

      You are wrong, bucklylnn, I don't eat peanuts and drink tuak with monkeys. And I didn't eat rendang or satay for HARI raya. It's not that I look down on others or am antisocial. I am just looking forward to the day when all SARAWAKIANS can enjoy a decent and happy meal together with pride and dignity!

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Blunt Speaker..bro, you are dead right.Yes, I too earn my living by NOT begging or bow down to the thief master and his cronies.I am looking forward to the day when all Sarawakians can have 'decent meals' free from corrupted money. I don't support nor do I condemn as it is wrong for me to judge others as only GOD does.

        • Blunt Speaker

          Yes watchdog bro, you got my point! Let's not eat our meals from the corrupted money of these BN leaders, and worse still, from the crumbs and scraps handed out or fallen from their tables.



  • bucklynn rimbar

    blunt speaker…tell me wer is our pride…do we hate til we forget our friends…pride before a fall…but humility comes before honor..proverb 18:12….do u think our pride elevate us now….lets humble ourself and admit our faults.look we sarawakians must lov each other regardless of races or tribes.The malays,melanau,bisayah,iban,bidayuh,org ulus,chinese,ibans,indians are sarawakians and ultimately we are malaysians with all the other races.we don liv in a vacuum,u thinks the malays are all rich and bad or the chinese are bad and we dayaks are good.we are humans with feeling.we all hav our ups and down but we are humans.yes,for taib or future leaders to led sarawak,we hav to hav respect for others.if not no matter who takes the helm of sarawak leadership its going to be the same.we must start to change ourself from within with inner values and cores which pertain to justice,fairness and truth.no man is the same but these values are universal regardless of creed,religion or races.

    i m looking forward to depavali,men i lov the curry and chrismas.i jus want to visit my friends and relatives and enjoy the meal forget bout politics.this is sarawak,and real sarawakians and malaysians for that matter.

    sarawak,i lov u no matter wat,i cannot call myself otherwise but a sarawakians.

    bluntspeaker do go visit friends and relatives.they can lift ur spirit up.

    as for the reports,it didnt stop sarawakians to celebrate and enjoy the gawai,raya etc.

    let lov joy and peace rule in sarawak.

    • Blunt Speaker

      I agree with your last sentence, no doubt!

  • Bujang Skrang

    manah agi ngamput burit chichak..ari ngaggak "uprising" baka di kumai DEVIL antu guruk nya enggau si budo Watchdog ukoi butuh sial nya ! Kitai dayak should be thankful to CM Taib. Under him kitai dayak get all our life lifted , our longhouse connected etc. we should help him complete his plans for all sarawakian. we should work together with all other races in good spirit and peace. Bucklyn Rimbar is reasonable. tq Bucklyn.

    • Neutral

      Sigi patut ga bujang skrang nyukung taib, dayaks' lives there already lifted by taib: longhouses connected to malls, universities, hospitals, 8-lanes highway, tarred road to padi fields & fruit gardens. They have many engineers working for shell/ Petronas and as govt servants in the managerial level. Many iban tycoons operate big business.

      Congratulations to Ibans in skrang heights & valleys.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    sarawak only can change if we sarawakians adept values which are noble and work them within us.they are gud sarawakians of all races begining to adept these values in their works place and how they handle issues to the betterment of sarawak.rememember,we hav only how many epochs of development and modernization,since independence.

    if we really lov sarawak,lets work together and slowly build a state that malaysia can be proud of.now,we seem to be fools due to the bad reports,trues or false or hearsay.but it tarnished the global or malaysian perception of us sarawakians.

    ask any malaysians wat they think of sarawak.its all negatives and we ourself contribute to it and we are sarawakians.i m guilty as charge as much as any other sarawakians.

    lets change and work from our ownself and the relatives and friends.slowly we can create a better future for our children and they can always say i m proud to be sarawakians,if the rate of negative criticism continues.who wants to be sarawakians.ya,i am not blind to the truth of the circumstances but sarawak is my home,wer else is my home.its sarawak.so its is with the rest of u.lets be proud of sarawak and lets make a positive change,we led the leaders if our leaders are corrupt and hav no virtues and show them wat is truth,justice,fairness and equality.they are our leaders,we like it or not the electorate hav spoken.

    lov u sarawak,i m proud to be sarawakians.



  • bucklynn rimbar

    lets fight for the betterment of sarawak….upholding virtues and values dat make sarawakians stand tall with.

  • American Bodoh

    FBI's North Western Headquarters, the Abraham Lincoln Building in Seattle, is owned by Taib.


    American, how stupid your gomen is? Taib give his building for your cheap rental to replace FBI's secret information. He give this information to Iran, Al Qaida, Pakistan, Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak and other anti-american countries.

    Then they blow your building and plan.

    Do you not realise that Taib and Muhathir are good friend of Iran President, Pakistan President, Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak, North Korea and others anti-American?

    Does this not in your head?

  • craziisarawakian

    If the higher authority can't solve the issue of Taib's corruption, well don't ever arrest those who corrupt. show us the authorities power first.Taib's and his clonies corrrupted billions of dollars were not arrested but those only taking 200 dollars were aressted and put to jail.

    What a shame of this authorities.. I mean shame….. Trust me…. I am one of the PBB members and lets straight forward… This coming election, it will be a big blow to them.

  • dayak thinker

    Politician turns businessman is normal in malaysia. Ladies and gentlemen, if we wish to see a better leader to lead our country, please select VOTE THOSE who ARE financially stable first before they join politics. If they are quite broke before they become a YB OR MINISTER, THEY WILL ALWAYS SELL YOUR "HUSBANDS", "WIVES" AND YOUR "CHILDREN".

  • bucklynn rimbar

    dayak thinkers wen dayak get involve in politics they loss their jobs unless they are professional but then again politic requires mony to run dat why PBDS was sold to the higest bidder.the rest is history.

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  • Delpotrolee

    apa aku kesah dengan kau..kau makan babi kah, makan manusia kah,ngamput adik kau kah..itu bukan masaalah aku. yang penting disini kerajaan taik mahmud mesti ditumbangkan seperti yang berlaku di libya, mesir, yemen dan yang akan datang syria.