Outrage as Taib’s Ta Ann Files Losses in Tasmania

Outrage as Taib’s Ta Ann Files Losses in Tasmania

6 Sep 2011

Senator Bob Brown, Leader of Australia’s Green Party

The Leader of Australia’s Green Party, Senator Bob Brown from Tasmania, has issued a statement deploring the fact that the Taib family timber company Ta Ann has once again declared losses in the state.

Ta Ann is the world’s biggest hardwood timber company in terms of market capitalisation, achieving a revenue of over 800 million ringgit last year, a 25% increase on the year before.  The company has also declared a 25% profit margin in its latest Annual Report.

Yet, to the fury of environmentalists, the company managed to extract massive public subsidies to set up business inTasmania.  It is now extracting timber from the remaining wild forest areas, amid huge controversy. 

And, despite those subsidies the company has just announced further losses.  Yesterday the senator stated:

“Since it began operation in Tasmania, Ta Ann has made a net loss of about $18 million, despite receiving $10 million in direct public subsidies and being housed in premises which cost Forestry Tasmania $22 million and which it runs at a loss….When public money is poured into poor business models in forestry, we have less to spend on our hospitals, schools and national parks” [Senator Bob Brown]

Battling like the Penan in Tasmania


Australians overwhelmingly reject logging

The protest comes hard on the heels of a recent opinion poll conducted by the Green Party, showing just how unpopular logging is in Australia.  88% of people surveyed said they want all logging of their wild jungle stopped immediately and that the 570,000 hectares of native forests in Tasmania should be turned into a National Park.

The Greens are therefore demanding to know why an apparently powerful lobby has nevertheless managed to extract such subsidies for Ta Ann and gain the company access to the state, only to see the money wasted? 

The poll was carried out late last month:


As part of the Tasmanian Forest Intergovernmental Agreement, 570,000 hectares of native forests were identified as needing immediate protection. Do you support or oppose the Tasmanian Government protecting the 570,000 hectares of forests by making them National Parks?

Support                      85%
Oppose                      10%
Neither/Don’t know        5%


Taib family business 

Hamid Sepawi – Taib’s cousin and key crony is CEO of Ta Ann

The concern amongst Tasmanians about the activities of Ta Ann has increased with growing public understanding in Australia about the nature of this Sarawak company and its links to the Chief Minister, who has fabulously enriched his family at the expense of the Borneo jungle and its people.

Ta Ann is widely acknowledged to be one of the main vehicles for Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud’s personal business interests in Sarawak, which he has run like a personal fiefdom for the past 30 years. 

Like many of his other wealth creating concerns, Ta Ann is headed by his cousin, the Chief Executive Hamid Sepawi.  Sepawi is also the public company’s largest shareholder, controlling a stated 26% of the shares alongside another key Taib crony and political side-kick, Wahab Dolah.  Wahab’s brother, Sa’id Bin Haji Dolah, is also a Director on the Board.

Sepawi is listed by Forbes as one of Malaysia’s wealthiest men.  However, students of Sarawak affairs recognise him as merely another of Taib’s placemen, or so-called nominees.  The usual handsome reward for such services, according to insiders, is 10% of the profits, mainly from timber extraction and oil palm production.

Less than 5% of Sarawak’s virgin forests, which were virtually intact in the 60s, now remain.

It has nevertheless been routine for the handful of crony companies licenced by Taib to strip out the jungle, to post minimal profits and beg for lower royalties, thereby escaping genuine taxation in the State and depriving the people of Sarawak of at least some real compensation for the loss of their unparalleled asset.

Another Taib crony company, Samling, which has an appalling environmental record, has likewise been criticised for logging for years in Guyana, while failing to ever register a profit!

Questions for the Australian authorities

Sepawi also has strong personal as well as business connections with Australia.  His wife is Australian and he is believed to have acquired Australian citizenship and to spend most of his time now in his home in Australia.

It is believed he has strategically moved from Kuching, where Taib’s corruption and control of the economy is being increasingly questioned, even by the Malaysian authorities.  An official investigation into Taib is now under way under the auspices of Malaysia’s Anti-Corruption Commission.

This raises several questions for the Australian authorities as well, given Sepawi’s immense wealth and his investments in that country.  Because, the legitimacy of that wealth and those investments has become increasingly suspect as information about Sarawak leaks out.

Sa'id Bin Haji Dolah - Another crony on the Board of Ta Ann. His brother is a main shareholder and political ally of Taib in the rulling PBB party

The septuagenarian Chief Minister, who also acts as Finance Minister and Planning and Resources Minister, has had total control of every licence and permit issued in the State over the last 30s years.

Taib is also Chairman of the Land and Survey Department, Chairman of the Land Custody and Development Authority, which has taken over control of vast areas of Sarawak in the name of the state and Chairman of the Natural Resources and Environment Board, which sits in judgement on the Environmental Impact Assessments for his own development projects!

Sepawe has been an outstanding beneficiary of what can only be described as rampant nepotism at best in Sarawak, as Taib has taken full advantage of his position to hand out licences to his family and political supporters.  Nepotism is corrupt.

In a development just this week Switzerland’s Bruno Manser Foundation issued a strong letter to the Australian Government requesting that the extensive business and property interests of the Taib family and their associates be investigated by the Australian authorities, on the basis that they are the proceeds of extensive corruption and money laundering.  Sepawi is one of those key family associates.

Indeed, Australia is believed to be one of the main countries where the Chief Minister has invested the proceeds of his timber corruption.  Now, through the activities of Ta Ann, it is also one of the countries that has become enmeshed in the global logging network spawned by the reckless destruction of the Sarawak jungle.


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  • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

    So now then you AUSSIES know what we are suffering from.There is NO such thing as losses.Those are GOD's given gift to the people on this earth and on greedy few benefitted.Sarawak has been raped of the virgin forest and they moved elsewhere..So be ware.

    PUT A STOP please Aussies…

  • Blunt Speaker


  • bucklynn rimbar

    book of job14:5-6.man's day are determined and you(refers to God)hav decreed the number of his months and hav set limits he cannot exceed.so look away from him and let him alone,till he has put his time like a hired man.

    bluntspeaker and watchdog,from the above quote u know wat wil be the outcome don u.if u are in their position wat will u do.be sincere with ur answer.

    do u think they are mere mortals wit human responses or moral crat?????

    yes,they hav wat thay had but remember the dutch,the portugeses,the spanish and the british did the same to south east asia for that matter and they rape our wealth.its wrong and this is wrong but wat wud be do in this circumstances.

    if u studied some african leaders and the arms dealers and the war mongering and the people kill in messes.or the drug cartel in south america,how many life are wasted.

    beside the wealth,how many life did these men kill????can we be proud of them as sarawakians and rich or do we hate them cos they are not our friends.

    do u think God will be fair to us all.

    can u both remember the story of lazaruz and the rich man.

    we will get our real reward on judgement day.don be so upset and angry.sabar bah agi balasan tek gan digah.

    • aborium

      Do you seriously believe that you'll get your reward by (i) keeping quiet & not doing anything when things are not right (ii) justifying the wrongdoings of others to make the present case against TM as 'acceptable', 'normal' practice? Two wrongs can not make one right.

      Are you ok?

      • bucklynn rimbar

        tel me aborium…how can we wanting truth justice and fairness,and go on a hate campaign.if these men are guilty,how can we charge them.wen in all the commonwealth countries,they are innocent until proven guilty.

        i know wat happen to our state and its timber or sabah for that matter.

        we must start to steer away from anger.wat wil u do,wen u are hamid sepawi.truthfully aborium,from ur heart wil u be aborium.

        would u say no or be the riches man.

        its a test for all of us,how sincere are we to ourself.or we are actually envious its not us.

        are we like them or do we hav our moral value,intact.

        • aborium

          The people of Sarawak demand justice whether you want to look at it morally, spiritually, or legally. It's your choice.

        • aborium

          Don't please patronize us with your 'holier than thou' attitude. Corruption, in all its forms and shapes, are serious matters which should be investigated & brought to the fore. If you don't exposed them, it'll tear the moral, religious and social fabric of our society. The very things that all religions hold dear. Now, where do stand on the matter?

    • http://- JustJobe

      Amazing thing about the power of religion… it leads those that think there is retribution after death to allow themselves to be raped during this one precious life they do have.

      If you need religion as a personal moral compass, i have no quarrel with you, but you think preaching like this helps those who suffer with these monsters in power?…goodness… so that's how you help your fellow man?

      I don't have to fight these people with violence or anger, but i will fight them by educating myself, my loved ones and those around me of what is good and bad in this world, and how to make the best of it for themselves and those around them… not just leave it to some dude in the sky to punish bad people later.

      You, bucklynn rimbar, are the perfect, and i mean PERFECT, example of why those in power wish to mix politics and religion.

      • bucklynn rimbar

        am i in power no,m i religious no and i m not a moralcrat.i accept the fact of the matter here but saying dat, what we would do,if we are in their shoe.I M NOT PERFECT LAH,we all not perfect hance given the choice all of us wan to be hamid sepawi but not given the choice.now blame it on corruption.

        but we do need to hav a balance view of the subject matter.no men can say they don want the best for themselve or their family.ask any men in the street.ask the police or macc or our politiciens both from opposition to the ruling parties.

        i repect ur view point jusjobe…..now who gav them the concession in tasmania////was it our c.m or they got it from the aussies government.how did they obtain it????o.k corruption but who are the parties here.if hamid is the giver who is the taker.

        pls this world is not flat,its round.wat can u do here to counteract this matter/issues.we cannot do much,this is jus a report like any other.

        u me and watchdog need not watch only but we can do more to work within our heart that we can do something by giving positive values to our people by helping them to hav hope and peace not hate and anger.educate them to the finer values of life where truth,justice and fairness should be our paramount ideal.

        ya monkey see monkey do,our leaders saw the corruption of the colonial masters and follow from behind.its in malaysia not jus sarawak or south east asia or globally.but we are not monkey so we don follow.

        we are sarawakians and dayaks and we nid not be corrupt,lets look into the life of our rural folk, simple and clean but its the modernization which brought in the filth and garbage.we still can maintain the status que of our forefathers.

        take care bro,sarawak belongs to us let start a clean and positive culture where lov joy and peace abound.we can slowly clean the rubbish of hate anger and corruption away.all of us.this land is mine and yours.

        don giv up on sarawak and sarawakains.we can change it together before we die,so that our children inherit a better state for malaysians and the world to see.not us condeming it all the time.

        if we don lov our stea and land who will.

  • aborium

    When the cat is feeling the heat, the mouse finds it the right moment to migrate to a 'cooler' country, but found to his dismay that the heat has climbed to the top of the trees. He's feeling the heat too down under.

    The heat is on. It can burn fingers.

  • Yellow Banana

    How come all these probable crooks have Arabic names, which shows they are the followers of Islam.

    Wow, such upstanding characters. Thieves in the main.

    • aborium

      You can have all the Arabic names you want, but don't make the mistake like others do in failing to differentiate the acts of man with Arabic names as against the true teachings of Islam. Skin off your banana!

      • syukur

        nothing wrong with ones name,arabic or whatever, its ones soul is crystals or lantuh busuk membusukkan.sickening keturunan.huh

    • ibat

      Not all those with arabic names are muslims e.g. Tariq Aziz (Iragi DP under Sadam) was christian. There are many arabs (with arab names, of course) are christians. So please don't try equate corruption with one's religious affiliation.

      • aborium

        It was in reply to Yellow Banana, but your conclusion and mine are the same.


    I do not believe the Australians will tolerate what is happening, the SFO (Serious Fraud Office) have a reputation of being ruthless in any matters like this,—we wait and see?

    • Bujang Skrang

      Taik palat amat aborium watch dog bluntspeaker and yellow banana. Taik palat kita tu smua. Pala butuh kita tu smua.You all is same person. Apu ka nipu meh nuan.

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Bujang Skrang..Thank you for your insult,May GOD bless you,

        BRAIN DEAD TM's man.Please don't feed your family with

        CORRUPTED money.It's HARAM…haram..

        Grow up Bujang Skrang and GO to school so that you will understand English and can write in English, a Universal language.

        Kuu ano sukupo buduo

        Nuan amat bodoh

        Awak sangat bodoh.

        You are very stupid..a pea brain TM's office boy/clerk/Tuai Rumah,Penghulu.

        • tungunduuh

          Watchdog, just ignore this bujang skrang. GE is coming. He's waiting for his bonus, a few gallon of langkau, a few pieces of chinese reared pig meat and rm50 to last him for 5 years. Yes he is expecting these election crumbs to be thrown at him. But then again i doubt if he's really an iban.

        • Bujang Skrang

          butuh nuan ukoi. am never corrupt but I drink because it is my warrior's blood that need it. But you, nuan? Nuan instigate and nyadi pengasut. duit ulih nuan nya baka duit sundal , nemu nuan. nuan nupi ka anak bini nuan enggau duit puki sundal sama ga bau puki jani nya. Bastard dayak nuan tu.

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Bujang Skrang..What is Butoh? For whom, your wife and daughters.Is it yours not strong enough and you start looking butoh for them.For ukoi..you also look for dog's thingie for your wife too as well as daughter.

        You are just brain dead TM's office boy and get paid for praising your thief master.Alahma nuan tok sigi TUYU lah,konon nya Bujang Skrang..forever bujang..baka beku Thailand nadai peti lagi…no teeth pea brain bujang ha ha ha ha ah .

        I hope other people in Skrang nadai tuyu baka nuan..God bless you Bujang Skrang

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Bujang Skrang..Siapa sundal.ada kah bini nuan atau namk nuan. My family nadai sundal wai.kami semua graduate dari university..how about you,tak sampai habis SPM..ha ha heh ehe that is why you cannot speak and write english.You condemn and curse others.The bible says whoever curse others will be cursed 7 fold.

          What my family and I earned are sweat money not like your Bujang Skrang. Oh Bujang Skrang kesian meh meda nuan baka tok waiting for the crumbs saja.



      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Bujang Skrang..what? You want to eat taik.Go ahead..whose taik? Your thief master punya taik..ha ha ha ha

        Nuan tok dah nak gila lah..Tuyu amai meh nuan,ka makai taik..ha ha ha heh heh heh

        Nuan pergi Trineken prpocessing plant at Matang/Malihah..lah paloi Bujabg Skrang..ha ha ha

    • syukur

      if MACC cant catch the crook,lets Australian Government take the tasks.

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        syukur.. I am tired of hearing those four letter words..MACC..they are too busy raiding Ho Hup's office as someone is using the compamny's money to pay for AG..second wife office renovation in Seremban…CORRUPTION again and this is AG..Attorney General..

        Two weeks later..MACC will surely NO CASE or evidence.The 2nd wife is being introduced by a fellow Sabahan.. aloud mouth empty tin MP from Kinabatangan, Sabah.He too got a trophy wife as his first wife is NOT leaking anymore. Ha ha heh heh ha ha

        So bro,it is useless,perfectly useless to mention MACC.All are corrupted and now AG???? Someone up there will pressed the Judges for a lenient judgement..wow..

  • Kraft of Pristine va

    Wait a minute lets look at this "sensational report", firstly the annual report linked is a public document released by Malaysian parent in May of this year. So no secrets, and why has it taken the greens so long to discover this new report.

    Second the greens claim a $10 million subsidy to Ta Ann yet fail to state the grant was a result of an historic agreement to reserve ancient and iconic forest in Tasmania that saw massive areas of high conservation value forest reserved, with Commonwealth money used to establish plantations and to encourage industry to invest in processing lesser quality regrowth forests and in time plantations. Ta Ann was granted $7.9 million to assist in building its second plant at Smithton, to which was added $3m to cover the tax on that grant. It has nothing to do with an operating loss.

    A loss that is more to do high exchange rates, financing, market fluctuations and of course with protests and harassment by green political groups that refuse to accept that the 47% of Tasmania's forest that are reserved are enough, and want more.

  • http://www.khatorepharma.com Liver Treatment

    Wondering which will be the next country. Lets wait and see…

  • dayak thinker

    all you are very funny and naive. that is just gimmick. it is impossible for a corrupt australian to arrest and investigate a corrupt sarawakian (taib mahmud). Very funny. very impossible. very funny.

    • bucklynn rimbar

      agree with u dayak thinker,if malaysia and sarawak is so currupt.the austrialia is not then something can be done.

      unless the austrialians governement is corrupt also but the next equation is wat if,its al legitimate too.its either one or the other.wats in between??a little bit of corruption,corruption is corruption no degree or propensity makes it not coruption.

      so the orang putih is corrupt the malaysian is corrupt the whole world is corrupt.

      so wat hope do we hav??//jus a thought…pls tell us wat u think,dayak thinker.hightlight us.or me.

      don be upset,i meant well.

  • Wong Ah Mok

    Serve the Aussies right. There have their tax office to investigate whether there is transfer pricing involved…and any other irregularities. They have their Australian Securities Industry Commission. Wasn't TA An's accounts audited? By the way, Christina Foo from Miri Sarawak sits on their CPA Australia Board.

  • Fighter

    I'm surprised at non-action by the Aussie Authorities like SFO. They seem to be sleeping, totally unaware of our shameless devil Corrupted Minister moves into their country stippping off their own resources, ridiculously subsodised by Aussies. It is beyond any sane mind.

    Now, I'm only too happy and thankful to Sarawak Report team whose exposure of the corruption will definitely put the thief sepawi in Aussie jail. And then that will implicate the larger shark, the Corrupted Minsiter.

  • Ting

    The Australia Govt. should put a stop to timber logging in Tasmania. Save the forest or else there will be no more forest.

  • Liow Swee Ming

    Nothing will happen. The Aussies won't do anything.

    Wasn't it the Sarawak Report that has one report on Christina Foo and the Sarawak Heart Hospital http://www.sarawakreport.org/2011/01/dcms-girl-go…. Christina Foo still sits on the CPA Australia board.

    Don't worry be happy. You take one…I take one…

  • yemu

    I am declare that God Almighty will empower the dayak rights.

    • charles

      Dayak rights should have prevailed and they should control sarawak just like the chinese in penang

    • Tuai

      We dayaks, being acursed as the descendants of headhunters will cut eachothers' head. A dayak mall make another dayak his worst slave. This is in our blood. we can never unite we can never work together we can only talk and talk. Dah sial kena santau antu guruk suba.

  • Blunt Speaker


    • aborium

      What saddens us most are those so-called intellectuals and prime movers and shakers in the State who say very little or do nothing at all. Either they don't have the guts to speak out or too indifferent to care much about what's going on lest they are certain of what's in for them. They're self-serving individuals who only come alive during teh tarik sessions and talk behind the Government's back. Scumbags of society.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    sarawak is jus a state in malaysia.no more no less,we sarawakians are malaysian.the change of view in malaysia on corruption as a whole will change sarawak.

    so the majority race is the malay race,hance they hav the power to change corruption in malaysia.i beliv that the malays are changing and we dayak follow behind n so are the kadazan dusun in sabah.remember corruption is a global and mankind problem since time immemorial.

    now,a sarawakians being one of the wealthiest man,a melanau,well there a many chinese,i hope dat few dayaks will be.so wat if the dayaks are from pbb or abc or xyz…..he is a sarawakians and a dayak.i shud be proud….of him….

    corruption is another issue….wat if a dayak is the c.m….i will be proud of him.

    corruption is corruption….well catch them all…..how corrupt is corrupt…wacthdog..u a former reporter…. each time to cover an event as a reporter and to do special writeup,he/she wil get ang pows..is dat corruption….o.k the police..or jpj…or macc,all over the world for dat matter.wat are we going to do…really…

    hence the value of inner transformation….truth,justice and fairness….honesty,integrity,transparency and rightousnes.

    lets work on these values,to counter all this corrupt practices,starting from ourself to our frens and relatives to our fellow sarawakians to malaysia.

    being angry and cursing others and blaming others, will not solve the matter.or the system.its corrupt,the whole world is corrupt for that matter.

    a journey begin with a step,is a famous chinese saying,lets begin this step with us,walking together in truth,justice and fairness.its along journey but if all the bloggers in s.r start doing it,we take the step and start moving.do not let anger and hate be our motivation but joy,love and peace.

    lets not hate those who differ from us but take the time to share the message.lets not blogg curses to insult others.lets work together.really there s no other way.the rate we are going…we are all going for destruction,us sarawakians,the state,our future and children,malaysians and malaysia.

    corruption cannot be overcome by imprisonment or jus the law but by values.

    don blame monkeys,monkeys see monkeys do….its all over the world…monkeys and corruption….sarawakians will show the way….we shall hate corruption in watever form but not the corruptors.its like hating cancer but not person suffering from cancer.we treat the decease of corruption and lets stop it from spreading to the future generation of sarawakians and malaysians.

    by values system or inner values we hold dear to our heart.


    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      b.r…unlike you, I am NOT a former reporter as your wild guess is. I am an ORDINARY hard working and one of the owners of our believed state,Sarawak.I work hard to feed my family and not begging and waiting for crumbs.I do not burden the people by getting pension but rather contribute for the nation to survive.It is wrong for you to generalise me like a former reporter and you have injure my feeling bro.I am one hell of a humble Watch Dog that hates crony,monopoly and greed as I am GOD fearing person.

      I just do NOT like dictator and greedy leaders and so do you, I suppose.I do NOT praise nor condemn as a human being I cannot judge others for I am scared that I will be judged by our Almighty who is even more powerful than Taib, Najib or our King.He is none other than our Lord Jesus Christ..Amen

  • bucklynn rimbar

    Bro all of us work hard….i sweat my butt in sarawak tribune before going to u.k to save for my air ticket n logging…now i m sweating my butt waiting for a cheque to clear banked in k.l while my bank account is in kuching.more then 3 days….i m jus like u man,i don take corrupt mony-if i did i repent and i know i wil face judgement day…and yes Jesus or Isa wil sit on the judgement throne.my days are numbered….but until dat day…wat can we instil in our people and home,for our future generation to teach their children.i don understand my father then but now i do,its not all about making mony but giving them good value…..so bro,don giv up hope,lets make good our disappearing days…before we face him…

    gud virtues will last for eternity…like honesty is the best policy….now i understand it better…i don wen i was younger…

    same wit truth justice and fairness.

    its simple but it can change peoples life…like it did mine…n many more lifes to be change.

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      b.r…Congratulation bro,at least you do not wait for the crumbs like me.Well done and welcome to our hard working club.

      A pint at Rajang Bar will do lah bro..ha ha ha ha heh heh .

      We tried to change Sarawakians but only 20% only as we do NOT have enough finds to move.. I am looking for funds to stand against BEKIR TAIB at Muara Tuang..let the non corrupt fight against the CORRUPT..

      Please fellow Sarawakians..I need your help to assist me to fight Bekir Taib in the next GE

  • bucklynn rimbar

    watchdog don waste ur time/mony on standing for election….sav the mony to educate your kids.u jus preach truth,justice,fairness.

    bidayuh waste alot of time standing for election to feed our bidayuh ego.from bukar to anah and bau.semua mahu bertanding.its a bidayuh addiction,bertanding is a must to prove a point.i hav uncles and relatives if tak puas hati jadi politicians and stand election.its an ego trip.wat did they achieve,loss with shameful low support.

    sorry bro,take my advise,don stand for the election but focus on how to change our people and our land by working for the betterment of sarawak by instilling moral value system which the people in sarawak is losing.

    from how u write and ur idea,i beliv dat u can do so much for sarawak not jus the bidayuh or dayak.

    u like to talk about Jesus,he didnt fight the roman or the Jaw via political means but by values and virtues.and its has transformed the world until today,from judism to christianity to islam.nepolean bonapart said"i conquer the world by force Jesus conquer it by lov".n until today u hav his followers,going around doing it.

    do u know dat in the koran it is writen dat Jesus@Isa is going to be the Judge on judgement day.surah Al-imran 3.45(jus to inspire u)not to hate the malays.

    or ghandi or mendela or martin luther king….bro gud ideas and virtues will overcome political power as it grows in momentum.but political power which is based on lies and corruption will soon hav to go.jus look around the world.

    watchdog,u hav more value then to stand in a seat u are going to loss,bakir hav all the mony and machinery to win.do waste ur talent and ur standing to stoop to his level.u are an intelect not a corrupt politicians.u mix wit corrupt people sooner or later u get suck in,like me.thats why i left.but i also almost got the penyakit.flee bro flee,uphold ur moral standard for ur children and future generation.u are doing it right being a watchdog.

    pls don be upset bro….its my advise from my heart.u hav potential,u need not wasted it for nothing.not worth ur time.

    let the dead bury the dead bro….we are alive forevermore.

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      b.r..wow that's food for thought.Yes it is true you don't have to be a politician to serve your people.

      By the way,my children are all graduates and I do social works,NGO

      Thanks a million and remember the prayer of Jabez..please say it everyday..1 Chronicle 4:10.

      May GOD bless you and your family.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    wacthdog,for me u ask me to pray i will…my grandfather build a hut in the jungle jus to get inspiration…so do i but its the concrete jungle…still jungle…geting inspiration from the almighty is a need to giv us insight.

    lets get more inspiration on how to incalcate justice truth n justice to our people.they don know it, they never feel it,they are not aware of it,they feel it don exist to them.do u know dat if we talk about natives in sarawak and sabah are poor n in poverty,hav u ever go to the east coast of peninsula malaysia.

    the poorest lots are the malays,we always hav a pre conceived idea dat they are o.k compared to us dayaks.its not quite true.i been there and seen their suffering.i jus finish a week long drive to all the small towns in west malaysia,covering all the states of west malaysia.

    u know dat kota bharu is just like serian town in the 60's.

    sad but true.

    to me we cannot change the politics of sarawak if the federal politics is d way it is,but i m not into malaysian's politics.too corrupt n not worth my short life,its better to leave a noble legacy like mother teresa,then a corrupt leader,imagine people spit on our grave,n God banish us to eternal damnation,our children n future generation wil inherit the curses.but we can change the people mind set and outlook to lies n corruption,by preaching truth justice n fairness.this is the key to counter corruption.

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      b.r..Yes you are right. No need to go further and what more to say Batu Kurau in Perak,Kelantan is worst but Pekan,Pahang where 2 Malaysia PM are from. The shop houses are pre-war..semi concrete,What a shame and where are all the money gone?? UMNO's individual pocket .

      I,too have covered all parts of Malaya.Is this the type of leaders that we want to govern our country?? Obviously NO,NO,NO!!

  • bucklynn rimbar

    thanks watchdog,u know wat i meant…..so so sad….yet we see our country mony falling into the hands of OKU….(if u know wat it means)and they buys stables of cars,holidays homes and wives on public mony.

    why u think,we havc mat rempits and drug problems manace and the deadly mat ragut,if we educate and instil values and virtues in their heart(again,i stressed its not racial,religious or creed,but jus universal accepted valuesand virtues).we will not hav our state of affair from sarawak to kelatan to pahang or sabab.

    we malayasian stress too much on the mental development but not the heart(hardware not the software).

    we hav educated lots,we hav graduates but not really hav the heart of goodness kindness or sympathy for the less fortunate.


    yes election is jus around the corner and maybe we hav a new party taking over,but what if leaders are all power hungry for certain positions and personnel interest.

    like i said,i m not trying to put anyone down if they differ politically from me as i m apolitical.i hav an opinion and i respect others too.

    but i don jus condemn for condemn sake i don also jus accept hearsays.

    to me i admire man like Lee Lam thye….who jus serve the people and the nation.

    i like to see fruits,durian trees produce durian fruits and rambutan tree produce rambutan,a corrupt tree produce corrupt fruits.we judge a man by their fruits.thats how i see politicians and political leaders.i m tired if hearing sweet nothing during election and after dat its the same.

    hence i do wat i can in the little way i can,simple and easy,i preach truth justice and fairness.everyone will agree to it.who don wan it.pls help me on this small campaign of mine to everyone,its universal and accepted by even the corrupt.i hav laid it down before even high profile political leaders and they seems to admit that its a fact.

    c ya bro,we meet in future.pls if u jumpa me at nanas road or rubber road,come over for a chat.d laksa is on me.u know me,ask anyone how i look like a typical bidayuh man wit a beer belly after so many years of beer drinking with gout on the right foot.

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      bucklynn rimbar…Y Lee Lam Thye?? No more rimba for burung kenyalang and no more durian or rambutan because no more pollination..no more fores and trees..How can pollination take place.

      bro,by the way LLT was a DAP MP before and when he found out that he cannot make a living,he has to sing negaraku the UMNO's way.I don't admire such man.he is a hypocrite. To me ,yes he may have had done enough but the most admirable man is Tan Choo Khoon,Sinking Ship(kapal Singh lah..ha ha ha ) and Lim Kit Siang.They provide the checks and balances other more happening like the PKZ, Petronas Twin Towers,MAS,Sime darby…endless list.

      So please think bro.You should admire LEE KUAN YEW or David Marshall if you do remember him.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    david mashall,i do,a great lawyer n a jew(HE IS THE BEST CRIMINAL LAWYER)….bro,no man is perfect…so is lee lam thye…but he is a social n walfare man….its about people n how we can help them,he did his best for his time.we may change coat or hat.dat don make us bad…time change us…i also hav my bad judgement or imperfection or mistakes…..like frank sinatra said…in his song…but we learn.

    i also respect great sarawakians leaders….the late tawi seli was an honest man or datuk william tan a generous man…or akik jugah.lets not condem people too much,we mus strive to bring better values n virtues….we are akin to postmen for God…all of us regardless of creed….jus do our bits to help to build our state.

    wat can we do for our sarawak….its not jus a name but gud works n deeds for our state n country…like mother teresa or bob geldof for the hungry or the less fortunate….its not jus politics n abuse the system n set up walfare homes n giv pathetic mock cheque to prove to poeple dat one is doin sumthing…n try to deceive God(u know wat i trying to say)but behind close door….corrupt as a demon from the pit of hell.

    no more corruption n people of sarawak educated n liv in peace n joy harmony….no angry frustrated n upset….let the fear of God arise.