Sepawi Exposed By Own Outburst!

Sepawi Exposed By Own Outburst!

13 Sep 2011


Hamed Sepawe – Director of Ta Ann and of Grand Perfect Sdn Bhd

The Chief Minister’s cousin and business nominee, Hamed Sepawi, has exposed more of his own sleazy dealings as the result of an ill-judged, angry outburst against recent criticism.

Sepawi is one of Asia’s richest men, thanks to the patronage of Taib, and his business interests include his role as Executive Chairman of the timber and plantation giant Ta Ann Bhd, of which he is also a major shareholder.

He is also a Director of one of Sarawak’s other most controversial companies, Grand Perfect Sdn Bhd, which runs South East Asia’s largest Acacia Plantation project.

Grand Perfect Sdn Bhd has been blamed for grabbing land from native people and breaking down villages as it drives to exploit a half million hectare concession handed to it in 2002 by the Chief Minister and Land Resources Minister, Sepawi’s cousin, Abdul Taib Mahmud.

Rh Sendok was destroyed by Grand Perfect Sdn Bhd, despite desperate protests by local people


Legal denials by Ta Ann

However, last week a lawyer representing Ta Ann sent a furious letter to the leader of Sarawak’s PKR opposition party, the lawyer Baru Bian, demanding retractions and “apology” over remarks allegedly made to a Tasmanian newspaper. It cited a recent article in Tasmania’s Mercury newspaper which had stated that Ta Ann owns one third of the controversial plantation company Grand Perfect.

The lawyer declared this was untrue.  “Your statement in the said newspaper report was both factually wrong and misleading”, thundered Zaid Ibrahim & Co, Kuching, on behalf of Ta Ann.

As a result, Ta Ann are demanding a grovelling apology from Mr Bian to be placed in a weekend edition of the Mercury within two weeks, saying the following:

“I wish to tender my unreserved apology to Ta Ann for making a gross error in my statement and for any embarrassment, damage to their reputation and credibility caused.  It has now been brought to my attention that Grand Perfect is not a subsidiary of Ta Ann and that Ta Ann do not own any shares in Grand Perfect”


With legal advisers like these, who needs critics?

The folly of such an arrogant demand from a company whose Executive Chairman is up to his neck in accusations of patronage and nepotism has immediately become clear.

In the first place any reading of the offending article makes plain that the statement about the 30% shareholding is made by the Australian Mercury reporter, not Baru Bian, so it is to the Mercury newspaper that Ta Ann should be addressing any complaints.

Sarawak’s PKR leader Baru Bian speaking in Tasmania. He expressed shock and surprised that the Australian Government had subsidised Ta Ann to log in the State

However, it is the tone of the letter’s referrences to Grand Perfect that is most damning.  Why is the lawyer implying that a ‘mistaken’ association with the company could cause Ta Ann “embarrassment” or “damage to reputation” or “loss of credibility”?

Is Grand Perfect a company of such a low reputation as to invite such problems?  Surely to comply with making such an apology would indeed invite genuine grounds for legal complaint, but  from Grand Perfect not Ta Ann!

Grand Perfect’s business connections with the State of Sarawak

KTS’s Henry Lau plants one of the Acacia saplings at the inauguration of the controversial venture

The disparaging remarks towards Grand Perfect are even more confusing given that company’s close dealings with State of Sarawak and also its widely reported connections with Ta Ann.

Indeed Grand Perfect Sdn Bhd received considerable publicity back in 2003, when it was set up as a conglomerate, commissioned by the State of Sarawak to plant half a million hectares of acacia in the Bintulu region in return for a hefty RM180 million investment.

At that time there was no attempt to hide the three companies involved in the joint venture, which was sponsored by the State Government run by Abdul Taib Mahmud.  The companies were three of his key crony logging concerns, Samling, KTS and Ta Ann.

Samling is run by the Yaw family, KTS is run by the Lau family and Ta Ann is run by Hamid Sepawi.  All three of these timber tycoons have received numerous massive logging and plantation licences over the years, as a personal gift from the Chief Minister without any scrutiny or proper open tendering.

How the venture was reported by the Borneo Bulletin in May 2003

So why is Ta Ann denying the association now and with such force?  Why has it not demanded similar apologies over the years from all the other publications which have reported on Sarawak’s largest plantation scheme, mentioning Ta Ann’s supposed involvement?

Land Grabs

It may be that Ta Ann, as a publicly listed company now trying to do business in Australia, is trying to dissassociate itself not only from the stain of cronyism and nepotism that attaches to Sarawak’s Chief Minister having handed such a vast state project to a company run by his own cousin, but also from the outcry over the land grab cases caused by the controversial project.

Grand Perfect Sdn Bhd has developed a bad name as a land grabber

Grand Perfect Sdn Bhd is a dirty name in much of Bintulu these days.  Under its guise, three of the state’s most corrupted logging companies have appeared to ride roughshod over the local people and their landrights.

There have been blockades against the company by local people, which have been dispersed by the police amid complaints about numerous infringements on land and also the pollution of the rivers on which these people depend for food and water.

As the growing body of critics of these grand plantations have pointed out, such schemes have made only the rich men richer, but they have made the poor even poorer, taking their lands and offering nothing in return.

Indeed, Grand Perfect is one of the many companies now being sued by Baru Bian himself in over 300 land rights cases on behalf of native people, who have been totally let down by the ‘Sultan of Sarawak’ in favour of his money-making cronies.

So who does own Grand Perfect?

For these reasons it appears Ta Ann no longer wishes to acknowledge any association with Grand Perfect and has threatened to sue Baru Bian for implying that it owns a 1/3rd of the company..

Three main shareholders are Samling, KTS and…. Gasijaya!

So Sarawak Report has conducted a company search into this private company to find out if Ta Ann’s claims are true, that it has nothing to do with Grand Perfect.  And we discovered that the third company currently involved in the ownership is indeed no longer Ta Ann, if ever it was.

So why the assumption for so many years that Ta Ann, a public company run by Hamid Sepawi, was the lucky recipient of all that public money to start Sarawak’s biggest plantation venture?

When we investigated the ownership of the third company Gasijaya Sdn Bhd the mystery was immediately solved!

The 90% owner of Gasijaya Sdn Bhd is Taib’s cousin Hamid Sepawe!

 The owner of Gasijaya, which in turn owns a third of Grand Perfect, which was handed such an enormous RM 180 million plantation project by the State of Sarawak, is none other than Hamed Sepawi himself!

Remember, Sepawi is a Director of both Grand Perfect and Ta Ann.  We can now see he is also a massive shareholder in both companies!

So, now we have the truth.  It would have been bad enough for Taib to have handed this massive plantation project to Ta Ann as a public company managed by his cousin, also a major shareholder.  But the Chief Minister did even worse than that.  He has allowed the publicly funded project to go straight to a private company owned by his own cousin !

How stupid of Sepawi to have allowed his company lawyers at Ta Ann to make such a fuss about the association with Grand Perfect Sdn Bhd that we decided to investigate who had really been handed the project.

Sarawak Report challenges the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate consider this particular example of nepotism and power abuse.  Or, for them, is it just another case of business as usual under BN in Malaysia?




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  • Watch Dog

    Well Done Sarawak matter how rich you are but the way how you obtain your wealth at the expense of others is NO good at all.

    That is tantamount to money laundering and tax evasion..and at the end of the day is CORRUPTION!!

    Hamid Sepawi your days are numbered and your empire will crumble because all people's curses are on you…but I bless you brother..

    • Bujang Skrang

      Oh ukoi, lester nyak ukoi buduh. prostituting yourself .

      • Watch Dog

        Bujang Skrang..Taib's idiot and pea brain office boy/bag carrier and clerk..waiting for craps but NOT knowing his people in LA and Skrang area suffer. Your land at Skrang/Tisa is sold at RM99 million and you people there get NOTHING..

      • Watch Dog

        B.S… I am NOT Lester.Y do you call me Lester?? What has Lester got to do with me?/ That's why you are a pea brain man and waiting for craps from your THIEF Master..But I bless you B.S.

      • Apai Tuai Tu

        Even from your name Bujang Skrang,sound you are a fool.

        No woman likes you and that why you are never get married till you die. You doesn't know what other people talking about.

        You go suck Tai Mahmmud Cock.!!and get lost .

  • aborium

    Whether it's Ta Ann, Grand Perfect or Gasijaya, we are talking about the same person who has privileged relationship with his cousin the CM and given privileged contracts by the State Government. He may be the wealthiest man in Asia, but if such wealth is gotten through privileges which smacks of nepotism and abuse of power, it certainly is tainted money.

    • Watch Dog

      aborium..why is the latest posting on the blog taken off bro??

      Who took it out? Are they ashamed to see the truth??It was only your comment and mine.Where is it??

  • Blunt Speaker

    ILLGOTTEN gains at the expense of the local people is indeed a very serious crime and sin! Better repent and return at least 90% of your loot to the people of Sarawak, Taib! Also, your relatives and cronies should likewise! Only then God will forgive all of you! Or else, be prepared to face the consequences when you meet the Maker one day!

    • Watch Dog

      Blunt Speaker..Yes bro and that is why I always ask which man,crony,family and RACE?? I don't like MONOPOLY and single race MELANAU to be greedy taking all from Sarawak and leaving us "DRY".

      Please let us STOP this one man,one family,one crony and one race…Melanau from doing so!!

      • Lok1

        Dear Watch Dog,please advice the Rh Sendok folks to remember n to spread the truth around coz come GE13,advice them to accept whatever among of money given,then inform everyone how much is their vote worth,then the opposition parties can counter that figure n infact add a bit more,but give their votes to us,PR or whatever opposition party or independent.We all must keep reminding us n our friends like what Sarawak Report is doing,the Almighty Allah is great for he know what he is doing,so help him to help ourselves,remind everyone everytime n everywhere,Good Nite Sarawak,wherever you are.

        • Watch Dog

          Lok 1..that is for our fellow dayaks in Mire as they are near to them.Last state GE..we went there(Bakun area) and preached to them and all agreed but when come to election,they did not honour their words.

  • Belian Sapling

    The Grand Thievery.

    Fools and their money are easily parted.

    See how these fools and their adviser attack dog, that "loser" Mr Zaid Ibrahim of Zaid Ibrahim & Co Kuching (their business rest much upon the crumbs that falls off the 'Pek Moh' and his family's lavish dinning table). What a laugh, this loser made to eat humble pie, figuratively[Never feed attack dogs? They will at times, such as this, bite the hand that feeds them]. Tia-Chi by Sarawak Report and that excellence of men, Baru Bian, kicks dirt into to the eyes of Hamed Sepawe and his attack doggies…Zaid Ibrahim & Co Kuching.

    Profound poke in their eyes, folks. Well done SR !!

    • Guest

      Yes, we finally see what Zaid Ibrahim stands for… Corruption!

      • zaid Ibrahim II

        Zaid Ibrahim of KITA is no longer a partner of the Zaid Ibrahim & Co and neither is he ever a partner of Zaid Ibrahim & Co., Kuching, which is wholly owned by a local (Sarawakian).

  • bucklynn rimbar

    guys if hamid is corrupt,can we also request any other companies wic are being corrupt in their busines practices be exposed.if s.r is fair do an exposure report on other timber logging about bakun related timber loggers(they are equally guilty)….lets expose all the corrupt companies.

    its as if we jus wan to hit on hamid,pls i m not working for him but if we jus hate him for who he is we are no better.beside him who else logged all of sarawak timber n gondol sarawak and leave d dayak high and dry…..who are there,pls since ningkan time…until today…expose all corruption….the dayak and sarawak or sabah are gondol of their timber.and be fair…let not hantam him cos he is c.m cousin alone or he is melanau…this is not fair…we cannot preach fairness wen we don report fairly too.

    if so many gondol sarawak timber and we say hamid only is guilty its wrong,if he is guilty but wat about the rest.

    if a robber rob someone,another rob another,and H is found to hav rob ten people….all of them are robbers n shud be booked.not major on H and the rest its a small timber concession or not taib cousin,hence not corrupt.its need not be mentioned or reported.

    pls don hate my point of view but i feel dat,we must not hate for hating sake.

    s.r,u got one of the best reporter from sarawak in your team and he sees so much put him on the case and don jus major on hamid alone but expose the whole gondolling of sarawak timber.

    tis wil make more people aware of the actuality of the gondolling of sarawak timber.and s.r is doing a fair report on corruption not jus a taib hater or taib n crony hater.

    s.r the truth shall set sarawak and malaysia free and its people will be happy and joy lov n peace reign.

    lov u guys and all sarawakians.

    i hope u know wat is gondol or gondolling…ask pjj,he knows.



  • aborium

    Bucklynn Rimbar, we want to clarify certain matters with you so that you'd have a clearer picture of things:

    (1) we don't 'hate' someone or something when we go after issues. A simple example is when you scold your kid for doing something which you perceive isn't right; you don't hate the child when you scold but all you ever intended is that the child learns not to repeat his mistake so that he grows up to be a better child. There's a difference between hate and wanting something good to come out of it.

    (2) we're not blind followers of politics or fashion – it's an insult to our intelligence -not matter how limited this maybe- to assume that we're 'agents' of political parties and carried away by their political persuasions or arguments. Yes, we can process facts and tell you our frank views and opinions. Each of us has our own mind. Anything wrong with that?

    (3) neither are we claiming that we hold the 'complete truth' -no humans, dead or alive, can ever claim that. All we ever wanted is the truth be told, no matter how imperfect, so that we can become better citizens, better at handling our public and private lives for a better Sarawak. No Dajjal plot or conspiracy theory here.

    (4) in as far as whether a human act is judged as a sin or not, you'd better leave that decision to the Almighty-not your human department prerogative. We can only advise.

    • bucklynn rimbar

      aborium,sorry,if i m firing savoys at s.r.but it seems that s.r is only highlighting taib n his cronies.are they the only corrupt individuals in sarawak.y not do a survey dat sarawak is corrupt from the ofic boy to the driver to the senior clerks to the directors.s.r shud highlight dat corruption is not jus a taib family heritage but to everyone.n this effect all of us,the cost of living, the business pilferage n not forgeting maladministration of the state.

      as such we must overcome it at the butt,meaning we shud highlight the issues to the people n masses.

      hav u seen how the roads are done in the kampongs by some contractors.

      or soory u in london,we are in lundu,or u in u.k,we re in ulu kapit.(JUS KIDDING)


      • bucklynn rimbar

        aborium,i know who u are from how u write…..i can see an old fren from st thom to ST to S.R.stop smokinglah ur health is suffering.try to get inspiration but chewing gums,gud for ur lung.

        as for now election will not do much to stop the corruption in malaysia and sarawak.only educating the populace,wat is ur comment my dear old fren aborium.


    When will this corruption ever stop??????

    • Lok1

      Dear Richard,it will stop when we want it to,that's after GE13,that is if we really,really want it,I imagine the new MACC will truely be independent and is staffed well with newer better investigation officers comprising of all races n the Judiciary too,then we overhaul the Police,Customs n the whole gimbang gang,but it will take a decade or so to get back us back on our feet,please don't expect miracles if we do win,coz we've been sodomised for 54 years n corruption is in our fabric of life,imbedded so deep,that only our children's children can change our condition now,humans being Humans,no one can gurrantee anything,with so much power or wealth,even I can't gurrantee myself,don't know about you,or him or she or them,that's the honest truth,my 2cents bit of understanding,expose all of their tirades,let our elected judges judge them,our AG shall not have the power that the present one has,never ever,so help me God,Goodnite Sarawak,wherever u are.

    • Watch Dog

      Richard..Until we get rid of this Melanau muslim monopoly state government.We believe in sharing and sharing we must with Malays ,Dayaks and Chinese as we are multi-racial.

  • Abah

    Do not fabricate things please.

    • Watch Dog

      Abah..unless you are illiterate and cannot read or mad ..another TM's moron brain dead man.

      Start with:

      A- Apple

      B- Book







      Then you will be able yo understand when you read Sarawak report

      • Abah

        Butuh babi nuan

        • Watch Dog

          Abah..Kuu ano betur betur gira,truoi mu.

          Nuan betul betul paloi,gila..butuh nuan??

          Kau tok betul betul bodoh,gila

          You are real stupid..stupid never finish nad mad too.Can't read and write..start with A-Apple, B-boy,,,ha ha ha ha heh he

  • Babe

    Taib the syaitan must be burned in hell !

  • Abah

    Sarawak Report seems to throw shits at people houses and faces .

    • Watch Dog

      Abah..YES your house and face.You are an idiot and brain dead man…another corrupted crony

  • tothepoint

    Quote: "Sarawak Report challenges the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate consider this particular example of nepotism and power abuse."

    MACC will not and dare not act on this accusation. Their real role is only to kill off the opposition parties. If they are doing their job, we will not have the present Malaysian govt as all the BN leaders will be in jail by now.

  • Money Laundering 101

    Title Why governments fail to capture economic rent: the unofficial appropriation of rain forest rent by rulers in insular Southeast Asia between 1970 and 1999

    Author David W. Brown

    Publisher University of Washington, 2001

    Original from the University of California

    Digitized Jul 26, 2008

    Length 724 pages

    Why Governments Fail to Capture Economic Rent: The Unofficial Appropriation of Rain Forest Rent by Rulers in Insular Southeast Asia Between 1970 and 1999

    June 2001

    The dissertation starts from the assumption that natural resources are easy for governments to tax, as they embody high amounts of windfall profit or "economic rent." According to resource economics, it is optimal for governments to collect as revenues nearly all of the economic rent earned by resource extractors. However, the actual level at which governments collect economic rent from rain forest timber is generally quite small.

    The study argues that government agencies fail to collect timber rent at optimum levels because they are prevented from doing so by rulers who use their positions to build and maintain hidden ties to the timber industry through which they appropriate vast amounts of timber rent.

    Proving that rulers are appropriating timber rent is accomplished through archival research, primary documents, and five years of fieldwork to identify all forest areas licensed to the largest timber conglomerates in Indonesia, Sarawak and Sabah. This research is corroborated and supplemented through structured interviews to find out whether rulers, their families, proxies, business partners, and political supporters and financiers run or own these timber concessions.

    The study concludes that in Indonesia, Sarawak, and Sabah each head of state has multiple ties to timber concessions. The dissertation estimates that the three governments failed to collect 40 billion dollars in timber revenues over thirty years.

    Table 7.1 Timber revenues (in dollars) lost in Indonesia, Sarawak and Sabah from 1970-1999

    Year Indonesia Sarawak Sabah

    1970 Incomplete data No data Incomplete data

    1971 Incomplete data 2,401,592 381,335,065

    1972 Incomplete data 1,033,303 366,427,248

    1973 Incomplete data 25,681,232 404,458,457

    1974 -10,480,715 26,330,765 334,632,914

    1975 -97,215,714 10,328,746 253,635,117

    1976 -132,560,353 62,502,857 587,342,233

    1977 62,966,781 63,667,843 576,518,136

    1978 296,459,594 82,727,918 687,980,386

    1979 171,940,408 310,682,736 100,408,2700

    1980 1,062,454,516 289,029,845 749,863,277

    1981 1,067,607,041 246,348,032 731,203,306

    1982 380,903,703 379,826,481 445,179,563

    1983 190,984,540 307,356,894 377,397,627

    1984 173,277,600 368,643,107 447,364,854

    1985 143,683,300 344,832,692 316,233,468

    1986 33,675,696 215,022,320 403,320,707

    1987 107486676 1,031,753,016 533,185,778

    1988 364,501,404 786,749,653 303,704,306

    1989 550,354,473 939,383,352 224,719,003

    1990 562,931,244 1,085,288,284 67,939,295

    1991 710,044,569 1,476,200,318 77,587,208

    1992 636,839,176 1,595,902,618 108,913,363

    1993 717,041,231 1,473,218,702 12,328,814

    1994 1,526,340,259 1,202,321,597 0

    1995 1,136,963,700 1,152,647,052 0

    1996 2,063,806,110 1,087,124,457 0

    1997 1,398,731,712 808,219,598 28,052,812

    1998 1,120,832,966 421,304,552 19,524,946

    1999 545,357,528 455,542,561 69,351,583

    Total 14,784,927,444 16,252,072,121 9,512,282,167


    Sarawak total timber revenue lost estimated $16 billion or RM53 billion (or lost to cronies???)

    RM53 Billion timber revenue would surely more than enough to build roads all over Sarawak and much cheaper if done thru open tender or built by army workers


    Manyin: Estimated cost of state trunk road upgrading RM16b

    New Sarawak Tribune, Tuesday, 28 June 2011

    KUCHING: The estimated cost for the upgrading of the state trunk road to a two-lane dual carriageway from Kuching (Sematan) to Lawas (Merapok) – covering the distance of 1,080 kilometers – is RM16billion (approximately RM16 million per km) at the current rate, said Minister of Infrastructure Development and Communications Dato Sri Michael Manyin Jawong (picture) yesterday.

    "In view of the high cost, the upgrading exercise will be carried out in phases.In the meantime, proposals have been made under the 10MP Rolling Plan 2 (2012- 2013) to provide some stretches of the roads from Sibu to Miri with overtaking lanes.This is to reduce road accidents and to allow drivers, who are being held up by slow heavy vehicles, to overtake," he told the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) sitting in his replies to questions and comments by some members of august House yesterday afternoon.

    Manyin stressed Sarawak is a unique state with a vast land area.

    Many of its terrains are unfriendly.

    The coastal areas comprise peats as deep as 20m or more.All these pose big challenges in the construction of roads in coastal areas or areas bordering Kalimantan which will be very expensive.

    "To construct a road to connect a small settlement in the rural areas could incur costs as high as RM100 million (RM10 million per km for interior areas and coastal areas will cost more).If we look from the economic aspect, this is not viable.

    If it is on social considerations, do we have the money? A conservative estimate of RM43 billion is required to provide connectivity to all the villages that are not accessible by road in the state.

    "This is the dilemma the government is facing.With limited allocations, all requests by the YBs have to be implemented on a priority basis depending on their merits and approached in a systematic and well-planned manner," he said.

    Nonetheless, the government is serious and determined to construct more roads to provide accessibility and connectivity to all the settlements that are not connected by roads.Similarly, the existing roads will be improved and upgraded from time to time when funds are made available, he assured.

    "To construct and improve more roads in the state, my ministry through JKR will make continuous effort to apply for more funds from the Federal government for implementation," he added.

    Manyin also informed the august House that the RM10-million allocation for the infrastructure development at Rantau Panjang, Sibu was partly a contribution to the developer from the government for the provision of infrastructure facilities for the overall development of the Shipbuilding Yard there.

    In return, the developer would sell the developed lots to the selected participants at a price of RM250,000 per acre in the first year after completion.

    The provision of infrastructure facilities included the construction of a connecting road and extension of utility services to the site, taken from the nearest existing supply points in Sibu.

    On the delay in the upgrading of the Biawak Road, he said the project had fallen behind schedule by 46.4 per cent.The present physical progress is 37.3 per cent as against the scheduled 83.7 per cent.

    "The delay is attributed to poor management of the project by the contractor.To speed up the implementation, JKR has conducted close monitoring meetings with the contractor at a twice weekly interval basis.At the rate of implementation, the contractor had indicated that the completion date would be early next year." The Baji Road is currently being used as a temporary detour road for the local people staying in Merudu area while the main route going to the Sarikei Town is closed due to the construction of the Merudu Bridge, he replied to another question.

    "The bridge is under construction and expected to be completed by the end of this year.Once the bridge is built, traffic flow on the Jalan Baji would be normalised," he added.

    For the Rajang Bridge at Upper Lanang in Sibu, he said it was built at a contract price of RM180 million under the public-private partnership concept to speed up the development.

    "Out of the RM180 million, the payments were RM90 million being made in kinds in the form of state land, and RM10 million was paid in cash.

    "This leaves a balance of RM80 million unpaid, which is to be raised through the toll collection.The issue of full settlement or over payment for the Rajang Bridge therefore, does not arise at all," he said in his reply to the Dudong and Meradong representatives.

    On another question by Pelagus State Assemblyman, he replied registration and enforcement activities had been carried out by the Sarawak Rivers Board to ensure all commercial and passenger vessels are in compliance with all traffic safety requirements under the Sarawak Rivers Ordinance.

    The Kapit Passenger Terminal was completed recently and has a capacity for 150 passengers which is sufficient for use under normal time.To provide more space especially during the festive seasons, Sarawak Rivers Board will provide temporary tents outside the terminal.

    Under the 10MP, an allocation of RM3 million was also approved for the improvement on the landing facilities and a study on the project is currently being carried out, he said.

    On politics, he said the opposition must be a responsible and constructive one and their members should play a meaningful and responsible role in maintaining political stability, racial harmony and sustaining economic progress of the country.

    Good examples of such oppositions are those in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and England, which play the role of checks and balances, he said.

    Manyin also refuted the accusation that the Dayak leaders had not looked after the interests of the Dayak in the state."If this is true, the rural areas would not be what they are today and we the Dayaks would not be what we are today," the Minister pointed out.


    Developing Ba Kelalan one of Najib’s priorities

    Borneo Post, April 14, 2011, Thursday

    BA KELALAN: The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps of Malaysian Armed Forces implemented the Ba Kelalan road project which was estimated to cost RM350 million at a mere RM60 million.

    “This is the military’s contribution to Ba Kelalan folks. We (military) did it under our ‘Jiwa Murni’ programme at a cost of only RM60 million,” said Defence Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

    According to him, when Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak took over as Prime Minister on April 3, 2009, he had one priority in mind and that was to immediately develop one of the most remote parts of Sarawak.

    Sixteen days after taking over the office, he sent his political secretary Datuk Shahlan Ismail to visit Ba Kelalan and two weeks later, he approved the 75 kilometre road project from Long Luping to Ba Kelalan.

    “Ba Kelalan is the first remote area throughout Malaysia to get the attention of the Prime Minister.

    “When the project was tendered out by the Public Work Department (PWD), it was estimated at RM350 million. But the military took over and implemented it at only RM60 million,” said Zahid during his working visit to Long Sukang, Lawas yesterday.

    He said in a peaceful country like Malaysia, the arm forces can contribute in other ways including carrying out charity work such as constructing roads and bridges in remote and rural part of the country.

    “The project has nothing to do with the election because the military has nothing to do with election. The project is being carried out because the government is concerned about the people’s welfare,” he added.

    In his address, he disclosed that the road project will also continue to Long Sukang, Lawas for the benefit of folks in the area who are in need of better road system and to connect them to Long Luping and Ba Kelalan.

    After seeing the condition of a bridge in Long Sukang, Zahid promised that he will request an allocation from PM to reconstruct a new bridge to replace the one which is deteriorating.

    Meanwhile, he told folks there not to believe rumours that their former assemblyman Nelson Balang has turned his support on PKR candidate for Ba Kelalan, Baru Bian.

    “Today he is here with me to give his support to BN’s new candidate (for Ba Kelalan) Willie Liau as well as the Barisan Nasional. If he is supporting PKR he will not be with me today,” he exclaimed.

    He said the oppositions are lying to the people of Ba Kelalan because they are desperate to reel in votes.

    Apart from Lawas, Zahid also made a stop at Long Semadoh and Ba Kelalan to meet and talk to the people there and look at the road project which is expected to be completed soon if the weather permits.

    • Watch Dog

      Money Laundering 101…The road costs RM350 million if tendered

      through JKR.

      Army built the road at RM60 million.

      Bengoh dam built at RM310 million…tendered out RM165 million.

      Dewan Udangan Negeri built at RM300 million but tendered at RM155 million.

      Anymore..YES,many many many more!!!

      Corruption,money laundering and tax evasion

      Sentence should be: DEATH BY FIRING SQUAD.

      Verdict : GUILTY!!!

      Crime against the people of Sarawak(Humanity)

      You may be powerful on earth but NOT in Heaven if you manage to reach there.

      • Titan Sarawak

        Watch Dog,

        Punishment under Islamic Law should be Death by STONING

        • tungunduuh

          Death by stoning is for adultery. Theft is by amputation of the hands at wrist length. I long for the time that taik will be a OKU. kahkahkahkah

      • Abah

        manah nuan melucok butoh nuan nya. Timbak pala apai nuan empu.

        • Watch Dog

          Abah..apa itu butuh? Is it truoi mu? Is it your penis or cock or dick?? ha ha ha ah..Brain dead Taib's s;lave waiting for craps and crumbs too.Ha ha ha ha ha Haram Abah,haram!!

  • Sarawakian

    A company called "Sarawak Planted Forest" is also involved in this Bintulu paper and pulp project. May be able to dig out some dirt from this joint venture. From what I know Grand Perfect is working under instruction from this company as well.

  • hot


    baru looks stupid in that picture.


    • aborium

      Perceptive of you. Think 'lost' is a better word.

    • Roger Lim

      baru looks stupid in that picture.

      You sound stupid with that statement.

      • aborium

        Ooops! 'Lost' as in a blank expression?

    • Watch Dog

      hot..Use your head. Well done Baru and beloved Sarawak Report..More please…

  • aborium

    I think getting the Army Engineers Corps to build rural roads is a commendable move that will not only drastically reduce government expenditure on roads, but will forge closer relationships with the people, and simultaneously beef up security in the areas especially those closer to the Malaysia-Indonesian borders.

    Perhaps, the Government would also consider to extend their peace-time community activities to include the building of basic amenities and other infrastructure including rural schools and bridges. However, the Army Corps may need assistance in terms of using the latest, low-cost and proven green technologies such as soil-compaction methods for road building or installation of solar energy or wind power catchment areas.

    Whist saying this, we can anticipate the fury and opposition from building and construction companies who have taken us up the spiraling construction costs far too long. Limit their activities to urban areas.

  • Leo

    this crook has to be sent to jail and his cousin should be in life imprisonment.

    • Watch Dog

      Leo…let me ask why the dayaks at Rh Sendok have lost theor Rentap spirit and their motto,":Agi Idup agi Ngelaban".Sekarang udah TAKUT kah???

  • Anti BN/UMNO

    All those thieving bastard can run from the rakyaat but they cannot hide their sin from the modern information network. They are so dirty and even worst than a devil. We have to get rid of these mongrel out of these world by all means and ways in the coming GE13

  • Robert Wong

    That's an excellent piece of investigative journalism!

    You have put the whole lot of law enforcement agencies and officers including the AG office into total shame. Yes, these people are totally shameless and nothing is going to happen but thank you for starting the fire.

  • najibrazak

    I am continually amazed by the stupidity of our E.Malaysian friends Taib and co. Here in W.Malaysia we are able to conceal our wholesale plundering of the pubic purse while there they are too stupid or too arrogant even to try to do so. It will all end in jail; or worse. Better get the election over before things get even less promising for BN.

  • MelanauDoesntMeanTai

    What's with the melanau racist remarks? It's unfair lar, we still eat raw fishes!

    • Watch Dog

      M elanau doesnt mean TAIB..It is gtrue and just look at all those cronies,..greed,monopoly by one race.The fat that you are one is just coincidence or hard luck as your chief does that.It is a pure FACT.I am NOT racist as we do have Melanau married to one of us but it is true..

  • Watch Dog

    Hamed are heartless and brainless,why do you destroy Rh Sendok?? No human feelings and must be worst than orang utan..

    You will be burned in hell HS.Repent now before it is too late.,.

  • Alison


    Please investigate that Three Rivers secondary School, Mukah football field has been taken by Naim. Also a strategic public park by the beach/South china Sea has been taken by a crony, Hii, and buit kingwoood Hotel!!

  • awmosa pesysh

    Dear YB Baru Bian,

    Back dated 1986 Barisan Government manage to oust numbers of timber concession licensees by simple claiming that those concessionaires did not pay their taxes and levies accordingly and landing an estimated loss of RM1.8 billions more or less for the Sarawak Government collections that was not able to be collected by forestry department from these licensees. Then the office of CM has instruct Forestry Department to freeze all involved the licensees and at the same time created numbers bankrupted licensees at the end of the day. No further report was made by the cabinet as to what really happen to the licensees after the showdown, until then those timber concessions licenses is in the fate of CM hands, THAT CONTRIBUTING IMMEDIATE OPPORTUNITY FOR THEM GAIN SOME. The concessions was then handed down and awarded to their cronies. That's how CMS group begin to show colors.

    This is how the ball start rolling. The power play involved almost the entire Barisan cabinet ministers and top government servants ever since 1986 on word. Just imagine that the cabinets members 80-85% of them earlier on was a poor brat and now turn out to own house worth above millions of ringgit, plus + plus with all that lavish livelihood. To compare with their government paid, allowances, salaries, plus benefits from their post as cabinet members I believe is not enough to meet with such costs.

    Isn't it a good start to begin an interrogation through media tactics and attacks,law and orders and religious approaches to invoke the truth? You need all the support of the legal institution and bureau of investigation to all the way assist with your findings and investigations. The most powerful weapons is by having The Yang Di-Pertuan Agong giving you and your investigation team the full blessing to act. Honestly, religions has nothing to do with their wrong doings it's just their own personal greed for money and power, therefore, use your religious back-up such as Mahkamah Syariah and other religious institutions to support you too to catch this culprits. Strips them to open as to how they gotten to be so rich for being just a cabinet members with such low income???

    Reinstate the power of law and orders so as legal institutions will be respected by the entire citizen of Malaysia or in good time there come a new group that will make the changes in total and in replace of the presence one???

    I am in support of justice in the making. Virtue in law and order is the only way for Malaysian citizens with different kind of races can stay united. If not God the Almighty will send the religious ethic to rule thereafter. Watch my words….

    Right now I believe The God of Islam "Allah" is not in support those Muslim's that is in support of injustice. Therefore, put on your gear on and stand with justice.

    • aborium

      We believe in the rule of law, but only if the law serves the good of mankind. If the law is used to oppress, curtail your freedom and civil liberties, or used by corporate tyrants to squeeze you out of the competition leaving you high and dry, to subjugate the poor and helpless to your whimsical commands and order without rhyme or reason, then we have to think twice why laws should have been created in the first place.

      Some laws are archaic – they seem to serve their purpose while others are repressive. The Patriot Act (US) is an example how laws can be repressive to the extent of instilling fear and tensions among citizens and communities, losing your dignity (airport screening), and losing civil liberties. It may serve its purpose in the US, but pray that it won't happen here. At what price to pay?

      The more we seek to understand, the more we gain insights and sometimes you get too close to the edge that you could see towards the other side where laws are being used to the fullest advantage by the 'haves' at the expense of the 'have-nots.'

      So where lies justice? Dajjal is waiting in the wings.

      • miri

        Aborium, let us focus on the more pressing issues.

        We all agree that the GE13 will be the mother of all election. The future of our country and the future of our children are at stake. Whichever we vote, we cannot afford to get it wrong this time. Our people are crying out for help, but they are afraid. They are afraid that BN would dish out retribution if they vote them out. At the same time, they don't know what PR represent. PR is an unknown entity and untested. Its a question of dealing with the devil you know than the devil you don't know !

        So how do we get over this mindset ? The word "CHANGE " strikes fear into the mind of our rural folks. Its like asking them to step into the unknown.

        When the late John Smith became the leader of the Labour Party in 1992, he said, " I am asking for the opportunity to serve. "

        The word " Change " is abrasive, threatening and hard hitting, whereas " the opportunity to serve " is persuasive and humble. Our people will feel less threaten by the incoming new government. In any case, we can always kick them out after 5 years.

        • aborium

          Miri, Your sentiment is being shared by many others, me included.

          (p/s I've been drawn towards the ups and downs of the Labour Party (UK) since the time of Michael Foot)

        • miri

          Michael Foot, a true socialist. Sadly missed.

      • bucklynn rimbar

        how do we curb this from happening,we cant the law is abuse,wen people won do anything.n many sarawakians are jus contented with their lives.

        but my contention is we can change the government but we cannot change the corruptable practices n the heart of people until we change their value how good we think a leader is n his government,he wil soon be corrupted becos of the value system we hav.n the power corrupt them,n people turn a blind eyes to corruption.

        hence how can this be done.

        teaching,preaching and enforcing truth justice n fairness on the heart n mind of the people.

  • Watch Dog

    Hamed Sepawi is angry.It is better for HS to get angry alone before the resident of Rh Sendok get real angry.. Come you people of Rh Sendok,your rumah panjai is beoing destroyed,why just keep QUIET??? Take ACTION lah????

  • Neutral

    Want to know why there was not even one iban YB came to rescue Rh Sendok?

    Because YB ibans already paid to shut their mouth by taib. They collaborated with taib to rob NCR lands; every JV that involved native lands the YB got free shares amounted to RMmillions.

    Here you see iban makai iban. The iban agreed to other people robbed their lands. Iban agreed to land survey destroyed the longhouse & the crops. The ibans ybs agreed to taib to send police ( iban) to protect the company from any harm by the affected ibans. Jabu said anang ngelaban perintah. True indeed come every SE, iban still vote for PBB/ BN.

    Who to blame if not our iban ybs? Who want or dare to steal iban land if iban ybs protect their people? All these are due to the evil greeds of Iban ybs. Come next SE the same ibans still vote for BN. Lu fikirlah sendiri!

    • Titan Sarawak

      You are right. Can anyone name an Iban YB who hasn't been bought over by money and self interest? Most of them are millionaires period.

      • Watch Dog

        titan sarawak..It started by YB Nelson Kundai Ngareng and then followed by PBDS famous FIVE..master mind by YB Michael Ben..Mikai Mandau..Sora Roash,etc,etc,etc…These people are "KILO" YBs,can be bought and sold…or worst..JUDAS of modern day politics.So who are we dayaks depend on?? left with Baru Bian and Saratok/Krian clever YBs only.

        • bucklynn rimbar

          not true watchdog we can all work together to teach our people n to be truthful,n fair n that corruption is not to be practice by telling them straight to their face.but sometime infront of them we are so timid but behind them we talk bad bout them.

          we shud jus tel them to their face of their corrupt practice,n demand them to change.or jus throw rotten egg on them if they don change like in taiwan.

          its not uncivilised.its uncivilised to lie n cheat n practice corruption.

  • http://hotmail Orang2bangkit


    This article by Dr. John B Anthony was re-posted and given publicity in a number of websites- also published by Free Malaysia Today. the Malaysia Daily, Sabahkini

    Sabah and Sarawak should get out of Malaysia

    Written by: Dr. John Brian Anthony

    I saw that the above captioned is very prominent in the face book. The followers are gathering steam and I wonder how could this happen to the younger generation of Sabah and Sarawak. What did the Sabah /Sarawak youth see and experience in Malaysia today that make them angry. Doesn’t the BN government try to make them happy?

    Colonization of Sabah and Sarawak.

    As we all know, the reason are many and these young educated mind can collect information from all sources, analyze it and make their own conclusion that Sabah / Sarawak (S/S) is but a colony of Malaya. S/S form Malaysia with Malaya and Singapore in the hope of a better future. In the end, as of today, Malaysia bring land grab, make illegal immigrant powerful that they can vote the government they want, lost job opportunities to Malayan people, lost their natural resources revenue to Malaya, bullied by officials who run the religious department, deprived of premier education opportunity, made poor and government could not care less, and all in all the future of S / S is not going to be better under the colonial policies (ketuanan melayu) of Malaya.

    The above paragraph seemed to sum up the pent up frustration and anger of the youth of S/S. Little wonder then that Pakatan Rakyat is picking up support as the young voters start to reject BN Government.

    The Rejection of BN Government

    I must say that BN try to bring a lot of improvement to S/S. Unfortunately the current State leaders are CORRUPT to the bone. The whole BN component parties members are longing for fast short term financial gain and left the poor people with little or nothing to enjoy. The “RACIALIST” policy of BN UMNO are bringing disunity instead of a strong a united country. But the leaders of BN refused to acknowledge their folly and that would be their death bed in politics. BN do not know how to listen to the people. BN think that they are all powerful and whatever they say goes. Educated young people do not agree to such approach.

    We are building a nation – not a race or to make a religion supreme. Our history and identity are different then how are you going to make that homogenize.

    As ciizen of Malaysia we should have equal rights. It seems Malaysia is practicing “Animal Farm politics” as written by George Owell, who wrote that “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal then others”. That statement seemed to describe what is Malaysia today very well.

    S/S to get out of Malaysia

    This is a very sensitive topics to the Federal BN Government. Many people has been put under Internal security Act detention because they advocate the idea that S/S should get out of Malaysia if they want to progress. S/S is prohibited to get out of Malaysia by LAW. So if you want S/S to get out of Malaysia you have to hold a referendum or get ready to fight a civil war with Malaya as the “colonial master”.

    Malaysia was well designed that we do not need to resort to fight to get out of Malaysia if the Federal Government behave fairly. The 18 / 20 points is an agreement to make S/S autonomous in all the elements of the agreement. Some of the point has been incorporated in the federal Constitution BUT subsequent BN leaders either out of greed or simply ignorance if not plain stupidity do not take historical circumstances seriously.

    The Federal Government under their “National Integration” policy push for Ketuanan Melayu ideas and by doing so marginalized the people of S/S. This marginalization or deprivation of equal rights and opportunities is seen as the “colonizing” behavior of BN Federal Government. It seems the youth of S/S is taking the fight to resist this colonization policy of the Federal Government.

    So the federal Government must take serious view of their own behavior and change it because the S/S youth have decided to change their own self to defend the autonomy principle as imbedded in the 18 / 20 points agreement.


    It is BN Federal Government choice to turn their blind eyes and put cotton wool unto their ears so that the voices of the S/S Youth would not be heard. What the youth is promising now is that “SABAH SARAWAK will not be BN Government “fixed deposit” anymore.

    The king makers of the Federal Government is Sabah and Sarawak. The youth of Sabah and Sarawak must take this opportunity to play hard ball with the current Federal Government who in itself is weak due to weak moral leadership of the Prime Minister.

    We want change and we demand change to take place OR you will be changed.

    Change WE Must.

    Comment by anon — September 15, 2011 @

    Times are achanging!

    • Blunt Speaker

      Yes, change we must! We cannot let this corrupt BN GOVT keep plundering our two resources rich states until everything is gone. We will live to deeply regret one day if we don't kick out this colonialist and recklessly corrupt GOVT soonest possible. We have three options now. The first is to vote out this nonperforming BN GOVT in order to let PR have a chance to prove themselves. Second is to call for a referendum of the people. Third and last resort is to defend our land at all costs from further exploitations, degradations and oppressions of this colonial GOVT. Just imagine that our resource rich states can't even compare and compete with a non resource rich state like Singapore! What a shame! It shows that we have a nonperforming GOVT with corrupt and lousy leaders! Lets get rid of them fast!

  • bucklynn rimbar

    pls get this right,if sabah is not in malaysia,philiphines wud hav captured it by force,if sarawak not in malaysia,we get capture by malaysia, we are save n our forefathers made the correct analysis based on the circumstances at that time.but the preconditions are abuse until this second.

    its not dat things are bad jus abuse…abuse…is a short way of saying abnormal use.wen sumthing is abuse its b.cos its not used according to its purpose n design.

    hence getting out of malaysia is not the issue but us working together for a betterment of malaysia.there must be unity in really wanting a value change,from the corrupt political practices to a none corrupt political practice.wen this happen,we can enforce uncorruptable practice at all areas n levels of governemts n society strata.

    its not also s/s…we are in malaysia now,lets work together..happy malaysia day.God bless malaysia.

    cheers guys…this my view point…jangan marah or get upset….

    • Watch Dog

      b.r..The British will come to the rescue.Even when Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaya to form Malaysia, Australia,Gurkha,UK came to help to fend off Indonesia and the CT.We made a BIG BIG mistake by joining Malaya.Singapore has vision ,smart and CLEVER leader so they pull out and prospered.Had their leaders are corrupted like Malaysia,they will be like Malaysia too.

      Please check your fact bro and don't just write for the sake of writing. God bless you and have you pray the prayer of Jabez bro?? 1 Chronicle 4:10.

      • bucklynn rimbar

        God saw wat i do n say in private.can i hide from God.sumday sumhow i die like u n the rest in this blogg.n yes judgement for al dat we do.even our leaders,corrupt or not.

      • Bujang Skrang

        British army only like to ngamput induk sarawak.Bisik ceritaka jako jako aki inik kitai suba. Mayuh sidak parai ngamput induk kitai. They gave cigarettes beer liquor in return. That is why bala kitai dayak palau all the time.

        • Watch Dog

          Bujang Skrang..better for them to ngamput because your cocky cannot wonder still bujang..ha ha ha ha tuyu amain mieh nuan,nadai nemu ngamput ngasoh urang putih aja..You have NO bollocks lah bro,,,heh heh heh heh ha ha You are GAY and thah's why you are still single

      • Bujang Skrang

        ha ha ha urang putih ngamput ……burit nuan ukui jaga….ha ha ha

    • Blunt Speaker

      Stupid bucklynn, Brunel is so small, yet it was not attacked by Indonesia or philippines when they decided not to join Malaysia. They maintained good relationship with the British even after independence and are still protected by the British Gurkhas till today. Even during the confrontation with Limbang led by azahari of Indonesia, Australian and British soldiers came to aid and support Brunei. So,it is a sad sad sad thing Sarawak and Sabah have got themselves into, a very very very terrible mistake!

      • bucklynn rimbar

        if sarawk gets out of malaysia,do u really think we can govern its is we are not united.blunt speaker,i seek to differ from u or agreed with u don make me stupid.ur methods of firing at issue of discussion and saying stupid shows how typical we are.look we are all wired differently,entitle to diferring opinion.brunei so small and independent but british protectorate granted.sarawak is already in malaysia,wat do u wan to do now.get it many people wil agreed wit u.but tats ur opinion and it don make u there are people like me it don make us stupid either.

        if many sarawakians wants to stay in malaysia and work together with the rest for a betterment of sarawak in malaysia,are we stupid.

        nither do i write for the sake of writing,i m sorry if i don think the way u do.but i m talking from the point of veiw of wer we are now and how t overcome based on wat little we hav.

        remember,i m the one who said the only way out is to hav a revolution,and many put me blogger bai kurau bimadis said i got my brain on my foot.i tot about the whole ideal and i was wrong.we in sarawak are only a part of malaysia unlike those parts of the world,egypt or libya or yamen.the other parts of malaysia or states and the populace must also agree wit the point of view…ie of a revolution.if not the federal government can contained the matter as its only sarawak affair.

        election wil not change,the affair of sarawak or malaysia but reeducating the point of view,to hate and dispise corruption and enforce virtues and values wic are universal and not conflicting wit religious views or racial divide.

        truth justice fairness

        pls….no one is stupid and no one is at fault we are culture to accept corrupt practice as values and not doing anything about it.

        now we are aware and tryin to do sumthing in the little ways dat we can,can we unite here.

        if not we sarawkians are so disunited on issues and we become personel jus becos others differ,how to transform the nation or the state for this matter.

        pls forgiv me if i m wrong or not as good as u all are.

        the meek shall inherit the earth,as it said in matt5:5,so let me be days are numbers as all ur days are.sooner or later we go back to the hole dat we come from.and the spirit returns to God dat it belongs.dust to dust lah bro.

        lets not be so proud on this short life dat we hav.all of us are in for it,no richess in this world can reverse this process.

  • Bujang Skrang

    Apoooooooooo buduh amat Sarawak Report tu. Always telling lies.

    • Watch Dog

      WEll done Sarawak report..good job.More please so that these TM's brain dead people will read and understand it.

      Many more to come please SR. You are a darling to Sarawak people.

    • UrangMakaiUrang

      Peminat SR yang paling banggang, paling sial, paling jijik dan paling hina ialah kau, bujang skrang! Pergi berambus! Pukimom, kau!

      • bucklynn rimbar

        hav mercy bro,pls don curse b.s,he is jus giving an opinion,takpa kalau tak setuju.giv us ur point of view.i don mind reading it n response to it.u a sarawakians n we are al sarawakians.lets unite on jus truth justice n fairness.

        i know how frustrated u are cos dats how i feel.upset angered n pissed.

        God bless u bro n us all in sarawak.

  • hampa ak keciwa

    Watchdog, beware don't you blame on racial issues saying the Melanau are like the Thief Minister. Not all Melanaus are supportive of Taik Mahmud. If you dare to harp on this Melanau issue, I also will despite you and your ethnic and race. Celaka bangsa kau Watch dog! Makan taik babi kau dan bangsa kau. If you don't like Taib or Hamed or whoever are their cronies, just mention by names NOT race or ethnic.

    • Watch Dog

      hampa ak keciwa..they are NOT dayaks bro but melanau ..ONE Man,One family,one crony and ONE RACE..Dayaks?? NO of course NOt,Chinese?? NOT! who?? Melanau of course..monopolylistic race.NOT good for multiracial society state like Sarawak.

      May GOD bless you brother..curse whatever you want and GOD almighty will judge you..ha ha ah NO MONOPOLY by ONE RACE..M!!!

      Thief ops..Chief Minister..WHO??
      Speaker of DUN..WHO??

      Bro,just t name a few so why are you ashamed?? You are a party to the CRONY..ha ha ha

      WE DO NOT LIKE MONOPOLY BY ONE RACE….which race??Dayaks.NO!

  • bucklynn rimbar

    watchdog control u anger and don be sooooo upset…sudahlah bro…let the fruit of joy n peace abounds in u.don blame racelah..melanau also sarawakians,not many are rich…sum re stil christians….like us bidayuh,ibans n dayaks sum are muslims….we are all brothers,sons of sarawak…

    wat if we dayak muslim who becomes c.m later…from my kampong in anah rayang…or bilimbing,lots of muslims how????///or the iban muslim.pls creed shud not be a ground to prejudice another.

    Jesus said lov ur enemies like u lov urself….how can we saying we fear God, start prosecuting others for no fault of theirs.lets start to be caring to each other.i m sorry if i hurt ur feelings…lets start apologising to each don mean we re weak if we turn the other cheek.peace bro peace…we all own sarawak,its urs mind n d rest,not jus a person or family n their gengs.

    Gd bless u n family n sarawakians in general.Peace.

  • Kekek

    Melanau Muslim lah Jahat! Makan orang.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    kekek….why u hate the melanau….its the chinese foochow from sibu/bintagor who are billionaire due to sarawak timber….how come no one hates them if its because of timber n corruption u hates melalau n they are not all taib's family and cronies.

    i know of good melanaus who are just average and not related to taib.don put hatred on melanau jus because of taib.pls don go hating racial groups because of issues wit certain individuals.

    we are all human and we will err.we dayaks-bidayuh also not perfect.i know u a bidayuh by the psaudo name only bidayuh uses dat name.wat a name kekek(virgina),can u get another name y do u hav to be so obsene.