Taib Probe Opens In Germany – Breaking News!

Taib Probe Opens In Germany – Breaking News!

11 Sep 2011

Funny money – at last the world is starting to investigate Taib’s wealth

The Federal Republic of Germany has become the latest country to announce that it is mounting corruption and money laundering investigations into Sarawak’s Chief Minister, Abdul Taib Mahmud.

The development places serious further international pressure on BN to deal with their corrupted State Minister, who was forced to promise he would soon resign during the recent elections, but now shows no sign of doing so.

We can reveal that the decision was confirmed to the Swiss NGO, the Bruno Manser Foundation at the end of last week and that the investigations are already under way. 

The move follows similar action in May by the Swiss Federation, which in turn finally prompted Malaysia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to initiate its own on-going enquiries into Taib, who has blatantly abused his political power in Sarawak to enrich himself over the past 30 years.

The MACC announcement in June, as reported by The Star


Trouble for Deutsche Bank !

Deustche Bank HQ – facing tough questions over Taib

The German announcement immediately places an embarrassing spotlight on one of country’s most recognised  institutions, the global financial giant, Deutsche Bank.

Sarawak Report has been reporting on Deutsche Bank’s uncomfortable links with the Taib family assets for months and in June the Bruno Manser Foundation (BMF) led an official protest over the Bank’s involvement in alleged profits from timber corruption.

The NGO has now presented the German Finance Ministry with a dossier revealing further connections between Taib and Germany’s largest bank.

These latest concerns include the connections involving the multi-million ringgit investment banking operation K & N Kenanga Holdings Bhd, where Deutsche Asia Bank and Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS), Taib’s family company, are together by far the biggest shareholders.

A merger in 2001 between K & N Kenanga, then 30% owned by Deutsche Asia Bank and the controversial finance subsidiary of CMS, Sarawak Securities Sdn Bhd, gained the combined company Universal Broker Status from the Securities Commission. 

Separate questions have also been raised over an unusual bond issue brokered in 2005 by Deutsche Bank AG in Labuan on behalf of the State of Sarawak.  The deal raised US$800 million through a private company, SGOS Capital Holdings Sdn Bhd, described as 100% owned by the State Secretary of Sarawak.  The 10 year bond is backed by the State of Sarawak.

Details of the investigation

In an email to BMF (see below) Germany’s Finance Ministry has now confirmed that it has authorised the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority, BaFin, to launch a full enquiry into the connections between the country’s leading financial institution and the Taib family.

The email’s explanation of BaFin’s role leaves no doubt that the remit of that enquiry, will  include money laundering:

The German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), which comes under the Federal Ministry of Finance, is not only responsible for bank supervision but also for the supervision of financial institutions in respect of money laundering legislation”.  [Finance Ministry email to BMF last week]

Our exclusive translation of the extremely powerful statement reveals the full seriousness with which the German Government has taken the information presented to it concerning Deutsche Bank’s relationship with Taib.

Writing on behalf of the Ministry, an official explains that money laundering legislation means banks “are obliged to engage in customer due diligence particularly in terms ofidentifying and verifying the contractual partner and any beneficial owners“. In a clear reference to the Chief Minister she also points out that:

 “In the case of so-called politically exposed persons, an increased risk of money laundering has to be assumed, and hence a greater level of due diligence must be observed. Corruption offences rank amongst the predicate offences for money laundering“.

The email thanks the NGO for bringing the matter to the attention of the German Government and for its commitment to fighting corruption!

Thanks to the Bruno Manswer Foundation for its “commitment to fighting corruption” – the translation in full


Dodgy dealings by Deutsche Bank?

After the announcement by the Swiss Federation that it was investigating potential Taib assets in their country the Chief Minister took the unusual step of making a public declaration that he has no remaining investments linked to Switzerland.

260 California Street, San Francisco – one of the Taib family office blocks in North America for which Deutsche Bank has acted as the trustee

However, he will find it impossible to make similar claims about Germany and Deutsche Bank, since a number of such connections have been clearly documented.

Sarawak Report has already revealed, for example, how the German bank acts as a trustee for Taib family assets in the USA. 

The holding company for Sakti International, a multi-million dollar Taib property company in California, is called Sogo Holdings and is based in Jersey, the UK tax haven. 

We have exposed how Taib himself is a 50% shareholder in Sakti International, yet Sogo is registered under the name of Deustche Bank Trustees, thereby conveniently disguising the Chief Minister and his family’s beneficial interest in the property company.

Due diligence by Deustche Bank should surely have raised serious questions over how this ‘politically exposed person’ could have acquired such a fortune in property on the back of a salary of just a few thousand ringgit a month? 

Clearly, their role in concealing that ownership must now be investigated for having potentially assisted in the laundering of the proceeds of political corruption. 

No mention of Taib! – the entry in Jersey’s company registry places Deutsche Bank as the front for Taib’s assets in the USA

Difficult questions that the bank now has to answer therefore, are first why it initially failed to examine Taib beneficial ownerships more closely? And second, why it has failed to respond to the revelations by Sarawak Report and other NGOs?

K & N Kenanga Holdings

The investigation is likely to reserve special scrutiny for the major joint venture between Taib’s Cahya Mata Sarawak (CMS) and Deutsche Asia Bank, K & N Kenanga Holdings Bhd.  The investment bank was originally set up by the veteran female financier Dato’ Paduka Noor Zakiah Tengku Ismail, who remains Chairman and still owns substantial shares, alongside her son, one of the Directors, Ismail Harith Merican.

Chairman – YM Tengku Dato’ Paduka Noor Zakiah Tengku Ismail

However the largest two shareholders are now Deutsche Asia Bank and CMS. 

The substantial worth of the company is made plain in its latest financial records, which report that K & N Kenanga has assets worth around RM 3 billion and received a revenue of RM 250 million in 2010

CMS’s Chief Finance Officer Richard Curtis is a Director of the investment bank, as are a number of other CMS Directors, including Ahmad Alwee Alsree who is Taib’s own son in law.

Alsree declares that he has no financial interest in the compay as a Director.  Yet, he fails to mention that his wife Hanifah Taib owns a substantial share of CMS, of which he too is a Director!  

Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd, largely owned by the Taibs, is the biggest shareholder in K & N Kenanga, followed by Deutsche Asia Pacific

Brokering bonds

They said it! - from K & N Kenanga's Annual Report

Deutsche Bank is also likely to be asked what checks it made when it took up the role as ‘sole book-runner’ for a massive bond  issue guaranteed by the State of Sarawak in 2005 through a private company SGOS Capital Holdings Sdn Bhd for US$800 million.

An announcement explains “The State Financial Secretary wholly owns SGOS whose main business is that of holding strategic assets on behalf of the State of Sarawak”.

Cosy relationship ?

In its press release today the Bruno Manser Foundation has questioned whether this close relationship between Deutsche Bank and Taib was the reason why the bank suddenly and without warning decided to close a donation account to the charity in 2004?

The press release states that at the time a spokesman told the charity:

“There is a reason for this decision. But no one will tell you what it is”

The charity now says it believes the decision was a response BMF’s criticisims of Taib’s timber corruption:

“The Bruno Manser Fonds assumes that the account was closed out of consideration to the close business relationship between Deutsche Bank and the Taib family”.

It is likely that this will now be another of the questions that Deutsche Bank will be forced to answer when it is questioned by the German authorities.

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  • tothepoint

    MACC are forced to investigate Taib becos of pressure from outside Malaysia. Anyway, MACC so far have been doing a great job as "Malaysian Agency for Corruption Coverup".

    • Concerned sarawakian

      Don't expect macc will do anything great. Last time its probe on Taib's japanese timber kickbacks returned no results. See this link yourself! http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/67041

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog


      • Sarawak Report

        we are spreading untrue stories for fun lah. dont be too serious.

    • Kelumpit

      We do not listen to untrue things .

  • sarawakian


    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      sarawakian..At least they enjoyed tax payers money while I don't.The department is NOT useless but the person running it maybe bro.!!!

  • radzitan

    as far as M'sia is concern there will be "No Further Action" on

    this EM Pirate/Robber Baron!

  • peninsularian

    MACC… shame on u!!!

  • MagnisPhyricon

    Check this out:

    Dato’ Richard Alexander John Curtis, group MD of CMS and PPeS is also the Non-Executive Director to the Board of Directors of K & K Kenanga Holding.

    Datuk Syed Ahmad Alwee Alsree (“Datuk Syed Ahmad”), Taib's son in law, is group director of CMS, also the Deputy Chairman and was appointed as Non-Independent Non-Executive Director of K & N Kenanga Holdings Berhad. Ahmad Alwee other directorships in public companies include Kenanga Investors Berhad, KKB Engineering Berhad and SIG Gases Berhad.

    By looking into this, it seems that the two companies were linking to each other in many business aspects with the two link men, specializes in running their obscured businesses abroad.

  • http://deleted OlangKampung

    AYU~~~U~U~U!!! Taib says ~ Those people are jealous for they do no know how to made monies. Ok mah, my families rich. Who tell the Natives to elect me. They wanted me to cut the TREES so WHAT!!! they can live in Kuching, Sibu or Miri. I'm not greedy neither corrupted but made monies selling TIMBERS.

  • aborium

    To me, the most telling part is "Taib himself is a 50% shareholder in Sakti International". In simple terms, it means here you've documented evidence of a Chief Minister who is a direct shareholder of a company while in office.

    Now tell us, is that legally permitted under our Malaysian law and Civil Service rules and regulations? You know the answer.

  • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog



  • Money Laundering 101

    State-level money laundering? Why borrow when you can pay outright?

    Why cash-rich Sarawak require external fundings which ends up financing projects for cronies?


    SI Capital Sdn Bhd

    -indirectly owned by Sarawak Incorporated Sdn Bhd

    -100%-held subsidiary of the State Financial Secretary of Sarawak

    – a special purpose vehicle set up to raise the financing facilities


    AmBank report January 2004:

    AmMerchant Bank signed a subscription agreement with SI Capital for the successful arrangement of RM310.0 million Financing Facilities for SI Capital Sdn Bhd


    RAM Ratings reaffirms AAA/P1 ratings of SI Capital’s debt issues

    Published on 10 Aug 2007

    RAM Ratings has reaffirmed the AAA rating of SI Capital Sdn Bhd’s (“SI Capital” or “the Company”) RM167 million Al-Bai’ Bithamin Ajil Bonds (“BaIDS”), as well as the AAA/P1 ratings of the Company’s RM143 million Murabahah Commercial Papers/Medium-Term Notes Facility (“MCP/MMTN”) (both collectively referred to as “the financing facilities”); the long-term AAA ratings have a stable outlook.

    SI Capital, set up to raise the financing facilities, is indirectly owned by Sarawak Incorporated Sdn Bhd (“SISB”), a 100%-held subsidiary of the State Financial Secretary of Sarawak. The redemption of the financing facilities will ultimately be the responsibility of the State Government of Sarawak (or “the State”) under the Concession Agreement, Lease Agreement and Redeemable Preference Shares Agreement, which form the components of these transactions.

    The reaffirmed ratings take into consideration the structural features of the financing facilities, SI Capital’s obligations under the governing agreements, and counterparty risk. Given that the Company has minimal performance obligations under the various agreements, the ratings essentially reflect its counterparty risk, which is deemed low as SI Capital takes on the credit risk of the State.

    Meanwhile, the State is deemed to have a superior credit profile, underpinned by its solid fiscal performance and strong liquidity position. While Sarawak’s natural resources are likely to ensure steady revenue growth, the State continues to pursue economic diversification and to develop its manufacturing sector, while focusing on high-tech and knowledge-based industries. Having said this, RAM Ratings will reassess the ratings of the financing facilities should there be any major changes in Sarawak’s policies and practices which may affect SI Capital’s credit-risk profile.


    SI Capital’s Islamic debt securities reaffirmed

    The Star, Tuesday August 24, 2010

    PETALING JAYA: RAM Ratings has reaffirmed the AAA and AAA/P1 ratings of SI Capital Incorporated Sdn Bhd’s RM167mil 2004/2017 Islamic debt securities and RM143mil 2004/2011 Murabahah commercial papers/ medium-term notes programme respectively.

    SI Capital is an indirectly-owned subsidiary of Sarawak Incorporated Sdn Bhd, which in turn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the State Financial Secretary of Sarawak.

    The rating agency has also given a stable outlook for the long-term ratings of SI Capital, a special purpose vehicle set up to raise the financing facilities.

    Funds to redeem the facilities was derived from payments from the state government under three agreements inked between the state government and SI Capital.

    RAM Ratings real estate and construction ratings head Shahina Azura Halip said given that SI Capital had minimal performance obligations under the various agreements, the ratings essentially reflected counterparty risk, which was deemed low as the state had a strong credit profile underpinned by solid fiscal performance and strong liquidity position.

    “Payments from the state to SI Capital have been prompt to date and are envisaged to remain so going forward,” she said.

    Shahina added that the company’s projected debt service coverage ratio was expected to remain above 2.28 times throughout the tenure of the financing facilities, which was well above the covenanted 1.25 times.


    Company: Si Capital Sdn Bhd

    Executive title(s): Director

    Industry: Construction Services


    Wilson Baya Anak Dandot Amar is Director of Si Capital Sdn Bhd. With a free trial subscription you can view Wilson Baya Anak Dandot’s email addresses ( @ Si Capital Sdn Bhd's domain ) and you can see emails of other executives at Si Capital Sdn Bhd. Other information includes Wilson Baya Anak Dandot Amar ’s email, phone, and extension. Similar names to Amar can be found in the Executive Directory. (More)

    Get Information on Wilson Baya Anak Dandot Amar and other executives

    Si Capital Sdn Bhd CEO, CFO and other executives

    From CIDB Listing:

    A. Maklumat Syarikat: :



    Postcode 93250

    Town : KUCHING

    State: SARAWAK

    Telephone: 082-573808

    Fax : 082575288

    D. Maklumat Ahli Lembaga Pengarah:

    Bil Nama Warganegara Jawatan




    H.Maklumat Projek:

    ….7. Construction & Completion Of The Proposed Staff Office Complex, Block 13, Kapit 22-12-2003 RM 42,886,268.64 SI CAPITAL SDN. BHD.<<<<——-


    A. Maklumat Syarikat: :



    Postcode 96000

    Town : SIBU

    State: SARAWAK

    Telephone: 084-326000

    Fax : 084-311739

    H.Maklumat Projek:

    …11. The Construction And Completion Of The Proposed Housing For Government Officers, Mukah 09-02-2004 RM 19,841,296.00 SI CAPITAL SDN. BHD.


    A. Maklumat Syarikat: :

    Company Name : PERBENA EMAS SDN. BHD.


    Postcode 96000

    Town : SIBU

    State: SARAWAK

    Telephone: 084-333366

    Fax : 084-314555

    D. Maklumat Ahli Lembaga Pengarah:

    Bil Nama Warganegara Jawatan






    …H.Maklumat Projek:

    10. The Const & Comp Of The Proposed State Government Office Complex 16-06-2004 RM 50,900,902.58 SI CAPITAL SDN. BHD.

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      Money Laundering 101….Yes,Money laundering and tax evasion too.

      MOF and BNM have to do their work too….Just can't wait to see all these CROOKS in jails for the two crimes that they are committing..serious offence and let us make CORRUPTION mandatory death sentence by FIRING SQUAD

  • Realistic

    I am so sick of the local politicians, BN politicians, i mean, who have full knowledge of CM Taib's corruptions and did nothing to prevent it from ballooning into such a massive scale, at the expense of the Sarawak people, especially the natives and the degradation of our pristine, natural forests for the massive greed of one person. Even the outspoken, Dr M is silent on this matter. For the man in the street, it can only mean one thing…they are all involve in it. Taib is smart…he make sure powerful people in the BN federal govt and his cronies in the Sarawak state govt have their share, provide them financial assistance also so that they will shut their mouth and continue to defend him, as we continue to see and read in the local newsprint. Lastly, in a world where money is king,we should also blame the local businessmen for being complicit in the politics of patronising, which is so evident in Sarawak,for plundering the state of its natural resources and contribute to the degradation of business ethics in the state

    • awmosa pesysh


  • najibrazak

    More and more it seems that we will have to forgo what Taib gives us and drop him before the general election. If we do not do this we will lose in Sarawak and Sabah and therefore lose overall.That cannot be contemplated. Malaysia is a Malay reserve and will always be so, even if we have to stop pretending to be a democracy. So, sorry Mahmud T. Goodbye and thanks for the memory and the money!

    • miri

      What has Taib given us ?

      • najibrazak

        You nothing. Najib everything

        • miri

          Please explain. Would like to hear your view.

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Yes, for you to buy more handbags and rings for the FAT LADY..ops..first lady

    • miri

      What has Taib given us ?

    • miri

      Sarawak and Sabah are the Malay reserves ?

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        miri…My foot,Malaya maybe but NOT our beloved Sarawak.Sarawak was a country by herself before joining Malaya to form Malaysial ops..Malaysia.I do NOT agree and now we are under Malaya 'jajahan'…

      • najibrazak

        No. Political innocent! BN reserves

        • miri

          Are you a Sarawakian ?

        • miri

          Are you a Sarawakian ?

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          najibrazak..Yes, BN's reserved for oil and

          gas,electricity,plantation land,coal reserves and

          many many many more.

          But remember that 'ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END".No greed please,we are Sarawakians…

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Pea brain man…graduated from Tanjung Rambutan..you will be an opposition soon.

  • Anton

    Such a lot of official documents have been issued to MACC on Taib thievery yet the MACC is still investigating, while in TBH's case, MACC drilled him throughout the night till he turned suicidal? How atrocious could we get? The shitty law minister was reported to have said just yesterday that malaysians must respect the law and stop abuses? What is this lack of action from MACC which reports to this law minister idiot and the PM? If three foreign govts ( viz. france, Switzerland and now Germany) can initiate legal action against issues raised by malaysians with so much proof , yet MACC fails to act, what can we make of this country, it's um o mafia rulers and lackeys in govt. Malaysians need to come clean now, otherwise the Malays will be known as a culture that tolerates murder, corruption, fitnah etc just for special rites? Think about it. Do we want to become the laughing stock of the world, when middle east people are coming clean of their rogue leaders.?

  • bucklynn rimbar

    mony mony mony must be funny,its a richman world…dat the famous ABBA tune.guys will this report bring a wind of change for the majority of the electorate this coming parliamentary election.

    federal government depends on sabah and sarawak to contained the majority seats in parliament.so they will maintain the status quo.or let the boys do wat they want so dat we can do wat we want,approach.

    the rural folks are put in a corner,to make the choice of survival.

    we will see and know the outcome as it was with the state election.

    hence,its never ending and hate,anger,distrust and racial conflict reigns and govern us sarawakians.

    with this i wil stil preach truth justice and fairness to anyone,even to our leaders,government and opposition.cos tis our way to get rid of lies corruption and maladministration in our homeland,our kampongs our towns and our people.everyone in sarawak and malaysia deserve the best this country hav to offer regardless of race.remember there are poor chinese,indians,malays or wat about the indonesian illegal migrants(semenanjung) or filipino migrants(sabah).pls

    they are poor too.we must be human and care for human.

    i know from bidayuh or dayak or malay culture,we giv drinks or food to visitors.wen they come to our home,this is not necesary bad and ugly.

    guys,let lov peace and joy rule our state and country.

    if not we are all doom.

    sarawak negeri kita…..wer can we go….go to negara orang putih,they say we are pendatang or stay in u.k…we are cal pendatang.sory s.r do we really feel wanted there.at times we are cal chinky or yellow or banana.

    pls sarawak is my home i know we got issues but we can solve it if we can work together.

  • Blunt Speaker

    MACC of Malaysia, the most corrupt and loathsome agency in the world! Mahathir mamak, the most corrupt and greatest hypocrite in the world! Taib mahmud, the most corrupt and greediest man in the world! Malaysia has the most corrupt and worst people in the world! Let's get rid of the garbage and do a major cleanup or else we are doomed. Let's retrieve back what we've lost to these robbers so that the future will be brighter for everyone in Malaysia, especially our beloved Sarawak! Let's do it with together, with the priceless help we receive from Sarawak report. A BIG THANK YOU MILLION TIMES OVER TO SARAWAK REPORT! Let's overhaul our damaged and beloved homeland together!

  • aborium

    Looks like the coming GE is mother of all elections. Never before have we to face an election that has many sides to it and issues that are wide ranging – racial and religious tensions, voices of autonomy in Sabah & Sarawak, street demonstration, rights over NCR lands, legitimacy of Malaysian history called into question, unsettled high profile cases of deaths, illegal immigrants, demands for free and fair elections & cleaning up of electoral list, environmental disasters and concerns, escalating cost of living, insider trading, corruption and money laundering, court case involving leader of opposition, perceived lack of trust in judicial process, and inability of MACC to investigate and prosecute, voices of dissent getting louder over the internet, education degradation, PR foul-ups and media scandals……wow, how can our leaders sleep peacefully at night?

    Do you think the present ruling BN can resolve these issues before the next GE? Do you think Pakatan has all the solutions and ability to resolve? Who will win the next GE?

  • bucklynn rimbar

    not b.n not pakatan,wil not resolve anything….we hav the power in our hand but will we decide based on reason or emotion.it really depend on us.but my guess is….b.n wil win….sorry but its the truth.cos the voters will vote for b.n.maybe in urban area wer there are chinese voters it wil differ…i m talking in the context of sarawak.not malaysia.many states in peninsula wil fal to pakatan.but sabah n sarawak,no we still go for b.n.cos the majority don want to face the aftermath.or shud i say the candidates chosen for the rural area are not popular on the ground.

    i won my bet the last time wit watchdog,the last state election.remember.

    • miri

      It appears that you are happy to see BN retaining power and condemning our people to life-long poverty and ignorance !

      We only have ourselves to BLAME.

      • bucklynn rimbar

        miri,i m a realist.hence the values n virtues of sarawakians n malaysians hav to change.u change government or system but if the people don hav good values,we get the same thing.

        look at soviet,under communism and now….system of governance don change the people.its stil corrupt as it was then.

        or china,deng zhau ping said that if china is open to democracy it wil catch the democracy sickness wic is corruption.i remember reading his interview.but his communist state was equally corrupt.

        so the election wil not change the state of corruption to a none corrupt state,values and virtues does via education and practices.

        join hand with me to spread truth,justice and fairness so dat our beloved land of sarawak and country of malaysia be filled with joy lov n peace,not hate anger and frustration as it is now.

        • miri

          You are not a realist. you are a defeatist, surrendering without a fight !

          While I understand the sheer despair and apathy among our people, we cannot hold up our arms and say there is nothing we can do about it.

          Deng said, "When you open the windows, you let the flies in. " But he understood the issue on the ground. He lifted 300 million of his people out of poverty and admitted that he could stop corruption, abuse of power, environmental disasters etc. On balance he believed that the price was worth paying. China is now the second largest economy in the world.

          Not like China, we have a vote. Aborium calls this coming GE13 the mother of all election ! PR is asking the people for the chance to serve, and we should give them that chance.

        • miri

          You are not a realist. you are a defeatist, surrendering without a fight !

          While I understand the sheer despair and apathy among our people, we cannot hold up our arms and say there is nothing we can do about it.

          Deng said, "When you open the windows, you let the flies in. " But he understood the issue on the ground. He lifted 300 million of his people out of poverty and admitted that he could not stop corruption, abuse of power, environmental disasters etc. On balance he believed that the price was worth paying. China is now the second largest economy in the world.

          Not like China, we have a vote. Aborium calls this coming GE13 the mother of all election ! PR is asking the people for the chance to serve, and we should give them that chance.

        • miri

          You are not a realist. you are a defeatist, surrendering without a fight !

          While I understand the sheer despair and apathy among our people, we cannot hold up our arms and say there is nothing we can do about it.

          Deng said, “When you open the windows, you let the flies in. ” But he understood the issue on the ground. He lifted 300 million of his people out of poverty and admitted that he could not stop corruption, abuse of power, environmental disasters etc. On balance he believed that the price was worth paying. China is now the second largest economy in the world.

          Not like China, we have a vote. Aborium calls this coming GE13 the mother of all election ! PR is asking the people for the chance to serve, and we should give them that chance.

  • Kelumpit

    Bloody hell this sarawak report…spreading lies again and again.

    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      Kelumpit..God bless you as you are brain dead..Well DONE Sarawak Report..we want more please!!!More,more,more!!

    • chinchaikong

      Kelumpit = BN Ball Lifter,

  • Adel

    Too many corrupt parasites in Malaysia, sucking dry its citizens.

  • Fighter

    Ayah, MACC practically means "Money Accepted Corruption Coverup". In this case, what can we expect such agency which is the political tool used by BN against its external opponents or internal adversaries and cover up their own corruption.

    In Sarawak, the rural folks reveal that the Corrupted Minister has been engaging thugs in votes buying in rural areas. Rural voters are asked to make solemn swearing or threatened to vote for bn after accepting the money either wiilingly or unwillingly. In the recent state election, 100% winining of seats contested by corrupted minister's party and major losses in urban areas is a case in point. How to tackle the thugs is the key to overthrow bn in Sarawak in next national election. Any suggestions?

    Please express thanks and support to Sarawak Report through donations as I've done. Actions speak louder than words, my dear country men.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    don blame the rural folks,they re right in saying b.n or pakatan sama gak,better b.n,then pakatan.cos after election they wont com bck until the nex election.

    life is jus d same to them,they don even read s.r.they don know wats going on lah.

    so blaming them is not fair.pls,they do wat they know best.

  • Billbixby Richard

    If BaFin also futile with their investigation like MACC we should hire either FBI or NYPD from USA to catch this Sarawak Ali Baba.

  • Neutral

    Before MACC investigate taib personally, Jabu, Masing & mawan are at the forefront to defend taib. They didn't think taib is corrupt. How the MACC officers can proceed further?

    That 3 stooges are devils of the dayaks. What they did to the ibans are the same (as taib) if they were given the opportunity to rule 30yrs. The difference is the amt in dollars. Jabu also robbed NCR lands and sold to big companies for quick profits. Masing & mawan also got free shares from NCR lands deal with JV companies at the expense of rural folks.

    We got to remove the whole devils regiment. Unfortunately couldn't use the gun but yr votes.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    miri,how to fight u say….wat u fighting…the b.n government…how…election…pls u aspiration is gud…but…u tell me after the mother or father of election…u n me don control the mind of the electorate.

    seriously,do u know the seats allocation n how they are being control??????u know who are in charge of the voters n how to control them.

    politics don exist in a vacuum.people control it wit value system,change the value system u change the way politics is being done.wen u used corrupt practices,then its mony politics.

    as for now we still hold on to mony system…

    i m not a defeatist….i hav new methods to preach..beliv me its jus simple..truth,justice n fairness..pls miri,let unite on this together…until we unite on this 3keys,we can never see sarawak free of all this evil of lies n corruption.

    God bless u miri…we can change sarawak together,u in miri,i in kuching.i hope to see u in person.i b in miri soon.u my bro,as we all sarawakians,bro in arms.

  • patrick



    • bucklynn rimbar

      patrick,the lov of mony is the root of al evil,mony is gud in itself but the lov of mony leds to corruption n expliotation of the country.not jus sarawak.