Taib Backs Off Baram!

Taib Backs Off Baram!

10 Sep 2011

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The Baram River – Taib sees only the flow of money

The climb down over the Baram Dam is very significant and everyone who has stood up in protest should accept credit.  Others should take note that legitimate protest works!

In the face of the growing outrage at the planned destruction of one of Sarawak’s most unspoilt regions and the displacement of tens of thousands of people, even the greedy Chief Minister came to the conclusion that it would be utterly foolhardy to try to fight the upcoming federal election while trying to defend the indefensible.

Now the acquisitive old tyrant hopes that he can brush aside all questions on the subject by saying that the project is “on hold”!

But don’t be fooled

However, this is not a time to heave a sigh of relief.  For Taib and his diminishing gang this is just a tactical retreat. They had realised that his reckless plans were threatening to break his control over some key seats in the area in the face of the growing strength of the opposition.

They calculate that if BN can win the next election then they will have a full five years to come back and push through their plans for SCORE. Baram will be back on the agenda in no time.

So, at every point in this election campaign Taib should be asked why the Baram Dam has not been CANCELLED instead of postponed! 

The full horror of SCORE - no less than 12 new dams to ruin every river in Sarawak

All those 20,000 Kenya, Kelabit, Kayan and Penan who are threatened by that dam and their fellow tribespeople should resist being taken in.  They have had proof that Taib has been fully prepared to turf them out of their homes and swamp the vast area that was their homeland (having stolen all the timber first).

The fact that the old man could even CONTEMPLATE such an act should confirm to them that he can never be trusted with their votes.  Some headmen will say otherwise, of course.  But Taib turned the headmen from chosen representatives of the people into his own paid appointees – now headmen are supposed to say what he tells them to say or they lose their money and position.

Cut off! Many of the displaced people in Sugai Asap can’t afford electricity – even though they were promised it for free

The people should look instead at the disaster that faced the people of Bakun, who were promised jobs, wealth, comfort and grand new lives in return for the destruction of their region. 

Instead, they have been housed in the sink town refugee centre of Sungai Asap, many of them facing hopeless lives with inadequate education and medical services.

What is more, the promises of free water and electricity from the dam that took their livelihoods turned out to be false.  Many of these people have been cut off, because the promised ‘jobs’ have failed to provide them with the money to pay the bills (yet SESCO, run by Taib’s cousin Hamid Sepawe, turns a blind eye to the fact that the billionaire Chief Minister has cheated on his own bills by running a by-pass cable into his house!).

Taib’s dream

The fact that Taib, through his side-kick Planning Minister Awang Tengah, has announced that he has decided to carry on with the Baleh Dam immediately instead, should make it plain to all that Taib has no intention of giving up on his dreams to make himself the richest man on earth by exploiting the natural resources of Sarawak.

The Baleh Dam will also affect thousands of people and destroy great areas and a wonderful stretch of river.  It is just less electorally dangerous for PBB, so all Taib has done is switch the order in which he intends to build his 12 planned dams across all the main rivers of Sarawak.

Not one of these dams serves a single demonstrable need, since the State already had excess electricity provision BEFORE the Bakun dam was completed this year.

Taib is judge and jury of his own projects

No one who is threatened by a dam should think for one minute that Taib has really changed his increasingly feeble mind. Neither should they imagine that there is a single way to stop the old dictator for as long as he is in power.

Taib is the Chief Minister, Finance Minister and Planning Minister driving the whole SCORE project forward as he attempts to raise $66 billion dollars of investment in his schemes.  He has also appointed himself Chairman of the Natural Resources and Environment Board, whose job it is to approve the Environmental Impact Assessment on his own plans! 

So do we think they will get approval?  Do we think that the Chief Minister will approve his own self-enriching scheme?  The situation is laughable, save for being so sad.

The aluminium smelting plant placed just by people’s homes in Mukah has caused multiple health problems. The deadly side-product flourine is caused by the process.

Taib’s dream is to turn Sarawak into a money-making machine for himself.  He has already taken the timber and he has turned much of the land into palm oil plantation – an area he intends to double shortly.  Now he wants to turn the polluted rivers into a vast power generation scheme.

He knows that many countries need this level of power to smelt aluminium and that this process is very unpopular in most places in the world, because it is so dangerous and polluting.  So he is now going round courting the big aluminium companies and inviting them to come and pollute what is left of what used to be one of the cleanest and most untouched areas on earth.

Already many people of Mukah are suffering health problems because of the first such plant, which the Chairman of the Environment Board clearly thought was suitable to be placed right near to their houses and plantation areas in his own constituency.

The rest of the people of Sarawak should look at the sufferers of aluminium poisoning in Mukah and consider the future that the Chief Minister of Sarawak has in plan for them as he walks away dripping in wealth from all the investment that will have passed through his hands.

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  • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

    What more can I say? Well done SR.Good work.Taib,please leave nature alone..God's creation is for us ALL and not for one man,one family,one crony,one race, Melanau alone!!

    No MONOPOLY of state's wealth please

    • syukur

      YAH,sadly those interior bunch of Sarawakian still in the dark,being manipulated,used and worst engineered by those cronies yang akan tanggung dosa dosa besar terhadap RAKYAT SARAWAK!!! Those sickening group yang bersekongkol!!!

  • Neutral

    Never blame MELANAU. Nothing to do with race, it's only the work of one devil under the influence of super demons the bomoh.

    If other Melanau happened to benefit from his evil doings that s their fate. Rezeki jangan ditolak. And not all Melanau suck his balls, some still live under nipah leaves.

    • syukur

      Betul3!!! not the race BUT try to understand those with fat stomach that are always hungry and thirsty and they will remain so here and there after,if they dont repent immediately.

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Syukur..Yes, I do but what about this?




        4.Ta Ann that take the land and Forest,Who??

        5.Quality Concrete..that take the Timber Forest,WHO???


        7.Titanium for BRIDGES…WHO??

        The lists are endless…I don't see any Dayaks in there…Is sit true or am I wrong???

        That is pure GREED, MONOPOLY by ONE RACE..WHO?? Dayaks????

      • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

        Syukur..Yes, I do but what about this?




        4.Ta Ann that take the land and Forest,Who??

        5.Quality Concrete..that take the Timber Forest,WHO???


        7.Titanium for BRIDGES…WHO??

        The lists are endless…I don't see any Dayaks in there…Is it true or am I wrong???

        That is pure GREED, MONOPOLY by ONE RACE..WHO?? Dayaks????

  • Bobby Ooi

    What can anyone say other than your destiny is in your hands.

    All Sarawakians should heed the wake up call and unite to throw this despot out of office. It's no good moaning and groaning here and there and do nothing about it.

    Come GE13 just vote PR and see what will happen because it just simply could not get any worse than what it is now. It will be a travesty if you Sarawakians do nothing beside moaning and groaning for this will be the greatest crime against your future generations.


  • Blunt Speaker

    This man's greed is satanic, beyond control and human reasoning. I won't be surprised if he is the greediest man on earth. If he has the calibre of Lee Kuan Yew and also the state's welfare at heart, I don't mind him getting rich, at least in a win win situation. If the rural people are well taken care of and have their facilities and livelihood enhanced, and the state's infrastructure and overall development are in tact like in Singapore, I will have nothing more to complain. What is happening and has been so since he helm the state is devastating, destruction to nature and rural lives at the highest order! Even the Brunei sultan is doing a much better job in governing his state by reducing import tax and abolishing income tax, monthly allowance of B$200 every month for every redundant senior citizen aged 55 and above, high salaries for his subjects and annual bonuses plus HARI raya goodies. If Brunei which only depends on its oil and foreign investments and Singapore on trade or commerce can prosper and do so well, why not Sarawak? Reason is this Tahi tyrant keeps everything to himself, not willing to share, SELFCENTRED, conceited, selfish, stingy, inconsiderate and having no heart for the RAKYAT in general, except his own clan and cronies. Shall we let his reign of destruction and infliction of sufferings to the people continue like nobody's business? Think again! Let's do some soul-searching!

    • Blunt Speaker

      Not abolishing but giving out monthly allowance of B200 to senior citizens and paying high salaries to his subjects without income tax…

    • http://google.com Nelson Mandela Janti

      Blunt speaker, we must realize that we the Dayaks(Ou,Iban,Kayan,Kelabit,Lunbawang, Penans, Ukits,Bidayuh etc)including our so-called wakil rakyat must take the blame for allowing this thief Tahi monster to perpetually do what he is doing now.He has lost all the conscience that the wealth and resources rightly belong to all Sarawakians including the Melanau. We must put a stop to this evil, greedy and corrupt tyrant.

    • ItIsMe

      Where are the law and justice? With such obvious corruption practice, the government is not able to take any action! How much wealth a person desire? Are we able to enjoy the excess after us past away?

      In the whole matter, God is watching. There will be one day by some other mean, the justice will be revealed to the whole Tail’s household.

  • Bajik

    We have to sacrifice some of our rights and privileges for the general good of Sarawak and Malaysia just as the others too. We should come out of our self-imposed silos and selfishness. Other races do not claim big NCR lands most of the times unreasonably as we do. We, dayaks, behave like extortionists putting the govts at ransom when in fact the govts are doing good things for the nation and our children and their future. Where are the values that we are supposed to have being christians. I am ashamed to be a dayak.

    Other races also have their right to the country's progress too. We should not stand in the way of the nation's progress . That is betrayal. That is treacherous.This is blatant ransoming of the very nation that bear us and our burden as its citizen like no other.

    • Blunt Speaker

      Batik, you have to be realistic! I am also a Christian and I can discern for myself whether the GOVT is good or bad, whether the leaders especially people like Taib, Mahathir and Najib are corrupt or not. The rampant destruction of virgin jungles, wiping out of massive landscape for their trees and killing uncountable living creatures in the name of greed. Is that what you want and support, the devastation of God's creation? You call yourself a Christian, do you support greed, ruthlessness, recklessness, cruelty or EVIL? Either you commit the sin of commission or omission or both, you are still SINFUL in the eyes of God. Repent, and pray for the spirit of discernment be upon you. This GOVT is the GOVT of destruction and greed, the contributor to global warming and the introduction of hazards to the environment. Their intentions of building so many dams are to plunder the trees, lusting for the commissions, wealth and self enrichments, also from the construction works. This rotten GOVT will do worse things if we RAKYAT do not make a stand but allow their plunder and daylight robberies to continue. The ILLGOTTEN wealth amassed by these corrupt BN leaders is enough to make Sarawak a developed state on par with Singapore, if not richer. Wake up Bajik, God's children should not support corruption, greed, hypocrisy and wanton destruction of His creation or you will be as sinful as those EVIL men!

      • Bajik

        Abordum, Obviously, you are bent at hitting out at the govt with all the hatred and propaganda imbibed by those opposing the govt. You are just a bigotted fool used by the opposition and the country's enemies. you are an ungrateful dayak. We don't like you. And we do not want to be like you. Ungentleman,bad !

        • aborium

          We think you're a fool and likewise we don't fancy fools!

        • Blunt Speaker

          We are no supporter of the opposition! We are the supporters of truth and justice! If opposition GOVT is just as bad, we are ever ready to kick it out of outer space. We want a clean, fair and just GOVT, not like you batik! I reiterate, if Sarawak is at least on par with Singapore now, I will be quiet, not until then!

        • Abang Bajik

          well aborium, you are definitely the worst among fools ! very unchristianly ! Do not try to theologize me when your mouth is full of filths faeces and dungs. Moron.

        • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

          Bajik..Lester Melanie is in London together with PJJ. He cannot come home as he will be arrested once he set in Malaysia.

          Well done Sarawak report..it's a great job.

          Also to Abang Bajik..Why do you hate Lester? he does no wrong.Please do NOT judge others or you will be judged? By who?? God of course.

          May GOD bless both of you.

        • miri

          Would like to hear your intelligent and constructive views. Any ?

      • aborium

        Blunt, this is typical example of a fella who is either blind or incapable of seeing the truth of the matter. Or perhaps he's commission earner who feels the guilt and the need to justify and cleanse his earnings through his pathetic and ostensible posturings. He is the real enemy of the people.

        • marudian

          ..Or people benefited from the current political system. It used to be everyone get a piece of 'it', but as population grows,it's impossible to maintain a fair distribution by having old style 'you help me I help you' governance. Plus the people governing are getting greedier…

        • http://google.com Nelson Mandela Janti

          Based on the name Bajik this scum ball polisher is not a "he" it is a "she". Bajik in the Iban language means "beautiful". Unless this scum is a"pondan".

        • Abang Bajik

          hey you lester melanyie, bastard, you are an ungrateful dayak. you have prostituted yourself to the urang putih… ngamput sundal din nuan

        • Blunt Speaker

          Abang bajik, you are a horrible person! What comes out of your mouth is full of filth, faeces, dung,maggots, scum and obscenities! It speaks volumes the type of person you are, uncouth, low class and despicable in the lowest term! So sad and regretful there exists such a person or loathsome being! Are you possessed by one of the hantus Tahi rears?

  • Ulusaviour

    WHY, WHY, WHY?

    It has been known for many, many years, worldwide, that once a dam is built, NOTHING will survive downstream for years.

    The area below a dam becomes devoid of life due to the fact that NO microorganisms that sustain life reach there, they are trapped behind the dam.

    Research the life below other dams around the globe, there is no life sustaining organisms flowing.

  • aborium

    We think the people of Sarawak are willing to do the sacrificial bits that Bajik mentioned, but if the sacrifices were done to enrich those in power leaving only the crumbs to society, what's the point? That's stupidity, no matter which angle you look at it.

    Not to mention the environmental and human (socio-cultural displacement) costs that come along with the building of the dams. The deplorable deal which the displaced people were made to resettle in Sungai Asap is a case in point.

    Throw your EIA reports out of the window because these were normally done to appease the project owner and the authorities. They're for window dressing. And who has the final say? You know the answer to that.

    Are the people going to enjoy lower electricity tariffs from hydropower on whose lands the people have sacrified? Fat hopes.

  • Anak Iban


  • aborium

    There's a better alternative or stronger justification for building smaller size dams in strategic locations that do not eat up your financial resources, destroy your environment, and uproot people and cultures. Why are these not done?

    The simple truth is these mini hydros don't generate enough financial incentives for those in power and their collaborators. They want bigger returns for themselves. Megalomaniacs.

  • justice4all

    "Do not exploit the poor because they are poor and do not crush the needy in court, for the Lord will take up their case and will plunder those who plunder them." Proverbs 22:22-23

    We need to protect our jungles from being plundered and our rivers from being polluted because these are the heritage of the natives who depended on them for their daily living. As citizens of this state, we have the right to voice our concern as we have only 5% of virgin jungles left. People of Sarawak, fight against all forms of injustice, unfairness and corruption. Vote for change in this coming parliamentary election. Yes, CHANGE WE MUST!!

    • miri

      The incumbent BN will fight tooth and nail, engaging the dirtiest tricks by means of threat, bribery, vote rigging in the forthcoming GE13 in order to cling on to power. The signs are that the police, the armies and the judges are lining up behind the incumbent to protect the status quo. Such is the sad state of affair in our so called democratic system.

      Yes, people want CHANGE. In any true democracy,change brings freshness, new ideas, new energies and talents. But how do we remove these old and discredited despots from office ? Our educated urban folks are ready for new challenges. However, our rural folks are easily frightened and bought. Works must begin now on grass root level. Words don't usually mean much to our simple, naive folks in the interiors. But imageries do. Photos and moving pictures of the deforestation, pollution of our great rivers, displacement of our people would produce greater impact. Counter the the government's claim of " Progress and Development " is nothing but a pack of lies. It' SCORE project serves only to enrich the chief minister and his families. Their ill gotten wealth and luxury life styles are common knowledge to us, but not to our rural people.

      We have already lost a generation. We are now holding our destiny in our hand in the coming GE13. Are we prepared to lose another generation ?

  • Chin Chai Kong

    The orang ulu are idiot, keep vote for corrupted BN. Sad!

  • http://[email protected] Ismail

    Calling all Sarawakians,its not the end of the world yet.You have to do some soul searching NOW,and stop this TYRANT once and for all.The answer is GE13.VOTE HIM OUT



  • sarawakian


    • http://sarawakcorruption.com Watch Dog

      sarawakian..You are right.True..ha ha ha ha hehy heh eheh ha ha heh heh aha ha Brain dead too

  • bucklynn rimbar

    we hates each other and slagg each other,jus becos we differ.guys,how can we fight injustice,lies and corruption wen we are not even united.dats the game plan the ruling parties are looking for,and we cannot even unite.pls if we re going on this rate, we will be going on this track for eternity.lets unite to rid lies corruptin and injustice in sarawak,and malaysia.

    our state and we sarawakians are talk about as bunch of fools who support lies and corruption and the faults goes to the natives bumiputra for the majority votes.Ask any malaysian or people all over d world.Sarawak,they will tell u wat they read or sees.

    but nothing will change as most of our politicians are jus into politics for their own gains,glamor,mony and power.either way u get them,those in government or those opposing.why do u hav leap frogging or a defunk party coming every g.e.

    the state of the heart hav to change.we HV TO CHANGE…pls hav respect for lester or pjj but respect others too with their opinions.we are all sarawakians and this is our land remember and we want a change.

    truth justice and fairness must prevail in our heart fr it to be in our state or nation of malaysia.

  • Sangkuh Gansai

    Ya lah….really really sad! So many dams built, so much power generated but more the 80% of rural people are still in the dark, no electricity. Power cables are cris cross above their home but there are in the dark. Pray that GOD will judge soon!! Amen.

  • bucklynn rimbar

    these dams makes sarawak land of the damned if we go on hating and cursing everyone and any one we be damned coz its jus damned here and there hence sarawakians and bloggers kip damning each other.

    guys unite and hav a jus cause,we all can agree on,any lies and corruption we distaste,regardless of degree or quantum.a lie is a lie and bribe is corruption.

    so lets try to bring back peace,joy and lov before we and our state be damned forever.

  • APai Bajik

    Bajik & Abang Bajik, both of you are fool. you are"Skunks"..

    You are very ugly. Doesn't look and sound like your name.

    This is the obstructions for We dayak to explain anything.

    Now if you relaise these two of my children …in fact both of them are well educated. I wasted quite a lot of money on them for their schooling. And Yet still they are BODOH !

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