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A bit of work to do

It was in those terms that arch criminal Najib Razak described UMNO preparations for the coming general election. “A bit of work”? The understatement of the year. A Prime Minister internationally known as a mega criminal, a Party held together, where it is held at all, by bribery using public money and attempting to buy Islamist support by promising Islamisation of the criminal law.

Anyone who believes Najib and his gang needs their head examining. Najib claims UMNO will win while knowing perfectly well that a large chunk of former Malay support for UMNO no longer exists. And without that support there is only humiliating defeat. The first UMNO Prime Minister since Independence to lose an election, and not just lose it. See his party swept away on a tide of public discontent and contempt.

Of course Najib knows very well that UMNO will lose and he is not likely to want to spend the remaining money he has stolen on a lost cause. That privilege will go to the Chinese government who have, foolishly, bribed him over the East Coast railway project. The new government will see Beijing back in its box, wiser and poorer.

So we can expect to see Najib running for it well before the election has to be held. And run he will have to as the alternative is life in Sg. Buloh for him, the fat lady and all the other UMNO criminals. The big remaining question is who will have him? And will he want to go where he might be acceptable? Zimbabwe for example?

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