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Not bothered?

On a day when he made a fool of himself attacking cartoons and cartoonists, “current” Deputy Prime Minster Zahid announced that he was not bothered by being “out of favour”

Well he certainly ought to be! Can he be unaware of what being “out of favour” can entail?

Perhaps he needs to be reminded of some names. Najadi, for example, or Altantuya or Bala, or Moraes. All of them objects of “out of favour”. Does Zahid think he is automatically exempt? That would be really foolish. When those unfortunate people crossed arch thief Najib Razak they were not just making themselves unpopular, they were qualifying themselves for “unperson” status. Which was not long in coming.

So to assume that you can put two fingers up to Malaysia’s arch crook is both a foolish and a dangerous assumption. We shall see whether the insouciant Inche Zahid is next in the queue to learn that lesson and be the object of its application.

Of course he may have intended something other than signing his one-way ticket out. Arch criminal Najib’s position weakens by the day. The ship’s rail is lined by rats trying to decide if it is time to jump or to wait for another monetary meal. When Najib runs for it the faintly comic Hishamuddin will have two choices. Run also or book a place in the adjoining cell.

Zahid may have sussed this out and is happy not to be in the so prominent position that he was. That might lessen, but not avoid the penalty

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