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A Breath Of Sanity In A Criminal's World

For so long as many can remember criminal politicians have worked with bent lawyers and corrupt police commanders to cover up the mega crimes of UMNO President Najib Razak and his accomplices.

To that end legislators and public servants have been bribed and/or intimidated into silence over the crime wave of the century, perpetrated by MO1 Najib Razak and his various accomplices. High on the list of the latter, possibly just preceding the criminal IGP, is the current Attorney General Apandi. Without his, albeit bumbling and ludicrously badly hidden, aid Najib would long ago have faced trial for his crimes.

But Apandi, using a mixture of breathtakingly illegal means sang, and continues to sing, the same tune. There is, according to him ,no evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Najib. Never mind the Auditor General’s Report (which Najib tried to smother as an “official secret”). Never mind the evidence of Najib’s crimes detailed in papers waved about by Apandi while declaring Najib innocent in all respects! Never mind the damning expose by the US Department of Justice making plain Najib’s involvement in 1MDB crimes. Still totally innocent!

One is forced to ask whether Apandi is merely the world’s most ignorant lawyer, unfit to plead at any bar and still less so to carry out the functions of Public Prosecutor. Or is he, much more likely, a complicit criminal engaged in shielding Najib from justice. All credit to the Bar Council of Malaysia, then, for making the case for Apandi’s immediate resignation, or forced removal from the office of Attorney General.

In further support of the Council’s arguments it is in fact the case that Attorneys General are appointed by the Agong on the advice of the Prime Minister BUT they hold that office “at the Agong’s pleasure”. So a means of getting rid of Apandi exists if he will not go, as he should, voluntarily.

In any event a breath of sanity in the mad world to which Najib and his fellow criminals have reduced Malaysia. And, hopefully, the first step in getting Najib and his collaborators where they belong. In prison.

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