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Silly Salleh

Communications Minister in arch thief Najib’s “government” Salleh recently treated the people of Sabah to a series of statements the absurdity of which was exceeded only by the pompous peacocking of the speaker.

Some choice examples. Sabahans must vote BN which had brought them prosperity! Unless he meant to confine that definition to the handful of BN crooks who have sucked Sabah dry, forests and all, what BN has actually brought Sabah is a huge illegal immigrant population and then given these people the right to vote. All to cement BN’s grip on State power. Salleh “forgot” to mention this!

Turning to matters electoral Salleh told Sabahans that they must vote BN and not pay attention to what he called the “slanderous statements” of the Opposition. Presumably he was referring to the whole 1MDB affair and allied scandals in which Najib has been proved to be a mega thief and his ministers, Salleh included, as his accomplices. He did NOT explain why the United States government had published documentary proof of Najib’s thefts, still less confirm that huge sums of Malaysian public money had been seized in the States as being the proceeds of crimes committed by MO1. Still less again why a Malaysian Minister has publicly named Najib as MO1.

Among his other remarks he stated that Sabah must be for Sabahans. Is there a distinction between the people living in peninsular Malaysia and those living in Sabah? If so why is UMNO, a peninsular party, trying to hang on to political power in Sabah? Can he possibly mean that UMNO are actually going to honour the 1963 Agreement nearly seventy years on? And if so was he speaking for Najib? He has a lot more explaining to do. Hopefully he can do it from Sg. Buloh.

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