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A Positive Step

The actions of the Rulers in recent years have not inspired confidence in the system entrenched in the Constitution. There the Rulers have a privileged position and their status is preserved. That was one of the matters agreed by the British when Independence was being discussed and therefore an agreed role for the Rulers was built in to the Independence arrangements.

Part of that agreement was that the Rulers would take it in turns to exercise the functions of Head of State; which they do. Another part gave the Agong the unchecked power to dissolve Parliament if he sees fit.

Neither the last Agong nor the incumbent have seen fit to do so despite everyone in Malaysia, the Rulers included, knowing that the Prime Minister is a mega criminal who has stolen billions of public money. That is not speculation. It has been proved.

The question arises why do the Rulers not act as empowered in the Constitution and it is difficult to find a creditable and credible answer. So it is encouraging to hear the next Sultan of Johor speaking about democracy in general and criticising the low level of public education.

Specifically he quoted political sources as saying that keeping the Malay community under-educated was vital to the continued domination of Malay politicians in the country’s government. What an indictment of UMNO! And congratulations to the Tengku for saying so in public.

Maybe the system of Rulers can be preserved after all. Especially if the current generation face up to their constitutional responsibilities

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