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Recent Achievements

Arch thief Najib Razak is reported to have urged Malaysians to “build on recent achievements” Unfortunately he did not go on to specify any of these. So there is room for speculation.

Selling Malaysia to Beijing in return for money to enable him to conceal his thefts from 1MDB? Paying lawyer Shafee RM 9 million to get Anwar Ibrahim jailed? Being named by the US Department of Justice as a mega thief of 1MDB funds

These are just a sample of the criminal acts which Najib has committed. Many more examples exist. For instance inventing an “Arab donor” to explain away his, Najib’s, thefts from 1MDB. Then hiding the stolen money in Singapore bank accounts. Paying his son and his mother with funds stolen from SRC. Paying credit card bills for personal expenses and jewellery for the hippo from SRC funds?

These are among the “recent achievements” of mega thief Najib. It remains to be seen whether any of them will feature in his election pitch; assuming he dares to take the electoral test.

If he does he will find out that the Malaysian electorate is now fully aware of his criminality and that of his UMNO Ministers and other associates and will throw him and UMNO out.

Though he will undoubtedly try to buy and falsify the vote, as he and UMNO have done so often in the past, this time he will run up against the rock of public disgust. Unless he opens his eyes in time and runs for it his election campaign will end in Sg. Buloh.


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