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A Puzzled Rat?


Some rats have left sinking ships so many times that they have perfected the difficult task of climbing back on board by the mooring rope. This seems to be the case with a serial Malaysian blogger who has been anti Najib, pro Najib and now equivocal about Najib. It all depends, one supposes, on how much treachery costs this month.

We can now see a classic hand biting exercise with an UMNO paid blogger suddenly attacking the UMNO nominated Attorney General Apandi. Allied to this is a grossly distorted account of how former Attorney General Gani Patail was summarily fired overnight for having led a task force investigating major crimes by mega criminal Najib Razak.

Although the background to all these criminal actions is well known in Malaysia, and elsewhere, it may be that some kampong dwellers and Felda settlers have not yet got the message that UMNO is headed by one of the world’s most notorious criminals and that the Attorney General, among many others, is his accomplice.

What next? Back to an UK restaurant to await the victory of PH in the general election before coming back cap in hand to ask for some reward. Is the nasi lemak business so slow as that?

It is reasonable to assume that some solicitors may be obliged to have second thoughts about a star witness. The axiom bullshit baffles brains comes to mind

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