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Human Rights!

Malaysia’s Foreign Minister whinged publicly about the country’s failure to be elected to the UN Human Rights body. He threw the blame for the failure on Myanmar and N. Korea for “failing in their promises to support Malaysia in the issue.”

Myanmar and N. Korea! Two outstanding examples of countries protecting human rights! Ask the Rohingya or the hundreds of thousands of N.Koreans held in Kim’s dreadful concentration camps!

Of course Inche Hanifah may be ignorant of all that. UMNO ministers are generally chosen on the basis of two qualities. Subservience to arch thief Najib and total ignorance of the subjects in their portfolio. Doubly important in the case of the Finance Ministry where there is so much to hide.

If the Deputy Minister is in any doubt about his liability for the multiple offences committed by his Minister he should consult his fellow UMNO bigwig Attorney General Apandi. The latter may be able to tell him that he is completely innocent and without liability for the offences committed by his boss. After all an AG who can clear Najib can clear any one. That is if Apandi has any time to think about other matters while he is thinking about suing ex UMNO blogger RPK!

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