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Action or virtual Abdication

PH leaders, including Dr. Mahathir, have taken the unusual and final step in their attempts to prevent mega crook Najib from breaching the Constitution over Federal Court appointments. They are both right and within their rights as Malaysian citizens in doing so.

Now the ball is in the Agong’s court. It is pointless to have a Head of State with powers set out in the Constitution if he fails to face up to his responsibilities and to take necessary action to prevent abuse of the Constitution which created his office and legitimizes his position.

There can be no doubt that Najib is attempting to breach the Constitution by continuing the terms in office of two of his puppet judges after their legal terms of office expire. No surprise there. A person who can breach law after law, who can and has stolen billions of public money, will hardly hesitate to do it.

Even though, as is being pointed out, any process in the Federal Court or the Court of Appeal will be a nullity if either of these Najib nominees continues to sit in their present positions. Even if Najib cannot or refuses to see that Chief Justice Raus must be able to and should step down of his own volition. Failure to do so will involve consequences which may not stop at dismissal from office and loss of pension.

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