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One Crook to another

A senior Malaysian politician has openly challenged criminal IGP Khalid to use the Interpol system to secure the return to Malaysia of mega criminal, and close associate of mega criminal Najib Razak, Jho Low.

Naturally no one expects Khalid to comply. To do so would bring his own arrest and imprisonment that much closer and also that of his mega criminal master Najib. All that will, of course, happen and quite soon as the shades close in on Najib. Already shown by the US DOJ to be a mega criminal he has now proved the extent of his thefts of Malaysian public money by demonstrating that even the Ministry of Finance, which he controls, is unable to make the first repayment due to the Gulf fund IPIC.

Once the brief formal delay period of a few days has expired without this debt being settled a firestorm will hit the Malaysian currency as holders scramble to get out. The only reason this has not so far happened is that yields on Malaysian paper are higher than can be obtained elsewhere in a world-wide low interest climate.

However high paying paper has to be worth more than the paper it is printed on for investors to hold on to it and the latter will be fighting to get rid of this toxic stock while it still has any paper value.

Not only will this do terminal damage to the UMNO government’s ability to borrow outside Malaysia but it will create an economic slump such as has never been seen in Malaysia since 1963.

Najib and his fellow thieves will be on short rations in Sg Buloh and the rest of Malaysia’s citizens will suffer from an economic slump of a magnitude not before seen in the country. A final gift of the criminal UMNO/BN regime to an undeserving country that placed foolish trust in it.

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