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An Elegant Exit.

Royalty must always be seen to have acted with propriety and in strict accordance with protocol or law. Malaysian Royalty is no exception and when it comes to lancing a boil on the body public propriety must be the order of the day.

The first such boil calling for action comes in the shape of the current Attorney General. In addition to being a tool of the criminal Prime Minister and, as such, unfit for his office this individual has given public proof of his unsuitability. At a press conference called by himself he “cleared” the Prime Minister of all criminal activity. Mission accomplished. But, as the terminally stupid are prone to do, he held up documents which, photographed, proved beyond doubt that Najib is a mega thief.

Such a person brings international shame on himself and his actions not only sully his personal reputation but also that of the nation. It is with this last that the Agong must concern himself as Head of a Nation thus publicly disgraced. Fortunately there exist ways to deal with this; to lance the boil.

Attorneys General are, as stipulated in the Constitution, appointed by the Agong “on the advice of the Prime Minister”. That is how Apandi got the job though it could be argued reasonably that there was no vacancy when he was appointed. The previous holder was prevented by police officers from entering his offices and told that he was no longer Attorney General. He could only have been legally dismissed by the Agong himself since the Constitution provides that Attorneys General hold office “at the pleasure of the Agong”

Whatever the truth of the matter of the dismissal of the previous Attorney General may be it is legally unarguable that the current one is in office “during the pleasure of the Agong” Since he has given public proof of both dishonesty and stupidity it is the clear public duty of the Agong to notify him that he is no longer the holder of his office. For that no agreement is required. It is a clear and unarguable constitutional right.


Even if the Prime Minister then proposes the appointment of another of his creatures there is no need for the Agong to accept the suggestion. He can simply give it consideration. While he is doing that the duties of Pubic Prosecutor fall to the senior official in the Attorney General’s office. That would allow the arrest warrant for Najib in the previous, and other, criminal charges to be re-activated, for th law to take its course and Malaysia to be rid of the burden of a mega criminal in Putrajaya.


Of course there is another way of removing Najib from office which is for the Agong to use his constitutional power to dissolve Parliament. So far he has not seen fit to use that power. Most Malaysians will feel that such hesitation is no longer justifiable nor acceptable.

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