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First Crack In The Dam

Appeals to senior police officers to remember the law and do their duty to arrest Najib have, so far, not resulted in positive action, though it is no secret that this is a matter regularly discussed at Bukit Aman immediately below the level of the IGP.

The public will welcome the action of the former head of the CID in filing an official police report accusing AG Apandi of abuse of his office. Even though it took Apandi only a week to decide that no further action was needed it is significant that the Police followed the routine procedure of preparing an Investigation Paper and submitting it to the AG’s office. This means that the police dictatorship of bully Khalid has not succeeded in closing down the machinery of law and order.

To go a little further into the detail of this comedy how did it happen that Apandi himself processed an investigation in which he was the accused party? Did he learn nothing at the Middle Temple or in the office of the Public Prosecutor or while sitting on the Bench which he so thoroughly disgraced in Malaysia? Why was the IP not referred to another official in the Chambers? Why was no statement recorded from Apandi himself? And why “no further action” An offence was clearly disclosed and a statement from Apandi was essential. Did he not dare to answer the charge?

It has already been suggested that the Agong should remove Apandi, as he has the constitutional right, and duty, to do. This further evidence of gross misconduct by Apandi strengthens the case for immediate dismissal. No one, Head of State or trishaw rider can afford to see the rule of law flouted and feel safe. Who next it may well be asked? Maria Chin today, who tomorrow?

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