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An Intelligent Man?

Malaysia has security and intelligence services, separate from the national Police. But this does not prevent them from  cooperating with the PDRM in matters affecting national security and major crime.

So it comes as no surprise that there have been recent, very private, discussions between the parties to weigh options and assess the viability of the Najib regime.  After all both parties must direct their primary loyalty to the State and not to individual politicians temporarily responsible for national security matters.  When there is a general election politicians come and go but the security apparatus remains in place, sustained by its knowledge and hidden by its privacy.

The subject of those discussions will be obvious to any student of Malaysian political affairs, especially recent developments where National sources have confirmed what others have been saying and writing about.  Monumental poltical corruption and plain theft of billions of Malaysian taxpayers money.

Any security organisation so dull or corrupt as to let such things pass without comment,enquiry or discussion as to the proper action to take would be worthless indeed and Malaysia’s are not in that category.  Knowledge they have; in abundance. Their main problem is not what to know but rather what to do about it and where the national interest lies.

It would be strange indeed if any national intelligence organsation could conclude from current events that nothing needed to be done. That national security and safety was not in any way at risk and that to continue to follow the orders of a megalomaniac thief was the proper and legal thing to do.

Why should Najib expect anything else but a conclusion that his actions threaten national security way beyond the mere international tarnishment of Malaysia’s reputation.

The preservation of security being their primary responsibiity it would be natural that they would consult with the head of the overt forces of law and order; one Khalid Abu Bakar, and suggest consideration of appropriate action to divert the apparent danger to national security.

That has made the IGP ponder seriously about the facts (which have long been well known to him since he was one of a team headed by the then Attorney General which decided to apply for a warrant for Najib’ s arrest)

Precipitate action may sometimes be risky but the vision of a head on a platter concentrates the mind wonderfully; even a rather dull mind. Dont delay. Act today. Tomorrow you may no longer have the authority to do so.

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