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Apandi Ali. Just a clown or worse, much worse?

Once again this caricature of a Judge and lawyer has claimed that no offence has been committed by Najib in respect of the near USD 700 million that he stole from 1MDB. Despite all the evidence, published for all to see, he persists in his childish fairytale about Saudi godfathers keen on “moderate Islam.

If in fact he knew anything about anything he would know that Saudi Wahabism is one of the most extreme forms of Islamism; not describable as “moderate” in any sense of that word. Are we to assume that Najib, and idiot Apandi, wish to promote Wahabism among Malay Muslims? Don’t hold your breath for an answer to that question.

Adding absurdity to stupidity Apandi says that no criminal offences are disclosed in the whole 1MDB affair. So Jho Low did not steal billions? Is he an honorary Malay to be exempt from blame and prosecution?

In behaving in public as a stupid and ignorant person at best, and more probably as an accomplice to mega crime, Apandi brings the whole legal profession in Malaysia into disrepute. Even though it is a fact that the UK Bar exams are made simple for overseas students, such as Apandi, it is still difficult to imagine how he passed them; unless his criminal career began only on his return to Malaysia.

In any case there is more, vastly more, than enough evidence for the Malaysian Bar Council to disbar him and to recommend to the UK Bar Council that it follow suit. 9 million ringgit fee counsel are bad enough but pale into insignificance beside Apandi’s stinking fish.

It is too much to expect Apandi to have any conscience, let alone professional pride, that would force him to resign. So he will continue to sit, professionally and morally corrupt, until cleaner times allow him to be brought to criminal trial for his misdeeds and to a long stay cell in Sg. Buloh.


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