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Whose Fault?

Stung perhaps into some sort of reaction by criticism of its silence over the massive Felda scandals Najib has issued a statement. In essence it blames everybody but himself and his corrupt government and calls for sweeping change!

In a sense that is right. But the sweeping change must not stop at cleaning Felda but also extend to cleaning out the government of Malaysia in general and all the crooks in it; from arch thief Najib downwards.

To try to pretend that Felda is an independent institution for which UMNO is not responsible is as ludicrous as it is inaccurate. The whole scheme was put in place by UMNO, using taxpayers’ money, to ensure that the rural Malay vote remained solidly loyal to UMNO and the crooks who control it.

This new scandal must be publicly exposed despite all Najib’s efforts to sweep it under the carpet; at least until after GE 14. It is a massive vote killer for UMNO and all who want a clean government, whether they be Malay or not, must fight to get the facts out NOW.

It may be that rural Malay voters are less concerned about the loss of billions of public funds due to Najib’s thefts than other voters. But it out of the question to think that they are not concerned about the robbery by UMNO of Felda and the probable consequent collapse of their lifestyle, incomes and even survival.

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