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Big lies, bigger lies and yet more mega lies

BN lying reached a near all-time low recently when Rahman Dahlan accused the “Opposition” (he did not name them) of “lying” What a show of stupidity! Who does he think will believe him? The “rakyat” to whom he referred are not so stupid or ill-informed as he hopes.

There is a proverb which applies to Rahman and it is this. “The pot calling the kettle black”. It takes a mega liar to accuse others of his own sins and Rahman certainly is a mega liar. While he is at it why not claim that Anwar is MO1? Or that there is no such person as Jho Low. Or that Altantuya was not blown up by Najib’s bodyguards. Or that 1MDB is solvent and none of its money was ever stolen.

Or that Apandi did not exhibit at his own press conference proof that Najib is a mega thief.

Or that the Auditor General’s Report cleared 1MDB of all blame and that it is, illegally, a state secret because it proves Najib is not a criminal and he does not want the voters to know that!

Or that the US Department of Justice’s expose clears the Malaysian government of all blame and gives a clean bill of health to 1MDB? There are a few ideas for you Rahman for next time you open your stupid mouth and give Malaysians a public demonstration of how not to tell the truth. You can also tell them that UMNO is a bunch of corrupt crooks, taking public money from mega crook Najib to shut their mouths and swell their pockets; and your own

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