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Global Transformation Two

The forum just held in KL under the Global Transformation title came up with some absurdities; partly financed by the Malaysian taxpayer. Not least was the statement by Idris Jala that KL will rival Davos in importance as a global meeting place.

Clearly as under-informed as most of his government colleagues he seems to be unaware that Davos itself is an overblown and decaying self esteem fest for those who want a vacation in winter time Switzerland. Few, including most of the participants, take Davos seriously. It is just the occasion for a self-important winter vacation for publicity hounds.

Idris Jala must, one assumes, be ignorant of all that since he seems to want to imitate the Davos talk fest in Kuala Lumpur. Of course if he wants to finance the whole cost from his own pocket then go ahead. No one will notice anyway. But clearly that is not the case. The proposal for KL/Davos is yet another attempt at self-aggrandizement by arch thief Najib. The latter will stop at no absurdity in his attempts to distract attention from his criminal actions and to bluff Malaysian voters into thinking he is an honest man.

Honest! Just read the US Department of Justice statement to see that he is a mega crook. Certainly the worst in Malaysian history and possibly a world first. There he sits in Putrajaya stealing, bribing, lying and worse and trying to convince himself he can buy an election as he has bought police officers, judges and anyone else who posed any threat to him. Bought or…. One has to wonder how he can sleep at night and ignore the hantu2. Barbiturates?

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