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Bigger Fleas

In Sarawak there can be seen a contemporary example of the rhyme “ and bigger fleas have smaller fleas upon their backs to bite em”  The chief flea is, of course State Governor and ex CM Taib Mahmud whose blood sucking capability breaks all previous records. Suharto, Marcos and the rest seem insignificant beside him.

Now it appears that, in order to keep his “small time” criminal cronies in the State Assembly happy, he has allowed all of them to obtain an allowance for “minor projects” in their constituencies.

That use of public money would be illegal and criminal even if it were so spent. But, of course in criminal BN Sarawak, the money is not used for that but serves to pay the running costs of a Dayak newspaper which carries pro Taib propaganda.

Unsurprisingly some of the Dayak BN Assemblymen who get this regular, and totally illegal, bribe are reluctant to contribute to the Dayak propaganda organ controlled by leading Taib supporter and current Deputy Chief Minister Masing.

It does not appear that any account is required as to how the money is spent and it can be assumed that most of it remains with the Asemblymen who receive it. In a further outrage to democracy it appears that only pro Taib members of the State Assembly receive this bribe and Dayak  members of the Opposition do not qualify for it.

The whole arrangement could hardy be more criminal and it is  regrettably, unsurprising that the PDRM and MACC elements in Sarawak either do not know about it or are looking the other way.

To some extent those agencies cannot be blamed since they have clearly received orders from Kuala Lumpur to ignore this and other mega corruption in the State. That order will originally have come from mega crook Najib. But now? Why not rescinded? Why are the MACC and the PDRM in Sarawak still officially blindfolded? Only one person can explain.

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