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“Bloody fool”

This, to use the Squeaker’s own words, is what one is if one does not use the power entrusted to you. Use or misuse. They are undistinguishable to him. Hardly believable but Malaysia has a Speaker who is worse than a “bloody fool”. He is unfit for any position of responsibility, Perhaps the best comparison to make is that of a village policeman who takes bribes “because he can and would be a “bloody fool” not to”.

Malaysia’s parliament is based on the system of Westminster and other democratic chambers. Westminster may have a Speaker whose conduct is often questionable but he does not, and would not dare, to behave in the stupidly arrogant way that Pandikar does..

Of course Malaysians recognise that Pandikar only holds the post because arch thief Najib can rely on him to do whatever he is told, however improper and illegal it may be. Exactly as Najib relies on the criminal IGP to do whatever he is told to regardless of the criminal law. Khalid has a confirmed and non-cancellable booking at Sg. Buloh and Pandikar would be even more foolish than he appears if he did not realise he will end up there too.

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