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The “Missing”

The latest addition to the missing activists, Peter Chong, points up the danger posed to democracy in Malaysia by the clandestine activities of arch thief Najib’s secret police.

That is not a reference to the Special Branch of the PDRM which, if sometimes engaged in activities that breach both the law and the moral responsibility of all police officials, are not accused of clandestine kidnapping outside the law. They may abuse it but not disregard it entirely.

The same cannot be said for more sinister and secret entities at the beck and call of mega criminal Najib. Dependent on him, both personally and in his capacity of Finance Minister, for funding, these “black” operators disregard the law entirely.

It is public knowledge that whoever crosses Najib risks both freedom and life. Altantuya, Bala, Najadi, Moraes; to name a few. And others whose names are not yet public knowledge. The problem with crime is that it inevitably leads to even greater crime. A truism of which all Malaysians have been given many proofs.

The “disappeared” are another, tragic and compelling, reason to get rid of Najib’s gangster regime before it can steal yet more public money or snatch into oblivion yet more Malaysian lives.

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