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Bull*** Baffles Brains?

If arch criminal Najib hoped that his “explanation” about 1MDB would baffle anyone, brainy or not, he will have to accept disappointment. Set his explanation against the DOJ report, the impending criminal proceedings in the USA, the Report of Malaysia’s Accountant General and all the other proofs that Najib is a mega thief and decide who to believe!

The most surprising thing is that he attempted a public explanation at all. Was this a preview of his defence when he is brought to justice to answer for all his crimes? If so he needs a better lawyer. This “defence” guarantees him imprisonment for life for enormous thefts of public money while being Prime Minister AND Minister of Finance. No one else to blame. Though doubtless there will be attempts to offload responsibility onto accomplices like Jho Low and some 1MDB staff.

Not the least interesting aspect of this rambling and incredible “explanation” is that he offered it at all. A trial balloon to see if anyone would believe it? If so an 100% failure. Najib is a mega thief. Everyone knows it and no on believes a word he says. Quite a distinction. Maybe the only Malaysian holder.

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