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Little Hitlers

Deputy, and secretly aspirant, PM Zahid told anyone who would listen to him that BN candidates for the general election will be chosen by arch criminal Najib personally!

So much for any pretence of democracy. According to Zahid all BN branches are too ignorant to be allowed to chose whoever they think, basing on local knowledge, might be electable.

In fact the decision announced by Zahid simply paves the way for those with the deepest pockets (and many BN personalities qualify as that) will be welcomed at the auctions Najib will hold. No amount of money, great or small escapes the eye  of this master criminal and here is a way of getting more.

In fact it matters little who buys BN tickets. They will have wasted their money and exposed themselves to criminal investigation by the PH government. But whatever Najib can collect he will if only to try to make his life in exile even more comfortable. Dream on Najis. Life after the election will be lived in Sg. Buloh; which is no holiday camp. Not a jewellery shop in sight and a diet that should take the pounds and stones off!

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