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Business or Corruption?

When the Prime Minister of a Commonwealth country is detected red handed in the theft of billions of public money in his home country what should be and what is the reaction of the UK government?

Only days after British Prime Minster Cameron hosted a major anti -corruption summit in London the very same venue saw a trade and business event attended, among others, by one of his Minsters and at which the same criminal Prime Minister of Malaysia was the principal guest!

One of the British participants in this latter event tried to explain that corruption was corruption and business was business!. Or crime must not be allowed to get in the way of business! This coming from an acolyte of “crusading” PM Cameron who is “fighting” tax evasion and money laundering world wide!

This despicable two faced conduct exposes to public view the fact that the British Government will wink at any type of crime if it enables them to sell jet fighters to countries which do not even have the capability of using them, let alone any threat to counter. Could this have anything to do with the fact that the ruling party in the UK is wholly dependent on “big business” for its funding? Let alone the personal profits that many of its members derive from business interests! Stinking fish!

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