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Dead But Not Buried

Official! 1MBD has ceased to exist and will be melded into the Ministry of Finance by the end of May. Similar news is expected at any moment about its ultimate creator UMNO. Both have fallen into the hands of crooks and thieves and nether will be regretted apart from those to whom they are indebted. International finance on the one hand and the Malay peasantry on the other.

News of all this was announced in the gelded Malaysian Parliament by one of the least regarded of arch thief Najib’s stooges. It is notable that he himself was safely out of the country and not available for questioning; and will remain so until this Parliamentary session is over. Looking, perhaps for a Russian bolthole in one of that country’s very few warm spots; Sochi. If so he will find he is indebted to an exigent host.

To return to the Malaysian Parliament. It was admitted there that 1MDB had been unable to find any money for its so-called prestige projects as no one will any longer lend it any money! No attempt was made to explain where its domestic multi billion funds had gone Equally its bonds will now depend on the taxpayer to provide the interest due every six months as all its funds have been stolen by Najib and his criminal associates. Poor taxpayer. Screwed again!

As to the Ministry of Finance as new owner! Who is the Minister? Thief Najib. Who stole millions from SRC International, also taken under MoF control? Thief Najib. Who will steal anything left to steal so long as he is in office? Thief Najib.

If Malaysia wants to emerge from the status of pariah nation, unable to borrow internationally, there is only one course open. Junk UMNO, jail Najib, apologise and promise not to let it happen again. Its up to you.

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