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Buying Stolen Property

A Sarawak Assemblyman has called for Sarawak to buy a minority stake in a new venture by State owned oil company Petronas. While half a loaf is sometimes better than no bread this is a mistaken suggestion.

The fact of the matter is that Sarawak’s natural resources rights were handed over to Putrajaya in return for the latter turning a blind eye to the destruction of the Sarawak rainforest by the criminal at the head of the State government.

The profits from Sarawak’s oil still flow, but not into Sarawak’s coffers. Rather they enable the criminal regime in Kuala Lumpur to keep itself afloat by bribery and other criminal action.

As to the profits from Sarawak’s timber they are invested all over the world just as are the proceeds from the 1MDB robberies and the other State funds stolen by arch criminal Najib and his criminal associates.

In both cases the losers are the people of Sarawak and they will stay permanent losers until they stop taking petty electoral bribes from BN and return a government that can and will redress all the wrongs perpetrated against them by past and present criminal governments.

THAT is what PKR and its allies in Sarawak should be concentrating on; not crumbs from the KL criminal’s table.

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