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Chess players would so describe what the Court has done to the egregious,partisan and incompetent Registrar of Societies.

Her attempt to prevent the major opposition party from contesting GE14 has fallen flat on its face after the High Court invalidated her, illegal, ruling banning that party from contesting GE14. Opinions about the reasons for the Registrar’s, illegal, ruling can vary.

The most significant aspect of the matter is that Najib broke the law and induced the Registrar to act outside her legal powers to try to block a main opposition party from contesting the election?

Why? The only possible answer is that he knows that the PPBM will get the majority vote of the Malay community and so despatch him and all his criminal associates to where they belong. Prison. No doubt the Registrar is surveying the job scene right now. She will find it difficult to get anybody to employ someone who has either completely misunderstood the powers and role of her office or has acted illegally from motivation.

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