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Vindictive and Stupid

The Courts rightly struck out a sedition charge against MP Surendran on  the obvious ground that the offence with which he was charged was no longer an offence, having been repealed by the, BN, parliament! One hand unaware of what the other is doing?!

The only possible reason for this legal stupidity, to see it in the best possible light, would be to try to prevent him from standing in GE14. If criminal behaviour is a bar to candidacy then almost the whole list of BN hopefuls should be barred from standing as they are all guilty of a whole raft of criminal offences. In Najib’s personal case mega theft and worse.

Nevertheless, despite being told by the Court that he was wasting its and his time, the prosecutor foolishly tried to persist with the charge. Why? Orders from idiot Attorney General Apandi? Before trying to throw mud on others the latter should reflect on both his public stupidities and his criminal behaviour.

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