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Chinese Takeaway?

Malaysians belonging to the Malay community might well be asking themselves why UMNO is handing over Malaysia to Beijing. What, they could enquire, does the CPG want from Malaysia?

There is a simple answer to that. Access to the Indian Ocean. Naval and military bases on the West coast of Malaysia; both to control the Malacca Straits and, eventually, act as a springboard to control of the Indian Ocean, Africa and beyond.

None of that is possible without a complaisant, bought, Malaysia. So buy it. Like everything else in Malaysia the country itself is for sale.Exaggeration?

Ask yourselves why Beijing lent master crook Najib Razak twice the cost of the proposed East Coast railway. Half for a line that will probably never be built and half to enable him to pay 1MDB’s debts. With a nice little bit extra for the Najib gang.

Why would a Malay Prime Minister, from the heart of the Malay community, do that? Simple. He is a thief and will take money from wherever it can be got. If that involves selling out both his community and his country he will not miss a moment’s sleep over it.

The Malay community must realise that it is in the hands of a race traitor. If votes are needed he will cede whatever the Islamic party PAS want despite them being in a minority. If money is needed, and it always with Najib, he will hand over the country to the Chinese behemoth.

Elect a crook and he will sell you and yours for whatever price he can get. He has. And he will go on doing so unless you remove him from Putrajaya to Sg. Buloh. GE 14 is your chance. Your only chance.

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