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Malaysia’s Little Big Horn

The scene of Custer’s Last Stand or more historically correct, the scene of a major military blunder. Now we have latter day Custer, Malaysia’s Defence Minister, Hishamuddin, claiming, untruthfully, that there are no military camps in his constituency.

Lie! Enquiries on the spot show that a camp for 10,000 soldiers is under construction. Why? Why move them from whatever camp or barracks they now occupy? A new military threat in that area? Or an electoral one?

IN GE 13 Hush scraped home by a handful of votes. And then the mega thieving of his party and his relative, Najib, were not public knowledge. They are now! So more “voters under orders” are urgently needed to keep Hish in place and out of jail!

Why lie about it? Because that is what UMNO do. Always! And what makes Hish think the military will vote for him? Moving them will cause much disruption. To families. To school children and in many other ways- No fool like a family fool!

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